Eating “Junk Food” Won’t Kill You


Potato chips doused in soybean or corn oil does not scream health. However, sincerely enjoying those potato chips is a different story. If you love the taste, texture and smell of those potato chips, believe they are healthy (if they say “low fat” and you think this is “good”, etc.), chew that chip to a mush so your body has an easy time digesting it and don’t feel any guilt whatsoever while eating the chips then your ACTIONS and THOUGHTS are indeed screaming health.

What you eat is important. So is how you eat. And what you do with what you eat. Are you sitting on your ass all day or are you engaging in regular movement throughout the day? A modern day potato chip is likely more disease promoting to the individual who lives a sedentary lifestyle compared to the active individual.

Context matters. Always. No exceptions.

I used to feel guilty after eating “junk food.” And guess what? I suffered through 2 winters binge eating. It was not pleasant. Luckily I managed this past winter, likely because I was crazy busy and then flew to Hawaii.

Did you know that you can fly to Hawaii for only $5? I did. More on that later.

It’s been a long time coming but today I no longer feel guilty after eating any edible food. This isn’t 100% but I’ve come a long way. It does not matter if I’m eating a carrot or a slice of I-have-123-ingredients-in-me cake. However, as you’ll see in the video below, I no longer crave many of the foods that I did before just because of my mindset.

I LOVE real food. I LOVE real food more than ever actually. Local food. Food that is sustainable. Fresh. Nourishing. But I’m not always surrounded by said food. And the food that I am usually surrounded by may not be the greatest option, but in the end, our body needs calories. It does not matter what the calories are, if you are consuming calories then you can live for many years. Many can eat a lot of junk food, then eat mostly real food and flip their crippling disease 180 degrees.

Human beings are incredible beings.

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  1. toadrocks says

    Hey Toad, why don’t you sell smoothie mixes in powder sachets? You could have great flavours with real ingredients. Coconut and banana, super greens etc.

  2. crossfit joe says

    Toad: so true about your video on junk food. I just started doing paleo, well not 100% more like 80%. I use to feel the same way after indulging in deserts and stuff. But now after watching that I am going to tell my self that is ok to indulge once in awhile.

  3. goldfish says

    Hey Toad, I’ve noticed that you seem much more together and level headed since your trip to Hawaii. What changed you? Secret girlfriend perhaps?

  4. paleoentrepeneur says

    Hey Toad, how big is your mail distribution list? I hear it’s one of the biggest paleo mailing lists around after Mark Sissons.

  5. Effie Mey says

    Thank you so much for writing this post! It’s so important to recognize that while there are some health benefits to the primal diet, there are also huge setbacks; it’s really not for everyone. I suffered with binge eating after attempting to go primal and it wasn’t until I welcomed a more moderate approach to eating that I found peace. We must recognize what we need as individuals. I blog about this and my journey, if anyone is interested.

  6. says

    Yes to all of this. I wish more people spoke out about how paleo “lifestyles” are really more like diets, and the negative impacts dieting has on our mental state. Dieting = bingeing, even if the diet is good intentioned, which I think paleo is. Our attitude towards food is so so so important, thanks for the reminder!

  7. says

    Hey Toad,
    I just stumbled upon your website and I think it’s great how you captured your personal experience and subsequent thoughts immediately afterwards on video so that the viewer can relate what you’re talking about to a specific memory or experience they’ve gone through. The psychology of food is incredibly important and disordered eating is prevalent in the Paleo community as well. Great message, keep up the good work!