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My Top 10 Reasons Why Your "Top 10 Reasons I'm Not Paleo" Are Flawed


Through twitter last night I discovered a flawed and misleading post published by Ann Marie: Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Not Paleo.

I’m not here to hate on Ann Marie like Ann Marie seemed to hate on the Paleo way of life. But she immediately begins her post with hatred. With false statements. She is either uneducated about Paleo living or truly wants to hate on it.

I strongly recommend to read her post in full before you read mine. I quote her often so it’s not 100% necessary but please do read her post.

She starts off by saying:

The paleo diet is the hottest fad diet since vegetarianism. If you’re not familiar with the movement, paleo folks eat a “paleolithic” or “caveman” diet of meat, more meat, and pretty much anything they can forage (berries, nuts and so forth). The only foods that are allowed are ones that were available prior to the dawn of agriculture 10,000 years ago.

If you’re following a paleo diet and it is working for you, more power to you. We can agree to disagree.

Fad diet? I triple dog dare you to say this again in 5 years.

Paleo is NOT about meat and more meat. It’s about eating real foods. It’s about avoiding foods that damage the body. It’s about understanding a framework and then tweaking it to fit your own individual needs since we are all very different and tolerate foods differently.

Some folks may thrive on grains. Most do not. On the contrary, all humans can thrive on a diet that consists of mostly meat from a variety of species (including fish and seafood), veggies, fruits and tubers. Nuts and seeds are secondary. Properly prepared grains and legumes can work well for some individuals. Raw, grass-fed dairy can be optimal for many. Butter is a superfood for almost everyone.

The paleo community as a whole recognizes this. Some people who live this way tell you to be strict. Others tell you to let go a little. As a whole, it’s one hell of a movement. A movement that is not about re-enactment. Although Ann Marie wants to think so for whatever reason…

Below I re-state all of Ann Marie’s reasons exactly how she stated them inside her post as headlines. I then respond in my own words while quoting her post throughout.

Let’s work together. Let’s do what we can to improve the health of society? Why bash a huge movement that is about eating real food?

The point of my response is to tell the truth. To educate folks on what Paleo is really about. I would love for you to comment below!

Let’s get started…

1. I really like cheese

Cheese is NOT forbidden on the Paleo Diet. It’s recommended to not make it a large part of your diet because people do have problems with it.

I personally LOVE cheese. However, I noticeably get a little congested after consuming an ounce or 2 which is not a lot by any means. A little soreness in my throat sometimes follows. This tells me that I am probably sensitive to casein. This is why I personally limit my consumption. And when I do eat it I almost always go for grass-fed and raw when I can get it.

I don’t think we should re-enact anything. I think we should take a hard look at how we have evolved. How did we thrive through harsh conditions for tens of thousands of years? I think it’s smart to base a hypothesis around our past, then experiment to find out what is best for us individually.

It just so happens that dairy is a highly problematic food for many folks. And finding raw, grass-fed full fat dairy is a heavy challenge for ordinary folk like myself.

In short, there are more optimal foods available than cheese.

2. I really like bread

Ah, Ann Marie loves her bread. And she wonders…

And is bread really that bad for you? How can it be, when humans around the world have been thriving on it as a staple in their diet for over 10,000 years (and possibly up to 50,000 years)?

Really? They have been thriving on bread? Most humans?

If I was able to thrive on bread then I would eat it. No question about it. However, the bread available today is not real food. It’s highly processed and is far from healthy.

Also, gluten is a major problem today. It is hard to digest for a significant part of the world’s population. All plants have anti-nutrients but grains are heavier in them compared to most fruits and veggies which are more nutrient dense food groups.

Those who eat a WAPF type diet and eat grains will ferment, soak or whatever. Do they do this for veggies? Fruits? No. It’s not necessary for fruits and veggies but it is for grains and legumes.

I agree with Ann Marie here:

There is a theory that antibiotic drugs cause an imbalance of gut flora and cause prevent the digestive tract from secreting enzymes that enable us to break down complex proteins such as gluten. Sounds a lot more plausible than the idea that wheat suddenly started causing gluten intolerance out of nowhere.

Antibiotic drugs cause a lot of harm. I’ll trust that consuming them makes it more difficult for us to digest complex proteins like gluten.

But wait. You say that gluten intolerance started out of nowhere? Where did you learn this? I’d personally love to know. Do you realize that there are millions of folks who are intolerant to gluten who don’t take antibiotics?

Here is a true statement that I know Ann Marie will agree with me on: There are no essential food groups for optimal health. Only essential nutrients.

No individual needs grains for optimal health.

Eat your sourdough bread if you want. I’ll pass. I have zero desire for any type of bread.

3. I really like cookies. And cake. And pies.

(If you click on the photo you will be taken to the recipe. I can’t wait to make this. A freaking pie that’s healthy!)

Uh oh! I used to love cookies! Cake too! Pies not so much but they are still very yummy.

So, why don’t I consume them? Because they make me feel like shit and are highly addictive.

I want to feel awesome as much as freaking possible. I don’t want to just exist. I want to thrive. I want to be able to do the impossible. In order to do this I need to eat as healthy as possible while effectively managing my stress.

I just finished my second round of the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I dove in with a slight modification that allowed more fruits and potatoes. I have been feeling utterly amazing. Feeling like I am on top of the world.

Sure, a bite of a cookie won’t let that feeling slip away. But, um, just one bite? Right…

I’m not saying I will never eat un-optimal food ever again.

I plan on eating ice cream from a regular local ice cream parlor many times throughout my life. Ice cream doesn’t make me feel like shit unless it’s super high in refined sugar.

What I am saying is that I am crazy pumped to continue my feeling awesome adventure. It’s one hell of a ride because I feel like I can do anything. Like walk across America.

4. Paleo is low carb

Paleo is NOT low carb folks! Don’t you dare believe anyone who ever tells you this. Ann Marie says it’s low carb by default. What exactly is low carb? Less than 50 grams of carbs per day? Less than 100? 200? It’s all subjective.

Some people thrive eating low carb (again, whatever this number may be) while others will thrive consuming most of their calories from carbs. It all depends on a number of factors including food availability, climate, desires and activity.

Sure, it’s recommended that you don’t eat grains and legumes if you want to go Paleo. Root veggies such as all types of potatoes, taro, parsnips, carrots and even fruits are Paleo/Primal.

The Paleo movement is recognizing more and more that we need to take a step back and let the individual figure out what is best for him or her as far as macronutrient ratios go.

I don’t have any idea how many grams of carbs, fat or protein I eat. I just eat real food. And feel awesome.

5. The Paleo diet is too restrictive

It’s actually nearly unlimited. It recommends you avoid grains and legumes for legit reasons. For reasons that will allow people to thrive. Some can tolerate grains quite well. It does not mean that it’s the grains that are causing them to thrive. It’s the vitamins and minerals within the grains that their body is able to absorb and utilize that is causing them to thrive.

No single individual needs grains or legumes in order to thrive. Or to feel awesome.

On the contrary, millions of individuals have problems digesting grains and legumes. They ditch them and begin to thrive. This includes dairy products that are high in lactose and/or casein.

Nutrients are more bioavailable in animal foods compared to plant foods. Ann Marie will agree with me on this one.

Time to quote Ann Marie again…

I always tell my daughter she can’t have candy or cookies before dinner because they are foods that won’t make her grow big and strong. However, she’s allowed dessert after dinner. I try to serve nutrient-dense desserts like crème brûlée or ice cream made with grass-fed cream and egg yolks, chock-full of fat-soluble activators, vitamins A, D and K2.

I’d never tell her she can’t eat a cookie because “it’s not paleo”. That’s just bad logic.

And around here, we follow the 80/20 rule. A cookie here and there won’t kill you if you are eating a nutritious diet most of the time.

Children don’t need desserts. They will do perfectly fine without them. They will do better without them. Dessert after dinner? Why not just allow her to eat more of the real food that has more nutrition than that creme brûlée? She likes meat, butter, veggies, spices, herbs, potatoes, fruit, etc. right? She doesn’t force this food down her throat.

There is no reason to give your child non nutritious dessert after dinner.

I would hope that no mother would tell her daughter that she can’t eat a cookie because “it’s not paleo.” It is bad logic. No question about it. The simple fix is to replace “paleo” with “healthy.” You can elaborate and tell her that she can have optimal health and do impossible things if she avoids desserts outside of the rare occurrence.

The 80/20 rule. I’m glad you brought this up Ann Marie. I follow this rule too. I think every single individual should follow this rule unless they are severely ill or dying.

No food like substance, unless it’s literally deathly poisonous, will kill you. So a cookie here and there is fine. But, again, if your daughter ate less and less cookies and grew out of the desire to consume them then guess what? She would have better health. She would be able to do more impossible things as life goes on. She would feel better.

One should use the 80/20 rule how they want to. We all need to make decisions on our own. If you want to feed your daughter a cookie a day then by golly, go do that. If you are happy and your daughter is happy then great! I’m truly happy for the both of you.

I’m just trying to make a simple point, that it’s not difficult to avoid sweets like cookies if you have a desire to make this change. Give it time and it can be done. Even in today’s modern world.

6. Paleo is not scalable

Right off the bat Ann Marie states:

There’s a reason the hunters and gathers died out. Nothing against hunter-gatherers, but they were all almost completely wiped out by people who ate cheese and bread.

Funny. Hunters and gatherers were almost completely wiped out by people who ate cheese and bread. Now this sounds like a fantasy…

Hunters and gatherers did not die out. They never stopped learning and figured out that domesticating animals had vast advantages. They learned that becoming civilized would be safer and would enable the human species to reproduce at a vast rate. Thus, dominating all other living species.

Mission accomplished.

Die out? Saying this is like saying modern humans are a different species than hunter-gatherers.

One can easily hunt, fish and gather in today’s world. All three are about to become extreme hobbies of mine and as a bonus I’ll get wholesome nutritious food as a bonus. How cool is that?

Or, why not eat the grass-fed beef? Pastured eggs? Wild caught or sustainably farmed seafood? Local produce?

Sure, the true definition of Paleo has us going back before the dawn of agriculture. Who f*&%ing cares!! Paleo in today’s world is a simple label. I sometimes hate labels but more often love them. It’s an identity just like the characteristic of honesty.

I’m honest. I’m Paleo (I prefer Primal). It does NOT mean I only eat foods before agriculture. Far from it. I don’t wish to literally go back that far. Neither does anyone else who chooses to eat and live this way. But if I learn that someone else is Paleo I immediately recognize that we eat in similar fashion. We both eat real food. We both avoid grains and legumes. We both probably love butter. We both utilize the 80/20 rule but in different ways.

So yes, Paleo – how I personally define the term and how everyone else should too (or at least avoid the true definition) – is scalable. It’s anything but.

Grains on the other hand? They just may not be sustainable. I know nothing about this but you do yield more calories from tubers than you do from grains in regards to total space taken up to grow said food.

7. Paleo is based on fantasy

I think this is where I knew I had to write a full blog post response. Ann Marie says…

The paleo diet is fundamentally flawed. It’s a diet based on misinformation about the past and the present. Paleo adherents believe that the hunter-gatherer lifestyle is somehow superior to that of the sedentary agriculturalist. It is a romantic ideal based on fantasy, not reality.

The reality is that living as a hunter-gatherer is not an easy life, and it was not a lifestyle people chose because they thought it was cool or better. Hunter-gatherers did/do not have access to domesticated animals and did not have the ability to grow crops. I find it very hard to believe that if they had cows or sheep that they would not have found a way to start milking them.

Why go forage for a meal or hunt for a wild animal when you can keep a cow who will give you milk every day with a lot less effort?

The fundamentals of a Paleo diet does not include living in the wild. If you are a true hunter-gatherer then you obviously won’t be domesticating any animals. I have yet to come across any single individual who claims he or she is Paleo who recommends living in the wild.

Far from it Ann Marie. Why say something that is complete bull shit? Why mis-inform a sick population? Why scare them away from eating a diet that all individuals can thrive on?

Instead, everyone recommends eating grass-fed, pastured animal foods. They understand that it would be a riot to hunt for you first Elk, gather berries, pick wild mushrooms, take a fishing trip and just chill outside in nature because it effectively manages stress. One can do this while having a blast and not to mention while saving a hell of a lot of money too.

Fantasy? Do you know what a fantasy is?

It might be a good idea to trust people who actually know a little something on this subject. I’ll quote Cody-Coyote Mercer who left a comment on my Facebook fan page:

Based on fantasy? As somebody who is working towards a Ph. D. in anthropology with an emphasis on paleolithic cultures, I can tell you right off hand that she’s incredibly wrong about that.

I haven’t asked him any specific questions but it’s flat out bullshit to claim that Paleo, what it means at this moment in today’s world, is a fantasy.

Ann Marie finished this point by saying:

And maybe grains and legumes aren’t so bad after all. Balance is a good thing.

Maybe is the keyword in that first sentence. It depends on the individual. Balance is a beautiful thing. A grand thing. A necessary thing. But both Ann Marie and I agree that grains and legumes are NOT essential for optimal health. So, if they are maybe causing harm to your body, why eat them when there are hundreds of other food choices?

8. Paleo is impractical

No. Paleo is practical. As practical as it gets in fact.

Ann Marie continues to say ridiculous statements like this one:

Is anyone really expecting people to get out and hunt for their breakfast? How about foraging? Are we expected to forage for our all of our meals? On top of working 9 hours per day plus taking care of the kids and getting them to soccer practice?

So how do we “do” paleo in the real world? Buy grass-fed beef and organic arugula from the upscale health food store? And is this really practical?

Ann Marie knows that no one is expecting this of anyone. That would be impractical. But that’s not what Paleo is.

Paleo is about understanding what is optimal, then doing the best you can within your own unique environment, without stressing about the small details.

If you can only afford regular meat then that is still better than regular bread. Much better. It’s way better than a typical Standard American Diet (SAD). I hardly eat any organic produce at this point. I fully understand that conventional veggies are better than no veggies within my own personal diet.

And stressing about these small details will override all your best efforts.

9. Paleo is expensive

Calorie for calorie, if you only put food into the equation, Paleo is more expensive than pure junk food. I won’t deny that. Calorie for calorie, if you only put food into the equation, Paleo is more expensive than the WAPF way of eating with legumes, whole grains and all dairy products.

On the contrary, if you add in all the costs of health care, Paleo is far from expensive. And if you learn to be frugal and place an importance on your health over anything else then Paleo is far from expensive. Our relationship with food continues to decline. Our relationship with technology is better than ever.

We love technology. And we love to eat junk food while utilizing this amazing technology.

We have lost touch with real food.

Let me ask you a question: Do you believe that a nutrient dense $2-$3 meal (assume 3 meals per day) for an individual who eats around 2,000 calories per day is expensive?

If you answered no then you agree that Paleo is not expensive. If you answered yes then you more than likely don’t have your priorities straight.

I understand that some reading this truly don’t have money for optimal food. Then eat some beans and rice. Be sure that 80% of your calories are Paleo foods, then add in some very cheap foods. This is better than dismissing Paleo completely.

10. The paleo diet is a waste of time and energy

Ann Marie has spilled another dozen cans of beans with this statement:

I often see Paleo people on Facebook or Paleo Hacks arguing over whether or not honey is paleo. They proudly pronounce their disdain for milk and other dairy products, as “neolithic foods”.

I ask you, why do people sit around arguing about whether or not honey is paleo? Why not just go buy some honey at the grocery store? Or, better yet, a farmer’s market?

Why not just feed yourself with what is available, and then get on to more important things, such as inventing alternative energy sources or curing cancer?

I don’t care what people say on Paleo hacks. Sometimes people say idiotic things. I include myself in this category. Why? Because I am a human being. We are all geniuses and we are all idiots.

Raw, wild, local honey is certainly a healthy food that has lots of benefits. But some people do much better avoiding the stuff. Ok?

I don’t feed myself with what is just available because my health is extremely important to me. I want to feel awesome and do impossible things. I need optimal health to cross things off my bucket list. I need to have that desire.

Why don’t I try to cure cancer? Because there will never be one single cure that works for every individual. This would mean perfection and it does not exist. This is why I strongly recommend folks care about their health.

Unhealthy human beings are more apt to get any type of cancer compared to folks who have optimal health.

Prevent. Prevent. Live life. Enjoy life. Go after your passion. Your hearts desires.

That dessert after Dinner may (I believe probably is more appropriate) contribute to one getting cancer. A little may not hurt but you never know for sure. If you learn to avoid junk food without stressing about it then you will have better health. Your chances of getting cancer or a disease of civilization will decline.

My very important closing thoughts

I love the Weston A Price Foundation. I love it so much and want to learn what they have to say that I decided to take the first class of the WAPF continuing education program from Hawthorne University. I’ll take the other 5 classes when I find the time and money. Guess what? I received an A for the first class.

Did I mention I love the WAPF?

I also love Paleo/Primal. The community is wonderful. Helpful. Caring. It continues to grow at a ginormous pace. It works. And it can work for everyone if they realize that it’s a framework. A framework that absolutely must be tweaked to ones own individual needs.

I love cheese. So I eat it. It also makes me congested. So I don’t eat it as much as I want. I want to feel awesome and do the impossible. I love a thousand other foods that aren’t cheese that make me feel better. And so I choose to eat these foods more frequently.

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  1. Well done. I’m glad you did this. She talks about eating what is available to have time to solve “bigger” problems… last I checked, obesity is one of our biggest problems (pun intended). Ignorance doesn’t help solve any problems.

    • This from a woman who spent time on the 4 hour work week diet….seriously. take it with a grain of salt–she is a marketing professional first and foremost and writes blog posts to inflame and not inform.

      As a “reformed” real foodist turned primal forager, I can tell you that not only has my health improved but my connection to the earth and spiritual balance has multiplied exponentially. I take pride in knowing that I can feed myself simply from what I can find in the woods and yes, even in my lawn if needs be. There certainly wont be any whole wheat sprouted Eziekiel bread with Brie if you get stuck out in the woods. I can feed myself. That feels amazing.

      Your article was clear and concise and I wish more folks in the diet dogma debate could be as cool headed as you were when faced with indefensible arguments with little background support.

    • Exactly. I was shocked by her statement. And she makes good money. Saying that she does not have enough money to eat Paleo is complete bull shit.

      • kudos to you man for taking the time to make this blog post. when i read her article all i could do is to shake my head in disbelief. nobody can be that ignorant (or can she?). she is out there for a reason, whatever that might be.

  2. Good job Toad!

    I’ve been following CheeseSlave for a while and I was pretty shocked at that post also. She must know better than that? I’m not sure what her motivation was but I’m thinking publicity. Controversy works.

    • I think it definitely was publicity. I personally wrote this post because I felt it was very necessary. I won’t let someone get away with flawed statements. She is making the wrong impression on Paleo when I think we should work together with the WAPF to improve the health of society.

      Greed kills.

    • It has to do with Matt Stone and her desire to have another kid. I’ve been following Cheeseslave for years and have learned a lot from her. But her whole attitude shifted with Matt Stone for whatever reason.

    • Cheeseslave is not the same as it was, she met “matt stone” and changed her views on everything, she is brainwashed now by his hogwash

  3. Hi Todd,
    Nice post. I think you did a great job refuting Ann Marie’s points. Her post might be better titled “Top 10 Misconceptions About Paleo”. And the caveman photos and ridicule are just plain insulting. The notion that there is no consumption of dairy of the paleo diet is also misinformed. Paleo for me means “ancient” or “old” – a “back to basics” approach to how we eat. When I use the word “paleo” it is also code for “recipes that do not contain grains, legumes, dairy & lots of processed sugar.” It’s as simple as that. If I google a recipe and use that word it is much easier to find what I am looking for. Her point #3 is actually funny to me because there are plenty of paleo food blogs (mine included) that have creative and delicious dessert recipes. Has she missed this?!
    A large percentage of people who eat “paleo” do it because they have food intolerances or auto-immune diseases, not because they want to live like cavemen. She quibbles over some debates on PaleoHacks but those conversations are not the norm in my experience. Most of us agree that eating whole, real foods that lead to optimal health is the goal. And for the majority it is balanced out by a willingness to step out of the bounds of “strict paleo” eating on occasion for the sheer fun and pleasure of it.

    • “Paleo for me means “ancient” or “old” – a “back to basics” approach to how we eat. ” – Exactly!

      And I was shocked too about how she mentioned that we try to actually live like caveman. I do constantly think about how I would be living in the wild and the more I get to that without going overboard the more I enjoy life. I’m just living simpler and am ready to pick up more outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping, hiking, etc.

      And I may be walking across America next year but I don’t plan on living like an actual caveman.

  4. Brilliant, couldn’t have put it any better myself… Paleo has helped me personally with my Health, it has given me a positive attitude which has helped me become a better Father, it has also netted me that Management job I have chased for 10 years… the best Paleo saying I have heard to date? EAT, REAL, FOOD !

    • Congrats on all your achievements! That’s awesome! It has given me a positive attitude as well. Being part of such a positive, vibrant community is huge too.

  5. I love your phrase, “I want to feel awesome and do the impossible.”

    I can eat grains, anyone can. I strongly believe people who are eating a SAD just don’t know what it feels like to feel awesome and refuse to give it a chance. They are used to bloat. They are used to congestion. They are used to having to take time off work because they are sick for no other reason than they just don’t feel good. They are exausted and they blame being overworked and underappreciated.

    Bullshit. Fuel your life by giving your body the nutrients it needs and avoiding the crap that MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE SHIT.

    PS. I haven’t cured cancer eating primal… i’m preventing it.

    • I love that phrase too. It’s true 🙂

      Ann Marie is not eating SAD. Not sure if you were thinking she does. She’s far from that. But you are right in that people get used to feeling like shit.

      There will never be one single cure for all which is why it’s just smart to take as many preventable measures as possible. Managing stress is possibly the biggest.

    • People do get used to feeling crappy. When I stopped eating wheat (after being tested positive for intolerance/autoimmune reaction), so many little niggling health issues went away that I’d always assumed were ‘normal’. Hayfever, carpal tunnel, etc. I’d never have associated these issues with wheat – I thought they were just what most people had to deal with.

      I’m not sure where she’s getting that it’s too restrictive – of anything, paleo/primal has gotten much broader, with ppl including ‘safe starches’ like rice. I like her blog, but she does tend to get hyperbolic at times.

  6. I stumbled on that post the other day and stopped after reason number 2. It’s sad when people who are misinformed ramble on and bash something instead of either learning more about it, or simply butting out.
    Glad to see someone set things straight. 😀

    • Yes, it’s beyond sad. Yea I really felt I had to write this post. To get the truth out!

  7. Nicely done.

    And I too get consume too many conventional dairy products. However, I find that I can consume goat dairy products (particularly raw when I can get it) as often as I like, with no ill side effects. Have you tried it?

    • I have not really experimented with goat dairy but I’ll definitely have to look into it. I love cheese and I think I like goat cheese.

  8. AWESOME! Thank you for writing this. You’re right on.

  9. She’s not trying to solve any bigger problems either… she’s just figured out that if she writes posts bashing paleo then she drives more traffic to her site… so she keeps posting this nonsense.

    • And that is very unfortunate. I don’t know if it’s true but she definitely got loads of traffic to her site. I have now too but I just spoke the truth.

  10. I love your rebuttal! My wife and I had a conversation about #9 just yesterday. We both found our way to a paleo/primal diet through diagnoses of food allergies. Basically, our bodies were telling us to eat paleo. I challenge Anne Marie to eat a bonafide paleo/primal diet for one month and tell me she does not feel dramatically better! (It’s not like I think she would do it).

  11. Nicely done, Todd. Kudos. While I agree with most of what Ann Marie says, this post got my feathers a bit ruffled.

  12. About point #2, where she says, “Sounds a lot more plausible than the idea that wheat suddenly started causing gluten intolerance out of nowhere.” Everyone should read a book titled Wheat Belly, which explains the wheat we are eating today is not the same wheat we ate 30 years ago. Due to genetic engineering and cross-breeding and who knows what else, present-day wheat has about 30 additional chromosomes than it used to. That’s where the sudden increase in gluten intolerance and other wheat-related illness came from. Wheat is Frankenfood. It’s dangerous.

    • I agree Janet. I have not gotten a chance to read that book yet, but have read a lot of data about ancient wheats vs what is called wheat today. Completely different product.

    • Food Inc. talks about that as well, a great documentary.

    • She has read it and I think wrote a blog post about it. It’s just her feelings. I do plan on reading it at some point.

  13. I can’t stand diet wars. We all need to accept that everyone is different, and we need to be grateful that we actually have a choice in what we will or will not eat. Not everyone in the world can do that. Great article.

    • Well said Brandon 🙂 Which is why I always start off talking about my diet with “This works for me…” meaning not sure about you. But since I started Paleo I am constantly asked how I am getting leaner. Great feeling!

    • I definitely agree with you Brandon. I wish i did not have to write this article but I want people to know the truth and let them decide for themselves.

  14. Nicely put. You kept asking why she would want to mis-inform people about Paleo: because it’s competition! Ann Marie charges a lot of money for an online cooking class in which she claims can reverse food allergies and in intolerances (including gluten!). From what I’ve heard, it’s very similar to GAPS. Interesting that she would make such an effort to dis a similar diet. Whether she’s doing it just because of the economic incentive, or because she needs to convince herself that it’s okay to charge so much from desperately sick people (while there’s a plethora of paleo recipes out there for free), it’s still pretty low. And just plain pathetic.

    • It might be worse then that. This post and the post about ditching low carb read like infomercials for Matt Stones 180 degree products. They must be doing business together.

      • I meant AnnMarie’s posts, not the great rebuttal here.

      • Katco, Ann Marie and Matt stone are doing business together, quacks!

      • There is nothing wrong with doing business together. I am affiliate for many companies. I only promote products that I fully believe in such as the Squatty Potty, a few cookbooks, etc.

        I’ve been thinking about buying the 12 Paleo Myths book and talking about it in a post. I’m sure I’d tell people up front not to buy the book!

    • I promoted that class for a bit last year. It’s nearly Paleo friendly. So she still promotes it?

  15. I read Anne Marie’s blog this morning (yes I subscribe) and at first got all upset but then realized she knew exactly what she was doing and what better way to drive traffic to her blog? Mission accomplished.

    She is not misinformed at all and don’t let her fool anyone. All the people out there who will believe her (as well as herself) are looking or are always looking for an excuse as to why then cannot and will not be able to eat a healthy diet.

    Your responses are spot on and I will be sharing your blog with all my clients.


    • I guess you are right in that she is not misinformed. She is just misrepresenting this lifestyle. Lying about it.

      Thanks for sharing it! So far people have gained a lot of insight. I guess spending 4 hours on a blog post really pays off.

  16. The thing is that grains aren’t the same as they were even one hundred years ago. Through careful breeding programs we started altering the grains that originally inhabited this planet. Now we have genetic engineering tinkering with them even further. I went gluten free (GF) about 8 years ago because after 40+ years of eating grains suddenly I couldn’t tolerate gluten anymore. This past fall I went Paleo and dropped all grains except brown rice out of my diet and feel great. Most of the processed GF foods are just as bad if not worse than the regular wheat products and they often are made from GMO ingredients such as corn flour and soy flour. I feel so much better not eating that crap anymore. Paleo rocks!

  17. Very nicely done! Every Paleo blogger I follow is so encouraging and helpful. I have seen none of the so called “hacks” or arguing. Its kind of a live and let live mentality, however, I like you want to live an amazing and awesome life with Optimal Health. Paleo was introduced to me by 2 separate nutritionists I know as I have Rhematoid Arthritis. I don’t make a ton of money, but I am able to get plenty of healthful foods. I try to buy organic on at least the “dirty dozen” fruits and veggies and I do get grass fed beef, but to be honest it’s mostly always hamburger cause that is what I can afford. I am mostly dairy free. Occasionall I will get a cobb salad or greek salad that may have a little feta cheese on them. I am sorry someone ignorant felt they needed to downplay something that has had such an amazing affect on my life.

    • The only grass fed beef I have purchased this year has been ground beef so you are not alone!

      I am sorry too that Ann Marie had to write her post in the way that she wrote it.

  18. I can’t believe what she wrote about giving her kid dessert after dinner, like it’s a reward. People need to stop treating food that is bad for you as something you deserve as if you’ve accomplished something amazing. “Congratulations honey on eating your meat and potatoes, here’s some creme brulee!” That’s crazy. That is just setting that kid on a terrible path. Plus, like you mentioned, there are PLENTY of Paleo dessert recipes out there, I would know this because I spend probably 80% of my time on the Internet looking at them haha. Good post.

    • Agreed. Growing up, we certainly didn’t eat ‘Paleo’ (though we ate pretty well), and we only had dessert after dinner if it was a holiday or special occasion. It certainly wasn’t an everyday (or even every month) thing. Nothing wrong with dessert, just strikes me as an odd reason to dislike a certain diet – as if ‘paleo’ ppl never eat dessert? Weird.

    • I agree of course. She can do what she wants but I will not personally do this with my children. Why not reward them with a nice slab of steak for the next night or something?

  19. I came across her post the other day, it was the first of hers I had ever read and I found it extremely ignorant and off putting. I will never read anything else she writes again. The blatant disregard for thorough cutting edge research just added insult to injury. Even doing a little research into other people’s paleo/primal blogs would have given her enough in site not to write that post.
    Becoming paleo (primal we call it, for the same reasons as above) has been one of the greatest adventures of self discovery I have been on. It has re-shaped my body, my abilities, hobbies, and how I view food and the world around me. Already being in the fitness industry, it has set me on a path that will continue to add definition to the rest of my life/path. I agree with everything you have said Toad.
    P.S. What is she worried about not having cakes or cookies for? There are countless blogs like mine (and much nicer ones) with epic, delicious primal recipes available.

    • I don’t read much of her blog either. This post and the fact that I responded has me going back to her site to see if she posts anything else crazy. Nothing yet but I am sure something else is coming.

      Congrats on your success!

  20. WTF??!!! She is clearly misinformed!! Her post is so bad it’s almost a waste of time to respond. Sadly, people will read her “review” and take away from it the misconceptions about paleo.
    And how can she write about it if she never tried it? Do a 30 Paleo challenge and THEN tell us why it’s not for you. Chances are she’d feel so frigging awesome she’d never glance at bread again and replace her daughters cookies and ice cream with berries and bacon.
    Screw her!
    Great rebuttal!!!

    • Lol. I don’t think she has but how do you know that she has never tried a 30 day paleo challenge?

      Glad you mentioned her daughters cookies and ice cream 🙂

  21. Well put! And yes..this diet saves me money. I have sent my disease into remission on with this diet, and now live a healthy prescription free life. The drugs I was having to take to control my symptoms would have eventually led me to other drugs to control the symptoms they created, and the chain reaction continues. How lucky I control my health with good, solid, healthy food. And I look better to boot. 😀

    • That’s awesome! People don’t think about this at an early age. Its unfortunate but hopefully the truth about real food can spread far enough to where people at least just start eating more healthy to improve their health.

  22. I follow Cheese Slave, and I too love WAPF, but I was surprised by that post. I am by no means an expert, but one of the key things I picked up while reading Nourishing Traditions is that various cultures and people groups thrive on different food items. Then there are those of us who have severely damaged our bodies by consuming the SAD and need a change. I have to go gluten-free because my thyroid is now wonky, but I don’t want to eat all of the chemical junk found in many branded gluten-free goods. The more I’ve read about how to go naturally gluten-free, the more I’ve realized that grains likely contribute heavily to my gut inflammation issues, etc. Many exclusive WAPF would tell me just to soak/sprout my grains, but I do not have time to devote to that now, so what option do I have outside of elimination? Having the Primal/Paleo framework available to me is a blessing. I’m still figuring things out, but I’m so glad I don’t have to be all caveman about it and reinvent the wheel. *chuckle*

    • For whatever reason (money?) Cheeseslave is going to continue to defend grains. Soaking and sprouting may help but it does take a while to prepare. The meals I make are incredibly easy and simple. If i want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen then I definitely can!

      Grains, even vegetables, are not necessary for optimal health. There are other choices. Ann Marie knows this but seemed to dismiss this fact while she wrote her post.

  23. THANK YOU! I am a WAPF-lover, and I have had some hesitations about the premise behind Paleo, not the diet itself really. What I do have hesitations about is the kind of hate-mongering Cheeseslave has been promoting of late. Her whole post reminded me of a middle schooler calling someone names, thinking they sound “right,” but in fact have no basis for what they are saying, and are just slinging names at people.
    It stinks, because she didn’t always write that way. She’s always been passionate about her beliefs in food, but I didn’t notice a shift in her attitude/writing until she hooked up with Matt-whoever from the 180 blog. It’s not that I think their food choices are unhealthy, but their talk-down tone to others is so gross and off-putting.

    • Exactly!!! I see the same issue!!! She is a very intelligent woman. Very interesting and tried different things. Until Matt came along, and she just changed completely. I was so proud to hear the women on Balanced Bites promoting some of the principles of WAPF on their podcast and was sadly sorry for Ann Marie that she can’t seem to be as classy. Its sad.

      • Oh Diane and Liz are big WAPF lovers. I am too. It’s why I am taking classes to get my Wise Traditions certificate!

    • One of the things that bothered me is that she says this post is just why “SHE won’t go paleo.” She supposedly isn’t against anyone going paleo….to each his/her own. However in one of the comments, she called the paleo way of eating “ridiculous.” Just like the difference between saying that you are not a libertarian because of “x,y,z” and “Libertarianism is stupid.” She claims that she is doing the former, but she is really doing the latter. THAT is what bothers me. It wasn’t a benign post, which she is claiming it is. So anyway, just annoying. Especially since she had her blog linked up to Mark’s Daily Apple or some other paleo blog. Totally disrespecting a movement that has supported her.

  24. Thank you for a great post! I am a follower of the WAPF diet, but certainly take a lot of Paleo guidelines to heart as well. As you said, it is important to follow what your body thrives on. We minimize grains in our family, but consume all raw dairy. It works for us. Fermented food, meat, fruits/veggies and dairy in moderation is the bulk of our diet. I think it’s great these “diets” are becoming popular and bringing enlightenment to most people who never thought about their food and its effect on their health. Bashing a diet because you don’t want to do it especially if it’s health focused does a serious disservice. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify the paleo diet as many people misunderstand it.

  25. Great response, but really, some of her arguments are so ridiculous on their face that they hardly needed a response. (Who has room in their fridge to store all those fresh fruits and vegetables? That’s really a persuasive argument against Paleo?) I think the fundamental thing that most Americans have not accepted is food is important. It matters what you eat! I didn’t understand this until I tried Paleo for a a couple of months and felt like a completely different person. I strongly believe it will be mainstream within 10 years, and we will see an amazing resurgence of health. Get psyched to say “I told you so.” 🙂

    • I agree that it will go mainstream. It’s just about there. How will we know? What is mainstream to you?

  26. I just want to say nicely done. I am not very familiar with paleo though I am currently following gaps. This post was forwarded to me and you now have my interest. I receive Ann Marie’s emails, there was a time she had me hooked. I recall reading many posts she had written in regards to avoiding grain (even properly prepared) and why you should. Honestly once she launched her class and became all about grains again, I was disgusted. Not because of her choice to eat grains again but how she totally went from one side to the other practically overnight. And… And, started charging so darn much for it. She has another blog about blogging and I remember reading it at the beginning of the year it was a post about how to increase your net profit. As a cheeseslave reader I felt manipulated after reading that post and realized that for her its about the money. There is no doubt in my mind she loves food. However she isn’t really driven by what’s best, she knows what she’s doing. It’s all about the cash flow… Right now she is telling people what they want to hear so she will get more people to sign up for her “healthy grains or healthy bread” class. Anyway, I know this is way too long. I admire your taking her head on and you now have a new follower. Who know maybe we will switch to primal once I learn more about it. Thanks!!

    • It does seem as if that is her main motivation – to make as much money as she can. I won’t go any further though as I don’t really know.

      But flip flopping all the time is not good!

  27. Great job! Our PaleoLovers FB group had a bit of a discussion…I do believe this is her way of getting people to look at her blog. Ive followed her for awhile but lately her posts seem to be purposefully controversial.

  28. Great rebuttal! I was sad to read Ann Marie’s post. It IS misinformed and unnecessarily snarky and superior in tone.

  29. I just recently started Paleo after getting a giant slap-in-the-face with health problems that could have EASILY been avoided had I been taking better care of my body and chosen not to ignore the VERY obvious signs my body was giving me that it was incredibly intolerant to dairy and grains. And I have never been a terrible eater, I just never put much thought into it. Every point Ann Marie makes in her post is something someone new to Paleo thinks about. Your responses to each of these not only helps puts to a mind at ease, but gives us an easy “aw-ha!” moment. Paleo is the best choice I have made in years. I felt the difference within 24 hours, and slipped up once and IMMEDIATELY could feel it. If that isn’t proof enough that Paleo is the way to go, I don’t know what is. We have to take care of our bodies if we want our bodies to take care of us!

  30. Right on the money. Thanks for sharing this. It’s all about eating “REAL FOOD” and designing a nutritional protocol that serves you and your health and wellness goals. Great work!

  31. You know, I stumbled on her post when she posted an update on her Facebook page. I eat primarily low carb, and I also know a little bit about paleo and primal eating based on reading some paleo blogs. I don’t know A LOT but enough to know the difference between the two. I read her post and was really shocked to see the misinformation without some sort of fact checking first. Geesh.

  32. Sounds like someone’s a sugar addict, huh? Note the implied crabbiness of the article.

    • Lol. Yea she is known to be a little crabby I think. At least that is what I have heard from some folks in person!

  33. All I can say is it’s a good job I’m not on Twitter 😮
    Loved the rebuttal and although I’ve not read the whole twitterfest, I could see right through what she was trying to do.

  34. Come on, REALLY – there was no “hatred” in Ann Marie’s post??! Do we all have to be the same? She wrote the post her point of view with some humor- agree or disagree but to start out by stating there was “hatred” in her post?

    • El,

      Do you honestly think that Ann Marie was trying to be humorous? Do you honestly think that she did not mean what she was saying?

      Please explain if you do.

  35. Yikes. Hate is a word thrown around too often and your opening is a prime example. There was nothing “hateful” about Ann Marie’s article. You’ve just had too many gulps of the post-modernist zombie Kool-Aid. Just because someone disagrees with you it doesn’t mean they are hateful.

    • She is “hating” on the paleo lifestyle. Everything that it represents. And she is flawed in her reasons because her reasons are not true. She did not state any facts. Just false beliefs.

      I won’t call her any names but it was more than just a disagreement. Why steer folks away from a lifestyle that has changed millions of lives?

  36. “Reasons” 1-5 sound like she was going somewhere, at least in her own mind (certainly not mine!) Reasons 6-10 sound like she was running out of steam and needed filler. “Hmmm… um… all this cheese is fogging my brain…um… oh! I know! Paleo is… um.. is a FANTASY! Leprechauns and rainbows! Puppy dogs and unicorns!” (Reaches for more cheese…)

  37. I agree: that top 10 sounded like “Top 10 Paleo misconceptions” all the way! Your rebuttals were definitely on point. As someone who cannot function- not even “optimally function”- just plain FUNCTION! with any amount of gluten in my diet- I know I am not imagining these results. I haven’t read Anne Marie’s blog, because it sounds like she’s throwing a tantrum to get blog hits, much like a small belligerent child kicking and screaming for candy in a grocery store.

    It’s great that she has the ability to eat whatever she wants. There are repercussions for me. I lived with depression, recurrent infections, acne, constant congestion, and a brain that was constantly “fogged up” for more than 30 years! You can live with those things, true. But, if we’re going to talk about Paleo being expensive, how much does “quality of life” cost? Can we put a dollar amount on not being constantly hungry, and having energy to get through your day? I would contend that it’s not worth it to give all that up for a piece of toast. But that’s MY lifestyle.

    If she wants to generate hits and controversy, well, my guess is there’s no blogging equivalent of the Hippocratic Oath. It’s unfortunate, but she will get traffic- there will always be people looking for excuses to to the wrong thing. Because it’s “Easier”. Or “Cheaper”. Because googling, “Why I shouldn’t eat Paleo” is easier than having to actually change your ways and try it. I think the worst thing this appears to do is making “Paleo” look like crazy inflexible zealotry. I mean, those people are out there, but that’s like saying the entire Middle East is Al-Quaeda. It’s sad when something as simple as eating REAL food is seen as extremism.

  38. I have been changing my eating habits various times in my life and know that what you eat does make a difference in how you feel. For the past 6 months I have been converting to paleo and feel so much better. My neighbor had a birthday party for me and had the conventional cake and icecream and I couldn’t believe how bad I felt for about a 15 min period. I occasionally try some of the processed sweets and think that was not nearly as good as the apple, pecans and shredded coconut that I so enjoy along with all the other fruit when in season. I have been looking up some of your recipes and am eager to try them. I may err on the side of taking your humor to literally so I will have to clarify at times.
    ie something about terrible sweet potatoes.

    • My sweet potato post from a while back? I did get bad cramps from them but haven’t since….

    • Lol. Ann Marie had that photo as well so I decided to also add it. Fun pic.

  39. Man, if people enjoy grains and tolerate them with no ill effects, by all means, eat them! Paleo works and has made a world of difference for a lot of people and is a good way to introducing people to the real food world–people will come in paleo, some will find some WAPF things that work for them, and some WAPFers might try and go without grains or legumes for a time to see if it makes any difference to them, and they’ll be healthy and feel better and eat real/local/organic food– I guess I just see that the most important/emphasized aspects of both ways of eating are vastly similar, and the differences are just things that work better for individual people based on what they like to include, or what they decide to go without for the sake of better health.

    I totally respect Ann Marie’s reasons for not eating paleo, but jabs like “fad diet” were pretty unnecessary. Good post!

    • I respect people who decide not to eat this way but I don’t respect them when they say they don’t for falsed reasons. Ann Marie did this.

  40. Thank you. So glad someone put together a non-attacking, thoughtful, factual rebuttal to that blog post!! Kudos!

  41. I still don’t get why everyone is so bothered by what she said. She said it was the 10 reasons she personally didn’t eat a paleo diet.

    • It’s really the tone. She said that it was just about why she wouldn’t do it. But after a while, she started making it about the ridiculousness of paleo and not about her own feelings. She even called paleo “ridiculous” in a comment. So that becomes “the movement is stupid,” not “because I love grains.” See the difference?

  42. So, who defines paleo these days anyway, Jaminet, Kresser, Gegdaudas, Sisson, Cordain, you? Also, Paleo isn’t the only nutritional method that eschews grains and legumes. Why do so many people get so “butt hurt” over this shit? To me it shows how connected food is to our being and that speaks to how important it is to our lives and culture. You say paleo is not low-carb but there is a problem with that. It depends on the paleo blogger followers most favor, does it not? Nothing Ann Marie said was really wrong, but I do agree her tone was a bit inflammatory. I wouldn’t call her dessert ideas non-nutrient dense, she uses very nutrient-rich ingredients from most of what I’ve seen of her recipes. With an eye to the past we can choose existing foods that cohere with our physiology, but that doesn’t mean some of the recent adaptations aren’t useful. There are millions who may have problems with grains, so it’s important that they are “refined” as they had been in the past. Much of the “whole grain” dogma is a result of puritanism and modern dietary fallacies. Now, there are billions on the planet so the millions who do have trouble are unfortunate and hopefully Medicine will begin to recognize differences among populations and individuals regarding diet. Lastly, if you were born after 1950 you’ve had antibiotics, there was no escaping them. Peace, love, and food.

    • I wasn’t hurt. I just did not want people to be mislead. I want people to know the truth and Ann Marie did not spread the truth in her post.

      I sometimes hate labels like Paleo. But if we can learn that its a framework that everyone can work with then, well, that would just be super awesome and helpful for the world.

  43. I don’t understand people who define Paleo to include dairy. It seems really self-serving. Like, it’s not a paleo food, but I like to eat it, so I’m going to declare that it is acceptable to do so on the Paleo diet. Seems like what Ann Marie is doing is more honest, rejecting Paleo all together, rather than redefining to fit in the foods they want to eat, even when they’re clearly not foods from the Paleolithic times.

    • I think you would be surprised as to what is truly from the paleolithic time period and neolithic time period.

      Banana is neolithic for one.

  44. Please tell me of these $2 meals of which you speak! 🙂

    • Holly, while it can be expensive to eat healthy if you look for sales you can do a $2 meal. For example, Organic Free Range chicken breasts were on sale for $4.99 / lb (I stocked up!). The pack I used last nite was $4.20 I was able to get 4 servings out of that which is $1 of my meal. My local discount store had a 2 lb bag of organic broccoli for $2 which is 3 servings, so that was Roughly $.70 for that meal, and I got an organic cantaloupe at Whole Foods for $3 which I used about 1/6 of so that was roughly $.30-.40, so my whole meal was about $2. I look for deals and stock up as much as possible. Hope that helps.

    • At my local farmers market I can buy 1 pound of grass-fed beef liver for $2.30 per pound and 1 pound of grass-fed ground beef for $4.30 per lb.

      One pound of grass-fed ground beef is about 1000 calories. So, let’s assume one consumes one third of a pound for about 333 calories. Let’s also assume 2000 calories per day.

      A third of $4.30 is about $1.47. I can buy a banana that has about 127 calories for 19 cents. That is about 460 calories for $1.66. Why not add some of that liver and maybe a tablespoon of grass-fed butter? The total will come to just under $2, maybe a dime over.

      Eggs are 25 cents each for me at the farmers market. Let’s say 4 large eggs then for $1 and 2 tablespoons of butter for 25 cents (my cost at FM). That’s only $1.25 for about 480 calories. I could then consume a banana spinach smoothie for another 130 calories for a total of 610 calories and an extra $0.40 for only $1.65!

      It can be done in multiple ways. Eat odd foods like liver which is a multivitamin and it becomes even more easier.

      Make homemade broths and add veggies to that.

      Eat more fat overall like butter and coconut and ground beef!

  45. bravo, Toad! i followed Food Renegade’s link to CheeseSlave’s post out of curiosity, but when i read the section headers, i knew it would be BS, and left. you did a splendid job of debunking her nonsense … but it shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place. all of her points were (as a previous commenter said) more “paleo myth” than anything else.

    i consider my way of eating “paleo” simply because a great many “neolithic” foods are unhealthy for me — that’s all there is to it! why do some people feel they have a right to insult me because my body is older and less tolerant of toxins than theirs?

    • Glad you found this post! Kristen from Food Renegade linked to this post on facebook. She enjoyed the read while some of her readers did not although most did.

      I have no idea what the answer to that questions is 🙁

  46. SO glad you wrote this. I honestly think she wrote what she did to get views- it is absurdly ridiculous, unfounded, and defensive- she has to know that. Thanks for responding from a sane, educated, and open-minded place, unlike what Ann-Marie (and no, what Ann-Marie wrote wasn’t lighthearted or funny as some have said- it was simply unnecessary to write that blog at all- If she wanted to talk about the ways she disagrees with Paleo there are a lot better ways she could have done it)

  47. AMEN!!! My personal opinion is that Ann Marie is a close-minded idiot that should not be blogging about health and leading people astray. She obviously is trying to justfy her desire to eat grains, legumes and desserts. Too bad she has to try to sway the public to that same ignorant thinking…

  48. I stopped reading when I saw the browser loading and read, “Cheeseslave.” +50 points to this post, anyway.

  49. I am SO glad you wrote this response, it was very thorough in addressing all the absurd remarks she had. I read her original post a week or so ago when it was first circulating, and I didn’t finish reading it due to the silly commentary about how paleo meant we were hunting and foraging for breakfast – and how bad of a parent I am because I don’t feed my children CRAP food because they want it. I WISH my family knew about the health benefits of eating this way early on. As a current MS patient as well as a Hashimotos’ patient.. I am super picky about what I eat. I load up on bone broth (grass fed), butter, coconut oil and have sworn off grains and drastically reduced my sugar intake. As a result, I have lost 47lbs, haven’t had a single flare up in over a year and feel fabulous! My children are growing healthy and happy and well balanced. I do make them special treats (thanks to Paleo Parents Eat Like A Dinosaur cookbook!) and they don’t feel as if they are missing out on anything. My 9 year old sits and watches documentary’s on wheat and sugar, listens to pod casts with me and we discuss things. If he chooses to eat a reese’s peanut butter cup, that is his choice, but we discuss why it might not be the best option, but since it is only once in a great while – so be it. I can honestly say it has maybe been once in the past year he has even asked. I feel that as long as he is informed and we make the best choices we can 90% of the time, it works. He absolutely agrees that grains are off limits, so I am happy to see him requesting real food. We are lucky enough to have a great garden in our back yard, so fresh veggies have been a staple in this house this summer. I have started on my greenhouse – so with any luck we will have fresh veggies this winter too! – this never would have been a thought if I was not as fanatical about real food. I LOVE PALEO/PRIMAL!

    • Thanks for your response! It is really super awesome to read stories like yours. Hopefully folks will read your comment and become inspired to change not only their life but their families as well!

  50. I read her post and agreed with her position, but can see yours as well. The problem I have with both of your views is that they’re based on evolution. We didn’t evolve. We were created and not long after that creation, we were farming. Grains were part of that. Man didn’t exist for tens of thousnads of years before farming was figured out. There was no long period of hunting and gathering. God considers grain in plenty to be a blessing, and that’s all I need to know about it. If man would quit messing with the food supply, we’d all be a lot healthier and most could likely eat grains and dairy without issues.

    On a side note-you point out that fruits and veggies don’t have to be soaked or prepared in any way prior to eating, in support of the reason you choose not to eat grains. Don’t you have to prepare meat prior to eating it? And cheese?

    • You can actually technically eat raw meat. I wouldn’t because it would gross me out, but you can. The other thing is, it’s time consuming to soak and ferment grains whereas meat takes much less time. Cheese is not essential, and some who are in the paleo movement don’t do dairy, so it’s a non issue.

    • Julie said it well but I’ll comment on your 2nd paragraph.

      Meat is easier to prepare. With a fresh kill it can be eaten right away. I choose to eat it cooked. You could easily roast it over a fire right away. The preparation is extremely minimal. From the store, all you do is throw it in a ban or on the grill and bam!

      Fruits an be eaten as is and same with most veggies. Or you just cook them. Not much work at all.

      Grains are different on the other hand. Much more preparation needed. Would you be able to pick a grain and just cook it without any digestion trouble?

  51. LOVED your response (article), I completely agree. You do what works for you, everyone is different. When I read dessert (every night) I was aghast……after dinner if my kids are still hungry they can have some fruit or on a rare occasion some “homemade” frozen yogurt (with kefir). “Treats” are exactly that, a treat, and a once in a while thing. If you can teach your kids young to make healthy choices with their food I think they can turn into healthy adult eaters. My cousin recently introduced me to Paleo and it interests me especially being a professional chef, it challenges me…which I like, Thanks for the “response” it was truly deserved and needed!

    • I am going to be putting my kids on GAPS soon. I have to say that if I fed my youngest child creme brulee every night, her yeast issue would be over the top! Having that much sweetener, no matter what the source, is not good.

  52. Hi Todd,
    What can I say other than, bravo.
    Let me state honestly and sincerely before I get started. I don’t always agree with some of the stuff you put on facebook, sometimes I think it’s there to fan flames, get people talking, creating a conversation that sometimes isn’t required. Some of the statements are radical, but most importantly, harmless.
    That’s something I have come to appreciate about you, and the mission you are on. You care about informing but to those that want to be informed. You are fighting a good fight and importantly, a fight against ignorance.
    In the UK the paleo movement is slow, and in my native Italy, try telling someone you don’t eat pasta, (or more like, I only eat it twice a month). There is a lot of ignorance, and your post has shown that people who have a responsibility of informing are choosing that path over others when presenting anecdotal theory.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for the kind comment Gino! It’s greatly appreciated. This is by far my best post to date. The response has been unbelievable.

  53. I didn’t know she was one of those writers who publishes inflammatory things just to get attention or I would have skipped the article and taken you on faith that she was full of crap. That being said, about halfway through her ten reasons I was getting pissed. Write ANYTHING with a sneering, “I know better than you” attitude and some people will go along with whatever you say to avoid being the idiot the writer is talking about, whether or not that writer is completely full of shit. Thank you for writing this rebuttal, because I’m positive there are a ton of people out there who read her post and are dismissing what is a spectacularly healthy lifestyle. Her post is dishonest and harmful, and I’m really surprised anyone could write and publish such crap knowing it was false. At least now I have your post to link to instead of trying to explain why her post is bullcrap. If my personal experience isn’t enough to illustrate why, at least. I went paleo/primal about six months ago and don’t even look like the same person. My skin is glowing, my migraines are totally gone, I have more energy than I ever remember having, I lost weight, my memory is better, I have so much more spiritual awareness now, and I’m nicer and more enthusiastic because I feel so great! I used to hate exercising because it was too hard and uncomfortable, but now that I don’t feel foggy and achy (because of WHEAT) I love it and find myself eager to be outside running or do a good, long Pilates routine.

    • “and I’m really surprised anyone could write and publish such crap knowing it was false.”

      I am wondering if she thought what she wrote was false or not. I believe she things what she wrote is true. But, maybe not.

      That is awesome that paleo has helped you out that much. Keep it up and help spread the word!

  54. The hunter-gatherer life was actually MUCH easier than the sedentary life. Our workload has DRAMATICALLY increased since then. Honestly, this can be learned in any intro to anthropology class. Hate the misinformation. Thanks for the great post! 🙂

  55. You nailed it. Everything I had niggling in my mind as I read her post the other day you summed up nicely. I’m not Paleo, though by necessity moving closer to that (really, I’m *supposed* to be doing GAPS right now) But frankly, I just hate the labels. WHY TEH LABELS??//?/?? And the making of enemies and stirring of pots… GAH.

    Eat what your body needs/can tolerate: fresh as possible, local if you can, and in season, or properly fermented/preserved if not. Is that *really* so very difficult?

  56. Not sure anyone knows this or not but Ann Marie with “Cheeseslave” has a lot of health issues herself, and just recently she started on thyroid meds for a thyroid problem, not surprising that her thyroid problem developed after she started eating bread, cakes and carbs again 🙂 Things that make ya go hmmmmmm

    • @ riley’s mom says – How recent? What medications is she on? Are you sure her thyroid condition started AFTER she began eating, breads, cakes, and carbs again?
      Where did you find this information?

        • Thanks – I did some research to find the info for myself. The thing is it was in 2008 she first started blogging about thyroid. She took a raw thyroid supplement, she also did low carb ad GAPS for a time to help the situation and it did not help, so the thyroid supplement was not “after” she began allowing the carbs back in…it was before, during and after low carb. She says her temps are back up adding the carbs back in and thyroid symptoms are minimal.

          “On the left, I included my average temperature for May, 2008, just because I happened to have an old spreadsheet from when I was taking my temperature. I think around that time we were about a month into doing the GAPS Diet, and I was supplementing with iodine, dessicated adrenal gland, cod liver oil, etc.” Ann Marie

          I did Paleo/low carb for over a year, and I am one of those that cannot thrive on it, my husband does fine, but I crashed. She began reading about Matt Stone’s adding the carbs back….this is very interesting to me because my body reacted in the same way.
          I just feel she is on a journey like the rest of us looking for the optimal diet for her body.
          Thanks for the link, it was helpful.

          • She claimed she cured her chronic fatigue (ie: low thyroid) and her rheumatoid arthritis which is why I paid A LOT of money to take her cooking classes, it wasn’t until later that she admitted she was not well again and then finally admitted she was never well the entire time . . . the story has changed over the years.

    • No, she said that her thyroid went south after doing GAPS….too low carb, she says. So now she is following Matt Stone and upping everything in order to get her basal body temp up. Supposedly it’s working. Maybe she could’ve just done higher carb instead of piling on the grains. I guess if her body can handle it, then so be it.

      • This is what I wonder. It’s not grains that has helped her. It could be the carbs, maybe or more nutrition. She could have eaten more fruit and potatoes and probably would have been fine without the grains!

  57. My migraines have also gone as my those pesky coldsores since I Cut out grain, dariy and sugar. You can bet your life if I slip, they come hurtling back.

  58. Thank you for writing this! Bravo! I used to follow Cheeseslave too until I noticed things started to change. I feel it’s just her way of justifying eating grains again. Whatever it is, she is free to do whatever the hell she wants but her inflammatory posts are uncalled for. Don’t even give her any traffic by going into her blog. I definitely won’t.

    By the way, paleo saved my life. The proof is in the pudding. I am no longer diabetic, my colitis is better, asthma, allergies, no longer on steroids and pain pills for RA(rheumatoid arthritis). I’m too young to be suffering and I’m so glad I found the paleo way of life. Like you, I want to do the impossible! Good luck!

    • Inflammatory… exactly!

      And congrats on changing your life around! That is so awesome. Continue to spread the Paleo/Primal word so we can help more folks! People need to learn the truth!

  59. @riley’s mom – what year was this?
    My health journey is constantly changing, so I can get that, but then again, I’m not claiming that I healed myself, nor am I’m charging anyone for cooking classes.
    I read comments on her blog how others healed themselves adding more carbs, than on the other hand I reead comments on Paleo sites how others reversed this and that and lost lotsa lbs., but not me…still searching for my sweet spot. 🙂

    • About 12 to 15 months ago I guess, not sure the date. But she claimed she had healed all her ailments, that’s why I paid for the class, turns out she didn’t heal anything and yes I told her that carbs are what is making her thyroid act up again 🙂 Hadn’t heard her mention her thyroid in a while until she began eating carbs again.

  60. Fabulous post and rebuttal. The sad thing is many people don’t understand their ailments are not because they’re getting old, it’s from their food. When misinformation is put out there it hurts people and keeps them from finding the truth that would heal them. I’ve been on this journey for years and am finding that my common ailments are from grains, bloating, headaches, migraines, depression, bad PMS ask my hubby. Then there are a load of other things. Let me say I love cheese, used to make my own. But I feel much better without it and when you read stuff like calfs die if they’re removed from their mothers and are supplemented with pausterized milk, I changed my mind on consuming it. But there are those who would rather take an allergy pill and still eat what they want and stay ignorant about the real causes of their health issues. Robb Wolf’s book Paleo solution sums it all up. You get the science, knowledge and laugh. Seriously, the guy is amazing! Funny how people think paleo is expensive but will pay $4.00 for a coffee or $1.50 for a pop.

    • Right on! Robb Wolf is amazing and is doing a hell of a lot for this movement. He wrote an ebook on paleo budgeting. I can’t wait to finish reading it and writing a few posts that deal with budgeting.

  61. Awesome. I love this. I’m subscribing to you after reading this.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Halley! This was by far the best post I have ever written. I’d love to keep it up twice a week 🙂

  62. Hey, Toad! Hope you are considering going to the WAPF conference in November. There’s a growing number from the paleo/primal world that go and this year there’s some paleo-ish topics.

    • I was not considering it before but now it is a possibility. Thanks for letting me know about it! I love the WAPF as you learned from this article so it would be awesome to attend.

  63. This is a good piece of continuing education – and I love that you have a needed, yet balanced perspective – just eating wholesomeness, 80/20 for prevention, etc. Thank you for taking those four hours to spread truth. I recently posted on facebook: In case no one has told you, just because it is on the internet does not mean it is true. Sigh. Amazes me how many people “google” (new verb) something and think it is truth! Being a part of the wellness industry for over 30 years has provided many opportunities to observe lies that go viral. So…I, like you, often feel a need to throw water on a fire. And fire it is. I loved the comment above that she is inflaming and not informing…and she talks about wasting time?

    I would love to use your blog as a continuing education tool for connections that are doing their homework. May I have permission to delete the street language in it? My perspective – it cheapens the credibility a tad. Of course you will get the credit for the writing and contact info attached.

    • Thanks for the kind words Joy. Yes it is amazing that someone will read something and immediately assume that its the truth.

      What exactly do you mean delete it? Are you going to repost this on your blog or something? Go right ahead and do that or post it where you wish as long as you link back to the specific blog post. And feel free to delete the street language. I rarely use those terms but sometimes feel the need. You should check out the blog 🙂

  64. Wow, if you want to get your name out there on the web, dis Paleo!!! Lol. I’m new to Paleo and excited to be on the path. I’ve been on too many… Thank you. I look forward to reading more!

    • Haha yea dissing Paleo would do the trick. I have a post on veganism coming up but I will certainly be educating folks and not talking about false things.

  65. Toad, I love your blogs. I have finally realized that I need to eat this way due to my tested and diagnosed allergies to: ALL GRAINS and CORN and SOY, even RICE and MANY other things. For 3 years after my allergy tests I was in denial, eating rice, and gluten free rice bread and treats. I gained more and more weight and constantly felt like shit. Extreme lethargy, major skin problems, hives, cold sores, constipation, nausea, you name it, I had it, and every emergency room visit I was told I had the flu. It must be a virus making me ill. I had a light bulb moment a few weeks ago and stopped all grains completely and felt 100% better. Yesterday I made a major mistake by eating 5 fries from costco, my stomach and bowels felt horrible, I developed a crazy hive/cold sore on my eye lid and on my nose. Going for allergy tests again in a couple of weeks, because it has been 3 years. I know some people just feel better eating Primal, but for me it’s actually a necessity and I am thinking I have other relatives with the same allergies. I was a sickly kid and a sickly adult and constantly going up and down on the scale, now it seems like I am losing weight (hate weighing myself). I am thankful that my insane allergies aren’t just with me, and that people like you make me realize that I am really not missing out at all (on bread, cookies, cakes etc….). My friends and family all say “What! You’re allergic to ALL GRAINS! What CAN you EAT?” Surprisingly, I feel that there are PLENTY of things I can actually eat, but all the food I can eat is healthy, whole and not processed.

  66. Ohhhh….Ann Marie just got served…..some bacon!!!

  67. Love it….I got quite piffed when reading her post. I love that she got served. Since when is Paleo a fad diet? What about the shit load of ppl who went on it to feel better and heal their bodies? Ugh….

  68. Great post Toad!! Loved it. It really gets me irritated when people complain it is expensive. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX PEOPLE! Eat the weeds, hunt, grow your own, join a CSA, buy a side of beef from a farmer. It’s only expensive if you are ignorant or lazy

    • You can’t go around eating the weeds because you dont know what they’e been sprayed with. Even my own garden gets crappy weed killer mist from my dumb ass neighbors. Where’s there”s a will there’s a way, but it is diffiicult for some to save up the money for a side of beef or even find a place that will sell them a grass finished side of beef. And CSA can also be very expensive.

      • Finding local meat is pretty easy. Eatin weeds
        Is as easy as your local park. Stop making excuses. Head over to
        Also buying meat in bulk saves money. Eat sardines and canned tuna for awhile do. What u have to do. Just beacuae its hard you just keep doing crap that costs u more in the long run? Im not digging it. Find some people to split it with you

        Basically stop whining and figure out how to accomplish your goals. Don’t just says its too hard and put your head in the sand

  69. Awesome response! 2 things:

    1) After reading her blog (I came across it before you wrote this) I finished thinking she needed to title it “Reasons I don’t /want/ to eat Paleo”… since most of her arguments against this way of eating were personal and then seemed like she was looking for nit picky things to make it look like a horrible choice for everyone. One of your commenters mentioned they’d been on many paths, and now are on the Paleo one… i have too and one thing I’ve noticed from all the ‘branded’ diets out there: They all say to eat real food. If it’s got a single ingredient, then you’re golden… stray from that path and it gets twitchy. That’s Paleo/Primal/Real Food… you don’t have to worry that they snuck some freaky ingredient into your apple or sweet potato.

    2) The whole thing that people have been eating bread for 10K years… yep, they have, and it wasn’t monsanto altered, didn’t get processed with thyroid killing bromide, didn’t have the nutrients stripped from it and then synthetically put back in, was prepared from a variety of grains and fermented to heck because that’s the way they had to do it. It didn’t come in a plastic wrapper and it wasn’t 50-75% of the caloric intake.

    As you have said, we’ve become so disconnected from our food, we’ve forgotten how it’s really prepared. It’s time that we re-learn that skill and take charge of our health!

    • Very well said Stephanie. I agree with everything you have said. I do think Ann Marie eats homemade, sourdough bread that is not made from the wheat most folks eat today. It’s just funny to me how she elaborated on this reason.

    • I can’t believe you would tell someone to re-title a blog post that already has a 1st person pronoun in it because it’s too subjective, and then have the oversight to call her “nit picky.”

  70. your rebuttals to the Ann Marie’s article aren’t actually based on anything factual. But to be fair both you and Ann Marie both seem to be talking out of your arses. It’s like the blind leading the blind. If you stop eating a lot of junk food you’ll feel better no matter what ‘diet’ you’re following. I think you missed that point. Oh some of the longest living people are the Okinawans – they eat rice – a lot of it. The French are farily long lived as well – they eat cheese. The Italians eat grains and sweets – oh and they live fairly long as well.

      • So the right direction is only your direction? Maybe her direction is the right direction for some people.

        • We point people in the general same direction. I don’t have a specific direction as it depends on the individual. But Ann Marie was flawed
          in her reasons.

  71. It seems to me this is the weakest rebuttal of her reasoning possible. You actually acknowledge she is right about what Paleo really is but then say she is wrong because Paleo should be how you define it. What kind of logic is that?
    Paleo does demonize dairy and bread, which is why its a moronic system, so why are you trying to defend it like it doesn’t?

    Avoid grains? They are the foundation of civilization- real civilization as in cities and complex social societies which is why the hunting/gathering stopped when grains and animals were domesticated- everyone recognized a better system.

    Millions of people have trouble with gluten? Where is the support for that? Gluten intolerance is mostly based on anecdotal evidence not rigorous science. Besides when you add up all the supposed millions it still represents a tiny percentage of humanity- most people tolerate gluten just fine. Most people should be focused on avoiding overeating refined sugars- diabetes is a real health worry not “gluten intolerance.”

    Please tell me where you buy a $3 meal that is nutrient dense and calorie rich? Calories are necessary in case you forgot so just because you get a lot of vitamins and or minerals in a meal doesn’t mean it satisfies all nutritional needs.

    This whole blog has as many, if not more, faulty logic and reasoning than what it is supposedly refuting.

    • Then why do you read it? More importantly, why do you care so much?

      • I read it because it was recommended by someone whose opinion I value. Unfortunately I was sorely disappointed this time.

        You both should read this (as well as anyone else who agreed with this blog): It couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for you.

        It eloquently illustrates why I care so much. Ideas that lack basis in fact are detrimental to society. Ideas need to be carefully examined for TRUTH. So to answer your question above, Todd (notice I don’t resort to name calling- there is no need for that when you have actual evidence to support your beliefs), what I am doing to improve the health of the world is educate people about what makes for real health, fitness and nutrition. Not just spouting unsubstantiated beliefs.

    • Paleo doesn’t demonize dairy. Far from it.

      That’s all I have to say. You are coming across as an angry fool.
      What are you doing to improve the health of the world?

      • I read it, Dr. Noisewater, because it was recommended by someone whose opinion I value. Unfortunately I was sorely disappointed this time.

        You both should read this (as well as anyone else who agreed with this
        It couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for you.

        It eloquently illustrates why I care so much. Ideas that lack basis in
        fact are detrimental to society. Ideas need to be carefully examined for
        TRUTH. So to answer your question above, Todd (notice I don’t resort to
        name calling- there is no need for that when you have actual evidence
        to support your beliefs), what I am doing to improve the health of the
        world is educate people about what makes for real health, fitness and
        nutrition. Not just spouting unsubstantiated beliefs

        • I read some of that article. Are you telling me that eating animal fats are not healthy?

          I’m just not sure why you are arguing with me. You dont need grains for optimal health and you would probably do better without them.

          We do need animal fats. That’s biology. Science. Do you believe that the earth is round? Its science.

  72. Hell yeah, this post was right on the money! 🙂

  73. As this article was posted over a month ago who knows if you’ll actually see this but with that being said I enjoyed this. Personally, I would never “do Paleo” or “go vegan” but only because I don’t want to label myself as one thing or another. The thing I wanted to comment on was the cheese making you congested. I stopped drinking milk and eating cheese and ice cream and whatever other dairy by-products (though I still enjoy my greek yogurt) because it made me bloated and gassy. I recently started seeing a registered dietician because I was feeling tired throughout the day and my workouts (turns out I just wasn’t eating enough period). On the general questionaire I mentioned that I’m constantly congested as a just-in-case it’s food related and she told me that sinus reactions are generally not related whatsoever to the food you eat. I was just wondering where you got your facts or how you determined that the congestion you experience is indeed from the cheese?

    • Glad you enjoyed the read. All comments go to my email so I read them all and reply to most. 🙂

      I think this is the case because every time I eat cheese I get congested. I never ever get congested otherwise. Im not 100% certain cheese is the culprit but I’m confident enough to stay away from it.

      Take everything you read and hear with a grain of salt. Whether its from a homeless man or the worlds greatest doctor.

  74. If someone wants to write a post about how she’s not Paleo because she likes to eat cake, that’s fine. But I’m not going to pretend that that’s a persuasive reason for me (and others) to not eat Paleo.

  75. Very well written and argued. I started a low-carb, no grains/bread diet about three weeks ago and immediately felt better, then after doing some research decided the Paleo might be even better.; I am am now into my second week, training and working out harder with weights, and pushing myself in a way I never did before – with no ill effects. So regardless of arguments against, I shall go by how I respond to this change of lifestyle, although I totally agree that tweaking it to suit individual needs is vital as can never be a rule that fits everyone.

  76. Wow! thanks for that, I almost had a stroke reading her 10 misconceptions about Paleo. Feel better now!

  77. I was a big fan of hers until she had a venomous reaction to paleo. I couldn’t figure out why she just couldn’t let it go – no one was forcing it on her. Maybe she just didn’t want to give up some of her favorite foods. I think humans can be so ridiculous that way. So many would rather continue to feel like crap than give up a flavor. Such spoiled brats we can be sometimes.

    • She began to follow Matt Stone who I follow too. But I just disliked the way she presented her blog post because what she was saying was not true.

  78. I find it VERY interesting and frustrating that someone would think that a group of people finding a successful way to be healthier means they are trying to be “cool or better” than others.

  79. Great post! I just read it all and I agree with what you say 100%. And I think that is the problem with a lot of folks – being too strict and feeling the guilt when you eat not so healthy foods. I ate at Wholly Cow Burgers here in Austin, TX with a large Paleo crew and everyone ordered fries which were fried in Peanut Oil. This includes Diane Sanfilippo, Karen Pendegrass, Tony Kasandrinos, Michelle and Keith Norris…

    Then we ate grass-fed ice cream!

    Like you said… there is no such thing as perfection. I think stress (in its many forms) is the main culprit of all disease. If one can avoid the junk without stressing then that is a huge win but it’s unlikely to happen in every situation.

    And, again, I disliked the way Ann Marie presented Paleo to her readers so I felt that I needed to state the truth. I may need to do a follow up that is shorter.

  80. Hi Toad

    So many comments, great discussion. I didn’t have time to go through many comments so this point may have been raised already.

    Why are we focusing on an eating plan that is based on what humans ate hundreds of years ago?

    Weve got no way to prove or disprove everything that is hypothesized with the paleo diet.

    Why not base our eating habits on the Mediterranean diet, a current (still alive) population with low incidence of lifestyle disease. And they eat a lot of pasta and bread.

    OR even BETTER lets follow the diet of the Okinawans. People living in this region of Japan live the longest and healthiest lives of anyone in the entire world.

    They are still alive so we can actually see why this is, we dont have to hypothesize and speculate. You can just go there right now and see it for yourself. Put simply, what they eat, and how they live will make you live the longest ie be your healthiest self.

    And they eat a LOT of grains, especially rice. Noodles too.

    Toad I just dont understand the hype about the paleo diet. With real-life, current, clear evidence eg Okinawan people, how can grains such as rice be bad for me?

    • I’d love to have a conversation about this. Let me ask you: Have you ever heard of Dr. Weston A Price? What about The Weston A Price Foundation?

      • I know of the organisation but I do not know much about what they are advocating for?

        I heard they are anti-vego?

        • Yes they are anti-vegan. But Dr. Weston A Price who traveled around the world to various countries on 5 different continents was looking for a healthy vegetarian tribe but could not find one. You should check out the website.

          • His opinion was that grains are OK though? What’s your opinion on rice taking into account the Okinawans?

          • Well, many tribes ate grains but they soaked, sprouted, fermented, etc. This is way different then buying whole wheat bread from the grocery store or making pizza with the flour.

            I think white rice has it’s place for some people. It depends on a number of factors. When I eat at Moe’s or Chipotle I’m 100% ok with the rice.

  81. excellent article, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been antibiotic, artificial color, flavor, and preservative free for over 8yrs now. Quit drinking alcohol and corbonated everything 2-3yrs ago, and don’t eat Any bad oils or sugars. I also haven’t been sick or vomited in over 2-3 years. The duration and intensity if I do get sick is a fraction of what it used to be. I would say my diet is about 40% raw, no seafood or pork, very little dairy or eggs, and generally gluten free artisan breads in moderation. Its the healthiest I’ve ever been! I hear more and more about legumes, so im working on that next. My biggest problem is that I crave sweets!

    • If you crave sweets it’s a sign that you need to not ignore. Perhaps your body wants more carbs or wants the nutrients in the sweets that you crave. Why no seafood?

  82. Thanks for the post I found by accident. Thru her I found Matt stones books which I am interested in as both paleo and vegan diets didnt work for me. Work as in lose weight or feel better. I thought paleo was super restrictive, if I ever see another egg I will vomit. Expensive as well. Couldn’t get the stink of cooked meat out of my house for days until I stopped. Did it for 6 weeks and all I had to show for it was less money in bank, being bloated and tired.

    • T
      hanks for commenting Lori. I am now a HUGE fan of Matt Stone’s work. I’m not full on Paleo anymore and I definitely don’t restrict carbs although I never tried “low carb.” I just eat real food but don’t stress about being 100% since I don’t have complete control over my environment. I love my oatmeal now which is not “Paleo.” But it is real food.

  83. She beat me to it! I have never stated that I hate Paleo but I no longer say I am. I actually love Frank’s term neo-Paleo. or Paleoish. But there are so many benefits to “Paleo” and it’s done way more good than harm. If it was not for Mark Sisson, where the hell would we be?!

    I just read the post in full and did love it.

  84. I’ve been doing Paleo for about two weeks so I am definitely a newbie. What I can say is that my 2:00pm afternoon crash where I required an hour nap on the couch each day is long gone. I have more energy & less fatigue than before so this works for me.

  85. Great Post. Todd, I can’t thank you enough for including me in your Healthy Bundle blogger group, and bringing me into this Paleo-Friendly community. It happened at exact same time my husband went Primal and lost 15 pounds (5 to go). He met an old friend who went from fat, doughy to trim, fit and Primal, introducing him to this life style. We have embraced this and after reading your article and many of your responses to the comments, we are on same page as you. We both do boot camps with people much younger than ourselves, but we don’t come in last. A night ago we had a party and ate outside the plan and felt physically horrible. He is better at the 80/20, but as for me, I have to live 90/10 because I can feel an immediate difference in my well being after a few corn chips or a piece of bread. As far as sugar, I can’t even eat one bite. I feel the difference. However, I can eat any kind of fruit, beets, etc. I’m so excited to feature more and for paleo recipe, and to help others discover the joy of clean, whole food minus grains and beans. Ann Marie comes off as a hater. I’ve read a few very negative arguments against Paleo and I’m always surprised at the animosity towards this life style/diet plan. America is in serious trouble with obesity and poor health which is self-inflicted, culture inflicted and big business inflicted. I want to meet the people and see their food diaries when they say Paleo doesn’t work for them. There’s no way to not see a difference within a few weeks. I’ll stand by that. You continue to do what you do. You have such a positive and optimistic energy.

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    […] My Top 10 Reasons Why Your “Top 10 Reasons I’m Not Paleo” Are Flawed – Great breakdown of a truly stupid rant. First off, WAPF and Paleo/Primal shouldn’t be fighting. We’re all on the same team, trying to help modern people achieve improved health by looking to traditional lifestyle choices. We have so much more in common than we do different, there’s no need at all to be squabbling. Cheeseslave, however, seems to think that there’s something to be gained by writing a moronic, intellectually dishonest blog post complaining about paleo. I guess there is something to be gained: Blog hits. And if you don’t mind selling out the health of your readers to score cheap points, then I guess that’s a fair trade to make. if it sounds like I’m mad, it’s because I am. Anyone who takes anything more than a cursory glance at the paleo lifestyle knows it’s not about historical recreation, and that it’s a far more varied and dynamic diet than “Meat, meat and more meat”. Anyone who claims that paleo is about moving into the wilderness, or that paleo is necessarily low-carb simply hasn’t done any research and is fighting straw men. Anyway, Primal Toad does a great job tearing this post apart, and I’m glad he did. Idiocy like that of Cheeseslave’s post needs to be refuted, on principle. […]