Raw Healthy Snack Food: Are Larabars Paleo?


What do you think – are Larabars primal? If you have never heard of them then I strongly recommend you browse Larabars on amazon. They carry all flavors and most of them run for a very fair price. I discovered them a few months ago and enjoy them every now and then. They are somewhat high-carb, but are extremely convenient and made of raw, primal ingredients. The main ingredient in the majority of Larabars are dates which increases the carbs.

However, many of us primal people enjoy carbs once in a while. We enjoy working hard whether it’s running long distances, biking 100 miles, taking a long hike or whatever. There are plenty of situations that would warrant us to have more carbs than we would in a typical day. Plus, it is best to not count carbs unless you absolutely have to. Just eat primal foods and you will be all set.

In my personal opinion, Larabars are primal. Click here to buy them on Amazon.

Eating one every day might not be the best option, especially if you are trying to lose weight. But enjoying one or two a week is perfectly ok. They are extremely convenient and are full of nutrition. Don’t dismiss something just because it is high carb. It’s not high enough to where it will cause you to overeat them and thus gain weight. It is low in protein, but more than half the calories are from fat in most flavors.

I Have Tried The Following Flavors…

  • Ginger Snap
  • Cherry Pie
  • Key Lime Pie

I don’t have a personal favorite yet as the flavors blend really well in each one. If you buy Larabars on amazon and sign up to subscribe and save which is free, then the total price will come in at around $1.15 per bar depending on what flavors you buy.

Do this

Recently my sisters , one of their boyfriends and I put our money together and purchased 4 different flavors. They come in a box of 16. It is smart to split it with 2-4 people so  you can try different flavors instead of having a large quantity of let’s say Cherry Pies that will last you a while if you happen to be primal.

We each picked our own flavor and then just split them up. I am a member of amazon prime so they came within 2 days of ordering them. We purchased Key Lime Pie, Pecan Pie, Lemon Bar and Cinnamon Roll. I have tried the Key Lime Pie but not the other 3.

I decided to make a video of myself trying the other 3 flavors so you can get a good sense of what these things are truly all about…

Do you think Larabars qualify as a primal food? Have you ever had a Larabar? If so, what are your favorite flavors?

Click here to buy Larabars on Amazon.

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