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Top 12 Best Screwdriver Bit Set Reviews & Buying Guides

Screwdrivers, maybe the most used household implements that you need everyday for any reason.

On that purpose it is mandatory having the best screwdriver bit set in your house. If you are not sure which are the best brands, materials, and specifications to take into account?

Discover what are the best impact magnetic screwdriver sets currently.

We have prepared this guide where you will find the most information about the best bits for your screwdriver available in the market.

Here we will show you the best models with buying guides and frequently asked questions, so it will be easier for you to choose the best one that suits your needs and budget.

Table of Contents

Best Magnetic Screwdriver Set: Quick View

Photo Title Buy
DEWALT Screwdriver Bit...image DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set with Tough Case, 45-Piece (DW2166) Price & Details
DEWALT Screwdriver Bit...image DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set, Impact Ready, FlexTorq, 40-Piece (DWA2T40IR) Price & Details
ORIA Precision Screwdriver...image ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit, 60 in 1 with 56 Bits Screwdriver Set, Magnetic Driver Kit with Flexible Shaft, Extension Rod for Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Game Console, Tablet, PC, Blue Price & Details
Syntus Precision Screwdriver...image Syntus Precision Screwdriver Set, 63 in 1 with 57 Bits Screwdriver Kit, Magnetic Driver Electronics Repair Tool Kit for iPhone, Tablet, Macbook, Xbox, Cellphone, PC, Game Console, Black Price & Details
Neiko 10082A Security...image Neiko 10082A Security Bit Set with Ratcheting Screwdriver, Chrome Vanadium Steel | 101-Piece Set Price & Details
Wheeler Engineering 89-Piece...image Wheeler Engineering 89-Piece Deluxe Screwdriver Set with Durable Construction and Storage Case for Gunsmithing and Maintenance Price & Details
Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted...image Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set, 17 Piece Price & Details
GEARWRENCH 20 Pc....image GEARWRENCH 20 Pc. Phillips/Slotted/Torx Screwdriver Set, Dual Material Handles - 80066 Price & Details
BLACK+DECKER Screwdriver Bit...image BLACK+DECKER Screwdriver Bit Set / Drill Bit Set, 109-Piece (BDA91109) Price & Details

What is a screwdriver and how does it work?

A screwdriver is an indispensable tool since it facilitates a large number of tasks such as assembly or various repairs, among others. Thanks to the wide current offer, we find pieces of all kinds, although sometimes the difficult thing is to decide.

The mode of operation of this type of screwdriver finds its basis in the principle that converts the energy produced by an impact into rotating energy.

Screwdriver is attached to the screw and then the function to be performed is selected: Adjust or loosen the screw in question. The tool is then held and the free end of the screwdriver is struck with the hammer.

In this way, the impact caused by the blow of the hammer is converted into rotating energy, which is made available for adjustment or adjustment of the screw.

Top 12 Best Screwdriver Bit Set Review 2021

Here we present your top screwdrivers set products which you can easily buy from the market.

01. DEWALT DW2166 45-Pieces Screwdriver Bit Set


DEWALT is the king in the manufacturing screwdriver bit set. This kit comes with 45 screwdriver bits.

This set has included the widely used accessories. It comes with an industrial robust case which is durable and strong.

This set includes double-ended, slotted, square, and Philips bits.

A Complete Set

Dewalt DW2166 is a complete screwdriver bit set that comes with daily used accessories.

Also, it is designed with a double-ended 1-inch bit that ensures extended life of bits. Its magnetic drive reduces wobble. It includes 12 double-ended screwdriver bits.

There is a total of 54 tips.

Bits Included

Screwdriver Bit Set 45 no. of Pieces, Hex Shank 1/4 In., Fastening Tool Material Steel, (4) 1 In. SL Bits: SL6, SQ Bits: SQ1, Magnetic Drive Guide, 3-1/2 In.

Slotted Bits: SL2, (3) PH2/PH2, PH1/SL6, PH Bits: PH1, (14) PH2, PH3, (2) SL8, SL10, 98) 1 In. (6) SQ2, SQ3, 3-1/2 In. PH Bits: PH2, (8) 2 In.

Double Ended Bits, (3) PH2/SL8, PH3/SL10.

Bits Made from Titanium Torsion

All the bits of this model are made with Titanium torsion that ensures heavy-duty and durability.

Tough Case

Dewalt DW2166 comes with a tough case for convenient storage and bits protection. Also, it is very easy for portability and organization.


  • Good quality
  • Durable
  • Ideal for most DIY tasks
  • Easy to use


  • Some customers complained about its poor quality

02. DEWALT DWA2T40IR – Impact Ready Screwdriver Bit Set


This bit set is engineered for rugged tasks. Its bits are impacted ready that provides the precision, power, and reliability which is necessary to handle the toughest jobs.

This set of bits is the last resort for any professional and handyman.

The Best Quality

Dewalt DWA2T40IR is designed for tough tasks. This is impact ready models that deliver precision, dependability, and power to manage tough jobs.

It is designed for long life. Overall, this product is value for money.

Directly Fits

All the bits are specially designed that first directly into an “impact driver”. It is very well made. The best for professionals and as well as for beginners.

If you have no experience of impact driver before, you would like to use it.

Easy to Use

This screwdriver bit set is very easy to use. You will surely like to do a DIY project or work at home or in the yard.

Hard Case

It comes with a hard case that is tough and durable. It can be closed and opened easily without springing or braking.


  • Robust material
  • Most commonly used bits
  • Do not break
  • Do not wobble


  • Sometimes it requires a little force to remove bits

03. ORIA Screwdriver Kit with Flexible Shaft


Oria is one of the best manufacturers for screwdriver kits. This model has many of the great bits that will help you in all types of tasks.

Multipurpose Use

It comes with 60 pieces of bits that are enough to repair game consoles, phones, laptops, and many electronic devices.

Flexible Shaft

Flexible Shaft is one of the main features of this screwdriver bit set.

The flexible shaft is ideal for the stereotype of jobs and other large electronic devices where the screw is not on the surface.

High-quality Build

This is only set available on the market which is machined from a single aluminum piece and later covered with high-quality materials.

It is also designed with rotating ball bearing.

Portable Easy to Carry

This portable screwdriver set is flexible and lightweight that is making easy to carry.

Different Variety of Special Bits

This set has many different types of bits that are made of the best quality of chrome vanadium steels which is selected carefully by Oria manufacturer that meets your needs.


  • Flexible shaft
  • High-quality build
  • Portable
  • Easy to carry


  • Not strong magnetic

04. Syntus 63 Pieces Screwdriver Set with 57 Bit Magnetic Kit


This is one of the best impact driver bit set that will be helpful if you need a wide range of bit sets for several kinds of tasks.

It has 57 types of different bits that are more than enough to finish your tasks. Once you will start using this tool, you will not need any other accessories.

The best bit set for DIY tasks: Are you an enthusiast for DIY tasks, Syntus 63 pieces is just the right tool for you.

It comes with a proper set of tools that is best to perform any type of repair work.

Flexible Shaft

Syntus 63 pieces come with a flexible shaft that allows you to do the task in those areas where there is a straight-shafted model that could not be reached.

Comes with iPhone Disassembling

If you have an agenda to repair your iPhone, do not worry. This bit set will be helpful in your task as it comes with iPhone disassembling bits so you can get extra value from this bit set.


  • The flexible shaft is also included
  • iPhone disassembling tools also included
  • 57 different bits
  • Includes case


  • Some users said that it has poor long-term durability

05. Neiko 10082A Screwdriver Chrome Vanadium Steel 101-Piece Set


This is one of the best instruments that will make your toolbox or storage workshop look extra skilled. All bits are manufactured from premium and hardened metal.

Quality Construction

Neiko 10082A is made from precisely machined Cr-V bits with sandblasted finishing that offers the best durability and hardness.

It also ensures the durability of the best magnetic screwdriver set. Also, it is very easy to clean and has a reversible mechanism.

Ultimate Versatility

This bit set is included with a reversible ratcheting screwdriver handle for easy and quick operation.

Also, it is designed with a magnetic tip that offers easy to handle bits so you can finish your job quickly and easily.

Sturdy and Industrial-strength Case

Neiko 10082A comes with a sturdy and industrial-strength case which is designed from ABS material to offer portability, storage, group, and safety.


It is designed with Acetate that is non-slip, anti-oil, and anti-grease.

Furthermore, it comes with a complete set that includes many daily-use bits including spanner bits, Torx bits, tri-wings bits, ratcheting screwdriver, and hex bit.


  • High-quality build
  • Rust resistant
  • A complete set
  • Resist corrosion
  • Laborious plastic
  • Accept magnetic tip easily


  • Magnet fell out sometimes

06. Wheeler Screwdriver Set with Durable Construction and Storage Case


The 43-pieces of the set by Wheeler is the professional kit for gunsmithing.

You can ask any gunsmith, they will tell you what is the importance of screwdriver for their daily tasks. This can be the best tool for your daily DIY tasks as well.

Made from Fine Steel

This Wheeler Screwdriver set is made from hard S2 steel for 56 to 58 Rockwell “C” also it is designed so well with Hollow-Earth that has smooth curves as you can reach to the tip of the bits rather than being straight with the tip length.

It will protect the fitting and finishing of the screw and equal propagation forces along the side of the groove of the screw so that the head of the screw and tip will not get damaged.

Convenient Shape

This 43-pieces screwdriver set by Wheeler is designed with the convenient shape of the over-molded screwdriver handle for easy of all types of tasks.

Using these bits set, you will never miss any bit with the sturdy custom box which is ready for its kit range or the bench.



  • Manufactured with S2 strong tool steel
  • Easy to use
  • Standard shape bits
  • Includes 15 specialty gunsmith bits


  • Allen head bit breaks

07. CRAFTSMAN 9-31794 Screwdriver Set, 17 Piece


If you have decided to be serious about your toolbox, we recommend buying Craftsman 9-31794. You must be aware of the Craftsman manufacturer as they are professional in making screwdriver bits.

17 in 1 Multipurpose precision screwdriver set extraordinary hardness, professional top quality hardness for repairing Smartphone, iPhone, Macbook Air, iPad, Electronics, Laptops, Computer, Eyeglasses, Toys, PC, Watches, consoles, and most portable devices.

This precision screwdriver set has a durable handle that makes screwdriver operation more efficient. It allows you to easily grab and remount bits.

Professional Quality

Like all other tool kits, this model of screwdriver bit set is also a professional by Craftsman. This is designed with the high quality of the material.

This 17-pieces Phillips and slotted screwdrivers is the perfect tool for your DIY projects as well.

Durable Handles

Craftsman 9-31794 is made in the USA that makes sure the best of the quality. Its durable handles are specially designed for high strength. It is going to feel balanced while working.

Also, it is durable enough to take the beating.

Excellent Holding

The slotted blades tips offer excellent holding screws while the Phillips blade tip offers tight tolerance and the best snug fit.


  • Classic craftsman tool
  • Excellent build finishing
  • Easy to use
  • Anti-rust


  • Some users said it is poor quality

08. AmazonBasics 151 Piece Different Screwdriver Set


AmazonBasics 151 set offers a wide variety of bit types of various sizes most common for maintenance staff or homeowners.

It is made from durable steel materials with smooth sandblast finishing.

It also offers corrosion resistant and reliable strength performance. This set included with a precision screwdriver, lock bits, screwdriver bits, and repair bits.

This set also comes with a smaller box within the large-sized box that includes the many bits.

Durable and Sturdy

Very durable and sturdy for adjusting glasses and screwing screws into jewelry, repairing mobile phones, laptops, toys, watches, cameras, etc.

Multiple Uses

This is the multiple uses screwdriver set, AmazonBasics 151 in 1 screwdriver set has more tools.

Includes all the necessary tools for a multitude of jobs. Perfect for repairing landlines, mobile devices, digital products, bicycles and other precision items like watches and glasses, lightweight and compact design.

Sturdy Material

This set of bits is made of high-quality steel. It is very practical to use and allows you to use it effortlessly. Because of the sizes, it is perfect for most digital products.

Blow-molded Case

This bits model comes with a sturdy and blow-molded carrying case which is included for securely transporting and storing all pieces in one single set.


  • Mini pliers included
  • Wide application is possible with 151-set
  • Blow-molded carrying case
  • Rust resist


  • Strip out bits
  • Poor quality of ratcheting handle

09. GearWrench 20 Pieces Torx Dual Material Screwdriver Set


If you are in search of a small mixture of screwdriver sets, this can be your best choice. This screwdriver set is designed with various size wrenches that come in a single package.

Using this best magnetic screwdriver set it will be easier for you to complete any type of task.

High Quality and Good Performance

High quality and good performance, this durable screwdriver set is made of high-quality Ergonomic tri-lobe dual material. That makes sure a long time use guarantee.

Magnetic Set of Screwdriver, Precision Screwdriver is magnetic, produced with impact-resistant steels, robust as chrome vanadium steel, and can tighten screws during repair, improving performance and saving time and effort.

Convenient and Accessible

This toolset allowing you to achieve screws that are completely inaccessible, ideal for working at multiple angles.

This set is portable and easy to carry, you can put it in a travel bag, car or toolbox. Wide use, a perfect repair tool kit for watches, PCs, laptops, tablets, iPhone, iPad, PS4, Camera, Xbox, and other electronic devices.

Dual Material Handle

It is designed with a dual material handle that makes sure a higher performance as well as a comfortable grip.


Perfect set

  • Good as a starter kit
  • Best for professional as well as for starter
  • Perfect matric size wrenches


  • Lack of a suitable container

10. BLACK+DECKER Heavy-duty Multipurpose Screwdriver Bit Set


Black+Decker brand is known by practically every one of great references in the DIY sector, both domestic and professional. This is one of the best bit sets brought by Black & Decker.

Multipurpose Use

Combination assortment of 109 bits and bits of different sizes ideal for wood, metal and masonry/concrete, along with a magnetic adapter and countersink.

The bits have been made from titanium to provide excellent drilling and durability.

A Complete Tool Kit

Using Black+Decker 109 pieces, you have a complete screwdriver and drilling solutions at home. This bit kit will be helpful for fixture installation, hanging pictures and much more in one single kit.

Variety of Bits in One Single Kit

In Black+Decker 109 pieces, you will get a variety of bits for plastic, metal, and wood. All are designed with ideal components sizes for installation and frequent tasks.

The Case has Extra Storage

This kit set comes with some extra storage so you can keep your other tools inside the case.

Portable Hard Storage Case

This model by Black & Decker comes with a portable hard storage case so that it will be easier for you to carry wherever you want.


  • Excellent quality
  • Durable
  • Titanium made
  • Portable storage case
  • Ideal for all types of projects


  • Low quality of bits complained by some users

11. Craftsman Universal 208 PCS Screwdriver Set


The Craftsman is one of the leaders in manufacturing bits. This set will enable you to tackle various tasks easily and without any confusion.

Bits have Various Sizes and Varieties

Craftsman 208 Pieces come with a wide variety of shapes and sizes that meets all of the common requirements and demands. The ideal for professional as well as for the beginner.

Specially Engineered

All the units are engineered specifically for impacts driving so that reduces breakage while using. Also, it reduces drops and minimizes wobbles.

It is very easy to pick up screws and other bits so you can easily and quickly finish your task.

Made from Premium Steel

Craftsman 208 Pieces is designed from premium steel quality so this is the best option for heavy-duty tasks as it offers precision and reliability.

Comes with Magnetic Holder

One of the best things about this bit set is that it comes with a magnetic holder, many double and single-sided tips and drivers so you can do many projects easily and quickly.

If you are looking for easy to use, durable and best screwdriver bit set, this is the best option.


  • Wide variety of sizes and types of bits
  • Durable
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Organized tools with super designed case
  • Easy to use for all tasks


  • The case is flimsy relatively

12. HORUSDY Vanadium Steel Highpower Screwdriver Bit Set


If you are looking for the sturdy and easy to use bit set, you can go with Horusdy 208 pieces.

Quality Material

This bit set is made of chrome vanadium steel that has the best durability and high strength. Dimensions and sizes are marked on drill surfaces so you can identify easily and quickly.

Wide Applications

Horusdy 208 Pieces comes with a magnetic extension drills holder and quick release. It can be daily used for pneumatic, hand drills, and screwdrivers tools.

Gift Packing

Horusdy has designed its box beautifully so the best option if you want to gift someone as it is an essential household toolbox.

A Complete Bit Set

This model comes with 208 pieces of screwdriver bit set that includes Phillips, Torq, Spanner, Nut driver, Pozi driver, Hex Head, Torx star, Square, Slotted flat, and many specially-designed bits for all types of tasks.

Easy Storage

This bit set kit comes with a specially designed storage box which is very easy to carry and transport as well.

Each slot for all drills is engraved with the correct dimensions for easy and quick identity and thus avoids clutter.


  • Strong enough to do any tasks
  • Quality material
  • Conveniently storage
  • Magnetic extension
  • Easy to use
  • 15 different style tips


  • One user complained that the tip twisted off while using

User Buying Consideration about Best Screwdriver Bit Set

If there is something that cannot miss in the inventory of any handyman is the best magnetic screwdriver set. It is used to assemble furniture, place cleats and hooks and practically for any use you need.

Since there are numerous variations and products available.

That is why it is convenient to look for products with quality materials, adjusted to the work you do and that is also comfortable for you to use.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Tip

There are several points on any screw that apparently seems to fit into its groove. However, there is always one that fits better than the others.

It is the correct tip: the one with the same shape and size as the screw head. Using the right tip is essential for several reasons.

First, because we run the risk of damaging the screw or the tip, which would make it extremely difficult to remove. We would have to destroy it by drilling or by other mechanical means.

Secondly, if we use a screwdriver and the tip does not sit well on the screw wrong tip, the tool may slip. The consequences can range from scratches, marks and surface damage to more or less serious accidents.

For example, we could drive the screw and/or the screwdriver bit into the support hand.

Variety of Tips

The variety of tips offered in the lot is also another issue that we must assess.

If we are only going to use standard hardware, there are relatively cheap bit kits that include the most common heads: Philips, Pozidriv, Flat Slot, Torx, and Allen.

The most common dimensions are PH1 / PZ1, PH2 / PZ2 and PH3 / PZ3 in the case of cross grooves; T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T27, T30 and T40 in Torx star type; and Allen hexagons of 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm between faces.

How to Find Out What is the Right Tip?

There are some tricks that we can use to make sure that we have chosen the tip well.

A distinction must be made between two situations: on the one hand, doubts as to the shape of the screwdriver bit (for example, Philips cross slot versus Pozidriv), on the other hand, doubts regarding the size of the tool.

Cross grooves: Philips vs. Pozidriv

There are two types of cross grooves: Philips, which is the oldest, and the Pozidriv which was designed to improve the contact surface between the screw and the tip of the screwdriver.

The first (PH) only has a cross groove, while the second (PZ) adds a second cross offset 45 degrees from the first one.

This second cross can almost always be seen at the screwdriver bits and often also at the screw head. We will be guided by these marks to determine which tip we need.

Sometimes it is not entirely clear to us whether a screw is Philips or Pozidriv. In addition to the double groove, the Pozidriv tip has two additional differences from the Philips:

  • Their sides are parallel (Philips has them conical)
  • Its tip is rounded (while the PH tips are somewhat sharper)

Consequently, the tips are not 100% compatible since the PZ tips, in addition to having eight edges, have a different geometry.

This can help us to find out which is the appropriate tip.

If we press a PZ2 on the screw head by hand and turn it slightly, and then we do the same with a PZ2 we will see that one of the two produces less play and makes better contact.

Tip Size

As for the size, both in the case of cross grooves (PH, PZ) and hexagonal or Torx, a common mistake is to choose a tip smaller than the screw head.

The opposite is not possible since it would not fit.

Using a small tip can damage the screw head. To avoid this, we will act defensively and test the following tip sizes until we find one that does not fit.

The correct tip will be the one immediately below.


The safety tips are used for screwing and unscrewing anti-tamper screws. The purpose of these screws is to make their removal as difficult as possible.

To do this, oddly shaped cavities are lowered into their heads.

The parallel hole spanner screw, also known as snake eyes. The profiles with three and four edges or Torx stars and hollow Allen cavities are some of the most common examples.

But there are other shapes, such as triangular or mortorq.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Best Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Here we present some of the top FAQs. It will be helpful to clear your doubts regarding the best impact driver bit set.

Q. What are the different types of screwdriver bits?

A. Screwdriver bits are used for screwing and unscrewing slotted screws.

In other words, those in which the shape of the head does not allow any other type of installation, such as those with a hexagonal or square head, which are tightened with fixed or open-end wrenches.

There are several ways of grooves and tips. These can be standard or safety, for anti-tamper screws, designed to make it difficult for unauthorized personnel to remove the screw.

The latter should not be confused with the systems used by the anti-theft screws, which permanently disable the head.

Q. How can I magnetize a screwdriver?

A. Sometimes it becomes necessary to magnetize a screwdriver.

Not surprisingly, it may happen that it is not long enough to reach a screw or that you need a very good pulse and, unfortunately, you do not have it.

In these cases, it would be best to have a magnetized screwdriver.

However, the good news is that you can do it yourself at home. To do this, you will need a magnet. First of all, clean the screwdriver well with the help of a damp cloth.

Then dry the tool well. Then take the magnet and rub it from the handle to the tip several times.

Remember to always do it in the same direction and rotate the screwdriver so that all faces are magnetized.

Q. What is the standard tip?

A. The most common and currently used tips are straight and cross grooves, hexagonal cavity (Allen) and 6-pointed star cavity (Torx). Straight slot screws are the easiest to the machine.

As a consequence, they are the cheapest. They are the screws of a lifetime and have several drawbacks.

For example, the tip is not automatically centered but we have to do it by hand. As well as, this makes it difficult to use with electric screwdrivers.

This tip is designated by the letters “PH” accompanied by a number indicating the size (PH0, PH1, PH2, etc.).

Standard screwdriver bits: straight slot, cross slot (Philips, Pozidriv), hex and Torx. To facilitate screwing with power tools, screws with cross grooves were designed. Philips was one of the first.

The head blade facilitates automatic tip centering, thus improving operator efficiency. However, this screw has a low slip resistance, that is, after a certain tightening torque, the tip comes out of the screw groove and prevents further progress.

Philips screws are said to have been designed with little resistance to came out to avoid over-tightening on aluminum parts used in aviation, and in fact, the 1949 patent mentions this feature.

Q. What is a flute screwdriver?

A. The fluted screwdriver, also called a star screwdriver, is the one with the tip in the shape of a cross.

This means that they are suitable tools for tightening and/or loosening screws with a star head. You will recognize them for presenting more depth in the center than at the ends.

This type of screwdriver is one of the most common both in the field of construction and DIY. For this cause, it is recommended to always have one on hand.

Q. Should I get a professional screwdriver bit with a lifetime warranty?

A. Each manufacturer offers various warranty terms. Some companies sell professional best screwdriver bit set with a lifetime warranty, while others only offer one or two-year protection.

The cheapest models usually have no warranty at all. We believe the five-year warranty is more than sufficient for most professional screwdriver bits.

Q. What warranty period is considered optimal for professional screwdriver bits?

A. We believe that a 2-year warranty is more than sufficient for a decent professional screwdriver bit.

In the market, you will get many premium options with a lifetime warranty, but we don’t think it’s necessary. We recommend that you simply replace a professional screwdriver bit with a new one after some time.

The Basic Screw Bit Types and Differences


Screwdriver bits are indispensable tools for any type of work, they are increasingly widespread among people who like to carry out their projects.

Here in our buying guide of the best screwdriver bit set, we have selected from among hundreds of options, the best sets of screwdriver bits.

We have discarded those of dubious origin and low quality and we have chosen the best value for money, both for the materials and the manufacturing methods that have been used.

We are sure that this ultimate guide will help you to make the right decision.

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