The Best Way to Learn Is To Do


Take action. Shove your ass in the game. Get tackled. Get dunked on. Miss a 3 foot putt for birdie.

If all you do is watch from the sidelines or worse yet, from your couch, then your learning will be stagnant. You become the best at what you do by learning. It truly is that simple. No one can teach you better than you actually doing it.

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4 Week Coffee Fast

I used to never be a coffee drinker. For my first job at the age of 16, I worked at Bagel Beanery. After 3 years that included a year of being an assistant manager, I quit to have more time to sell Nintendo Wii’s on eBay.

I hated coffee at the time. The smell was delicious but the taste was bland.

Fast forward a few years and I decided to like coffee. Then I loved it. I especially loved Kona coffee. I mean, I did recently live in Hawaii from the first day of Fall to just past the first day of Spring just recently. And so I drank a cup nearly daily. I’d sometimes drink some at 3 pm in the afternoon if I felt tired.

For 80% of the days for the past 2 years, If I were to enjoy coffee it would be 12 ounces of less. So nothing extreme by any means.

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Love your family. Love your friends. Love strangers.

Broken BusProcrastination; we are all experts at it. I mean, we are human beings after all. When we set ourselves up to do a ridiculous challenge, especially in an environment that is not welcoming, the chances of a human being procrastinating is quite large.

Why do we procrastinate?

Our minds! We think unlike any other animal. And that’s amazing. I’m forever grateful.

But why the fear? If we procrastinate then we are likely to be afraid of whatever we are putting off. I put off writing this blog post. Why? I’m just typing what my mind is thinking. How difficult is this? Difficult enough to distract myself with Facebook for about 10 minutes.

But no matter. Here I am typing away for a second night in a row. I’m forming a habit.

What are your afraid of?

Do that.

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