13 New Years Resolutions for 2013


I have never made New Years Resolutions in my entire life. Sure, I’ve stated that I will do this or that but I was never serious enough. I never wrote them down and thought through about what I really want to do over the course of a year.

The year of 2012 was full of dozens of surprises, both good and bad. I’ve learned to find the blessing in everything and I also learned that I will be an uncle X2 in July of 2013!

So what does 2013 have in store? The following are 13 resolutions that I have thought about and crafted for hours over the past 2 weeks. Some have been in the making for years including the two on traveling.

What are YOUR New Years Resolutions for 2013?

Mine are to…

1. Read 52 books

Today, I love to read. As a child I despised it. My comprehension was literally the worst in grade school and while it did improve in high school and college, it did not excel until I dropped out of college.

What books do I plan to read? Find out here.

2. Meet my 33 favorite bloggers

I love the blogosphere. Reading countless blog posts has made me realize that nothing is black or white. It’s all grey folks. Just take a look outside in the middle of winter in Chicago or West Michigan. A typical day is a near perfect analogy for everything in life.

Who are my 33 favorite bloggers? I have 29 right now and you can help me find the final 4. Find out who they are here.

3. Hug 20,130 human beings

I’ll have to hug an average of 56 human beings a day to surpass this mark. This may seem unreasonable as my brother likes to tell me, but let me ask you a few questions to put life into perspective:

  1. In the 1950′s, was it reasonable for man to land on the moon? Is it today?
  2. In the 1800′s, was it reasonable for man to fly in the air in an airplane? Is it today?
  3. In the 1990′s, was it reasonable for man to hold a computer in the palm of his hand? Is it today?
  4. Prior to the year 2000, was it reasonable for man to easily communicate with millions in the world from anywhere in the world? Is it today?

Do you see what I mean? Nothing is impossible. You just need the desire. If you want to do something bad enough, then you will do it. Trust me.

Why hugs? It’s a way to show how much I appreciate you. We are all amazing beings. Every single one of us has something incredible to offer to this world. A hug is a way to show appreciation and/or to spark confidence in both of the individuals involved in the hug. It’s a phenomenal de-stresser.

4. Sleep in all 50 states of America

I’ve been itching to travel for more than 5 years now. I went to Oahu, Hawaii in September/October for 40 nights last year with a credit card and then Austin, Texas for 34 nights in October/November this year with cash. I’m becoming less stupid!

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sleeping on a awfully high air mattress at my brothers condo in Chicago. I’ve been sleeping GREAT too. It helps to own glasses that block blue light and a sleep mask to block any light that shines through the window like you would never believe.

For 2013 I plan to sleep on couches, floors, air mattresses, grass, comfortable beds and non-comfortable beds. I want to experience it all and so I will.

Life sucks when it’s comfortable. Life is toadally kick ass when it’s full of adventure. (tweet this)

5. Visit 13 countries outside the US

In my entire lifetime of more than 24.5 years, I’ve only been to Mexico, Canada and, well the United States of America.

Trips to Canada and Norway are already being planned. Where else should I go? Europe? South America? Asia? Australia (that’s just one country though)? Africa? You tell me.

6. Move 4,000 miles

If I can walk 65 miles in 5 days in Austin (which is 13 miles per day), then you can bet your ass that I can manage to walk 4,000 miles in 365 days which is just less than 11 miles per day. Sometimes I’ll walk 30 to 40 and sometimes I’ll only manage a single mile.

I may not be walking across America from coast to coast in 2013, but if I manage this resolution it will certainly be close enough in my book. Who said I can’t walk coast to coast another time? I have bigger and better plans for 2013!

7. WWOOF on 13 farms

What the hell is WWOOF you ask? It stands for WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

I’m a foodie. A foodie who enjoys high quality food and who wants to go deeper into knowing how food gets from earth to plate. I think that is the ultimate question after all when it comes to wondering if a food is healthy or not before consuming it, and thus knowing for sure: How did this food get from the earth to my plate?

When you WWOOF you are volunteering your time of about 20-30 hours per week in exchange for room and board at no cost. I’ve been wanting to volunteer to add value to my life and others and WWOOFing feels like a fantastic place to start.

8. Consume 0 grams of factory farmed animal food

I don’t remember the last time that I have gone a full 24 hours without eating any animal foods. If I am to conquer this resolution then there will certainly be several days where I consume only plant foods.

Do you wish to join me and hundreds of others who are aiming to be done with factory farmed animal food? Then like the Factory-Farm Free for 2013 fan page!

9. Earn a WISE Traditions Nutrition Certificate

I want to earn it with a 4.0 to boot. There are 6 classes that one needs to take to earn this certificate. I took the first one in June 2012 and earned a 95% which is an A. I began taking WISE 102 and scored a 95% on my first exam. I have two exams left and then I need to write a paper.

I’ve learned much more than I had imaged I’d learn and am super stoked to continue this venture. Because I have a deep passion for the truth on nutrition, I think that this will be the easiest resolution.

10. Save 13% of net income & spend $0 of it

It’s been 3 years since I have saved a set percentage of my income. I used to be an expert at this.

What happened?

My thriving eBay business got shut down which was a complete shocker (more on this later in 2013) but one of the greatest blessings. I’ve struggled to make a living from blogging and thus have held a couple of jobs I did not particularly enjoy, but 2013 is set-up to be my best year yet.

11. Become debt free

Debt sucks and takes away freedom. I’m sitting at $10,137 in credit card debt (which is 100% of my debt) but plan to easily pay it off within the first 6 months of 2013. Sleeping on couches as I travel around the US (and world) is one of my many action steps that I will be taking!

12. Meditate every single day

I’ve tried to meditate on a regular basis many times in the past with complete failure. I think I’ve learned that I don’t like meditation but to be honest, I have not given it a good enough chance yet. I aim to meditate daily even if it’s for 13 seconds. Once 2013 comes to a close, I’ll know if meditation is for me or not.

13. Sleep for 3,000 hours

That’s an average of 8 hours and 13 minutes per night. How will I keep track of this? I’ll record the time I go to bed and the time I wake up. I may or may not be sleeping for every moment but my main concern is resting without worrying about stupid shit. Naps count. Laying down and reading does not, but laying down just after waking, or trying to sleep while clearing my mind, or being creative, definitely counts.

In my book, sleep is more important than perfecting your nutritional intake. It’s better than exercising and allowing for as little as 5 minutes a day for bodyweight exercises.

Those are my 13 New Years Resolutions for 2013. I truly want to hear from you. Leave a comment below stating one or several of your New Years Resolutions for 2013. Are you with me in any of mine? Feel free to shoot me an email too for a more intimate engagement.

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2013 New Years Resolution #2: Meet My 33 Favorite Bloggers

One of my 13 New Years Resolutions for 2013 is to meet my favorite bloggers. At the time of this writing I have 29 favorite bloggers while I hope to add 4 more to the list for an “even” 2013 since 20+13=33.

I’m silly like that.

From this list, I’ve already met Mark, Joshua, Ryan, Colin, Jessie and Diane. Since travel is the theme for myself in 2013, and the fact that I will be speaking at PaleoFX in 2013, as well as on the Low Carb Cruise since the last night happens to be my 25th birthday (May 11), meeting everyone on this list may be my least difficult resolution.

1. Mark Sisson @ MarksDailyApple.com - Mark and his blog was the catalyst for my everlasting quest for fundamental wellness.

2. Steve Kamb @ NerdFitness.com - Steve travels around the world, has built one of the most lively communities on the net, lives minimally, loves being an entrepreneur, created his own clothing line, is a public speaker, advocates eating real food and more.

3. Tracy McCullough @ TheLoveVitamin.com - Tracy truly loves blogging for her readers and is an avid traveler who enjoys the simple life.

4. Matt Madeiro @ MattMadeiro.com - Matt and his first blog, ThreeNewLeaves.com, was the catalyst for my journey into minimalism that started about 1.5 years ago. He raised more than $33,000 in about 2 months for his 25th birthday which was enough to buy a bus for kids in Kopila Valley.

5. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nichodermus @ TheMinimalists.com - These guys and their blog influenced me to take minimalism to a whole new level which is now allowing me to travel around the world in 2013 and beyond.

6. Colin Wright @ ExileLifestyle.com - Colin moves to a new country every 4 months which was a huge inspiration behind my 2013 resolutions to sleep in all 50 states of America and visit 13 countries outside the US.

7. Jessie Spielvogel @ JessieSpielvogel.com - Jessie is a social media gal whom is one of the most enthusiastic individuals I’ve ever met.

8. Chris Kresser @ ChrisKresser.com - I’ve always been a fan of Chris’ and his blog but when I found out that he once owned the same exact workstation that I am using at this moment and now has a FitBit Ultra which I deeply love, I was flabbergasted. I dig all that he does to help improve the health of society.

9. Stephen Guyenet @ WholeHealthSource.Blogspot.com - When it comes to nutrition and obesity, Stephen is one of the few that I can nearly trust 100% as he seems to be very unbiased.

10. Jeff Goins @ GoinsWriter.com - A great writer who has influenced thousands of folks to claim that they are indeed writers including myself. He seems to be the most kind individual on this planet who believes that taking a year to travel in uncommon ground is as rewarding as anything else in this world.

11. Julien Smith @ InOverYourHead.net - Do you want to learn how to be fucking awesome? Read this.

12. Denise Minger @ RawFoodSOS.com - Denise is a former vegan who has the unique ability to point out all the flaws of famous studies such as The China Study, (here, here and here) making it completely meaningless.

13. Robb Wolf @ RobbWolf.com - Is there anyone in the world who is more passionate about helping folks than Robb Wolf?? I have yet to find him or her. One of the authors on the website is Amy Kubal who is the most hilarious writer I’ve ever come across as well as a fantastic dancer from what I hear.

14. Diane Sanfilippo @ BalancedBites.com – Diane is the author of Practical Paleo which is literally taking the world by storm. She loves helping folks take control of their life and she does a fantastic job doing it.

15. Liz Wolfe @ CaveGirlEats.com - Is it possible to be more enthusiastic than Liz? From reading her blog now and then to listening to all of the Balanced Bites podcasts, I doubt it.

16. Joel Runyon @ JoelRunyon.com - Joel does the impossible and inspires others, like myself, to do the same. You have one chance at life so why make any excuses no matter how legit they are?

17. Chris Guillebeau @ ChrisGuillebeau.com - Chris has been traveling around the world to every country for the past decade. At the time of this writing he has 2 countries left to visit including Norway which is where the “End of the World” party will be hosted. I’ll be there. Will you?

18. Leo Babauta @ ZenHabits.net - Leo is the master at influencing others to live life with a purpose and without the superflous stuff that pins folks down from chasing experiences.

19. Brian Carr @ PaleoLifestyleMagazine.com - Brian publishes the Paleo Lifestyle Magazine (which is now free) while working a full-time job. The fact that he interviewed Grant Hill, my childhood idol and former basketball superstar, and me for the same issue is, well, there are no words.

20. Peggy Emch @ ThePrimalParent.com - Peggy is not afraid to state anything on her blog which means you will only ever read what she truly believes on her blog. She has a young daughter and recently gave birth to another daughter in her own home.

21. Matt Stone @ 180DegreeHealth.com - Some folks like to think of Matt Stone as the Paleo hater while I like to think of him as a vibrant living being who deeply cares about improving the health of other human beings in any way possible. He may recommend junk food for many folks but he loves real food and is not afraid to change his opinion based on his latest research.

22. Joshua Becker @ BecomingMinimalist.com - I am new to Joshua’s blog but after reading a few of his posts over the past week I’ve decided that I am now a regular reader. I am really excited to help him and others take minimalism mainstream.

23. Tammy Strobel @ RowdyKittens.com - Tammy lives in a tiny home of around 128 square feet. No, that is not a typo and this very fact along with her enthusiasm for life, has me very curious about her new book, You Can Buy Happiness (and it’s Cheap) which is one of the 52 books I’ll be reading in 2013.

24. Emily Benfit @ ButterBeliever.com - Emily is another gal who is not afraid to write exactly what she believes. Just read her blog post about Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Breast Cancer.

25. David Asprey @ BulletproofExec.com - David is the creator of bulletproof style coffee which thousands have fallen in love with. He’s all about taking actions that bulletproof your health, and he is an experimenter similar to Tim Ferriss.

26. Tim Ferriss @ FourHourWorkweek.com/Blog - Tim Ferriss is a jack of all trades, which is a sure way to have a passion for life. He’s a meta-learner who teaches his methods in his new book The 4-Hour Chef.

27. Sean Ogle @ SeanOgle.com – I first discovered Sean in 2010 and have been reading his blog off and on since. After just finishing reading his previous 3 published blog posts and receiving his newsletter in my inbox for the past month, I’m potentially more excited to meet Sean more than anyone else on this list.

28. Danny Roddy @ DannyRoddy.com – Danny used to be Chris Kresser’s podcast partner in crime in what is now called The Revolution Health Radio Show. He’s a huge fan of Ray Peat’s work and even if you may disagree with most of what he has to say, you can definitely learn a lot from the dude who is not afraid to try what he thinks is best for him (meat and water diet anyone?).

29. Stephanie Ruper @ PaleoForWomen.com - While I don’t read Stephanie’s blog as much as I would if I were a woman, the information that she publishes is invaluable for, well, women and men who care about the women that they love. Stephanie is an expert at how to encourage folks to love themselves first which leads to a more joyful and vibrant life.

Where is 30-33?

It’s true that 20 + 13 = 33. Am I right? I like to think so. The 29 bloggers that I briefly discuss inside this blog post are those that I most definitely want to meet and dissect the brain within thereof in 2013. There are a few others who have a blog but whom don’t really blog. I’ll seek to explain this in a post in 2013. This includes Dean Dwyer and Abel James Bascom; both are phenomenal podcasters whom I’ll be meeting in 2013 in Austin.

I want to discover 4 more bloggers in 2013 that I really connect with. Whenever I do find a new one I will add it to this list at the bottom. For now they include the following:

What bloggers do you connect with? Share in the comments below. Perhaps it will be one of the four that I discover in 2013.

2013 New Years Resolution #1: Read 52 Books

Harry Potter World Butterbeer

One of my 13 New Years Resolutions for 2013 is to read 52 books. The number was 33 (20 + 13) at first but it was nearly impossible for me to narrow down the list to only 33. So I thought of a genius idea: read an average of one book per week!

I used to be one of the two kids in my classroom known for the amazing ability to not remember anything that I just read in a book. I was a math wiz (best in the class) but my comprehension was the worst (bottom 1%) all through grade school. It did not improve much in high school or college but I was no longer a complete idiot.

With blogs taking the world by storm, I began to read lots and lots of articles on the internet about nutrition in 2009 which lead me into reading actual books.

And now I have this crazy ass goal to read 52 books in 2013 even though I have not read 52 books in full during my entire 24.5 years of life on this planet!

I’ve broken them down into categories as I saw fit. If I am to meet my resolution of receiving my WISE Traditions Nutrition Certificate with a 4.0 then me reading the first 14 books is a must (kind of).

WISE traditions nutrition certificate

The following books are required reading for the WISE 102 to WISE 106 classes that I will be taking in 2013. I am in the middle of WISE 102 but have yet to read any of the books. Learn more about this toadally kick ass certificate here.

  1. Eat Fat Lose Fat
  2. Good Calories Bad Calories
  3. The Vegetarian Myth
  4. The Whole Soy Story
  5. The China Study
  6. The Omnivore’s Dilemma
  7. Fast Food Nation
  8. Food Politics
  9. Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal
  10. The Sheer Ecstasy of Being A Lunatic Farmer
  11. The Untold Story of Milk
  12. Pottenger’s Cat: A Study In Nutrition
  13. Devil in the Milk
  14. The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care

Harry potter series

I’ve been to Harry Potter World but have not read a single word in any of the books. I’ve watched two movies; I think the first and sixth. Since I’m an Amazon Prime member, I’ll be reading all seven books on my kindle for free; only one per month though.

  1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  5. Harry Potter and the and the Order of the Phoenix
  6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows


I don’t read novels often. But now that I’m a huge fan and now friend of Joshua Fields Millburn (and Ryan Nicodemus too!), I’m excited to read Harry Potter and the following three with the first being about Joshua’s life. Or is it? I’m not sure how Animal Farm got on my list but East of Eden was recommended via this facebook post.

  1. As A Decade Fades
  2. Animal Farm
  3. East of Eden

The human being

What makes us human? Perhaps hunting and cooking? Are we vegans or meat eaters? What is optimal? Perhaps I’ll know a little more after reading the following 8 books.

  1. Girl Hunter
  2. Eat Paleo Save the World!
  3. Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human
  4. Meat Eater
  5. The Meat Fix
  6. The Human Career
  7. The Agile Gene
  8. The Real Eve

Simple & intentional living

Simple living is my favorite topic to read about. I’ve been a minimalist since early 2011. I currently own less than 100 things and am ready for an adventure-filled 2013. I’m chasing experiences. Are you?

  1. Little House on a Small Planet, 2nd
  2. You Can Buy Happiness
  3. The Book of Awesome
  4. Everyday Zen
  5. Thanks!

Learning & Thinking

How could you not want to read Tim Ferriss new book, The 4-Hour Chef? I definitely do. And will. All of it. The most important part will be applying what he teaches. The thing I want to learn most at this moment is speed reading. I’d love to learn how to remember names too. I plan on hugging 20,130 humans in 2013 after all…

  1. The 4-Hour Chef
  2. Moonwalking with Einstein
  3. Thinking, Fast and Slow


I’m a traveling entrepreneur who is a huge fan of Chris Guillebeau. Who isn’t a fan of a dude who has visted every country in the world except for 2? Yea, he’s throwing an End of the World Party in Oslo, Norway on April 7. I’ll be there.

  1. The $100 Startup


I don’t think I’ll ever go a year without reading at least one nutrition book. The following is what I currently plan on reading in 2013! The last book – Fat Profits – is not nutrition per say but it’s all about how WRONG the governmental nutrtion guidelines are which I’m stoked to learn about! It’s all about the money folks…

  1. The Great Cholesterol Myth
  2. 12 Paleo Diet Myths
  3. Eat for Heat
  4. The Perfect Health Diet
  5. Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox
  6. The Coconut Oil Miracle
  7. Wheat Belly
  8. Coffee Is Good For You
  9. It Starts With Food
  10. Vitamin D Revolution
  11. Fat Profits

View the Facebook post with excellent book suggestions.

Questions to ponder and leave a comment on: How many books do you wish to read in 2013? Which books should I add to the list and then which ones should those books replace?

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