Raw Healthy Snack Food: Are Larabars Paleo?


What do you think – are Larabars primal? If you have never heard of them then I strongly recommend you browse Larabars on amazon. They carry all flavors and most of them run for a very fair price. I discovered them a few months ago and enjoy them every now and then. They are somewhat high-carb, but are extremely convenient and made of raw, primal ingredients. The main ingredient in the majority of Larabars are dates which increases the carbs.

However, many of us primal people enjoy carbs once in a while. We enjoy working hard whether it’s running long distances, biking 100 miles, taking a long hike or whatever. There are plenty of situations that would warrant us to have more carbs than we would in a typical day. Plus, it is best to not count carbs unless you absolutely have to. Just eat primal foods and you will be all set.

In my personal opinion, Larabars are primal. Click here to buy them on Amazon.

Eating one every day might not be the best option, especially if you are trying to lose weight. But enjoying one or two a week is perfectly ok. They are extremely convenient and are full of nutrition. Don’t dismiss something just because it is high carb. It’s not high enough to where it will cause you to overeat them and thus gain weight. It is low in protein, but more than half the calories are from fat in most flavors.

I Have Tried The Following Flavors…

  • Ginger Snap
  • Cherry Pie
  • Key Lime Pie

I don’t have a personal favorite yet as the flavors blend really well in each one. If you buy Larabars on amazon and sign up to subscribe and save which is free, then the total price will come in at around $1.15 per bar depending on what flavors you buy.

Do this

Recently my sisters , one of their boyfriends and I put our money together and purchased 4 different flavors. They come in a box of 16. It is smart to split it with 2-4 people so  you can try different flavors instead of having a large quantity of let’s say Cherry Pies that will last you a while if you happen to be primal.

We each picked our own flavor and then just split them up. I am a member of amazon prime so they came within 2 days of ordering them. We purchased Key Lime Pie, Pecan Pie, Lemon Bar and Cinnamon Roll. I have tried the Key Lime Pie but not the other 3.

I decided to make a video of myself trying the other 3 flavors so you can get a good sense of what these things are truly all about…

Do you think Larabars qualify as a primal food? Have you ever had a Larabar? If so, what are your favorite flavors?

Click here to buy Larabars on Amazon.

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  1. says

    While I don’t eat strictly primal, I do like Larabars as an occasional treat. They’re very expensive, so I don’t buy them often, but I’ll sometimes pick one up at the store to eat after shopping if we don’t have lunch planned. I find that I can deal with sugar better if I eat it with plenty of fat, so Larabars are a good blend of fruits and nuts. I like the Cashew Cookie and the Coconut Cream Pie.

    I’ve also made my own bars with almonds and dried apricots, which was delicious.

    • says

      They might be expensive in the store at around $1.75 or so, right? But, if you buy them by box on Amazon they run for around $1.20 or less, depending on the flavor you buy. That makes it very cheap. You get 16 in a box but usually you an find friends or family that want to go in on the deal too.

      I have not tried the coconut cream pie and the cashew cookie… I will have to try them both next! And, I enjoy making my own bars too. Its just too much sometimes. Larabars have the incredible convenience.

  2. says

    Larabars are fine in my opinion. A lot of sugar though, so I agree about limiting them.

    Coconut cream pie is excellent – tastes less sweet then most of the others.

    Kids love the peanut butter and jelly one – it does taste pretty good. Yeah, peanuts are primal but whatever. That is small stuff in my opinion.

    The jocolat chocolate mint is fantastic.

    • says

      My sister did not like the coconut cream pie…. but everyone else loves it. I love coconut so I am sure I will love it. It’s the next flavor I will be buying!

      Yea, I have a thing for peanuts too. They are not primal but I ate a lot of peanuts before going primal. But, they are a highly allergenic food. So, I enjoy them once in a while… 80/20 Rule!!!!

      I have not tried any of the jocolat… I will have to do so soon!

      • Julie says

        My husband loves these! Sometimes they are 1.00 at Meijer…he is particular to PB cookie, cherry and apple pie, and banana bread. They are too carby for me…I might try one eventually :) They smell good! Love the fact that there are only a few ingredients…..cant beat that.

        • says

          My sister finds them at $1 at Meijer too once in a while. Yea, they are carby, but worth it once in a while when you need the convenience. Having only a few ingredients is a HUGE plus!

    • says

      I completely agree with Mark. And he mentioned my three favorite ones! (Cherry Pie is awesome too! Come to think of it, I have yet to find one that I didn’t like!) I’ve got a couple at home, that I haven’t tried yet: Tropical Fruit, Cocoa Mole and Peanut Butter Cookie. I limit them due to the sugar. I especially like to take them when I travel to help with my sweet tooth. One way to combat the sugar rush is top the bar with coconut oil, the fat helps keep some of the spike at bay.

      • says

        Oh! That is actually a fantastic idea!! Spreading coconut oil on the larabars… I am going to have to try that soon!

  3. says

    They are full of sugar but, on the other hand, don’t have any nasty ingredients like gluten. I concur they’re primal/paleo but only good as an occasional treat. However, when I’m desperate for a snack, a Larabar sure beats a candy bar or something I might buy from a vending machine.

    • says

      Exactly! Definitely primal, but something to enjoy in moderation such as a sweet potato. Who knows… maybe grok would have found some dates and nuts, smashed them together, added some spices and thus enjoyed his own version of a larabar!!

      Perfect snacks when you need the convenience. I truly enjoy 1-2 a week at most which is perfect in my mind.

  4. says

    I beg to differ.

    they taste great but great nutrition is more than great taste. I would much prefer if they were homemade (so you can add in some goodies).

    great post.

    • says

      Yea, I enjoy homemade ones more as well. But, sometimes we all need the extra convenience. Enter larabars. And, although they may be high carb and low in protein, they are full of micronutrients. And, if you enjoy half of one then it is not too carby.

  5. says

    I never really enjoyed oatmeal bars or anything bar-ish. So I probably wouldn’t like these either. But it looks good if you like that sort of thing.

    • says

      You should still try one sometime when you have the opportunity. I think you would like them. I mean, they do have a lot of sugar because of the dates… but they are great in moderation.

  6. Jess says

    Mmm, I haven’t had the best experience with Larabars. I think they are primal. But I think they taste like feet.

      • Jess says

        Well, I don’t actually know what feet taste like. I just meant that the Larabar I had (I think a peanut butter cookie flavor?) was not very good. It tasted really processed and old. Maybe it was old? I’ll give them another shot….

        • says

          Please do give it another shot!

          I don’t eat a lot of peanuts… I recommend trying the Cinnamon Roll, Key Lime Pie, Pecan Pie, Ginger Snap, Lemon Bar flavors. I love them all and can’t wait to try Coconut Cream Pie.

    • says

      That flavor was great but is probably my least favorite of the 6 I have tried…

      Have you tried the coconut cream pie yet? I want it real bad.

    • says

      Uh what? I have never heard of bumble bars…

      I just searched them… way too many ingredients for me – too much unnatural sugar. I prefer fruit for sugar. And, they are much more expensive. Larabars are $1.20 per bar for many flavors!

      • cdnj says

        hey todd. thanks. id not compared the ingredients or price. id been introduced to bumble bars a couple years back as my wife requires gluten free. i find them delicious, however agree with you they are less primal (or perhaps not at all) than are the larabars. i will need to give the larabars a go!

        • says

          You’re welcome – I am just trying to help :)

          Yea, when I saw the long list of ingredients I decided they were not for me and not primal. But, they definitely sound better then a lot of other bars out there! So, you are taking baby steps which I strongly recommend!!

  7. says

    Hi Todd,
    great post and the bars look really interesting.
    I’m not really sure what the term ‘Primal’ means, I’m guessing it’s raw and natural foods.
    It sounds like you live a healthy life. Very cool.
    Stay well.
    Toni King

    • says

      Hi Tony,

      Yes, the bars are awesome actually. Now that Ben says he eats 1/2 bar every morning I think I might enjoy them more often. I am taking a 3 night camping trip for the 4th… I will have to bring a few with me. They are perfect for camping!

      Primal is also known as paleo, hunter-gatherer, caveman, etc. Its about living how our ancestors lived 10,000 years ago before agriculture. It’s all natural foods, but not 100% raw. But, I do eat about 50% or more of my food raw. I now love sushi, steam my veggies, eat a lot of salads and smoothies, and cook my cow medium.

      I can’t wait to dive into your site! Talk soon.

  8. Ben says

    TOOOTALLY Primal! Although it is a lot of fruit! I have 1/2 a bar in the morning with my breakfast to get some carbs for some quick energy. They’re convenient and tasty.

    • says

      Haha, I love it Ben. You are getting me to enjoy them more often instead of worrying about carbs. I keep forgetting that I have an incredibly fast metabolism and enjoy 5K to 10K runs… so I need more carbs then the “average” person. And, I am trying to gain weight… muscle that is. I will be finishing the pecan pie one with my lunch.

  9. Sandra Marshall says

    I found them on sale for a dollar a piece and bought all the flavors they had on stock. I think they are primal and delicious! Don’t eat them every day, but they make a great afternoon pick me up. I’ve been using them as a substitute for my usual potato chip or cookie fix! Much healthier even if they are over 100 calories!

    • says

      Yea, my sister sometimes finds them on sale for $1 too. But, they don’t have all the flavors available and its rare she finds the deal. So, that is when I look to my favorite retailer, amazon.

      I am glad to hear so many people like Larabars… I knew they were popular… but didn’t know this popular for it to start a long conversation on my blog.. I am enjoying it though :)

  10. says

    Totally Primal! It may be a lot of sugar but it is a far better choice to grab a Larabar than a Snickers while running errands.

  11. says

    Hey Toad!

    I’ve never tried those bars. Every bar type thing that I’ve tried – I always love them so much and end up eating them instead of regular food. Maybe these would be better since they are all natural and without sugar. I wouldn’t eat them all the time but maybe in a pinch they’re ok to have!

    • says

      I see where you are coming from. But, these are different. I suggest buying a pack if you want to try them, take a few out and put in the refrigerator then hide the rest of the box, lol. This way you are sure to not eat too many! Put maybe 2 in the refrigerator and make that your limit per week. Although I am sure your husband and kids would love them too…

      You said: “maybe these would be better since they are all natural and without sugar.” Yes, all natural and yes without ADDED sugar… there is kind of a lot of sugar in them… 15-25 grams per bar… but they are all in the dates. No added sugar. I enjoy half a bar at a time. This makes it low carb but can tie me over when I need/want the convenience.

    • says

      Uh….. what????

      They have NEW flavors???? This is to awesome! And, did you say carrot cake??? You just made my life, lol :)

  12. says

    PrimalToad! Lookin’ more like Woolly Primal Toad today huh? haha…

    Larabars are ‘eh…alright’ as far as I’m concerned…I’m going to avoid them, but if I was driving cross country or something and was ill prepared I’d go for one of them over some other convenience store option…

    • says

      I like your response. If one is trying to lose weight then they should probably avoid them and only eat them when you really need one and it would be a healthier option then something else.

  13. says

    I do like the larabars, have used them for several years as an emergency snack in my purse especially when I travel. I do not eat them often just because of the carbs from the dates, but they are pretty good. I think pecan pie is my fav. I just watch for when they go on sale at some of my local food stores and stock up then. If we go on longer hikes more often I might test out the homemade recipes so I can make small servings for our trip.

  14. says

    Never touched one before and NEVER WILL… I do not believe in them AT ALL… and check out their sugar content and their LACK of fiber! No No in my book, but I guess each to their own?

    • says

      They have a lot of sugar, but its all from fruit. Dates are fruit. Do you eat fruit? Fruit is incredibly healthy and one can eat more of it during the summer months – grok had to of since it was simply more available. I use them more for convenience just like everyone else.

  15. says

    Hey Toad,

    They sound good, but do you have any links or recipes for homemade bars? Part of the joy of my transition to Primal has been making my own foods. My latest attempt was almond meal bread, and it was awesome.

    Loving your blog!

  16. says

    Tried my first Larabar today after having had lunch and still feeling hungry. Yeah, they have a bit of sugar in ‘em. But I think that they’re Primal for the most part. I tried the Chocolate Chip Brownie ones and they were mighty good. Lots of real nuts and a bit of fruit with the dates. 31g of carbs per bar is a bit high, but if you’re eating truly Primal then that’s not a huge issue. I think this is a good occasional “kill off the hunger pangs” snack and it tastes really good. I got them for $1.49 at Kroger, a bit pricey but not much more than a big candy bar nowadays.

    Thanks for posting about these, nice to know there’s something we can grab that’s quick and easy.

    • says

      Hey Jamie!

      Glad you like them. They are definitely not an everyday type of food. But, like you said, they are a perfect convenient snack when you are on the go or don’t have time for something else. They are about 50% fat and are sweetened with the dates. I buy them in bulk on Amazon. Four flavors just arrived today and the average cost per par was only $1.09. I share them with my siblings.

  17. says

    If you buy them at Costco, they end up being around 88-89 cents a bar. I think the box is a three flavor variety pack though (6-8 bars of each), cherry pie, apple pie, and the peanut one. :\

    • says

      Yea, thats what you give up when you get them so cheap… Larabar and Costco agreed on a great deal – but you are missing out on the best flavors! Cocoa Mole, Coconut Cream Pie, Key Lime Pie and more!!

  18. Reba says

    Bought my first Larabars today at Sam’s Club. Got a box of 18 mixed flavors for $16.00. Thought that was a pretty good deal. Liked the fact that they have only fruit,nuts , and spices and nothing more. They taste really good, especially if you just need a little something sweet like I do after dinner. I do eat Primal and these are 100% fruit and nut bars.

    • says

      Yes, that is a great deal. But, you only get 3 flavors correct? When you buy them on Amazon you can purchase and flavor :)

      Yes, they are a great sweet “treat” when the urge strikes!

  19. says

    WHAAAaaaaaTT? NO WAY

    Lara Bars are WAY too sweet! Anybody that is training, and athlete, or has any weight to lose or maintain at all shouldn’t eat these. There are OTHER bars that have less sugar that are still Paleo 2.0 – I like Kind. They have more sugar than even I would want but much less than Lara Bars!

  20. Courtney says

    You can find them at WinCo for $.95 a bar, much better deal the grocery or natural foods stores! Chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite flavor!

  21. Courtney says

    You can find them at WinCo for $.95 a bar all the time, and I’ve even found a $1 off 4 coupon online multiple times, much better deal the grocery or natural foods stores! Chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite flavor!

  22. Susan Helfeld says

    I buy the mini ones at Target. They come in a box of 24 and are super handy for when I’m traveling and the minis are the perfect snack size.