How to Discover If Your Olive Oil Is Real Or Fake

Olive Oil

About 6 weeks ago I told you about a simple test that determines whether or not your olive oil is real. It turns out the test is not reliable.

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How do I know? Read this comment that was left on that blog post:

Okay….so I read this blog last night and thought…hey…I can find out some answers on this. I have some pure olive oil…and I know it is pure because the olives were picked by me from trees on my property. Once picked they were brought into the house, washed, crushed(in a meat grinder), mixed by my kitchen aide and then pressed by my new olive oil press.

So……I know it is pure.

I put it in the fridge last night…all night…it was in there for at least 12 hours and it is not even close to a solid. I also put my favorite brand of locally grown olive oil to see how it would rate and got the same results.

Maybe it depends on the type of olives you use to make the oil??? I’m not sure but I can tell you that my home pressed oil that I for sure know is pure is not solid at all.

We might need to do a little more research on this one. I live in Northern California….in the City where a majority of the olives come from. We have a few really great olive oil companies here. My two favorites are Lucero Olive oil and Pacific Farms(they are less than 2 miles from my house)!! Great olive oil that you can sip and is peppery and delicious!!

She makes her own olive oil from her own olives that she grows. It’s 100% pure. I’ll trust her. However, the test failed for her.

What test?

In the previous post I stated that 100% pure olive oil would turn solid in your refrigerator. I made this attempt with Kirkland Signature olive oil from Costco and it failed. I did it with another olive oil I purchased at Whole Foods and it failed. So I assumed that these olive oils were not 100% pure. It turns out I may never know for sure.

What is the takeaway?

Don’t freak out about your olive oil not turning solid in your refrigerator. It’s not a legitimate test. I was skeptical about it myself and this comment confirms it. I learned this trick from Sally Fallon. I’ll send her an email about it and if she replies back with any valuable information then I’ll add an update.

How do you know if your olive oil is real?

Taste it. Take a swig yourself. Compare it to others. It should have a peppery bite and be smooth. If you don’t like the taste then spit it out and don’t buy it ever again. Call the producer and ask any question you can think of. Find out how it is made and produced.

If you buy your olive oil from a local farmer in California or other state or country that grows olives, then it will be easier to learn for sure if it is pure olive oil or not.

Or, grow them yourself if you can.

Sources of 100% Pure, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The best olive oil that I know of is Kasandrinos. Hands down. I’m friends with the owners and will likely be going to Greece to see the olive oil trees myself. If you buy a different company, try and connect with the owners. It’s a good sign if they make it easy like Kasandrinos.

Click here to buy real, pure olive oil from Kasandrinos and use discount code toad at checkout for 10% off.

Also, I have this neat 2012 Shopping Guide from the Weston A Price Foundation. I received it because I am a member which you definitely should be too! On page 20 I found 19 different companies that sell Olive Oil. I trust the WAPF to recommend only olive oil that is 100% pure.

Where available, I have provided a link to the product on Amazon or the brand’s website.

They are all organic and extra virgin. The phone number is in parenthesis.

And, Frantoia Olive Oil is not listed in this shopping guide provided by the WAPF but it has crazy reviews on Amazon. Out of 27 reviews, 27 are 5 stars…

You may also want to check out the California Olive Oil Council.

I think I’ll be spending some time on The Olive Oil Source website learning all about olives and olive oil. Why not?

Where do you buy your olive oil? From what farm or store? What brand is it? Do you know if it is 100% pure? How does it taste? Brag about it by leaving a comment so others, like myself, can be jealous. 

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  2. […] The fridge test will not always be 100% accurate.  The region where the olives originate may play a part in the percentage of monounsaturated content.  It is generally accepted that cooler regions (e.g. Tuscany) will yield oil with higher oleic acid than warmer climates. That is, a cool region olive oil may be more monounsaturated in content than a warm region oil.  (source)  This could explain why one “pure” olive oil would solidify while another wouldn’t (as in the reader’s comment noted in this article). […]