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Dewalt DWS779 Review: The Dual Bevel 12-inch Miter Saw

Nowadays a lot of tasks require some miter saw. Here you will find the best wood cutting option after reading this Dewalt DWS779 review.

In fact, for a lot of jobs, it is not recommended to have just any power tool. Among all the Dewalt compound miter saws for the cutting edges are on the market today, famous tools maker DeWalt can offer a lot of advantages.

Whether you are a novice or a professional user, you can count on an excellent choice. This means a powerful motor, a good level of safety, and easy use of the saw.

We have therefore analyzed the best features of this best saw. So, you will feel less overwhelmed when you have to make an in-depth analysis of this Dewalt gadget.

So let’s see what advantages you will have when you use this Dewalt product.

Dual Bevel Dewalt DWS779 Review: Compound Miter Saw


When you need a high-quality miter saw, this may be the ultimate choice. It won’t even be important what your skill level is for using a saw. In short, it is one of the best options for both professionals and hobbyists.

That is why a lot of users have decided to choose this tool over other options.

Expert’s Recommended Compound Miter Saw

In principle, we must mention that each user will give greater importance to certain characteristics of this miter saw. On the one hand, those users who are professionals in the field need a tool that provides reliable and safe operation.

That is why they get a smooth, comfortable functionality here, and at the same time offer high precision. So, if you are one of them, you will certainly not be disappointed at any time.

On the contrary, hobbyists or beginners are highly benefited by the ease of use. In this sense, each of them can learn in a much more pleasant and convenient way.

Also, this tool allows you to become a professional more conveniently. Additionally, it is possible to find a great number of useful and adaptable functions for different jobs.

The level of versatility may exceed other models that require a similar or higher budget. Without going any further, the safety level incorporated into the use of this saw can protect any user.

On the other hand, it is possible to obtain one of the most reliable products, especially for users who buy their first Miter Saw. This is very important since accidents or serious damage often occur in the first uses of this tool.

If you are a beginner in the subject, we recommend that you read the instruction manual several times before starting work.

Functionality and Design

As mentioned, the design is highly versatile and very practical for a large number of users. Beyond that, at first sight, we can notice a design that is within the standard and conventional.

Nevertheless, it is possible to obtain a comfortable working method for any user. It is even one of the best tools to start learning how to do all kinds of carpentry work.

First of all, you will have the ability to turn the blade of this saw in both directions. This provides a greater level of comfort when working in different spaces. This can also be a real necessity when you need to work with different sized pieces of wood.

Dewalt Premium Quality & Durable

Besides, any user will be able to make all kinds of cuttings with a high level of precision. To obtain this advantage specifically, you do not need to calibrate or adjust any of this saw’s components.

So, this avoids you losing some working time. This means that you can obtain results much more smoothly. When it comes to cutting wood, then the back fence design can offer you a certain advantage.

You will notice that you can work with pieces up to 2 x 16 inches at 90 degrees and 2 x 12 inches at 45 degrees. In this sense, this capacity can be specially adapted to a large number of both professional and do-it-yourself projects.

So start by tilting the blade to the right position. After that, make all cutting at an inclined angle as many times as you need to. From there, you will notice that both the functionality and the design are convenient and simple for users.

This Dewalt DWS779 review has focused on multi-usability functions and compactness. For this, a powerful motor has been incorporated that does a good job, without a high level of vibration.

Powerful and Heavy-duty

In particular, this motor of about 15 amps, at the same time, can offer you an extended life span. Otherwise, motors that need to be repaired every short period are not very convenient.

Beyond that, when working, you can use the solidly designed gripper handle. One of the negative aspects in this respect is that no cushioning material has been included to provide greater comfort in the grip handle.

On the other hand, this is not a major disadvantage either, since you can easily get used to this aspect. We can also mention that it is a model that is very easy to use by many users.

Particularly, this is a great advantage when we look at other miter saws that are available on the market today. For professionals, this feature decreases the working time needed for any kind of project.

In turn, for beginner users, this aspect allows them to learn how to carry out different projects in a more comfortable way. Once you receive this best miter saw you will notice that the user manual is very easy to read and understand.

This is an important aspect, as you will need to assemble the miter saw. However, it is a very simple task that can be done in the right amount of time. Here you just have to follow the instructions patiently and you will get a good job.

Dewalt Ensure Safety Aspects

Another very important feature for users who use an electric saw is the level of safety they get. A slight difference in the level of safety may or may not prevent some serious accidents for users.

So after making this clarification we can mention that a standard level of safety has been included here. In other words, this means that with the proper precautions the user should not suffer any type of damage or accident while working.

With this, you will be able to control each of the cutting you make in your next projects. This feature will also allow you to get used to the specific functionality of this miter saw more quickly.

In the same way, a transparent blade guard is included here to avoid certain unforeseen events and damage as mentioned above. It can even be common for the user to be distracted during any project.

Therefore, materials of excellent durability have been used to extend the life of this transparent guard. Besides, we also recommend that you do not modify in any way this protector included in the electric saw.

While it may be a little uncomfortable at first, it can save you from a serious accident. It is a fairly common situation in which users remove this protection and then suffer some damage.

You will notice that one of the main excuses is the level of productivity that must be obtained on a miter saw. Of course, this is a very useful aspect, especially for professionals.

As the level of productivity increases, so does the income the professional gets. However, all that effort may not be worth it if you have an accident.

So it is preferable to have a good level of productivity and at the same time a good level of protection. Beyond that, these are not the only good features we can list here.

Dust Collection Capacity

Here we can mention that the manufacturer ensures a 75% collection of all the dust you produce during the work. It is even an option that outperforms other brands available today.

Besides, we can mention that it is not the best option when you analyze only this aspect. Also, a dust bag has been included here that can optimize this aspect.

The truth is that when you need to work with many pieces of wood, the amount of dust can be a concern. That’s why we have to mention that here you won’t get the best dust collection among all miter saws.

So we recommend that you expect only a modest dust collection.

Additional Crucial Aspects to Consider

In this case, we can mention that another positive point is the cost-benefit ratio that this tool proposes. So, you will be getting an excellent tool that includes some high-level features.

With this, it is possible to mention that it does not require a great amount of money to optimize your next projects. On the other hand, the 15 amp engine can be combined in a highly efficient way with the 12-inch blade.

Even the powerful functionality does not mean that it is a tool that is too difficult to use. On the contrary, you will notice a good level of smoothness throughout the work.

Here you only have to align the blade correctly to get a safe result. In other words, it is a very reliable power tool. Additionally, some users have mentioned that the 68 pounds are too much for a miter saw.

While not a very lightweight option, this can be a positive aspect under some conditions. If you need to move your miter saw, then it is not the most transportable option.

Beyond that, not every user needs to move a miter saw when working. Usually, these types of power tools are only used in one place. Besides, as we have mentioned, dust collection is not the best. So, if you expect a lot of dust removal on this tool, you could easily be disappointed.

Double Bevel Dewalt DWS779 Review: User Facts

In these times, there are a considerable number of miter saws available to you. However, some aspects are important to analyze before making the final purchase.

For a beginning user, this could be a rather difficult cutting task. Therefore, here are the four things you should consider.

Engine Power

One of the main aspects of a power product is the power that the motor can offer. So, here we have included a motor that can generate 3800 revolutions per minute as it is 15 amps.

Therefore, these features will help you carry out a lot of projects in a very short time. Also, it is important to mention that this DeWalt miter saw offers a proper service life.

This is an important aspect since you will be able to avoid spending money on repairs. Also, by comparing this aspect with other electrical tools, we can ensure that it is a highly convenient option for a large number of users.

However, the linear ball bearings with horizontal steel rails ensures the bevel cuts and provide the perfect bevel angle. Besides, innovative clamping mechanism is the main power source with exact miter cuts & miter angle.

Fence Design

In particular, this aspect will allow you to adapt in a more or less convenient way to different projects. Even here, you will have a design that can offer an excellent level of versatility.

This is why it is one of the best options, both for beginners and professionals. In this way, you will be able to obtain a level of productivity that is convenient.

Even the setup and use of this power tool are simple as well. So, you won’t find any major drawbacks here either.

Level of Security

Another very important aspect for all users is the level of safety offered by any miter saw. Here, a transparent protective layer has been included on the saw to prevent all kinds of accidents.

The stainless steel miter detent plate provides the required safety with great efficiency. At the same time, the grip handle provides much more convenient and safe use throughout the task.

As the safety level is higher, you will be able to avoid all kinds of damage and injuries that can be serious.

Functionality and Design

As mentioned, it is very easy to use a power tool for any type of user. You will be able to learn in a very simple way if you are a beginner user. However, it is necessary to mention that this unit weighs 68 pounds.

Therefore, it is not recommended if you want to transport this miter saw from one place to another. Finally, many miter saws include a dust collection system.

This will allow you to do a more or less clean job. Here it is important to consider that this system on this model is not the most appropriate.

However, the durable and long-lasting SS miter detent plate with cam lock ensure the better cutting edges.



Most Searched Queries about Dewalt DWS779 Review

Q: Is Dewalt dws779 discontinued?

Ans: Until a few months ago, this model was discontinued and therefore offered at a reduced price. Beyond that, it is still possible to find this miter saw available on the market.

In particular, this is because it is possible to obtain acceptable functionality, combined with an excellent cost/benefit ratio.

Q: Does the Dewalt dws779 have a laser?

Ans: In particular, you will have a positioning system for the blade. Here this system provides you with a fully integrated cutting line that makes the whole task easier.

In fact, unlike other power tools, this model offers excellent usability.

Q: What blade comes with Dewalt dws779?

Ans: When you purchase, this miter saw you would notice that a 32-tooth blade is included. This blade also has a 12-inch carbide tip. In this case, it is a component that comes pre-installed on this power tool, so you do not have to do the assembly.

Particularly, it is a blade that offers acceptable functionality. This means that you will be able to achieve excellent results when you have to carry out different and varied projects. It is also one of the positive aspects that convinces many users.

Q: What is the difference between Dewalt dws779 and 780?

Ans: In this case, most of the features of both power tools are very similar. That is why the main difference is that the dws779 model incorporates a more traditional laser guidance system.

Beyond being a classic system, it can continue to offer excellent cuttings for many users. On the other hand, the dws780 model has an XPS system.

In this case, this particular system also includes LED lighting with the right brightness to provide more comfortable work. However, this lighting allows for increased light throughout the entire length of the miter saw cutting blade.

According to some users, this is not a very important feature.

Dewalt DWS779 Review: The Best 12-inches Miter Saw

Final Words

This DeWalt dws779 is one of the most versatile and compound miter saw. In short, here you don’t need to count on a lot of money to get good results.

That’s why, after reading this dual bevel DeWalt dws779 review, you will be able to make your final decision.

So, whether you are a professional user or a beginner, you will be able to cover a large number of projects. Of course, it is not recommended for the most demanding tasks.

However, you will be able to optimize every single task you have to perform when working with wood.

Therefore, you will be getting the best product that will stay with you for several years. That’s why even though it’s not the latest model from DeWalt, users are still looking to get this excellent tool.

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