21 Reasons Why I Am Starting The 21 Day Sugar Detox Today


Now is the time. I’ve thought about it. Been telling myself I’ll do it someday. I’ve been waiting for the “perfect” day. That day will never come. So, why not start now?

On April 2 I explained 21 reasons why you should start the 21 day sugar detox today.

Inside this post I’ll explain why I’m starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox today.

1. Headaches after Mother’s Day Dessert

When I woke up on Mother’s Day morning my mother immediately told me about the Primal cake she just made. Mostly made of chocolate, butter and eggs with little flour and added sugar. A few other things I don’t remember.

Oh no. This was far from Primal. But, she made it just for me. It was my birthday on Friday so we were celebrating my birthday too.

So, I ate some. I ate what my Mother served me. The cake and strawberry shortcake.

It gave me headaches for a few hours. So I ate some eggs and felt awesome. Then I ate some more dessert. More headaches.

That’s when it hit me that I want to quit this nonsense.

2. I want junk, like cake, to taste disgusting to me

I want to hate the taste of desserts. I could eat some more of that cake. And, guess what? I probably would have another slice if I was not starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox today. But I am. So I won’t.

Most non Paleo foods don’t make me feel right. I’ll be feeling awesome, eat something like cake or pizza and then feel like crap. These non Paleo foods are yummy.

I want foods that are overloaded to taste like crap to me. I want foods like liver to taste awesome.

3. I am addicted to sugar. Or am I?

I strongly believe I am a sugar addict. Kind of like how a chain smoker is addicted to cigarrettes and an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol.

When I am stressed I eat. Junk. Most of it is carb dense. I might be addicted but I believe I can beat this addiction. I may have a lapse in the future but it will be due to stress I’m sure. If I almost get attacked by a bear while walking across America then I guess I’ll have an excuse to enjoy ice cream. Ok, maybe not…

I really want to find out how addicted I am!

4. Sugar is everywhere

Go to your local grocer. Attend an event. Go to the movie theater. Walk downtown. Look in your cabinet…

Sugar is everywhere. We consume an absurd amount. Passing it up and not stressing is quite the feat.

Maybe in my lifetime I’ll be able to say, “sugar is nowhere.”

5. Sugar needs a hell of a beat down and I’m ready

Should I box it? Yes. I should take all of the sugar in the world, place it in a box and toss it into outer space. Maybe the aliens on Pluto will enjoy it.

Or, how about give it a few jabs and an uppercut?

I’m not sure what it will take but I am ready. I’m ready to defeat sugar. Are you?

6. Challenges are a blast and challenge myself

I love challenges. Do you? They are rewarding. Fun. Exciting. Vibrant. They force you to come alive. Teach you a lesson. Beat you down. If you refuse to lose then you’ll get right back up. You will lose some but you can always restart and try again.

Why not challenge yourself with the 21 Day Sugar Detox?

I’ve already begun. Join me.

7. No fruit or potatoes allowed (with exceptions)

Yikes! I eat a decent amount of fruit and potatoes. I love my bananas and white potatoes. Why?

  • Inexpensive.
  • Satisfies hunger.
  • Makes me feel great.
  • Lots of vitamins and minerals.
  • Potatoes go great with grass-fed butter.
  • Bananas contain the perfect amount of sweetness.

I told you this is a challenge. But, I love challenges.

The exception includes pregnant mothers and those who engage in intense physical activity. Do you do crossfit? Then eat some fruit or a sweet potato before or after. Diane explains these exceptions inside the program manual.

If you don’t engage in intense physical activity then you are still allowed to eat 1 green tipped banana or a granny smith apple. Lemon or lime can be enjoyed as you please.

8. No chocolate allowed

Only whole chocolate is allowed. Think 100% cacao. I love dark chocolate bars with 85-99% cacao but I am going to have to give this up. I own an 85% dark chocolate bar. It’s in the fridge and will have to wait.

I’ll live. You will too.

9. No alcohol allowed

This won’t be too difficult for me. I enjoy wine but it’s easy for me to pass up. It’s expensive in comparison to whole foods like eggs, beef and butter.

10. Sugar is an empty calorie while fat is not

Soda pop is mostly made up of carbonated water and high fructose corn syrup. Sugar. It gives you energy. It is calories after all. It will also make you sick. It’s VERY easy to over consume.

You don’t need sugar to absorb nutrients. As far as I know, there is no such thing as a sugar or carbohydrate soluble vitamin.

Fat on the other hand? I’ll be seeking out whole foods with plenty of fat. Avocado, butter, meat. Full of nutrients and clean energy. And, there are fat soluble vitamins. These include A, D, E and K. You need fat to help assimilate minerals too. Sugar is not needed!

11. Saturated fat is heart healthy and I’ll eat plenty

Saturated fat will NOT clog your arteries. Throw this deadly oxymoron out the window right this very second. Yes, deadly. Our societies fear of saturated fat is literally killing us. There is a fair amount in coconut and most animal products. Eat them. It’s whole, real food.

What cause heart attacks? Maybe, just maybe, that 20 ounce bottle of Coca Cola or slice of cake.

12. My relationship with food needs to grow

I love food. Sometimes a bit too much. I can savor it or binge if stressed. I wish to slow down. To savor it. When I eat I want to eat. I’ll enjoy conversation with family or friends but the TV needs to be turned off.

I want to know where my food comes from. I want to prepare it myself and share what I create. Engaging in this sugar detox will unquestionably help me with this. I’m kind of forced to buy more food at the farmers’ market.

13. Forces myself to cook/prepare awesome meals

This goes hand in hand with my last reason. I want to create more meals from scratch. From fresh foods. This detox will help. I’ll be making homemade chicken broth with chicken feet for the first time in my life on Tuesday. This will be interesting and a whole lot of fun.

14. I’ll experiment more with low carb smoothie recipes

There are 71 21 Day Sugar Detox approved recipes inside Toadally Primal Smoothies. I have a few more to add too. Since I am doing this detox, it is the perfect time to experiment more than I ever have. Making smoothies that most people will enjoy without a lot of fruit is one hell of a challenge, but I am definitely up for it.

For those who love smoothies and have purchased or will be purchasing the detox manual, feel free to use discount code ‘sugar’ at checkout to receive 30% off Toadally Primal Smoothies.

15. It’s only 21 days!

I expect to live till I am at least 100 years old. In great shape too. That’s 36,500 days! This is .058% of my entire life. That’s insane. Not a long time! If I can (and I will) do this for 21 days then YOU certainly can!

Seriously though. The time will fly. It’s May. More than likely, the weather is beautiful where you are. It definitely is here in Grand Rapids, MI. I LOVE walking. I’m obsessed. I’ll be doing plenty of it for the next 21 days. It’s a stress releaser. Fun. Relaxing.

Take a walk. Often. Avoiding sugar will become a breeze.

16. It will be easier to help other folks who wish to detox

Have you tried the 21 Day Sugar Detox before? Did you quit? Start again. Today. I’d love to help you. I’ll be tweeting and facebooking about my journey. Feel free to contact me via email too. I’ll do my best.

I have this blog for many reasons. One is to help as many people as possible. I’ve talked about this detox before but have never tried it myself. I just never thought I needed to. I have definitely been wrong! I was just never ready. Or thought I was ready. I’m more than ready now. I believe it too.

As the days go on it will be easier for me to help others who want to quit eating junk.

I’m here to help.

17. Now is the time

I kind of wanted to start this on January 1. It just did not seem right at the time though. I have thought about it and finally realized that there will never be a perfect time.

Now is the time.

18. Gives me an excuse to eat more butter

I love butter. Who doesn’t? It’s an awesome health food. Lots of vitamins and minerals and heart healthy saturated fat. It makes everything taste better. Want some liver? Cook it in butter. Have some steak but don’t wish to grill for whatever reason? Cook it in butter.

Butter is my preferred fat. Now that I won’t be eating as many potatoes and fruit I’ll just have to eat more butter.

It won’t make me fat. It will make me smile.

19. Food porn

So I got my first ever smart phone – the iPhone 4 – last Wednesday. It’s a neat tool. I love the camera and will now be taking countless photos of food. Feel free to follow me on Instragram. The name is Primal Toad. Surprised?

I may post pictures on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter too. I won’t go crazy but I’ll definitely be snapping more photos.

20. I have thoughts of creating a challenge myself

Just last night the thought of creating my own challenge. It could be 3 weeks, 4 weeks or whatever. I think a short challenge that only allows you to eat food where you know the source, would be tons of fun. You more than likely have no idea where and how the plant or animal food came from that you buy at a normal grocery store. If you buy direct from a farmer, then you know.

Another idea is a challenge that forces you to cook or prepare every morsel you swallow.

I won’t be starting anything like this over the next month or 2 but engaging in this detox will enable me to think more about it. I’m ready to learn a lot so I can possibly prepare a challenge of my own in the future.

21. To say I did it

One of the reasons why I want to walk across America is to simply say I did it. I mean, think about it for a second…

How cool would it be to tell your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews and, hell, anyone, that you literally walked across America? I’ll be doing it with a companion in 2013.

Thousands have completed the 21 Day Sugar Detox. Why can’t I? I can. It’s nothing. If I can walk across America then I can ditch sugar for a measly 21 days. I’ll be proud when the time comes. It will give me confidence to do more challenging life endeavors.

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