Is Whey Protein Powder Paleo? Primal?

Whey Protein Powder

Is whey protein primal or paleo? What is your answer? Mark Sisson says in his book The Primal Blueprint that it is fine to enjoy in moderation. If you are on a tight budget and are looking to add protein in your diet then I personally believe whey protein is a great option.

Some primal/paleo enthusiasts enjoy it daily while others do not enjoy it at all. Most are in between and believe it’s great as a supplement. I am one of those middle ground people.

Is it better to enjoy real animal foods such as salmon, grass fed beef, chicken, lamb and more? Yes – there is no question about it. But, many of us, especially in this economy, are not able to afford quality meats. I can afford all the grass fed beef in the world since I buy 1/2 cow at a time for under $3 per lb but Chicken breasts costs me about $8 per lb.

Good quality wild Alaskan Salmon is also expensive. Sure, you can buy it for around $8 per lb., but when others sell it for $20 to $30 or more do you really think the one that costs under $8 is the best quality? It does have me wondering.

So, when you are on a tight budget and even if you aren’t but want to add protein to your diet easily then whey protein is a great way to do that. The whey protein I buy is pure whey protein isolate and therefore does not have any added junk in it. I enjoy it this way so I can make a delicious, wholesome smoothie with banana and/or berries, cacao powder and some greens if I feel up to it.

The choice is ultimately up to you. If you are still undecided or are not sure then enjoy my personal talk on what I think about whey protein.

Do you believe whey protein is primal? Why or why not? If you enjoy it yourself, what brand do you buy and how often do you enjoy it?