Primal Toad’s Top 15 Grab N Go Real Food Paleo Snacks

Hard Boiled Egg

I don’t snack too often. I prefer bigger meals that satisfy me for hours.

However, there are always exceptions. Sometimes I enjoy grazing for a day and other times I am hungry or just want food but don’t feel like or don’t have the time to prepare a full meal.

This is where snacks come in!

The following is a list of my favorite 10 primal/paleo snacks that you can grab and go. They take very little to no preparation.

My top 15

  1. Grass-fed beef jerky
  2. Half of a medium avocado
  3. One handful of macadamias, pistachios or blanched almonds
  4. Fruit (usually a banana or what is in season)
  5. Slice of high quality cheese (usually kerrygold dubliner)
  6. 1-2 Blocks of 90-99% Dark Chocolate Bar
  7. Larabar
  8. Coconut meat products (coconut flakes, coconut butter, coconut oil, etc.)
  9. Easily digestible raw veggies (bell pepper, tomato, carrots, cucumber)
  10. Tomato paste (grab a spoon, open can, dive in!)
  11. Canned tuna or sardines
  12. Coconut water
  13. Liverwurst
  14. Paleo kits (I have yet to try but will soon!)
  15. Pemmican

This list is somewhat in order as it stands right now on July 18, 2012. Keep in mind that all of these are grab n go snacks.

What Paleo snacks can you add to the list? Do you eat any on my list frequently?

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  1. says

    Why do you qualify your list with a disclaimer? They all look pretty darn healthy to me.

    I consume dairy and alcohol (more of the latter then the former, if the truth be told), so I guess you could say I’m a laissez-faire paleo type. Nothing wrong with some good, raw milk cheese and a little grass-fed cream! At least, for me.

    • Ben says

      He does it to appease losers like me who would call him out on the semantics of what it means to be “Paleo” or “Primal” or “Insert-Diet-Here” ;-)

          • says

            Yea, you tell me the difference. I believe everyone has the own perception of what it means to be paleo or primal. Many who say that eat paleo still drink alcohol, eat some dairy, etc. So what is the difference?

          • Ben says

            The words “Paleo” and “Primal” have been coined by separate authors. The Paleo Diet is the book by Dr. Loren Cordain (read the updated version, it came out Dec 2010), The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf (a student of Dr. Cordain) and The Primal Blueprint is Mark Sisson’s book. They are all products of the idea of ancestral or evolutionary eating.
            To say something is “Paleo” would refer to the dogma presented by Dr. Cordain, and more recently Robb Wolf, and “Primal” refers to Mark Sisson’s guidelines. Online bloggers have made the titles more relative, but the terms were meant to refer to the original principles written by the authors.
            The perceptions you’re referring to are preferences. The meanings of these terms are clearly laid out in the authors’ texts.

          • says

            Excellent Ben. Excellent. I am planning a primal vs paleo post for next week. May I quote this for part of the post?

            I use these 2 words interchangeably and I am sick of it to be honest. So I need to define what they mean myself so I can use one or the other.

            Here is one thing though… Mark labels his Primal Fuel as paleo. But, isn’t whey protein NOT paleo?!?! Then I just remembered that Cordain recommends whey protein for athletes in that book, does he not? And I believe Robb Wolf says to cook with butter if one can tolerate it… right?

            And, I am sure Cordain enjoys some wine once in a while… not paleo but is primal?

            Do you see what I am saying… there is no clear cut definition! But, I am going to try to define it as what I think the difference is and I may quote you as you said it well.

          • says

            One more thing… Doesnt Cordain still bash saturated fat in his cookbook and/or updated Paleo Diet book? I thought thats what I heard… I believe eating the whole animal is paleo and cooconut is paleo too.

            And, does Cordain still say to limit to 6 eggs per week? So would eating 12 eggs per week not be paleo?

          • Ben says

            No. He lightened his stance on sat. fat tremendously, and retracted his views on canola oil. He recommends cooking with olive oil only, now.

          • says

            Olive oil is best for salads. It’s not great for cooking at high heat because it oxidizes (which is bad). I cook with coconut oil, butter, or rendered bacon fat (which enhances the flavor of all your dishes). I cooked a 1/2 pound grass fed burger patty last night in bacon fat and it was fantastic. Seriously, bacon: is there anything is CAN’T do???

          • says

            Bacon is awesome. Yea I drizzle olive oil over salads and cook with coconut oil most of the time, animal fats other times. And I love it.

          • says

            To Cordain’s credit, part of his rationale for limiting saturated fat is that toxins often accumulate in fat. So, if you’re eating a lot of heavily processed feed lot beef, it would behoove you to eat leaner cuts because it will decrease the amount of toxins in your food. That makes a lot of sense. However, if your meat is grass fed/free range, I don’t see a downside to consuming saturated fat. It is the stuff that insulates our nerves (myelin sheath), after all. And it tastes so darn good!!!

          • says

            This is true. Cordain never talks about grass-fed, pastured animals in his 2002 book. So if one is going to eat conventional meats then its best to select “lean” cuts.

    • says

      Yea nothing is wrong with raw cheese. I am just engaging in a 30 day strict paleo challenge with zero dairy. Six days are now complete and I am still going super strong. I have had zero slip-ups. Its been amazing and will only get better.

      But, I will be honest, I can’t wait to add back in 90-99% dark chocolate, hot tea, wine, grass-fed butter (I have actually NEVER consumed this – only grain-fed), raw cheese as well as making some baked goods or pancakes with coconut flour.

      But, one reason why I am doing this challenge is to teach myself from discipline :)

  2. Andy says

    Good list. Avocados are quite high in Omega6, but are packed with vitamins and minerals, and monounsaturated fats!

    • says

      Quite high in omega 6? One avocado has 2.3 grams of omega 6. To me, this is not “high.” Compare it to all nuts except for macadamias and 2.3 ends up being low. And, yes they are packed full of vitamins, minerals and monounsaturated fat.

  3. Ben says

    I’m the same. I don’t snack often. But if I’m hungry and can’t cook a meal, I normally reach for pork rinds, cracklin, or coconut milk.

  4. says

    Top Ten Paleo/Primal Snacks:
    – Roasted Butternut Squash
    – Spaghetti Squash
    – Soft Boiled Eggs
    – Spinach & Tomato Paste
    – Bell Peppers & Cherry Tomatoes
    – Chicken and Olives or Sun-Dried Tomatoes
    – Nori Sheets
    – Steamed Leeks & Minced Hard Boiled Eggs
    – Pureed Pumpkin & Cinnamon
    – Roasted Green Beans

    • says

      Thats quite the “snack” list! Pureed pumpkin and cinnamon… I forgot about that!! Add in some shredded coconut and you have yourself quite a healthy, large, quick snack!

  5. Stephen says

    With you on the macadmia nuts and avocado.

    I guess, where you opt for the apple, I’d choose a banana as it has a better nutritional profile. Or if available, some coconut juice. (Taking the sugar hit cost, alas, in any one of those.)

    In terms of my fav cheese snack, I’d go for feta. It’s primarily saturated fat, with only a tiny amount of Omega 6. It also has a fair amount of calcium, protein, and Vit. B12!! And we should all surely hail sources of this latter vitamin :)

    My other snack is smoked mackerel. With some lemon juice and paprika, even a small portion really fills me up, so making for a perfect snack if I break a few into chunks. (And it is good as a vitamin D source, another hail methinks!)

    • says

      Coconut water is awesome. But, I just learned that it is CRAZY expensive. I am about to start a primal budget food guide. To determine if a food is expensive or not I find out the cost per 100 calories. Almonds run around 25 cents, macadamias around 25 cents but coconut water is up to $3 to $4!! So, I only treat myself once in a while. Or, I drink it for free at work :)

      I threw apple on there last because its quicker than a banana. I am not listing what I think is the most healthy… more along the lines of whats more simple. You can eat an apple in the car safely and throw the cork out the window… but what do you do with a banana peel? Just sayin…

      You like mackeral? My father purchased a jar of it yesterday for extremely cheap. Maybe I should try some.

  6. Pat says

    Cooking with olive oil isn’t a good idea. It has a low smoke point.

    Coconut oil or butter is better. Save the EVOO for vinaigrettes or drizzling over food.

    • says

      Yes, you are correct. I always cook with coconut oil – will soon start cooking with grass fed butter too.

      • Magda says

        If you get raw grassfed butter, I’d not cook with it. I’d just eat it raw! I prefer cooking with ghee – so yummy. I’m yet to try raw butter.. again. I did, a few times, from different places and just couldn’t do it. I may try again – for now it’s Kerry Gold for me.

  7. says

    Raw cauliflower & broccoli with almond butter spread on top – crunchy, tasty & satisfying. Egg White’s cooked in a bit of olive oil with almond butter in them & other veg if you wish. I do snack alot so to try to stop myself from eating the wrong stuff, those 2 snacks save the day!

    • says

      I will have to try this – the broccoli and cauliflower with almond butter on top.

      Why just egg whites and not the yolk?!

  8. Kat says

    Another snack idea…crispy kale; it’s delicious! Very dry kale drizzled with evoo in the oven at 325 for about 10-15 minutes. It is not THAT filling, but is a nice munchie.

  9. says

    Just posted some of my favorite snacks. There is a tuna spread there that is out of this world. I dip it with cucumber slices. Steamed cauliflower is stellar with quac over it! Also eggs, sauteed shrooms, with avacado, or — mash up hard boiled eggs, add butter, salt and pepper — and heat for just a few seconds– oh so good! Yummm yumm.. now I’m hungry! Thanks for the post.. hadn’t thought about cooked ground meat.. I do chicken that way all the time. Thanks !

  10. says

    For snacks, I pop hard boiled egg, sweet potato, almonds, raisins, apple, avocado, banana or any fruit in the fridge. Lately, some biscuits showed up in the kitchen and boy, are they yummy though they’re definitely not paleo or healthy. Must get rid of them fast :p

  11. Dan says

    Maybe I’m alone, but I love to snack on unsweetened coconut flakes by the handful! Throw in a couple of dried apricots and some macadamia nuts, and I’m in heaven!

  12. Leslie Neighbors says

    Just started paleo and learning everyday! I like plantain chips and guacamole …. Very delish!

  13. says

    I chop celery into thick slices throw them in a bag add some Himalayan sea salt and I have an easy crunchy salty treat.