Eating “Junk Food” Won’t Kill You


Potato chips doused in soybean or corn oil does not scream health. However, sincerely enjoying those potato chips is a different story. If you love the taste, texture and smell of those potato chips, believe they are healthy (if they say “low fat” and you think this is “good”, etc.), chew that chip to a mush so your body has an easy time digesting it and don’t feel any guilt whatsoever while eating the chips then your ACTIONS and THOUGHTS are indeed screaming health.

What you eat is important. So is how you eat. And what you do with what you eat. Are you sitting on your ass all day or are you engaging in regular movement throughout the day? A modern day potato chip is likely more disease promoting to the individual who lives a sedentary lifestyle compared to the active individual.

Context matters. Always. No exceptions.

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How Important Is Our Attitude Towards Food?


Beef enchiladas. It’s whats for dinner.

The ground beef is 90/10 (a bit leaner than I prefer) and was purchased from Meijer – a regional supermarket. The beef is not 100% grass-fed but rather came from a cow that lived in a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO). It’s possible that the beef from the cow that I will be eating consumed a potato chip or chicken manure.

The sour cream is simple; cream and enzymes. However, it also came from a CAFO cow.

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When Oreo Cookies Are A Health Food


Is it possible that how we eat is more important than what we eat? Maybe, just maybe, pleasure is immensely important in deciding whether a food is healthy or not.

Consider the Oreo cookie.

Sawyer eats with joy

Sawyer eats Oreo cookies daily but enjoys every moment of the eating process. While eating, Sawyer is in the moment and appreciates the art that went into creating such a delectable food. He eats them alone or with people without feeling any guilt. The pleasure is immense and he honestly doesn’t care what others think about his desire for Oreos. Sometimes he’ll eat only one. Sometimes he’ll eat 10. No matter, because Oreos provide a keen sense of joy for Sawyer.

Sawyer believes that what he eats is healthy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Subway sub or a grass-fed steak or an Oreo cookie. He has no major health issues and is a glowing picture of health.

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