Are You 1 of the 33 Winners for the 2013 Epic Giveaway?


I’m sorry for the massive delay but later is better than never, right? The giveaway that ran in the middle of January has been over for nearly 3 weeks now. I have the 33 winners and have emailed the first 3 winners.

This giveaway is unique in that the first winner get’s to choose his or her prize first. Then the second winner get’s to choose his or her prize from what is available.

The winners are as follows. There are only 18 names listed since, well, only 18 folks responded to my emails and I sent around 70 or so emails. The way I do the next giveaway will be different in a way that is much more organized so a few prizes aren’t left on the table again. You can look for this in September of 2013!

  1. Kendra DeSimone
  2. Kim Fellows
  3. Laura Buck
  4. Amy Neal
  5. Veronica Blair
  6. Teresa Burton
  7. Robert Williamson
  8. Emily Guffey
  9. Shannon Roe
  10. Latricia  Dugan
  11. Roop Khattra
  12. Denise Kiehl
  13. Jennifer Lawton
  14. Becky Freeman
  15. Kathleen Resig
  16. Kathleen Kedziora
  17. Joy Simpson
  18. Ashley Hicks

The Prizes

The following is the list of the 33 prizes. Once a prize is fully claimed I will be crossing it off like this. Please note that there are 5 copies of Toadally Primal Smoothies, 5 copies of Fat Profits and 5 subscriptions to a 1 year online subscription to the Paleo Living Magazine. So these 3 items are 15 different prizes.




Miscellaneous prizes

There are 7703 entries but only 33 winners so your chances of winning are slim. However, many more giveaways are on the horizon! To be sure that you never miss one, subscribe to my newsletter.

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  1. ak says

    I am amazed that one of the first 3 prize winners did not pick the squatty potty! What fools. Surely that’s the best prize of the lot. Oh well, there’s still a chance I might get a chance to win it yet. Yeah baby!

    • says

      Actually no one has responded yet to my emails. I made a huge mistake in that the emails are paypal emails and so most folks won’t ever see them. It’s an honest mistake and when I do this again, it will be corrected. With a giveaway like this it’s all luck anyways. So be sure to check your paypal email!

      Q: Why is this email five sentences or less?

    • says

      Folks were randomly selected. I have already chosen the winners as stated in this article. The next giveaway will be much more organized and will have many more awesome prizes! Stay tuned for late September :)