17 Costco Food Staples to Buy Today & Tomorrow


The following is a short list of foods that may or may not be available at your Costco. Costco is a great place to shop if you are looking for a bargain. You may think you have to buy a lot of something but this is not always the case. If you buy processed food then this will be true more often. If you buy real, paleo food then it will be the case less often.

If you are a regular shopper at Costco and have items that you purchase frequently that are not listed below then please leave a comment saying what it is. I want people to become educated on what Costco has to offer. This will only help their efforts in living a paleo lifestyle.

1. Kalamata Olives

These come in a large jar and are salted. I usually throw a few handfuls on my big ass salads. Olives are full of monounsaturated fat. If you buy canned olives then please stop. Seek out your local Costco and ask an employee where the kalamata olives are!

2. Kerrygold Butter

This is butter that is created from grass-fed cows living in Ireland. Butter is a health food. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Use this butter to cook with or throw it on your veggies or potatoes. The cost is $5.99 per lb at our local Costco which is very reasonable since its pure fat. It used to come in sticks but is now available in a small 17 oz tub.

3. Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese

My body does not seem to tolerate cheese to well. However, I love the stuff. Kerrygold’s cheese comes from grass-fed cows and so I am ok consuming an oz at a time here and there (sometimes for a few days straight). It’s not raw. It’s pasteurized. Don’t let this stop you if you want some quality cheese. You decide if your body tolerates it. It’s worth the price for sure. I enjoy throwing a little in my big ass salads or enjoying it as a snack.

4. Organic Spinach

If you eat a lot of spinach then you want to buy organic. Why? Spinach is on this list. It’s a bad lists that lists the foods with the most pesticide residue. You’ll notice that all the foods on the dirty dozen have a thick skin or no skin at all. Spinach leaves are bound to be flooded with nasty pesticides unlike avocados or bananas. If you are a member at Costco then you can probably buy organic spinach for a reasonable price. I add spinach to smoothies and sometimes use it as a base for my salads.

5. Organic Spring Mix

This is great for a base for big ass salads. It comes in the same size container as spinach. You want to go organic because spring mix is full of greens which will always have more pesticides compared to foods with thick skins like avocados.

6. Avocados

Sure, these are coming from Chili or Mexico right now. Avocado is still awesome! They are best from California but its difficult for me to go a while without avocado. It’s one of the most versatile foods on the planet. It’s the perfect ingredient for smoothies and is necessarily for guacamole as you all know. Add it to salads, enjoy with eggs, eat it by itself as a snack, etc. If you don’t eat avocados regularly then you may want to start now!

7. Organic Eggs

I prefer local, pastured eggs from the farmers market. These are always best. I can buy 2 dozen organic eggs from Costco for $5.99 which is a very reasonable price. Sometimes, this just has to do.

8. Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Costco actually has decent olive oil! Cold pressed is key since too much heat oxidizes the polyunsaturated fats. Your Costco may not have cold pressed olive oil but mine does. Don’t cook with olive oil. Add it to big ass salads or drizzle over foods that are already cooked.

9. Frozen, Wild Fish (Mainly Salmon)

Costco carries a variety of frozen, wild seafood for reasonable prices. Salmon seems to be the cheapest unless you go for Coho Salmon which is richer in fats and thus omega 3 fatty acids. Be careful here though… buying Wild is not always best. It depends on where it is coming from. To learn more about the best sources of seafood and fish read many of Mark Sisson’s post on the subject including this one.

10. Wild Caught Alaskan Canned Salmon

The brand available at our local Costco is Bear & Wolf which is also available on Amazon here. I prefer fresh seafood that I cook myself but it’s nice to have canned salmon on hand when I am lazy but still want to enjoy a big ass salad. This tuna on Amazon is also a steal and cheaper. That tuna that I just linked to on Amazon may be available at your Costco too. I think I remember someone telling me this but I am not sure.

11. Balsamic Vinegar

I’m not sure on the quality of our balsamic vinegar but I don’t use it too often. I love it on salads but don’t use it on a daily basis. It’s always nice to have this product on hand if you are going to enjoy real food. If you see some at your Costco then consider giving it a shot. It tastes great!

12. Frozen Wild Blueberries

Yes, wild. Wild blueberries are smaller than your conventional variety. I prefer local blueberries that I pick myself here in Michigan. It’s easier to freeze but if they run out before coming in season again then I know I can just buy wild blueberries from Costco. Frozen berries are of course great for smoothies. Let them thaw out to eat them as a delicious snack. It’s hard to overeat blueberries.

13. Salsa

Nothing beats homemade salsa but you probably don’t want to make it every time to enjoy it. Salsa is awesome on eggs and of course goes well with a fajita or taco salad. The salsa that is available at your Costco probably has sugar… but how much? Probably only a gram or 2. Take a look at your ingredients and be smart but don’t stress. Stressing about the sugar or 1 poor ingredient in something that you don’t consume too often is more detrimental to your health then consuming it without worry.

14. Wine

Who doesn’t like wine? I am not a fan of beer. Slap me. I love wine. Costco carries a large variety. It will be hard to beat Costco’s prices unless you have a Trader Joe’s nearby.

15. Dark Chocolate Chips

I’m not a huge fan of these because, well, its difficult for me to eat a reasonable amount. I actually like to throw them on salads but am trying to stop consuming them. Someday soon. I think the cacao content is 60%. I prefer 99% but settle for 85% usually. Our Costco has only been carrying these for a few months. The brand is Ghiradelli. If you need to make something with chocolate chips then look for these at Costco.

16. Frozen mixed veggies

Do you think you don’t have time to cook fresh veggies? Buy frozen. Costco carries a wide variety of mixed veggies. Pick up a few bags and throw them in the microwave or heat them on the stove. It’s as easy as it gets. You have no excuses to eating healthy.

17. Fresh produce

Costco does carry fresh produce but the selection won’t be as pretty as your farmer’s market during peak season. Bananas, one of my favorite plant foods, are available year round. If you live in the midwest like I do then you may find yourself buying quite a bit of produce (like bananas) at Costco. A larger supermarket will too but Costco will usually carry the lower price.

What are your favorite foods from Costco? Let the world know by leaving a comment below. I’d love to here your thoughts on my list as well.

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I’m A Chocolate Addict. I’m Ready to Change.

Dark Chocolate

I just tossed 1.5 bars of Ghirardelli 86% Cacao into the trash. I literally did this about 2 minutes ago.


I’m addicted to chocolate.

I purchased 3 bars this past Wednesday. If I consumed 1 block per day then it would last me 24 days. Unfortunately, it’s been near impossible for me to ever follow through on this. I have failed over and over again.

When you continue to do the same thing over and over again without getting results then you need to change.

I was full after my dinner tonight but I still decided to eat 2 blocks of the dark chocolate bar.

Big mistake. I’m gassy and my gut is definitely off. The phytic acid or lectins or whatever is messing me up.

I now have to deal with the dark chocolate chips that are sitting in a glass jar in the kitchen. A jar that I walk by at least a dozen times every single day. It’s hard for me to not grab the lid and indulge in a handful or 2…

I’m addicted to chocolate. Perhaps sugar too.

Tonight I decided I am going to change. I’m sick of living the life I have lived during the first 2 months of February. I’ve done a whole lot of nothing to be honest. I won’t go into any more detail as I may later.

It’s time for a change.

I tossed my dark chocolate in the trash because I don’t want to consume it anymore. There are dozens of other things I want to change as well and I think I may have to take a small risk sooner rather than later.

Are you addicted to chocolate? Is there something that you need to change?

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Top Apps in 2012 for the Paleo Diet


Do you have an iPhone, Droid, Blackberry or other smart phone? I don’t. I can’t even check email on my phone. I guess this is one reason why I would be the last person in this world to write this post. This is why when Melanie contacted me via email about publishing this article on my blog I agreed. Let us know in the comment section what primal/paleo apps you use!

I’ll let her take it from here!


6 pieces of technology to satisfy your inner caveman

The Caveman Diet, also called the Paleo Diet, focuses on the theory that to attain optimal fitness, we should be looking to our ancestors and eat what the cavemen did. It’s true; as far as processed, sugar-laden foods, and fast food menus—cavemen had none of it. Instead, the Paleo Diet focuses on mostly lean meats, certain vegetables, and nuts for added muscle-building protein.

Members of the CrossFit exercise program adhere to the Paleo Diet in order to first, shed unwanted pounds, and second, to enhance muscular physique. CrossFit is a grueling exercise program that requires a serious nutrition plan, like Paleo, to fuel workouts.

Because we have a lot more on the go than our cavemen ancestors (no offense to the innovation of the wheel), present day Paleo Diet aficionados are able to turn to a variety of iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android apps downloaded on T-Mobile HTC Phones, and any other mobile devices, to keep your inner caveman happy…

1. Paleo Diet Recipes: A Cookbook for a Modern Paleolithic Diet ($3.99 – for iPhone)

A current day caveman diet follows many of the principals set forth by the Gluten Free Diet, the Dairy Free, and the Soy Free Diet (what proper caveman eats soy anyhow?). This means your diet will consist of mainly fresh lean meats, such as chicken, turkey, and fish, poultry, as well as certain fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, and seasoned with only natural herbs and from-the-earth spices. Many find it hard to abstain from grains, dairy, salt, refined sugar, and processed foods for the first few months. That’s where the Paleo Diet Recipes app comes in. Chalked full of delicious and nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus, you’ll find a smorgasbord of dessert, salad, and snack ideas as well.

2. Paleo Caveman Diet ($2.99 – for iPhone)

Body builders and athletes alike love the Paleo Diet because it helps burn body fat while building body muscle. Who can argue with hundreds of thousands of years of evolution of the human species? Just in case you get stuck, the Paleo Caveman Diet app offers a concise guide on what foods you can and can’t eat, but better than that, it explains why your body requires certain foods over others. This app also features a Weight Tracker tool that helps track body weight and daily meals via a daily food journal. And you’ll also have the support of thousands of fresh recipe ideas, a 24-7 discussion forum of other Paleo dieters, and a handy food planner that will keep you kosher with your hunter-gatherer ancestors.

3. Xercise ($3.99 – for BlackBerry)

Since many Paleo Dieters are also CrossFit exercise enthusiasts, why not download this BlackBerry app that will connect you to hundreds of demo videos for the most effective CrossFit exercises? Not only that, the Xercise app functions as a workout log that tracks your maximum lifting effort and personal records on speed and number of repetitions, a workout timer, as well as a tool that can export your workout logs from XML to your BlackBerry smart phone.

4. Workout Timer (Free – for BlackBerry)

Want a real challenge for your CrossFit workouts? Download this configurable count-down workout interval timer to help you improve the speed of your CrossFit Endurance, Navy Seals, and Special Tactics workouts. Keeping track when you’re sweaty, this timer comes preloaded with a Tabata workout that you can customize to your own time, rest, and repeat preferences.

5. Paleo Diet Shopping List ($2.00 – for Android)

When you first start a new diet, grocery shopping can be really confusing. The Paleo Diet Shopping List app takes the guess work out of grocery shopping and keeps you on track with your caveman ways. Just download the app and you’ll have instant access to a shopping list that includes every item you can eat via an easy-t0- use, customizable grocery shopping list.

6. PaleoGoGo ($4.00 – for Android)

Sometimes eating out is totally unavoidable even for cavemen. The PaleoGoGo app was created, providing instant access to over 2,000 caveman-approved meal options at over 300+ familiar U.S. restaurant chains. When eating out can’t be helped, you can count on PaleoGoGo to help you stay on track when you’re traveling, eating out with family and friends, or dining out for special occasions. Take the guesswork out of eating out with PaleoGoGo’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner options on the go. Plus, you can create a list of favorite restaurant items so you’re never caught in a primal pinch again.

Author bio: Melanie Gray is a writer for Andgeeks, a popular site that provides Android news, commentary, reviews and beginner Android tips for Droid newbies.

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