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Top 10 Best Torque Wrench for Gunsmithing Review with User Guides

For all kinds of mounting jobs for a gunsmith, it’s of paramount importance to possess the best torque wrench for gunsmithing.

A firearm specialist needs to have the essential toolkit to keep their latest and upgraded firearms clean, well-lubricated, and in fine working condition.

A gunsmithing wrench is a handy tool for fixing a riflescope to your firearm/rifle by applying appropriate torque to the scope rings, screws, and mounts recommended by the manufacturer.

With a quality torque wrench, one can easily fasten the bolts ad screws according to the recommended torque level required for the particular application.

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Best Gunsmith Torque Wrench

Photo Title Buy
Wheeler Manual Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench with Inch/Pounds Measurement, Bits and Storage Case for Scope Mounting, Gunsmithing and Maintenance Price & Details
TEKTON 1/4 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (20-200 in.-lb.) | 24320 Price & Details
Wheeler Digital Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench with Interchangeable Bits and LCD Display for Firearm Maintenance and Gunsmithing Price & Details
Neiko 10573B Torque Screwdriver Set 1/4" Drive Long Shank | 10 to 50 Inch-Pound Range | 20 Bits Included Price & Details
Vortex Optics Torque Wrench Mounting Kit, Black Price & Details
CDI 1502LDIN 3/8-Inch Drive Memory Needle Dual Scale Wrench, Torque Range 0 to 150-In.lbs Price & Details
BULLTOOLS 1/4-inch Drive Dual-Direction Click Torque Wrench ( / 2.26-22.6Nm) 90-tooth High Accuracy Torque Wrench with Buckle Price & Details
CDI 1501MRMH 1/4-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench 150-Pound Capacity Price & Details
WEAVER Gunsmithing Torque Wrench Price & Details
Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench and Tipton Best Gun Vise for Cleaning, Gunsmithing and Gun Maintenance Price & Details

The 10 Best Torque Wrench for Gunsmithing Review 2021

Such a wrench enables you to attach the riflescope to the firearm/gun using the rings, mounts, and base precisely according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

In this way, there is no possibility of over-tightening or over-loosing it.

The following are the top torque wrenches with which you can easily mount a riflescope quickly and accurately for the riflescope’s system’s to function optimally.

01. Wheeler Adjustment Range Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench


Whenever you are looking for the appropriate force for mounting and screwing in gunsmithing tasks, look no further than the Wheeler Firearms Torque Wrench.

Such a wrench lets you do the job with ultimate precision.


The Wheeler wrench is reputed for the reliability it brings to the table.

With such a handy tool, you can get torque strength between 10 to 65 inches per pound depending upon the specification of the application it’s being used.

Such a hand-driven FAT wrench offers you the ideal power that is necessary for mounting jobs.


For those who are looking for a challenging and durable wrench, this one is for you.

Such wrenches are made with S2 tool steel and are 56 to 58 Rockwell “C” hardening-rated, which is a more than enough guarantee for its sturdiness.

Moreover, each of the ten parts that come with the package is also strong materials.

Turns Easily

Such a FAT Wheeler wrench helps to turn the screws clockwise. It will also give you a “clicking” sound once it has achieved that desired torque.

Hence, as a gunsmith or a machinist, you won’t have to worry about over-tightening or over-loosing the screws.


What you get in this torque is accuracy level, which is +/- 2-inches till 40 inches for each pound, and 40 to 65 is +/-5%.

Easy to Use

Such a wrench makes assembling simple and is also easy to operate.

They make your mounting job easy as you can apply appropriate torque to your guard screws, scope rings, windage, and base screws.

Thus, you’ll have more accuracy and also lesser issues in mounting.


Along with this fabulous wrench, you get a set of parts in the toolbox.

In this package, you’ll find adapters (hex-to-square), flat bit, Leupold windage blade bit, T-15, and T-20 Torx. Besides, you also get ¼th socket.

The Wheeler torque screwdriver sets come with two options; they are analog and digital.

Thus, it is easy for the operators to adjust this FAT wrench’s settings according to the specifications while working.


  • Durable and shock-resistant
  • Ergonomic handle ensured firm grip with no-slip
  • Easy to use the wrench
  • High strength and accuracy


  • Adjusting the tension levels can be tedious

02. Takton High-contrast Dual-range 1/4 Inch Torque Wrench for Gunsmithing


One other high-strength wrench that provides the appropriate and consistent force needed in gunsmithing jobs is the Tekton Drive Click wrench. With this wrench, your mounting jobs are easy.


No question can be raised against the material’s durability as the wrench’s whole body is made with steel.

Therefore, no matter the force applied to it, the wrench can withstand and guarantees you a long service life.


One significant advantage of this wrench is that it lets you know once the appropriate torque strength is reached.

The wrench generates a “click” sound once reaching the desired value.

Therefore, you get to know the maximum force is applied, and hence there is no worry about over-tightening or over-loosening the screws.

Reversible Ratchet Head

What you get in this product is a reversible ratchet head that can be moved in both directions, and therefore the torque can be measured in a clockwise direction.

Dual-range Scale

In this wrench, you will get a dual-range, high-contrast scale that enables you to work even when there isn’t sufficient light available.

Therefore, no matter which situation you are operating in, such a wrench makes your life easier as far as gunsmithing work is concerned.


One other significant factor behind the wrench’s popularity is its accuracy. Such a wrench has ships pre-calibrated to +/-4% accuracy level and comes in ready to use.

Easy to Use

Because it has so many properties, the Tekton wrench is easy to use in all your machining and gunsmithing jobs.

There is no need to worry about applying force as the always delivers it consistently.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • High torque strength
  • Dual range scale
  • Reversible ratchet head
  • Click sound indicator


  • Sometimes issues with the “click.”

03. Wheeler Premium Quality Digital Firearms Torque Wrench


As far as the best torque wrench for gunsmithing is concerned, this Wheeler Digital Wrench is second to none.

Such a wrench is reputed for excellent torque strength, which is why your machining and gunsmithing jobs are relatively easy to do.


The wheeler wrench is a reputed one because it has a digital display.

With a massive LED screen, you can now check all the torque settings, and thus you can now track the power of the tool without any error.


One other important feature of this tool is its durability, as it is made with S2 steel, which is hardened to 56 to 58 Rockwell “C,” and due to its strong body, it can withstand any force when applied to any application.

Audible Indicator

One other aspect of this wrench is the “audible indicator.” Because of this indicator, you will hear a tone once the wrench has reached the desired torque strength.

Since the wrench has this indicator and the LCD, you’ll find it very easy to adjust the screws with this wrench.


With this wrench, you get an accuracy level of +/-2%, which is why the Wheeler wrench is a dependable one for your machining and gunsmithing tasks.


Such a wrench can deliver force within 15 to 100-inch pounds range, and it measures in kg/cm, N/m, and ib/in.

Thus you can understand that the Wheeler wrench certainly backs a punch.


In the Wheeler kit package, you’ll get a set of ten bits in all, which means the users can use this tool to work in several applications.

Besides, you’ll also find windage screws and comes with a storage case (molded), which ensures that the Wheeler FAT wrench can be kept securely.


  • Durable and reliable tool
  • Audible indicator
  • LCD display
  • High torque strength


  • Audible indicator can have sound issues

04. Neiko 10573B Easy to Use 1/4″ Torque Wrench for Gunsmithing


With this Neiko Screwdriver, all your machining jobs will become easy. Such a screwdriver helps you to apply optimum power and is a helpful tool to work with for any application.


Such a tool displays a power/torque range of 10 to 50-inches for each pound, adjusted in 5 inches for each pound increment.

With this optimum power, all your machining needs can be accomplished with ease.

Torque-limiting Feature

The screwdriver comes with a torque-limiting feature that enables the screwdriver to set the torque level. Thus you can avoid damage to the fasteners (threaded).

Easy to Use

One other essential feature of this screwdriver is that it’s easy to use.

Such a tool consists of a “Pull-turn-lock” handle, so it becomes relatively easy to adjust as per the application and ensure automatic tension locking.


Such a wrench is quite versatile because it fits into any socket of 1/4th of an inch.

Hence, it enables the tool to be utilized for electronic repairing, instrument assembly, firearm accurizing, and several other applications.

Easy Gripping

With a smoother handle, that tool ensures there is no additional pressure applied on your arms, no matter in whatever applications you are using.

Because of an ergonomic grip, this tool is one of the most comfortable ones to use.


In the package of the screwdriver, you get several accessories.

Alongside the tool, you get 20 bits (detachable), which means that this tool can be used for several applications, and it will work no matter how complicated the task is.

Besides, you’ll also get a storage case that ensures your tool is safely secured and will have a longer service life.


  • High torque strength
  • Easy to use
  • torque-limiting feature
  • Comes with 20 detachable bits
  • Versatile


  • Long shank makes it uncomfortable to use for users having small hands

05. Vortex Adjustable Ptics Torque Wrench


For the best value for money, the Vortex Optics Torque Wrench is just the ideal one as far as gunsmithing is concerned.

With this wrench, you can fulfill all your machining needs, and any complicated tasks will be done with ease.

Steel Body

Such a tool has a longer service life because it’s made of high-quality hardened steel.

This is also the reason it can withstand high pressure without getting damaged.

Accurate Tension

Such a wrench offers you high torque strength with precision. As far as torque increment is concerned, it delivers 10 inches to 50 inches for every pound.

Hence, this tool can deliver accurate tension to the mounting screws of the scope for every user.

Meets the Guidelines

One key aspect of this tool is that it has a calibration certificate. As per the accuracy standards, this wrench successfully meets all the guidelines prescribed by both the ASME and DIN.

The regulators impose such regulations for every mechanical tool, and meeting them ensures that this manufacturer’s product is a high-quality one.


Unlike a few other models, this wrench doesn’t produce a “click” sound when it reaches the optimum torque strength.

Instead, when its maximum torque value is reached, it signals by slipping the screwdriver’s tip from the screw of the scope mount.


Such tools are versatile, and they can assemble and disassemble any firearms.

Parts and Accessories

In this tool, you get a 1/4th socket adaptor, T15 and T20 Torx bit, which can deal with several tasks related to firearm maintenance.

Besides, the kit comes with components like a ½-inch socket, tactical rings, viper rings, PMR rings, Hex bit (Vortex Bobro mounts), 2.5 mm Hex bit, 3 mm Hex bit.

Besides, it also comes with a portable storage box, which ensures that the tool is secured.


  • Easy to use
  • High torque strength
  • Meets DIN and ASME guidelines
  • Calibration certificate available


  • No Newton meters for Ft-ib conversions

06. CDI 1502LDIN High Quality 3/8-Inch Dual Scale Wrench


With this wrench, working on any application is easy. Since it delivers optimum strength, you can use this tool while applying force to any application, no matter how complicated it is.


The body design of the CDI wrench guarantees its durability and high-quality performance.

Easy to Read

Such a wrench has a laser-marked single scale; it is easy to read the wrench’s torque levels.

Therefore, you can use it in any application without worrying about whether there is appropriate pressure applied or not.

Large Display

Such a wrench consists of a dial, which is easy to read the torque levels.

Besides, this dial is shock resistant and has a guard of tough metal, and hence there is no danger of it getting damaged under any circumstances.

Also, this tool comes with a memory needle which retains the maximum torque reading once applied. Therefore, you can easily check the torque level applied by using this wrench.

Clockwise Movement

Every CDI wrench comes with a calibration certificate, and it enables you to move in both clockwise and CCW direction making your job of mounting or tightening the screws easier with this wrench.


Such a wrench can deliver force at +/- 3% of indicated value, both clockwise and CCW, from 20 % to 100 % of full scale.

Comfortable Grip

The CDI wrench comes with a comfortable grip, which ensures that the tool can be handled easily without any discomfort, no matter how challenging is the task on which it is applied.

Extensive Usage

Such a wrench is quite popular and used in numerous heavy applications worldwide.

They are ideal for nuclear, automotive, industrial markets, and also for military installations.


  • Large dial display
  • Laser marked single scale
  • Memory needle
  • Accuracy
  • CW and CCW movement
  • Calibration certificate available


  • Quality issue with a few parts

07. BULLTOOLS High Quality Durability 1/4-inch Torque Wrench for Gunsmithing

As far as durability, reliability, torque strength, etc., is concerned, this BULLTOOLS Torque Wrench is one of the finest ones available in the market.

They are perfect for all kinds of machining, mounting jobs and are easier to do with this tool.


Such a wrench head is manufactured using a hardened mixture of chromium and molybdenum, which has more strength than chromium-vanadium steel.

Moreover, the ratchet bite teeth (multi-sided) won’t slip.

Comfortable Grip and Long Life

One other feature of this tool is the ergonomic handle, made of an aluminum and titanium mixture.

Therefore, you get a comfortable grip, and moreover, it won’t skid, won’t rust, and is safe against corrosion.

Because this tool is made of high-quality material, you’re also guaranteed long service life.

Safe and Reliable

Once the maximum torque value is reached, the tool generates a clicking sound to make you aware to stop the tool from generating force so that the excess pressure doesn’t damage your application’s parts.

Besides, the wrench also comes with a quick-release button capable of installing and removing the sleeve easily and holds the socket firmly so that it won’t fall off.


One has to pull down the knob’s lock and hold it till the torque setting is complete.

After this, they can release the hand, and the knob’s lock will jump back automatically to lock the value.

Easy to Use

The handle scale is fitted with laser technology and has a clear dual range scale, so the display is clear to read the exact torque value. Besides, it won’t wear easily.

Moves Both Clockwise and Anti-clockwise

The wrench heads’ paddle can be adjusted towards the direction of use at any time.

Therefore, the wrench can be used in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

Extensive Usage

Such a tool is useful for electrical engineering, installation equipment, bicycle or motorcycle maintenance, etc.

It also comes with a storage box for securing it safely.


  • Ease to use
  • Safe and convenient
  • Reliable and safe
  • Extensive usage


  • May have issues with clicking

08. CDI 1501MRMH Metal Handle Series 1/4-Inch Torque Wrench

For those looking for an ideal torque wrench that does the job for you but doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket, this CDI wrench is the perfect one.

With this tool, you’ll have consistent pressure generated in hence they are perfect to use in all applications.


Since this is one of the tallest wrenches in the market, it makes this wrench quite comfortable. The taller the wrench, the easier it is to work with it.

Several Options

Such a wrench comes in numerous sizes and models with multiple models with different torque range.

Thus, you are getting a broad range of options to pick which is the best for you.

Torque Strength

One of the most vital aspects of this wrench is the torque force, which can deliver from 20 to 150 inch-pounds.

Hence, you don’t need to worry as far as delivering optimum power is concerned.

Easy to Read

The wrench comes with a single scale (laser-marked), enabling one to read and easily check the torque levels easily.

The clear display shows all accurate reading of the torque level.

Easy to Use

An essential aspect of this wrench is the positive lock system, which has a spring-loaded to pull the lock ring down while adjusting the torque setting.

In this way, it’s easier to monitor the torque level.

Moves in Dual Direction

Such a wrench comes with a calibration certification, and it can be moved both clockwise and anticlockwise.

Thus, the wrench is useful in any application that you are working in.

Moreover, the wrench is quite easy to set up. It hardly takes a few seconds to get this wrench ready for work.


  • Comes with a high torque range from 20 to 150 pounds
  • It’s easy and quick to set this wrench
  • Positive lock with loaded spring
  • Easy reading due to single display scale (laser-marked)
  • Calibration (dual scale)


  • Clicking issue

09. WEAVER High Quality Gunsmithing Torque Wrench

With Weaver Torque Wrench, you’ll have a satisfaction guaranteed with regards to all types of machining and gunsmithing jobs.

The tool is widely popular in the market and has extensive usage for different variety of applications.

Easy to Use

Its simple design is very easy to use, and hence, it’s an ideal component for gunsmithing.

With this tool, you can screw the bits with precision, and there is no need to apply additional force.


One of the major reasons for the unit’s high performance is because of the tools’ durable mechanism.

Thus, the tool is guaranteed to offer you a longer service life irrespective of the type of application used and the force applied with it.

Adjustable Settings

Other than the design, a crucial feature of the Weaver wrench is its adjustable settings.

Thus, you can set the torque level according to the application you are working on, and it will work accordingly.

Such a wrench consists of consistent screw-tightening pressure, which is a significant plus.

Besides, the wrench is designed in a way that it prevents the scope of your fire weapon from over-tightening. This way, it enables the scope to work appropriately.


Such a tool comes with different bits as a package, ensuring that they can be used in a wide range of applications.

Also, the package consists of a weather-resistant storage box, which allows in keeping the wrench secured.

Extensive Use

Such a wrench is ideal for all types of gunsmithing jobs. No matter what rifle or pistol model you have, this one is just perfect for all mounting and screwing jobs.


  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable settings
  • Magnetized bits can hold the bits and screws securely
  • Helps to prevent the scope from over-tightening
  • Comes with weather-resistant plastic case


  • Comes with a few bits only

10. Wheeler Easy to Use Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench


Needless to say that, the Wheelers wrench is considered one of the best torque wrenches for gunsmithing.

Such a tool has all the functionalities required to successfully complete a wide range of mounting, screwing, and different fixing tasks.

Ease of Use

The Wheeler wrench comes with a superior design, which is why it is easy to operate. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the gunsmithing tasks at all.

Torque Strength

Such a wrench can deliver a torque strength from 10 inch-per-pound to 65-inch-per-pound.

Also, the adjustment of the screw on the firearms takes place with the right consistency. (Torque range: is +/- 2-inches till 40 inches for each pound, and 40 to 65 is +/-5%).

Steel Body

Wheeler’s wrench is always reputed for its construction, and this one is no different.

Such a model is built with S2 steel (shock-resistant), and also 56 to 58 Rockwell “C” hardened, which helps it deliver optimum performance.

Clockwise Turning

Also, this FAT wrench turns in a clockwise direction. One other important factor with this tool is that this wrench delivers a click sound once the desired torque level is reached.

Hence, it prevents you from applying excessive force, thereby damaging the different parts of the application.


Versatility is one other important aspect of this wheeler’s wrench. Such a wrench can handle different settings for scope rings, windage screws, guard, and base screws.

Adjustable Settings

In this tool, there are both analog and digital options. Therefore, it enables the operators to adjust the FAT wrenches settings easily.


In the package, you get different bits and accessories with a shock-resistant storage box to keep the tool secured.

The other materials that come with this kit include adapters (hex-to-square), flat blade bit, Leupold windage blade bit, T-15, and T-20 Torx.


  • S2 steel-made body
  • Easy to maintain
  • High torque strength
  • Ergonomic handle to offer a firm and comfortable grip


  • Adjusting the tension levels can be tedious

Buying Considerations for the Best Torque Wrench for Gunsmithing

When you think of buying the best gunsmith torque wrench, there are a few essential things to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Wrench Quality

Quality of material is extremely important to ensure a wrenches’ longer service life. One easy way to figure this out is to see whether there are many plastics in the wrench.

Since plastics won’t be long lasting, check for more metal quantity. Metals ensure the longevity of the tool.

The Grip of the Wrench

A vital aspect of the wrench is its grip. Since you will be holding the grip mostly while working, ensure that it is adequately comfortable for your hand to hold and won’t slip while utilizing it.

Discard the tool even if you face the slightest of discomfort.


Always pick a high-quality item that offers accuracy. Accuracy is a major factor that determines whether or not a wrench is a quality one.

For this, picking either a digital or s slipper torque wrench is good enough since both these torque wrenches are known to have a higher rating for accuracy.

Always Look for Price and the Warranty

With high-quality products, a warranty is something that you’ll always get, and it even can be for a lifetime.

Then again, items without any brand will, in general, have different grades of materials, and obviously, you won’t be getting any warranty for them.

Hence, always check not only the price but also the warranty that accompanies your wrench, since, with this, you can get to know a lot about the quality of materials used and the longevity.

Rachet is a Crucial Element

A rachet has a vital role to play in the way how a torque wrench is used.

Today, torque wrenches work in both directions (clockwise and anticlockwise); hence, both right-handed and left-handed people can use them.

Therefore, this makes the torque wrenches, which is bi-directional, extremely valuable.

Head Designs Should be Selected Beforehand

One of the essential parts of a torque wrench is its head, so before buying one, ensure that you know precisely which heads you will need at your task.

Ideally, you should purchase a pack with different heads since you will need a variety of heads sooner or later.

As well as, if you are buying more heads now, you won’t need to worry about purchasing more later.


So, here you have learned about some of the best gunsmith torque wrench through the review.

You have also gone through the pros and cons that highlight the good and not-so-good features about them.

For more technical specifications, though, you can visit the link given with each product to check those items in detail and find out what suits you best.

However, no matter what you choose, don’t forget the buying considerations mentioned above that highlight some basic attributes you should look for while buying a wrench, such as quality of materials, grip, accuracy, etc.

Hopefully, you like this review, and so next time when you now go to buy the best torque wrench for gunsmithing, we hope you get the best deal in the market. Good luck!

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