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Top 10 Best Speed Square to Buy 2021 [Rafter Square Buying Facts & FAQs]

Woodwork and metalwork just got easier with the use of best speed square to buy. These tools are the ideal material for every professional who has a keen eye for details. Photo: Jeremy Brooks

With the use of good tools, there is a certainty that the desired outcome becomes obtainable.

Since time immemorial, these tools have greatly contributed to the best of designs and structures.

However, woodwork and metalwork are reserved for professionals as even amateurs can make attempts with the proper guidance and the right tools at their disposal.

But, the question remains what are the right tools for the job? The answer is simple, the speed square! Speed squares are indispensable when it comes to carpentry jobs.

While this is true, it is also pertinent to use the best speed squares for the job.

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Best Rafter Square Comparison Table

It is a triangular-shaped shape tool that is used for measuring lengths of various things and possesses inches and degrees to create ease of measuring.

This tool performs the same function as a ruler only that it is a more sophisticated type.

Top 10 Best Speed Square to Buy Review 2021

This article provides you with detailed information on the top 10-speed squares to give you the desired result. Are you curious? Read on!

01. Swanson Tool S0101 7 Inch Speed Square


Do you want a hitch-free construction activity? Get an S0101 7 Inch square and enjoy the feel of professionalism. The advantage of this tool is second-to-none, and ensures your hands stay protected as well.

Multiple Functions

With this tool, there is no limitation whatsoever. Various Professionals like carpenters, roofers, and construction professionals depend on this tool’s use to create exquisite designs.

As a matter of fact, they rely on this tool as their go-to to perform numerous functions and provide the desired result.

Ease of Access

Making use of tools just got easier with S0101 7 Inch square as it can be easily placed alongside other tools like a protractor, try square, and saw guide.


Since 1925, it has survived the test of time and has also survived various situations. Many professionals trust the ability of this tool to meet their expectations.


Although some tools are limited in their uses, this tool is very different. With this tool, it is possible to do several things with it such as gradation, marking angles, including marking square cuts on boards.

A Complete Set

For every tool, there is a need to possess the right guide on how to make use of it. In this tool’s use, a Swanson Blue Book, a guide, is provided so that professionals do not experience difficulty in making use of it in the appropriate manner.


  • Essential for any tool belt
  • Long-lasting
  • Serves various functions
  • A handy tool


  • Metal is not smooth

02. Swanson Tool S0101CB Combination Speed Square


What does perfect mean to you as a carpenter? Good job, right? Well, for a perfect job, you need a perfect kit. No other tool offers a more composed structure than this!

You won’t be disappointed at the surprise that awaits you with this kit. A perfect square combination that fits the size of your tool pouch! What more can you ask for?


There are various uses of this tool. In the use of the S0101CB square combination tool, you have the opportunity to improvise with this tool and get it to function in various capacities such as a protractor, try square, and so on.

Very Informational

Information is paramount in the use of tools. Without an adequate guide, it would be difficult to encounter success in the use of the tool.

Interestingly, this tool comes with a 62-page blue book that provides basic information that contains diagrams that would aid in building chairs and tables with little or no stress.

Good Material

Quality is what creates the difference in the use of various tools. Alloy material is a very good material as it helps to protect the job and the professional who does the job. No one enjoys a situation where the tool does not have the right material.

This would bring about a huge loss on the part of the profession. Interestingly, this tool’s material is superb and is essential in protecting the professional’s job.


  • Suitable for carpentry uses
  • Multifunctional
  • Perfect combination
  • Good quality
  • Great design


  • Flaw in casting

03. Swanson Tool Co SW1201K Speed Square


Everyone desires to get the value of two for one. With the SW1201K Square tool, you are bound to get more than you asked for. Are you in dire need of the perfect combination of tools?

Look no further as the SW1201k Square tool is designed just to suit your need.

Less for More

In one pack, you are given two tools that are specially formulated to provide your desires. This value pack contains two square tools which give you more value for less.

Durable Material

Generally speaking, professionals settle for tools that are built with durable material. The use of heavy gauge aluminum construction for this tool protects it from unnecessary exposure that may likely terminate its shelf life.

Thus, with this, you are assured of a longer and more comforting experience.

Serves Numerous Use

Limitations only exist when the perfect tool does not exist. With this tool, there are no such things as limitations as it is capable of being used in diverse ways.

Interestingly, it provides unique results every other time it is used.

Proper Finishing

The end no doubt justifies the means. Whenever this tool is used, it provides a matte finishing that leaves your work neat and attractive. Also, this makes it easy for anyone to read despite the lighting conditions of the environment.

Save More

Any extra buck is always useful. Purchasing this tool helps you save valuable resources as it gives you the services of two for the price of one.


  • Very easy to handle
  • Perfect sizes of tools
  • Essential for rafters
  • Good quality


  • Bent structure

04. Johnson Level 7 Inch Aluminum Rafter Angle Square


Carpentry functions can only get better with the right set of tools. Before making use of any tool, it is important to come to the right understanding of the functions the tool serves.

For this purpose, the 7-inch Aluminum Square tool provides an instructional material that helps you get an in-depth understanding of the tool.

Good Quality

Ideally, good tools are expected to be built with the finest of material. Surprisingly, this tool is designed with top-notch aluminum material that helps provide the tool’s durability.

Easy to Read

While most tools are difficult to handle, this tool creates a huge difference. Every professional desire to produce the best output at any given time and anything short of expectation leaves such professional disappointed and sad.

But, the use of this tool helps in creating ease of reading.


  • Sturdy material
  • Fantastic gauge
  • Intelligent tool
  • Perfect for scribing
  • Very durable


  • Missing manual
  • Poor follow-up service

05. CH Hanson 03060 Speed Square


Are you keen on measurement? Do you have any eye for detail and settles for less? If this is you, then the 03060 Square Pivot is the ideal tool for you to make use of.

There is no better way to build your roof and get the ideal construction and framing than to use this tool. With this tool, you can conveniently measure any angle and get the ideal layout.

Designs are of utmost importance to every professional and for this reason, they aspire to do the very best. With this tool, it is easy to indicate grade, facilitate miter, and design plumb cuts.

Locking Mechanism

All tools are unique in their way. However, what makes the 03060 square pivots stand out from the crowd is its ability to lock designs efficiently without any form of obstruction.

With this locking mechanism, the square is held in a firm position so as to mark cut lines efficiently accurately.

UV Resistant Vials

The presence of UV resistant vials is necessary for carpentry. While some tools do not possess this capacity, UV-resistant vials are very efficient in the use of plumbing, leveling cuts, and helps determine slopes.

Strong Material

03060 Square Pivot possesses a strong machined aluminum alloy material. This material is very strong and is durable and does not disappoint.

Anyone desirous of a long-lasting material is assured of getting the best with this tool.


  • The material is very durable
  • A very functional tool
  • Good product
  • Great material
  • useful


  • Incapable of holding angles effectively

06. Carpenter Square Constructed 7 Inch Speed Square


Do you want a pocket-friendly tool? If your answer is in the affirmative, then, this tool is your best bet. Considering that there may be emergencies that would hinder you from making it in time for your appointment or job.

However, this tool would save you from such an unpleasant situation.

Pocket Friendly

In case of an emergency, there wouldn’t be any need to pack a bag. With the use of this tool, you are rest assured that it is compatible with your pocket. So, you can move around freely without having the least discomfort.

7-inch Aluminum assures you comfort while bringing about the result you desire.

Diverse Uses

As stated above, this tool is pocket friendly. But, it is not only limited to that. it is also useful in diverse ways. This implies that you can make use of this tool to serve various uses.

Rather than becoming saddled with too many tools, just this tool can play the role of frame square, square protector, and frame square. This amazing tool will bring about a whole lot of change in your woodwork.

Additional Incentive

7 Inch Aluminum comes with an added incentive. Of course, everyone is motivated by sometimes extra. High-quality woodworking pencils accompany the two gifts that are packed inside this pack.

Ease to Type

When it comes to typing, the7 Inch Aluminum square tool makes typing so easy for everyone. The hassles and difficulties that people encounter in the use of tools are eliminated with this tool’s use and it also brings about accuracy of results.


  • It is easy to read
  • Sturdy material
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to use


  • Poor follow-up service

07. WORKPRO 7 Inch Combination Ruler Speed Square


Accuracy is necessary for any positive outcome of any woodwork. WORKPRO 7-Inch Square is very ideal in providing accurate measurement that is necessary for the design’s success.

Interestingly, this tool comes with no hassles and gives you an enjoyable process all the way.

Long-lasting Material

Accurately measuring material is of the essence to ensure that work satisfaction is created. The heavy gauge aluminum alloy material of this tool helps it to last a long time.

With this, it is easier to get a matte perfect finish.

Identifiable Scale

The finish features of this tool make it easy for anyone to read it under any lighting condition. The permanent markings make it very legible that it can be read under any type of lighting.

Also, the combination steel the tool possesses gives it superior readability as compared to other tools.

Ease of Use

With this tool, you can conveniently access the tool. You can easily disassemble the stainless steel ruler and easily slide it in to carry out your measurement.

Using this tool, you can comfortably make use of this tool and create the type of design you want.

Very Versatile

This tool is very versatile in that you can make use of it for various functions. Most professional rely on the vast use of this tool to conveniently deliver results.


  • Visible numbering pattern
  • Superb quality
  • Significant in various ways
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate measurement
  • Strong, durable design


  • Poor finish

08. OriGlam Layout Measurement Aluminum Speed Square


Measurement is of utmost importance in every carpentry work. Are you a beginner who has little idea of what measurement entails? Or are you a professional who wants an easy way to measure quickly?

Well, this is a great tool for everyone irrespective of professional experiences.

Great for Professionals

As a professional, the intention is to deliver great designs irrespective of the nature of the job. So, there is always a great need to make use of the best tools.

Layout measurement tools can be used by home builders, manufacturers, hobbyists, and even amateurs.

Clear Measurement Description

In measurement, adequate care is always taken to avoid making an irreversible mistake. This great tool helps provide a clear measurement for the individuals or professionals who make use of it.

Also, this tool can serve to get good angle measurements and even cuts in the absence of a saw.

Good Scale

A layout measurement tool is an ideal tool for getting good scales. Whether it is used as a precise saw guide, protractor, or tri-square, it provides the desired result.

Preset Measurement

Irrespective of the purpose of the individual who makes use of this tool, the presence of the preset measurement serves as a guide towards achieving accurate measurement.

More so, it is the perfect tool for drawing angles and getting a good cut.


  • Sturdy material
  • Excellent tool
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for paper

09. Dewalt Stamped-in Contrasting 12 Speed Square


Firmness is of the utmost importance when trying to achieve perfect carpentry work. To ascertain that the finishing of your work is at its peak, you must get it right from the beginning.

With the Dewalt premium, you are not only sure to get a good job but also a firm grip on your material. Interestingly, it provides comfort for anyone who hopes to read the job.

Isn’t this amazing? Dewalt premium simply assures you the very best!

Firm Grip

The use of this tool assures a firm girl of material. Without a doubt, the ability of the material to be firmly held in one place is the ideal way to assure that individuals or professionals get the right type of finishing they expect.

With the Dewalt premium, there is the firmness of grip as a result of the largeness of the base.

Color Variation

It comes with various color variations. The Dewalt premium helps professionals and other individuals quickly notice the differences when they read.

As a result of these differences, it is always easy for anyone to read the tools accurately without making any form of mistake.

Other Uses

Dewalt premium is not limited to only one use as it is capable of functioning as a saw guide. In this way, it can perform numerous functions and still achieve the desired or expected type of result.


  • It saves time
  • Eliminates money-limited barrier
  • Great tool
  • Good workability
  • Extremely useful


  • Rough shape

10. IRWIN Tools 1794464- 7 Inch Square


If you want a tool that possesses deep markings for readability needs, this is your ideal tool! IRWIN Rafter Square is made from the finest material and provides durability.

Also, it is capable of surviving various weather conditions. Thus, you have little worries!

Easy Reading

Making use of this tool ensures that you are in a good position to get good readings. Built with a strong aluminum alloy, you are certain that this tool would not disappoint you at any time.

It is specially designed to survive the test of time irrespective of the conditions it is exposed to. Interestingly, this tool is also rust-proof which makes it the ideal tool for your toolbox.


China is renowned for its ability to make good tools for any professional. Well, the IRWIN Rafter Square is built in China with the finest material you can think of.

Therefore, if the quality is your watchword, you must get your hand on this tool!


Are you desirous of a tool that can survive in spite of exposure to different climatic? Yes? Get this tool. It is always a great delight to make use of your tool at any time of the year without having to worry about its durability.

IRWIN Rafter Square survives various weather conditions and still comes out strong.


With this tool, you can get the feel of various tools. Perhaps, you do not have all the necessary tools in your toolbox, not to worry, this has you covered as it can function as a protractor, saw guide, and square mitre.

Several Scales

Enjoy the use of various scales with this tool. If you want a square tool that makes use of several inches like 1/8, 1/10, 1/12, and 1/16 inches, then, look no further.


  • Great tool for a beginner
  • Maximum output
  • Great quality
  • Serves various purposes
  • Very handy


  • Poor follow-up service

Must Known Facts about the Best Rafter Square

Before you purchase speed squares, there are important factors that must be taken into consideration. Various mistakes are always encountered by professionals when they fail to take into cognizance intricate aspects of the job.

Some of the important factors that must be duly considered are:

Budget and Cost

It is erroneous to assume that the various speed squares will cost the same. The uniqueness and features of these tools affect their prices.

Therefore, you must understand the cost of these tools and settle for the one that best suits your budget plan.


Ideally, in carpentry and homemaking, taking the measurement is an important part of the job. While some of the speed squares are specially designed with preset measurement, some are not.

Hence, you must recognize your measuring abilities before you purchasing any tool. Thus, if you are not good with measurements, settle for the speed square that offers preset measurement. Look out for this detail as it is very important to get a good job.


Of course, it is essential that as a professional or even a beginner that you can read correctly. Some of these tools do not have a function that enables you access to good readings when the lighting condition is poor.

If you are unable to read your work, how can you boast of getting a good output? In this vein, it is of utmost importance that you purchase a tool that enables you to read your job well irrespective of the weather condition.

Quality of Material

The quality of material that is used in building your tool determines its durability. Your finance would be greatly affected if you have to change your tools now and then because it is unable to survive the test of time.

So, before purchasing a tool, make certain that you are aware of the material that is used in its construction as well as the country where it was produced.

Level of Experience

Everyone cannot be the same. While there are individuals that are vast in carpentry, some possess little knowledge. Fortunately, some of these tools are designed to suit people with a passion for carpentry jobs irrespective of professional experience.

Thus, as a beginner, go for a tool that provides an insightful guide for you. On the other hand, professionals can settle for any tool that suits their needs the most.

Climatic Conditions

Weather is sometimes unpredictable. Nonetheless, what happens when you have a job to deliver and the weather is unfavorable? Sometimes, you express fear at the thought of going to work with your tools knowing full well that the weather may affect it a great deal.

The good news is that there are certain tools that are not affected by climatic conditions. If you want to be at your best at all times, get a tool that would always help you deliver results at the right time irrespective of the state of the weather.

Thus, you can enjoy working because you are confident that your tool is resistant to corrosion.

Multiple Uses

It is always a great delight to get more at the price of less. Some tools are multifunctional in that they can easily be used in place of another tool.

In purchasing any tool, you must have a clear understanding of the various purposes such a tool can serve. When a tool can serve various needs, it is going to save you the stress of putting too many tools in your tool bag, right?

Therefore, put this into consideration just before you purchase your tools.

FAQs for the Best Speed Square to Buy

Question: Who makes the best speed square?

Ans: Nowadays, there are lots of popular company offering the best rafter square. Different brands introduces various quality, price and of course comfort.

Here are some popular brands who are making the most budget-friendly speed squares at present. Have a look

  • Swanson Tool
  • Johnson Level
  • CH Hanson
  • Carpenter Square
  • OriGlam
  • Dewalt
  • IRWIN Tools

Question: Why is the speed square important?

Ans: They are important for a variety of work. These tools are not only limited to the carpentry profession as they also numerous functions for framing, tile work, and woodworking.

Also, these tools are a combination of framing square and saw guide in some cases. Carpenters depend on their uses to perform measurements and also mark lines.

Furthermore, the importance of these tools is evident in that when it is used as a saw guide, it can effectively perform 45-90 degrees cut.

Question: What are the materials used to make speed squares?

Ans: Well, there are lots of materials that are used in constructing these tools. Some of the materials are wood, steel, and even aluminum. But, the material used in making these tools does not make it less of a speed square.

Irrespective of the material used in its construction, it still plays a role in cutting and measuring accurately.

Question: Does the size of the speed square differ?

Ans: Yes, speed squares come in different sizes. The size that is used by an individual depends on the size of the job to be done. However, the most common types of speed square are the 12 inches and 7 inches triangle.

All the tool sizes are perfect, but the efficacy of the tool’s size depends on where you intend to use it.

Question: How many sides does the speed square possess?

Ans: Every speed square possesses three sides. If you take a close look at the speed square, you will notice that the three sides have different features.

One of the sizes marks up the inches of the tool, the second side has a raised edge while the third size is the longest and it is effective for marking degrees.

Question: What other names are used for the speed square?

Ans: Well, the speed square is known by a variety of names. So, it is not new to have anyone refer to the speed square as “triangle square”, “rafter square”, and even “rafter angle square”.

Despite the different names given to this tool, it means the same thing and performs the same function. Therefore, whenever you hear any of these names been mentioned, be rest assured that they mean the same thing as the “speed square”.

Question: Are speed squares and framing squares the same?

Ans: No, they aren’t. There are differences between speed squares and framing squares. While speed squares are used as framing tools, they cannot play the role of framing squares.

The flanges and triangles are maintained for the speed squares, but the framing squares possess an L-shaped structure. Also, speed squares are multifunctional as they can be used to cut 45 and 90 degrees angles for building fences.

Yet, the speed square side can also be used as a ruler to draw straight cut and marks.

Final Words

Now, you are well-informed of the best rafter square and their unique functions. Insightful information has been discussed on the purposes these tools serve as well as the factors that must be taken into consideration before you make any purchase.

This guide is instrumental in helping you make the best decision and inform your knowledge on speed squares. Perhaps, you were in doubt before now, but we have attended to all the possible questions that created a bit of uneasiness around you.

Literally, your doubts have been erased with the answers provided. Undoubtedly, we have made it easy for you to make your purchase and effectively contributed to helping you out with your woodwork and metalwork.

Hopefully, this article would help you make the best choice and arrive at a good decision for your job’s best speed square to buy.

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