2015 Badass New Years Resolutions

I'm a badass. You Are A Badass. Only if you believe it though. I'm not goal-oriented nor have I ever been intense about New Years Resolutions but I

Cheers to an Amazing 2015!

May 2015 be your best year yet! The year of 2014 was an epic rollercoaster for me that ended on a very high note. I've never been more excited for

Enjoy Showers For Inspiration

I just enjoyed a random hot 10 minute shower. Every time I take a non-rushed shower my mind goes crazy with insightful thoughts that I wish could be

Blueberry Coconut Coffee Smoothie

You are likely curious why anyone would create a smoothie with coffee, blueberries and coconut. Well, why not? With high quality coffee, this smoothie

Kids Desire Your Love More Than Things

A couple of days ago, thanks to Facebook, I came across a super touching video. It's quite simple and true. Kids don't desire toys as much as you