4 Week Coffee Fast

I used to never be a coffee drinker. For my first job at the age of 16, I worked at Bagel Beanery. After 3 years that included a year of being an assistant manager, I quit to have more time to sell Nintendo Wii’s on eBay.

I hated coffee at the time. The smell was delicious but the taste was bland.

Fast forward a few years and I decided to like coffee. Then I loved it. I especially loved Kona coffee. I mean, I did recently live in Hawaii from the first day of Fall to just past the first day of Spring just recently. And so I drank a cup nearly daily. I’d sometimes drink some at 3 pm in the afternoon if I felt tired.

For 80% of the days for the past 2 years, If I were to enjoy coffee it would be 12 ounces of less. So nothing extreme by any means.

But I’ve also had this itch to give it up for nearly the past year. And so I went 8 days without a sip of coffee in February of this year. And this was while I was still sleeping in Hawaii. I then recently went one week without a sip of coffee while in Austin for PaleoFX.

I’ve enjoyed coffee for about the past 9 days straight.

And now I’m done. I don’t really rely on it for energy. It’s more for the taste and enjoyment and what it signifies for me – slow down and smell the amazing aromas of life.

But I also love tea, especially herbal tea like mint and ginger.

I will go a bare minimum of 4 weeks without a single sip of coffee which means the rest of May.

Just a few minutes ago I had a throbbing headache that was pounding in my brain. I like so hated it. I did not get much sleep for the past 2 nights and so drinking coffee on top of that doesn’t serve me well.

I’m ok drinking some black tea although my personal preference is mint herbal tea simply due to taste.

Perhaps you’ll join me.

Cheers to a coffee free rest of May!

Eating “Junk Food” Won’t Kill You


Potato chips doused in soybean or corn oil does not scream health. However, sincerely enjoying those potato chips is a different story. If you love the taste, texture and smell of those potato chips, believe they are healthy (if they say “low fat” and you think this is “good”, etc.), chew that chip to a mush so your body has an easy time digesting it and don’t feel any guilt whatsoever while eating the chips then your ACTIONS and THOUGHTS are indeed screaming health.

What you eat is important. So is how you eat. And what you do with what you eat. Are you sitting on your ass all day or are you engaging in regular movement throughout the day? A modern day potato chip is likely more disease promoting to the individual who lives a sedentary lifestyle compared to the active individual.

Context matters. Always. No exceptions.

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How Important Is Our Attitude Towards Food?


Beef enchiladas. It’s whats for dinner.

The ground beef is 90/10 (a bit leaner than I prefer) and was purchased from Meijer – a regional supermarket. The beef is not 100% grass-fed but rather came from a cow that lived in a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO). It’s possible that the beef from the cow that I will be eating consumed a potato chip or chicken manure.

The sour cream is simple; cream and enzymes. However, it also came from a CAFO cow.

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