Recipe Video: Coconut Pancakes

Coconut Pancakes

This past Sunday I finally dove into The Primal Blueprint Cookbook and made myself some Coconut Pancakes. I followed the recipe and added a little cacao powder. They came out great and I will be making these every Sunday for many weeks to come. Why every Sunday? Well, my parents have been making pancakes every Sunday for many years. They were of course whole wheat. But, I live by The Primal Blueprint and therefore only eat primal food!

So, I will be making coconut pancakes for a while. I LOVE pancakes and LOVE coconut! Throw on some berries and/or banana slices with a side of bacon and you have one hell of a breakfast!

Do you LOVE pancakes? Do you LOVE primal food? Or, maybe you want to jump on the primal bandwagon. Pick up your copy of The Primal Blueprint Cookbook today! If you already have one then buy another for a friend or family member as it makes for the perfect gift.

In order for you to get an inside peak at what the Coconut Pancakes are all about, I made an Awesome video for you… Enjoy! The song I chose goes PERFECT for the theme!! Well, almost… I just needed to add banana slices!

Leave a comment below after thinking about the following questions…

  • What are you favorite pancakes? Wheat, white, coconut, almond flour based ones?
  • What are your favorite pancake toppings? Berries? Banana? Nuts? Nut butters?
  • Do you prefer crepes so you can wrap them with bacon?
  • Or, do you NOT like pancakes?