Stumbling Upon the Primal Lifestyle By Accident

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Hello everyone! The following is a success story by Amanda who discovered the primal lifestyle by accident. Find out how it changed the life of herself and her family!


I became primal/paleo on accident.

I gave birth to my second son in April, whom I am breastfeeding. My son was having some horrible gas pains. In the evening he would scream and scream in pain. At first we were afraid it might be colic, but it never lasted more than a hour and was only that one part of the day.

He would finally pass gas and feel better. It was hard. I knew something wasn’t quite right. Sure, babies digestive systems are still maturing and that does make them uncomfortable, but none of it seemed right to me. I started doing some research and found a lot of people suggesting eliminating dairy from my diet. At first, I didn’t think it could be that. I didn’t drink milk. I’ve never liked it. However, I did eat a lot of greek yogurt and cheese. I live in Vermont….. Cabot cheese, anyone? I decided I would give it a try and see how we felt after a week. I cut it out for a week, then shared some greek yogurt with my older son, who is almost 3. That night the baby had some horrible gas again, after having an amazing week! Could this actually be related? I did more searching and found out just how bad dairy is for all of us. It’s linked to asthma (which I have), acne (which I am very prone to break outs), allergies (my husband has), etc. After talking a lot.. I mean a LOT to my husband, we decided to all go without dairy. At least for a month to see how we were feeling.

While I was searching all these facts about dairy and why it’s bad for us, I came across the truth about gluten/grains. We had just decided to go dairy-free, was I really going to be able to convince my husband that we should also cut that out of our diet too? And our sons? The answer is, Yes! I talked my husband and he immedialty agreed. We agreed to do the same thing, try it for 30 days, see how we feel and then decide.

Before we had decided this, we thought we were generally healthy. We ate a lot of fruits and veggies, greek yogurt, whole wheat flour and pastas, brown rice, etc. We didn’t eat junk food, we didn’t really eat out. However, we did eat a lot of those things on that list. I had a serious problem with pastas. Let me just say, my mom’s maiden name is Marchelletta. Does that not scream Italian? ;) My almost 3 year old was almost not really eating at all. He drank a lot of milk. He loved his mac & cheese that I cooked with some pureed squash, grilled cheese, PB sandwiches, Kashi cereals for breakfast, homemade granola bars, oatmeal and the likes. He barely ever ate dinner, even if it was something he liked. He ate like a bird. I hated it, but coped it out to being an age thing. Now with this new plan to be dairy and gluten free what did that leave us? Um, nothing from what I just listed. I was left searching for new recipes.

It was while searching for new recipes I accidentally stumbled across paleo/primal. I started reading whenever I got a free chance. The more I read, the more excited I became. I agreed with everything I read. I was so thrilled there were other people who I could relate to one way or another. People who actually desired to be the healthiest version of themselves. My husband and I jumped right on board. We pretty much had it started anyways. We already never really ate legumes or potatoes. We just never really cared for them. The reasons behind why you shouldn’t eat them made us not to want to eat them even more. The paleo/primal “diet” just made sense to us. My son on the other hand…. um, not so much. He asked for a lot of the same things he used to eat. He was a little upset at times. We explained to him in terms he could understand why we couldn’t eat those things anymore. Those foods slow our bodies down, and don’t do anything good for us. We offered him new options and explained to him why he needed to eat these other things. To help our heart, our brain, our bones, to give us fuel. My husband and I both didn’t feel so well initially. After 2 weeks all four of us were much happier people. None of us were having gas pains (I didn’t even realize I had been bloated!), including the baby.

Now, here we are. Just a little over a month later, and I would not even dream of going back. I feel so energized… and I have a baby and a preschooler at home all day! The baby never has gas pains. My husband feels more energized and his productivity has gone up at work. My son is eating amazingly. Today for lunch he chose sardines, an avocado, and carrot sticks. I can’t keep enough avocado in the house for that kiddo. lol. Also, since he has actually been eating good meals, and especially healthy fats all day and more specifically before bed, he added on an hour to his sleep. So, now instead of us all waking up at 6 am, we are waking up at 7. I’ll take it!


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  1. says

    Awesome story! I have been primal for about 5 months now and dont think i’ll ever turn back. My daughter is 19 months old and currently wont eat a thing. She is my 1st child and am very hesitant to put her on a Primal diet since she is so young and still getting used to trying new things. I hope to slowly turn her diet into primal mode as she gets older. An extra hour of sleep in the mornings would be amazing!

  2. Aimee says

    No joke this sounds just like me! My exclusively breastfed baby got really constipated and screaming with belly issues, after some research cut dairy. Kept reading and researching and learned about gluten and grains and came across paleo. A couple weeks after cutting dairy I cleared the house and went paleo. My 2.5 year old is adjusting fairly well and everyone tells me my (now ten month old) is the most easy going, smiley baby they have ever seen. I never knew how crappy and dragged won I was because of the garbage I was eating, thinking it was healthy. My husband is fairly on board and now won’t eat gluten because he can feel a definite difference, but it’s the dairy he won’t kick. He has asthma which is triggered by reflux. It’s gotten much better but still around a bit lately (mostly from stress though I think). When he had very little dairy (he wasn’t working much at the time so never ate anything outside the house) his skin got super clear too, the acne is coming back now that he has a crap ton of cheese all the time. Maybe eventually he will decide to try a dairy test. I am surprised how into it he is at this point at all, so I won’t harp on him :)

    Also, I love seeing my 2.5 year old walk around munching on a whole carrot or a stalk of celery with almond butter happily while the kids around are eating doritos or the like. He also barely touches the cakes at birthday parties. <3

    • says

      I decided to eat raw cheese daily for about a week and I broke out. I have not enjoyed it in over a week and my skin is clearing right up! I love dairy but I love clear skin!

  3. says

    You are so fortunate to have discovered the dietary needs of your baby so early on. I had this experience with my middle son, though it was over a year, and two bone fractures later before it dawned on me that it could be grains. We didn’t discover paleo/primal at first, but started with GAPS and the SCD, which helped us tremendously.

    Now that we’ve found primal, we love it, including the workout aspect – so much fun and my husband and I are feeling great :)