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The 10 Best Cantilever Tool Box Review: Best Cantilever Tool Organizer

What is the best cantilever tool box? I can’t count the number of times I have encountered this question.

Different factors play a vital role in determining the right cantilever toolbox that is suited for your everyday use.

From the specifications to their versatility, it’s important to ensure you get the correct info about these toolboxes when making a purchase.

Today you’re lucky as we have gone into detail to reveal the top ten cantilever toolboxes that are suited for different work applications.

All these toolboxes have their pros and cons while they also have different specifications.

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Best Metal Cantilever Tool Box: Top Pick

Photo Title Buy
Keter - 241008...image Keter - 241008 Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box with Locking System and Removable Bins – Perfect Organization and Storage Chest for Power Drill, Tape Measure, and Screwdriver Set, Black Price & Details
Trusco ST-350-B 2-Level...image Trusco ST-350-B 2-Level Toolbox Price & Details
Stanley FMST18001 FatMax...image Stanley FMST18001 FatMax 18-Inch Structural Foam Tool Box Price & Details
Stalwart 75-MJ5051B Contractor...image Stalwart 75-MJ5051B Contractor Grade Tool Box – 22 Inch Price & Details
Goplus 20-Inch Portable...image Goplus 20-Inch Portable 5-Tray Cantilever Metal Tool Box Steel Tool Chest Cabinet, Red Price & Details
KETER 22 Inch...image KETER 22 Inch Cantilever Plastic Portable Tool Box Organizer with Metal Latches for Small Parts, Hardware and Tool Storage and Organization Price & Details
Cantilever Tool-Box –...image Cantilever Tool-Box – Rugged Plastic Toolbox with 3-Tiers of Trays, 5 Compartments for Tools, Parts, Crafting Supplies or Tackle by Stalwart (Yellow) Price & Details
Stanley Proto J9951...image Stanley Proto J9951 Proto Cantilever Box , Red Price & Details

Top 10 Best Cantilever Tool Boxes Reviews 2021

All that is left is for you to decide on the right box for handling all your storage needs.

Continue reading this product review to get key information that will aid you to choose the best cantilever tool box.

01. Keter Masterloader Removable Bins With Perfect Organization Tool Box


One of the most common and cumbersome aspects involved with home improvement activities is getting the right tools fast and with ease. Masterloader toolbox, provides great organizational abilities that allow you to locate and access all tools without confusion.

Electricians and project designers can store and find the right tools in the comfort of this highly versatile toolbox. With great mobility capabilities, this toolbox is ideal for everyday project works and people on the move.

A Sturdy and Resistant Exterior Surface

High durability of most gadgets is the number one thing purchasers look for. A corrosion-resistant exterior surface of this tool makes it suited for dirty and risky jobs.

Holding of much heavier tools is possible thanks to a strong frame used to hold together all accessories. Enjoy the best chemical and scratch-resistant experience at the comfort of the Masterloader toolbox.

A Unique Organization with Separators

You can organize large and small tools in different compartments for easy reach. Integrated compartments make it easy to separate these tools with 2 sizeable removable bins.

Locking Ability

An auto-lock system helps to enhance the security and stability of the toolbox. Misplacing of tools is a past thing for people possessing this toolbox.

High Portability

An extended handle and movable while allowing for easy movement and use. Users can comfortably use this box for all roofing works.


  • High portability and mobility
  • High durability
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Secured with a lock


  • Doesn’t handle a heavy load

02. Trusco B 2-Level Outside Dimension Tool Box


Unlike ordinary toolboxes, the Trusco model is attractive in terms of design complexion and color elements. Gone are days when you stuffed all tools in one place.

Achieve the best storage and access to work tools by having this box.

Two-level compartments make it suitable for storing big and small tools without having to stuff them together.

Spacious Compartments

Trusco toolbox can store huge numbers of tools all in one place. Inner compartments are made spacious to accommodate different types of tools altogether.

Whether it’s large or small tools, this box can store and secure different types of tools in one place.


Innovative design and outside surface are great and appealing to the eye. Trusco toolbox lasts a long since it’s made of strong and high durable material.

Dividers of the compartments are made of steel which is strong and is bent neatly along the edges to avoid cutting users.

Ease of Use

Carrying and opening the toolbox is easy and straightforward. Trusco toolbox is made using a special design that makes it super easy to open and access all tools.

Finding the right tool is not a problem for technicians using this toolbox.


Users can store all work tools and also secure their jewelry when using the toolbox. Losing your precious ring is a thing of past for people who own this toolbox


  • Lasts long
  • Two compartments sections
  • Cool body design
  • Accommodates many tools


  • Available in one color

03. HMC Holdings LLC – Homak Solid Industrial Quality Construction Tool Box


Few toolboxes can allow you to change the number and size of compartments sections. Homak Industrial toolbox provides users with diverse benefits of storing and finding the right tools with ease.

Made with a unique design, this toolbox offers not only storage but also a secure place to store all your tools. An auto-lock system has made it possible to safely keep all your tools at one secured cabinet.

Many Compartments

Homak toolbox has over two compartments and users can store tools of different sizes in strategic distinct locations. Being able to customize the size of compartments adds up to the immense benefits associated with the tool.

Innovative Design

Homak toolbox has a unique and innovative design that is fit for the modern technician.

From the office to home works, this product is suited to handle all kinds of storage without being cumbersome. You can use it in small-sized projects where space is inadequate to accommodate you and the bigger toolboxes.

Strong Base

Steel material is used to make the base of this robust toolbox. Steel anchors are all stored tools with an almost indestructible foundation.

You need not worry about having loopholes that could lead to the disappearance of tools by getting the Homak Industrial toolbox.


  • Many compartment sections
  • High durability
  • Accommodates diverse tools
  • Easy to locate tools


  • Cumbersome to carry
  • Available in one color

04. Stanley High Quality FatMax 18-Inch Structural Tool Box


Opening and locating the right tools is now possible thanks to this highly effective toolbox. A time we store different work tools that end up being infected with rust.

All this is eliminated by having a toolbox that is tightly sealed to eliminate foreign intrusion by unwanted materials.

Store, open, and find the right tool for your work by getting acquainted with this second-to-none toolbox.


Stanley’s toolbox is made of a strong material that is hard to break or alter. With proper use, this toolbox should serve you for many years. Fewer maintenance practices are needed for users acquainted with this toolbox.

Enough Room

Spacious compartments make it possible for users to store securely diverse accessories. From sockets to screwdrivers, the Stanley model of toolbox provides users with enough space for storing all kinds of work tools.

Movable Partitions

Sliding shelves allow users to open and store all tools with a highly effective mechanism. With these portioned compartments, you can store tools by size making it possible to find the right tools fast.

Tightly Sealed lid

A rubber gasket material is anchored to the lid and this deters moisture and water from penetrating inside the toolbox. All tools are afforded a secure environment that is free of rust and other unwanted vices.


  • Long-lasting ability
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to open
  • Serves as a step


  • Heavy to move around

05. Stalwart 22 Inch Cantilevered Tray Storage System Tool Box


Stalwart contractor toolbox as the name suggests is an all-round storage unit that safely stores both small and big sized tools. With large compartment space, this toolbox has become a popular hit among most technicians.

From portability, durability to ease of use, this organizer unit offers immense benefits to people seeking to get one.

High Portability

Stalwart toolbox model is suited for people on the move. Carrying the tool organizer around is comfortable and less tiresome.

Handles are also comfortable to hold and have a tight grip you can hold on.

Great Toolbox Stability

Support legs prevent the toolbox from tripping and allows you to conveniently use it even when in steep positions.

Regardless of the type of work maintenance you are undertaking, the stalwart toolbox can be used even in the riskiest situations without falling.

Storage for Different Tools

A perfect tool organizer that comes with ample space for storing all sought of work tools.

Users can store diverse tools thanks to the 15 removable compartments of the toolbox. From long and big tools to small ones, the stalwart toolbox is capable of handling all tools storage needs.

Enough Storage Space

With different compartment sections, this toolbox has plenty of room where users can secure their work appliances safely. You need not worry about the safety of your work tools when using this toolbox.


  • Plenty of storage area
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Comfortable steel handle
  • Great stability


  • Requires high maintenance

06. Goplus Portable 5-Tray Cabinets for Large Store Capacity Steel Tool Box


Do you have many tools to store at one commonplace? Enhance the safety of your work tools with this toolbox.

With a proven history and popularity among most technicians, it’s a good fit for everyone. Moreover, the toolbox manufacturer is a leading maker of different products of this kind.

Easy to Clean

A red powder enhancement paint is chemical resistant and does not get scratches easily. More so, the sleek surface of this storage unit is easy to clean.

Simply pass over wet clothing or sponge and your toolbox is sparkling clean.

A Great Tool Organizer

Enjoy the most efficient method of organizing different workshop tools by getting this toolbox. You can use the storage unit to organize the most commonly used tools enabling you to access them with ease.

Heavy-duty Toolbox

Durability is the epitome of this top-notch toolbox. Made of the highest quality steel, it offers security for fragile workshop tools that break easily.

Handles are made of steel material which is comfortable to hold the grip of.

Also, the body is coated with a powder red coating which lasts for years under proper management.

Ample Storage Area

With 5 trays that hold all tools secure, users can store all sought of workshop tools and have it easy to access them.


  • Easy to find tools
  • Great storage space
  • Easy to carry
  • Made of durable material


  • No other color option

07. Keter 22 Inch Plastic Portable Metal Latches Tool Box


Rarely do you find a toolbox with over 10 removable bins? Keter toolbox has been made with immense ability to accommodate all sought of storage needs you may need.

Made of heavy-duty plastic material, the toolbox is lightweight and easy to carry around. So, if you are a person who is always on the move, this toolbox could be a great fit for you.

Durable Handles

Handles are made of a durable material with a comfortable good touch feeling. Moving from one place to another is made easy and fast.

Enhanced Stability

Back legs of this toolbox provide added support that prevents this product from tilting while in use. You can place the toolbox in a sloppy position without having to worry about the spilling of tools.

Removable Bins

Thus the removable bins are a great addition and are located on the top part of the toolbox. However, the bins are particularly suited for holding small tools in perfect order.

Transparent Lid

A clear lid is used to protect and cover tools away from foreign disturbances. Importantly, you get to see all tools through a clear cover lid.

Identifying tools is possible even before you can open up the organized compartments.


  • Highly portable
  • Great organization of tools
  • Over 10 removable bins
  • Long-lasting metal handles


  • High maintenance requirements

08. Stalwart Portable and Travel Friendly Cantilever 18 Inch Tool Box


When it comes to organizing your tools and finding the right one for you, this toolbox is effective at serving all users’ workshop needs. 5 compartments reveal the different sizes of tools making it easy to access them.

The portability of this box is unmatched and there are a lot of benefits users could garner by having it.

High Portability

Travel friendly and suited for people on the go. Convenient carrying handles make it easy to move and also securely store workshop-related tools and appliances.

Handles are made of a comfortable gripping material that makes it easy to move the toolbox around the work area.

Multi-purpose Use

A unique storage case allows the toolbox to handle different storages form bolts, screws, and your precious jewelry when at work. Can store different tools in strategic positions and at one commonplace.

Long-lasting Ability

Under proper care, this toolbox should serve your storage needs for many years. Constructed using a strong rugged plastic material that can withstand a hard workshop environment.

The ability to distribute weight evenly when opened prevents it from falling or tipping over.

Comes in Different Colors

Users can choose the color which they like most. It comes in black, yellow, and clear colors. The choice is all yours to make.


  • Easy to access tools
  • Multi-purpose storage box
  • Perfect for big tools
  • Can last long


  • Can fall when closed

09. Yeoh Tejal Husky Cantilever Portable Rolling 25 Inch Tool Box


Tejall toolbox is a unique toolbox with high portability that results from innovation provided by the manufacturer. An all-round toolbox that is suited for small and large projects while it offers great mobility benefits to users.

Instead of carrying around the box tool, users can pull the box unit thanks to special tires that all can work on all terrains.

Innovative Design

Of course, a well designed mobile box that provides a good unit for securing workshop tools and other related accessories altogether.

A great box for organizing and storing tools in strategic compartments for easy access. All-round terrain tiers make it convenient to move the storage unit from one place to another.


A high versatile box that is made of strong durable materials that are hard to alter or damage. With proper care and maintenance, the toolbox should be useful for many years.

Enough Space

18 compartments help to hold different sizes of tools conveniently. A strong base unit allows the box to accommodate heavy tools and store your power tools safely.

Safety and Mobility

Padlocks help to keep the box covered when not in use. When moving, you can lock the lid of the box to prevent the falling of tools from the box.

Water-resistant abilities make it secure to store metallic tools for long in the toolbox. A long extended handle helps to ease movements around the workshop.


  • Great organizational capabilities
  • Robust storage space
  • Can accommodate power tools
  • Water-resistant


  • Costly to maintain

10. Stanley Proto Trays swing out for Easy Toolbox


If you like to have a unique taste for your workshop tools, this toolbox is the right fit for you. With a new and innovative design that reveals stored tools at strategic locations, your workshop routine will ever be the same.

Importantly, this toolbox is convenient for applicability in all workshop jobs small or big.

Ease of Access

The toolbox functions by swinging out to reveal all stored tools. Users are afforded the comfort of having easy access to all tools with 4 wide compartments handling tools of different sizes.

Also, users get to organize their tools in whichever manner they like.

Adequate Space

Capable of handling different workshop tools and accessories. Either its nails, bolts, or a hammer, you can comfortably tackle all workshop activities with the ease of enough storage space.


Made of a thin metal material that is lightweight to allow users to have an easy experience while carrying the box. Cleaning of the box is easy and by just passing along a wet cloth, your toolbox is brand new.

Whether you are working on a small or big project, carrying this box tool is convenient.

Nice Design

A unique and nice design that is attractive and organized to give users the best work experience. All compartments are open to reveal all tools in an attractive form that is suited for today’s engineering projects.


  • Great Storage space
  • Multi-purpose use in the workshop
  • High-durability


  • Heavy to carry around

How To Choose The Best Cantilever Tool Box

When finding the right toolbox for storing and securing safely your work tools, it’s important to take into consideration different aspects of the toolboxes.

Since there are different types of toolboxes, we need to consider different factors to ensure you get the right storage unit for all your tools.

Here are some important considerations you should grasp before purchasing a new toolbox.

Type of Material Used to Make the Toolbox

The type of material used to make a toolbox is paramount to ensure you get the right one that is suited for your workplace use. Modern toolboxes are usually made of metal and plastic materials.

As such, it is critical you get the right toolbox that is made of a material suited for your everyday use and work application.

Plastic Made Toolboxes

Plastic-made toolboxes are cheap and easy to use for your every day job applications. Usually used to store tools in homes, garages, and other work projects.

In terms of usability, they can accommodate small tools like screwdrivers, nails, and allows for easy access. Plastic toolboxes are durable and provide the best organizational ability for your everyday job applications.

Additionally, most plastic toolboxes have removable and well-organized compartments that can handle all sought of tools.

A toolbox with a lockable lid will improve the security of your work tools by availing a secure lockable storage space.

Steel Made Toolboxes

If you are seeking for a long-lasting and strongly anchored toolbox, steel-made boxes are the best choice. These boxes are heavy-duty and water-resistant.

You need not worry about exposing your metallic tools to rust and other contaminations when using this storage unit.

With an easy cleaning process, it takes just seconds to wipe this storage unit and it’s sparkling clean. Steel toolboxes are suited for risky works since safety is critical for success.

Cantilever Toolboxes

Unique and professionally designed with multiple shelves that allow for more load accommodation.

Finding the right tool for use is not cumbersome as different compartments house tools of different sizes. Ideal for carpenters and other professionals who want to have quick access to the right tools timely.

Other Important Considerations

Other important considerations you should undertake when purchasing a new toolbox include:

What are your storage needs?

The storage space for safely securing your tools play an integral part in determining the type of toolbox you want. The number of tools you need to be stored should be in line with the size of the toolbox you go for.

A professional technician will need a much extensive toolbox to handle many tools compared to a homeowner with small repair works. A small toolbox is ideal for projects which have less sophisticated tools like pliers and best screwdrivers bit sets.

On the other hand, big projects like a garage will require a more extensive toolbox that can house a vast collection of workshop tools and appliances.


The portability of the toolbox you are seeking to purchase is crucial and should be considered to get the right storage unit for all your work tools.

Some tools can be heavy and come in different sizes and shapes. They need to be stored in different compartments to distribute weight evenly.

Imagine being in a workshop set up, and you need to move your box around. It is paramount to get a toolbox that is easy to move around and also carry.

As such, portability must be considered when purchasing a new toolbox.

Color and Coating aspects

While almost all colors are applicable for toolbox used in ordinary domestic uses, big industrial projects require specific color elements. Go for the toolbox color that is specific to the work applicability suited for it.

Carrying Capacity

The toolbox carrying capacity is determined by the design and material used to manufacture it. The work tools you opt to store usually determine the load that your toolbox can support.

All toolboxes have specific load capacity limits they can support to avoid causing accidents while carrying and navigating the workplace area.

Small tool boxes come with a weight of 5Kg and can hold loads of up to 50Kg when attached with wheels for increased mobility.

Queries About Best Metal Cantilever Tool Box: Let’s Have a Look

Getting the best tool boxes for the money for storing safely your tools is cumbersome, and you need to consider different toolbox aspects to make the right choice.

This said it becomes vital to learn about all features concerning different cantilever toolboxes.

We all want to get the best products that are a proven success when purchasing. It’s for this reason that we have come up with this special feature section.

It is commonly referred to as FAQs.

Not all questions can be answered at the moment, but we have tried endlessly to answer these questions about the best cantilever toolbox.

Here are the most asked questions about the best cantilever toolbox. We thought you should know!

Q: Are there any water-resistant cantilever toolboxes?

A: Since there are different cantilever toolboxes, each has its specifications which make it unique. Water-resistant toolboxes are available in the market and are one of the most sought out by technicians.

Water-proof toolboxes have tightly sealed lids that are anchored by a rubber strap to eliminate instances of water entry into the box. These toolboxes are also suited for high-risk projects as they tend to be lightweight.

Q: Are all cantilever toolboxes suited for all industrial works?

A: Not all cantilever toolboxes can fit in every industry since there are laid rules that regulate industrial works.

Certain industries require toolboxes to be of a certain color and this disqualifies the suitability of toolboxes not having specific color elements defined in industrial works.

Q: What are the qualities of a great cantilever toolbox?

A: Not all toolboxes can be termed as great and certain traits make them great. Here are common traits about a great cantilever toolbox:

  • Should be portable: A great cantilever toolbox should be easy to carry around and also move along the floor of your work area. Lightweight boxes are easy to move and lift in high areas.

Importantly, a great toolbox should have a strong base that does not trip over when placed in a steep elevation.

  • Water-resistant ability: A great cantilever box should have a tightly sealed lid that does not allow water and dump moisture from penetrating inside.

With this, you can rest assured that your tools are free from rust.

  • Long-lasting: Material used to make the toolbox should be strong and thus durable. Instances of falling should not alter the body design of your toolbox.
  • Spacious: Great toolboxes should have ample space to accommodate different tools. Importantly go for a toolbox that has different compartments to make it easy for you to store and locate the right tools.

Q: what is the advantage of having a metallic toolbox compared to plastic made toolboxes?

A: Metallic made toolboxes usually are made of steel or aluminum materials and are long-lasting.

In case these toolboxes fall they are difficult to get damaged. One of the best things about metallic toolboxes is their multi-purpose applicability for different work projects.

Be it small or complicated building and repairs, metallic toolboxes are highly versatile for use in all project’s needs.

Plastic-made toolboxes are cheap and lightweight. As such, they can be moved and carried with ease without having to tire users.

Also, they are easy to clean and sometimes come with transparent cover lids that enable users to view tools.

Q: What are some common applications for Cantilever toolboxes?

A: Cantilever boxes are suited for diverse work applications and are easy to use. Can be used for home-based repairs, office works, and big projects like installation of roofing and other systems.

The applicability of these toolboxes is unlimited and they are great for everyday work.

Q: What is the best cantilever toolbox?

A: The best tool boxes for the money are determined by users’ needs and the budget. Whether you are looking for a small or big toolbox, personal matters play a critical role in deciding which the best fit for you.

Final Verdict

Storing your work tools in a secure location is made possible by the best cantilever tool boxes. A cantilever toolbox is a special storage unit where you can safely keep your tools.

With different compartments to keep your tools in strategic trays, it is easy to locate and get the right tools you need for a particular work.

All these mentioned cantilevers toolboxes are durable and can accommodate tools suited for diverse projects.

With the ability to store tools in strategic compartments, users have an easy time going around everyday construction and other types of works.

Experience a second to none storage experience by getting one of these best cantilever toolboxes.

Your usual work routine will ever be the same and you can comfortably go with your normal work routine without having to worry about misplacing important tools.

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