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Top 10 Best Electric Staple Gun for Upholstery/Woodworking/Household [Expert’s Recommended]

There are numerous tasks you can easily finish using the best electric staple gun. So, it is good to buy one for you as it is one of the multipurpose tools.

When you start searching for the best quality electric stapler guns in the market.

Moreover, you will notice various types and models available. We have decided to create a complete list of the best models on the market to help you.

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Best Electric Staple Gun for Upholstery

Types of Best Heavy Duty Electric Staple Gun Available in the Market

The traditional staplers that you have seen in the offices are just a small sample of all the models that exist and the different variants sold in the market.

However, the best electric staple gun for wood, is extremely powerful that they can mount tiny houses and look at all the models you can buy.

Manual Staplers: They are the most common and indeed the ones you have seen the most in offices; there are them in different sizes. Mainly, it can be used to join paper or cardboard.

Stapler for Upholstery: They are used to fix the wallpaper on the walls. Therefore, their design is flat, and they are activated by pressing them with the hands.

Electric Staplers: Electric staplers work with a button that emits staples constantly, having the advantage that the user does not suffer the fatigue that they would suffer from other types of staples.

Industrial Stapler: They are used to carry out tough tasks typical of a workshop or factory and are used to glue very resistant materials. The energy sources they use are varied.

Stapler for Cables: They are very delicate and the staples they use are designed so that they do not transmit the current that they may receive from the wires. Its design is made of plastic to avoid accidents with electricity.

Pneumatic Staplers: The energy that drives them is compressed air, they are very powerful and are used for industrial purposes or masonry work.

Longarm Stapler: These have a special design so that they have more reach. They are ideal for stationery and signage work.

Battery Stapler: They work with electricity but with an integrated rechargeable battery, being the best ally for people who do homework.

Top 10 Best Electric Staple Gun Review 2021

We have made this list by testing many models that have convinced us the best heavy duty electric staple guns we present below.

Let us begin with these top products available in the market following by buying guides and FAQs so it will be easier for you to find the best product for your need!

01. Surebonder 9600B Adjustable Air Exhaust Best Electric Stapler


This stapler is perfect for semi-professional DIY, upholstery, display mounting, and craft applications, as it can supply 9/16″ length type 53 staples fairly quickly.

Lightweight Body Design

It is made with a lightweight body design and strong polymeric materials. It has a nose cut to work effectively on firing access; the linear power curve has the necessary force to staple on different surfaces with different hardness styles and provides total comfort in any job.

Ideal Product

The Surebonder is a perfect product for doing all kinds of work at home, in an art room, or a carpentry workshop. It has a unique system and its magazine can hold 100 staples at a time, a staple length of 1/4 inch to 9/16 inch.

Besides, it contains a preset electronic power preset, which manages to adapt to the material used to provide optimal results on the job so that the impact force does not break, but at the same time, the supports enter the material without problems.

Fast and Versatile Product

Surebonder 9600A Staple Gun is a heavy-duty and durable product that offers excellent performance. You can easily use this best electric staple gun for upholstery with cleaned and regulated compressed air.

User-friendly and Comfortable Design

It offers a very well-balanced rubber grip and body for comfort. It is specially designed to sit in your hand so you can easily and comfortably operate. You can easily complete large tasks. It also offers an adjustable air exhaust.

That means you can easily direct the air away and elusive surfaces.


  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Versatile
  • Provides safe performance
  • User-friendly design


  • Some users complained, low quality

02. Surebonder 9600AK High Quality 1/4-Inch Heavy Duty Standard Stapler


Surebonder is one of the leaders in the field of an electric staple gun. If you are looking for a robust product, you should go with this model.

Simple Yet Powerful Design

With this type of stapler, you can perform jobs that require the staple to reach areas where it is difficult to penetrate. Its simple design allows you to reach places with little reach allowing you to do quality work.

It has a simple but functional design. Additionally, it can be familiar with diverse types of staples. It is designed with a soft and non-slip handle for extended use. Its weight is 4.99 pounds; this makes it very light so that you can easily use it on a wide range of materials with optimal results.

High Durability

It is a compressed air stapler with the ability to work and nail both at home, in the garden, or in the workshop. Its resistant aluminum casing and its highest quality components guarantee high durability.

Great Customer Service

If you will face any problem with the product, their customer service is great and can easily reach out. You can also solve the issue by visiting its official site and perform troubleshooting.

A Complete Package

This product comes with a complete package such as a staple gun, tool oil bottle, Allen key, and 5 different lengths of staples.

Carry Case

This electric staple gun comes with a high-impact carrying case so it will be easier for you to carry on the go. Some of its applications include woodworking, repair projects, screen repair, insulation, fence repairs, and upholstery


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Quickly finish your job
  • Designed with a safety mechanism
  • Air release adjustable


  • Poor quality and fails quickly

03. Electric Brad Nailer N6013 Power Adjustable Best Electric Stapler


It is a stapler that allows you to work with the total comfort of movement, thanks to its long-reach cable. Its handle is made of a soft material that facilitates its handling, and it only weighs approximately 3.49 pounds.


The dimensions of the staples used are 10.9 x 7.8 x 2.9 inches. It can easily load up to 100 units of staples and 100 units of nails.

Easy to Use

This easy-to-use electric stapler features lithium technology, which allows the battery to have no memory effect or self-discharge. Its Push + Release system provides controlled shock activation so you can work with greater security.


The best thing about this product is its lightweight, which is 3.49 pounds; its dimensions are 10.9 x 7.8 x 2.9 inches. It has the compatibility of its staples ranges from four to ten mm.

Power Adjustable

This electric staple gun has a power-adjustable knob for soft or hard material.

Ideal for DIY Projects

N6013 Electric Staple Gun is ideal for all types of DIY projects, including wooden handwork, home improvement projects, and upholstery.

Adjustable Power

This staple gun is designed with an adjustable power knob for soft or hard material.

Extra Safety

It is made with a contact safety switch that prevents inadvertent trips and provides additional safety while working with it.

Free Staples and Nails are Included

This product comes with 400 pcs of staples and 100 pcs of nails, which you will get free of cost.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Robust product
  • Safety switch
  • Ideal for DIY projects


  • It is quite tough to use

04. Arrow Fastener T50ACD High Quality Power Adjustable Electric Staple Gun


The Arrow Fastener Staple Gun can handle a high number of sheets, and that is why this product is unique if we compare it with other models.

Compact Size

Arrow’s staple gun model is an innovative product that offers the best possible performance and provides a wide variety of needs.

Patent-pending Motor

You will wonder to know that this staple gun has a unique design and patent-pending mechanism. It is designed with a bottom load magazine that enables users to handle any projects head-on.

Quick-release Machine

One of the best things about this product is having a quick-release machine and an over-molded grip for time-consuming or fatigue strenuous tasks. Overall, this model is a comfortable and over-molded grip staple gun product.

You should not miss buying this tool for you. It can easily use in 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch and 3/8 inch. This product can convince you by its easy adaptation in different materials.

To save as much time as possible in recharging the staples, a loading tank is included to facilitate their replacement.

Super Easy Design and Comfortable Handling Grip

This product has designed simple yet offers powerful performance. It has an ergonomic Soft grip coating that gives you a secure grip and a comfortable handling style.


  • Can deliver maximum power
  • Comfortable to use
  • Quick-release mechanism


  • Some users complained about its poor quality

05. WEN 61710 3/8-Inch to 1-Inch Best Electric Staple Gun


It is a universal electric stapler that can do multiple jobs in the home, workshop, garden, and DIY connection. Its versatility can process fine, flat, and narrow bridge wire staples.

Long and Narrow Nose

It has an interchangeable faceplate that is precisely adjusted in the processing of various types of staples. It has a long, narrow nose that can easily and directly fix the wood’s grooved side.

Thanks to its multiple strike system, the best electric staple gun for upholstery is driven correctly and sincerely.

Lightweight Yet Tough Performance

This model is designed with lightweight, yet it gives a powerful, tough performance. Also, it is designed with 3/8 into 1-in 18 Gauge with 100 staples capacity. It can be easily used to finish all types of projects in no time.

60 to 100 Psi

If you are looking for a super-fast staple gun that can be able to finish all your jobs quickly, we recommend buying this as it has 60 to 100 psi. It works super-fast and easy to use.

Very Easy to Use

WEN’s model is straightforward to use. It offers various types of applications in your home, such as fences, woodworking projects, screen repairs, insulation, upholstery, and repairs.

However, it is also very easy to safe and designed with a die-cast aluminum body and can be released quickly to clear the jams. Containing efficient insurance against accidental shots; the shot can only be produced if the stapler is resting on the area where it will be stapled.


  • Aluminum body
  • Quick-release
  • 100 nos. of stapling capacity
  • 60 to 100 PSI operating capacity


  • Jamming problem faced by many users

06. Freeman PFWS 20-Gauge 9/16 Inch Lightweight Best Electric Stapler


This cable staple by Freeman has impact control. This system will help you control the power quickly, depending on where you want to put the staples.

Soft and Comfortable Handle

It is designed with a comfortable and soft handle. We also like it for its grip, which is very soft, that is, it is very comfortable to handle. And don’t forget that it has a locking system to prevent it from being activated by accident.


If you want a good machine-made through a high-quality brand, we invite you to consider buying this model from the Freeman brand. It is of very good quality, and if you look at its price, you will realize that it is relatively cheap.

It is a fairly quick model, to give you the idea, you can put about 20 staples per minute, without forgetting that the best electric staple gun for wood that you can use may be from 1/4 to 9/16 inch.

You can also regulate the machine’s power to be able to do a quality job regardless of the material with which you are working.

Ideal for all Types of DIY

It does not matter if your job is crafts, display, upholstery, or insulation, this product does its job very efficiently. It is friendly easily with the Arrow staple gun. Its unique feature non-marring tips help protect your job surface from any type of scratches.

If you are in search of a versatile product on the market, we recommend going with this.


  • Ideal for all types of DIY projects
  • Non-marring tip
  • It protects your job from any type of scratches
  • Super easy to use
  • Robust product


  • Sticking and blocking issues sometimes

07. 3PLUS 22 Gauge 3/8-Inch Features Comfortable Grip Stapler gun


If what you are looking for is an electric stapler for the cheap office and has an attractive design, this model will surely adapt very well to what you are looking for.

Easy to Handle

One of the things that we like is that it is very easy to handle, that is, from the first minute, you will know how to insert the staples and how to make it work. It is something very interesting since there are models on the market that are complicated to operate.

It has an anti-jam system; that is, it will not block you. Do not forget that it has an energy-saving system.

Professional Design

This stapler is very interesting to have, both in a professional workshop and in a home, as it offers good results in exchange for a very competitive price. If you are tired of putting staples and straining to nail them, it will be much easier with this machine.

Elegant and Simple Design

The design is elegant and simple. Thanks to this, you can hold it without problems; hence you can work with it without fatigue. It also allows you to put about 180 staples load capacity. We know that there are faster models, but it is an interesting alternative for the price it has.

Do not forget that it is speedy and above all that it is elementary to hold and operate. We can assure you that you will not have any problem using it thanks to its low weight and simplicity.


  • 180 staples load capacity
  • 360-degree adjustable exhaust
  • 60 to 100 psi air pressure requires
  • Can easily work with most of the air compressors


  • Poor quality

08. WORKPRO 6 in 3.6V Double Security Best Electric Staple Gun


Suppose you are looking for a stapler model that is a bit more traditional, but good enough to work with it easily and quickly. In that case, this is another of the models that you will be interested in having in your list of possible options.

A Great Firing Speed

It is a machine that will offer you about 60 shots per minute. It includes an indicator that will show you the staple load level so you can calculate while you work and not stay in the middle.

Easy to Handle

It has an impact force regulator, a non-slip grip, and a light enough weight so you can handle it freely. This model’s main advantage is its low price; we can consider it at a low cost.

6 in 1 Compatibility

This product is featured with 6 in 1 function that means you can use this staple with 6 different kinds of nails and staples, including BN18 nails, T20, T25, JT21, and T50. Using these features, you can easily replace most of the old staple guns, so you do not require changing staple guns more often.

Super Battery Life

Once you charge it fully, it can work for 1,100 staples with a full magazine. It can fire 60 staple pins per minute so you can easily finish large work in no time.

Cordless Staple Gun

This staple gun can easily be used for many DIY projects as it cable, padding, weather tear, fastener cloth, carpet, DIY, upholstery, and many other larger projects.


  • Charging indicator
  • Quick-release magazine
  • Delivers 1100 shorts in a full charge
  • Cordless product for multiple uses


  • Staples are not included

09. KeLDE 120V Ergonomic Best Electric Staple Gun


If you are looking for a simple and cheap model to have at home and make occasional use of it, it will interest you.

Robust Product

When you use it, you will find that it has quite a bit of strength, which is vital to prevent it from not working on the hardest materials. It is true that if you do not put the staples well, they can jam, but when you learn how to place them, this problem will disappear.

Versatile and Universal Design

This versatile and universal design offers maximum comfort in any job where it is used. It has an operation that does not admit any complications, so anyone with or without previous experience can use it.

It offers the possibility of making double shots of staples, this speeds up the process, saving extra time in the tasks to be performed. A stapler that allows the use of staples and nails makes practically infinite the uses that can be given to such a versatile tool.

Extra Triple Lock Safety

This product is designed with a triple locking system that offers extra safety while working. It ensures that the trigger is released before nailing or stapling, and it locks when storing.

Overall, this model has an excellent price for its quality, but that price is mainly because it does not work with a battery, but rather that it works with a cable. This will limit your work somewhat, but if you don/t mind, keep in mind that the stapler does its job very well.

It is a good machine that stands out mainly for its strength, accessibility, manageability, and perfect price.


  • 50 pcs magazine capacity
  • Triple Locking feature for extra safety
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-application
  • Precise and quick
  • Ideal for DIY projects


  • Some users complained that this product is not the same as described

10. KeLDE 120V Power Designed with Built-in Best Electric Stapler


With a capacity of 60 strokes per minute, this electric stapler is a useful tool that cannot be missing in the home or construction companies. It allows you to electronically regulate the impact to avoid accidents on the different surfaces you are working on and thus obtain an optimal result.

Weighing just 3.29 pounds, it is a perfect stapler for working long hours.

A Lightweight Design

A lightweight design which is a great benefit for working long hours. This stapler, which can be used for nails and staples, offers, among other things, a security system to keep both the user and the work being carried out safely.

A tool that is enhanced with the excellent KeLDE brand that raises it to one of the first places in terms of quality and durable products.

A Powerful Staple Gun

This powerful tool with which you can perform everyday tasks at home and professional jobs. A simple tool that can be easily manipulated by everyone without requiring previous experience and with the guarantee that the final result will be optimal.

Comfort and Safety

This machine is designed with a triple locking system for extra safety and security. Also, it provides a comfortable grip, so an inexperienced user can also use it comfortably.

Selectable Drive

It comes with a single fire or sequential fire mode switch. It is very easy to improve your work efficiency by selecting the stapling mode according to your needs.

Can be Used Widely

T50 staples with 1500 pieces (12mm, 10mm, 8mm) and 500 pcs. Brand Nails with 14 mm length capacity. It can fire 60 pieces per minute. This is a perfect staple gun for nailing and stapling of leather, foils, corkwood, insulating material, and cardboard.

Overall, this product is a first-class product, with an elegant and ergonomic design that allows easy and comfortable handling even when the user is not a professional. It has a light loading mechanism and is made of resistant plastic for a long and guaranteed useful life.

A fast machine that allows up to 60 shots per minute being a fast and efficient tool.


  • Easy to use
  • Extra comfort and safety
  • Quality product
  • Versatile
  • Built-in motor


  • Staple shooting is not accurate sometimes

How to Buy the Best Electric Staple Gun for Upholstery

We know that today in the market, there is a great variety of these items, and although you can choose between electric or manual, we recommend that you choose one that is electric.

Due to their power, comfort, and speed, it is quite easy to use. However, before buying the best electric staple gun for wood, keep these points in mind:

01. Types of Use

It is essential that before buying the best heavy duty electric staple gun, you take into account the kind of use that you are going to give it. It is not the same that you use it only for domestic use than working with it professionally.

In the same way, you must know the type of staples you need depending on the job you are going to perform. Some only allow you to staple sheets or a limited amount of papers, therefore, one that is desktop will work for you.

But if you need to give it another type of use, you have to acquire one that is electric, which are the ones with a high power capacity. Depending on the work you have to do, you should choose a suitable stapler, since staples some folios are not the same as upholstering chairs.

In that case, you must know the types of staplers according to their use, among them are:

The Manual Stapler

With it, you have to do all the strength with your hand and arm, so they are recommended if they will not be used much. They are sold with an anvil that is ideal for offices or traditional ones that are free.

Although you have to do manual force, they are the most suitable to use them in a restricted way; you don’t have to worry about charging them and are super economical compared to electric.

The Electric Stapler

They have great power and enough strength to reduce your effort by working with their own mechanism. Their efficiency is unmatched since they are used for professional work and you can use them daily without worrying, most of them are of excellent quality.

The Pneumatic Stapler

It is quite similar to the electric stapler, with the difference that it is used by means of an external compressed air pump so that it can work.

02. Power Supply

You should know that you can find many models that work with both battery and electrical cable in the market. If you decide on one that has a cable and you like to enjoy the freedom of movement, you have to make sure that it comes with a long cable.

Otherwise, you will have to add an extension cord, which is less practical, but they are the ones that have a higher power. If you choose one that works with a battery, you can use it remotely without using any cord.

In that case, look for one that gives you the best autonomy, and additionally if you need to use it for a long time, buy a spare battery.

03. Types of Staples

The type of staples can vary depending on the model; they come in different lengths, shapes, and thicknesses. To choose them, you must first consider what work you will do and the type of material you need to staple. You must look at what type of staples your machine requires.

Each model needs its own type of staples except for some that can use different styles. Among the options you have, is that you buy a 2 X 1 model since with it you will only not have to use staples, but you can also use nails, and thus you can have a much more complete machine.

04. Security

You have to be careful with products that do not provide the protection you need when using these machines so that you do not run any risk of having an accident. Security measures in this regard are essential.

So at least we recommend that you buy one with a good locking system when you are not going to use it. Since this instrument has a high-power trigger system, if it does not have a safety switch, this device could become dangerous.

Many models come with insurance that can prevent unintentional shots that could injure you.

05. Weight and Ergonomics

Another essential factor you should consider is the weight of this tool. If you have thought about using it for a long time, you should buy one that does not have so much weight so that it does not tire you too much and you can finish your work efficiently.

When you buy an electrical product, you must look at its design and ergonomics, since the design, no matter how attractive, could affect your comfort when you have to work. Another important factor is that you check that it has a soft and comfortable grip to the touch.

As it is a product that you have to handle with your hands, you have to see before buying it its weight because its power is very important, but so is its lightness.

06. Capacity

You should not miss the stapling capacity of the model you are going to buy. If you are going to use it professionally, you should know that you will have to use many staples all the time.

Another point that you must take into account is the stapling force, which at the same time does not cause any damage to the surface you are going to work on.

Best Electric Staple Gun for Wood- Common FAQs

Q. What are electric staple guns and how they work?

Ans: Staplers are artifacts made of metal, which generally have two arms placed on two or more different pieces of paper, cardboard, wood, or other materials to join them through small metal hooks called staples.

They work when pressed, activating a mechanism that makes the small hook or staple stick on the pieces to be joined and at the same time bend.

There are very powerful staplers that naturally work with energy sources such as electricity or compressed air, being used for slightly more challenging tasks and naturally dispense more powerful staples and at a rate that would be impossible for a human being with a manual stapler.

Q. Do I have to worry when buying an electric stapler online?

Ans: It is safe to use absolutely as it is designed with protection. There is no risk if you will order it online as many people place orders online, especially on Amazon since if you do not like the product, you can return them and claim for the refund.

According to us, placing orders online is completely safe and easy. Also, you will get your product in a few days.

Q. What is the average cost of a good electric upholstery stapler?

Ans: If you want to buy the best electric stapler on the market, remember that it doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Of course, costly products are usually better, but you can also find options with better quality.

And we recommend to check the quality and features mainly and NOT the price of the product.

Q. What is the procedure to get my money back if I did not like the product?

Ans: If you receive an incorrect or broken electric upholstery stapler, Amazon will force the seller to give you your money back or a replacement. No need to worry about refunds any more thanks to the fantastic customer service policy.

Q. Should I go with a second-hand stapler?

Ans: As always, when we talk about a mechanical product, it is not convenient to buy a second-hand stapler because we do not know what state it is in. It may seem that it is in perfect condition, but then we realize that it has faults when we use it.

Hence it is worth betting on buying new staplers with which we obtain greater profitability.

Best Heavy Duty Electric Staple Gun: How to Use and Load


A best electric staple gun is an essential tool for almost all types of tasks to fix materials or parts. If you love to do DIY projects on your own, you should not miss buying this tool.

The days are gone when you had to go to an industrial hardware store specialized in tool supplies to guarantee a minimum of quality. We have left you a selection of the best electric stapler gun that currently exists on the market.

We hope it will be of great help to you so that you can make the right choice. Once you get it, we recommend using it with caution to avoid any type of accident, especially if you have small children in the house.

Do not stop reading the manufacturer’s instructions, nor stop doing maintenance to have a long life. As you will understand, we cannot tell you which best electric staple gun for wood is suitable for you, since only you know your usage needs.

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