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Toad's Alarming & Healing 36 Hour Experience With Hives


Do you suffer from hives?

I know exactly what you are going through.

Up until August 5, 2012 I went 8,835 days without hives (my entire life). Since August 5 I have seen hives come and go.

My first experience was beyond horrific as you can witness from the photo above. I know the feeling; the constant itch that literally feels like millions of mosquito bites.

Sunday evening: what the hell is that?!

I felt an unusual itch on my back on Sunday evening. I turned around while standing in front of my bathroom mirror to take a look. What a scary site! I had huge lumps on my back and was not sure what it was. For some reason “hives” came to mind even though I wasn’t exactly sure what hives were. At that point, I remembered that same day my hands and feet were unusually itchy, yet I never thought much about it (this is very key).

I decided to do some research that evening. I had LOTS of questions:

  • What are hives?
  • Is that what I have? Hives?
  • What causes hives?
  • How do I force the hives to go away?
  • How do I prevent hives from coming back?
  • Are hives an allergic reaction?
  • Did the hives come out of nowhere or was it a result of something I did?
  • Should I go to the emergency room?
  • Can I die from this?

That evening was not terrible. The hives had just really begun. It turns out that the itching on my hands and feet during the day was hives too. My back just began to itch that evening so I decided to rub on some Made On Lotion Bee Silk. This stuff is made out of 3 ingredients in the following order: beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter.


Monday morning: I’m so flipping itchy!!

It turns out that rubbing the Bee Silk lotion on my back only made my condition worse. I woke up Monday morning with massive lumps on my back. Not just my back though. I had lumps spreading all over my upper body. Why? What did I do? I rubbed Bee Silk all over my upper body.

Important note for hive sufferers: When you apply pressure to hives this spreads them. If you want, you are able to literally write your name on your arm if you have an extensive amount of histamine in your body (we will get back to histamine later). So, if you don’t want to manually spread your hives, then you absolutely must do your best to ignore them.

So at this point my entire upper body is covered in hives. I decide to take it easy and do hours of more research about hives. I listen to podcasts while walking around in our backyard with the sun shining down on me.

Why did I think the sun may help my hives? Because sitting in the intense sun for a couple hours that weekend completely healed my bee sting. I learned this did nothing for my hives. The sun did not improve my hives but instead kept me sane. When you are itching like crazy don’t stay indoors.

I discovered a foolproof treatment: Apple cider vinegar

The day went on and in the early afternoon I decided to fill 2 giant zip loc bags with ice. I laid on my stomach and placed the bags of ice on my back. This trick seemed to begin the decline of my hives.

Seemed is a keyword because it was hard to tell. The itching was definitely not as present but came back a short while after I removed the ice.

While researching home remedies for hives, the most common was a cool oatmeal bath. I mentioned this to my father who immediately tossed the idea into the trash because he did not want the drain clogged. Fair enough.

My amazing father then mentioned vinegar. I immediately thought: Apple cider vinegar!

Apple cider vinegar is what did it. I’m 100% certain that apple cider vinegar removed hives from my skin. I’m more certain about this fact than any other fact I’ve ever discovered. You’ll learn exactly why in a blog post next week.

For now, add some apple cider vinegar (ACV) to a paper towel and rub that over your hives. Feel the small itch/burn for a few moments. Look at your hives 20 minutes later. Do you see an improvement? Most likely you will. Wait a full hour before determining if ACV works for you. For me, my hives completely vanish every single time. It has yet to fail in the past 3 weeks.

Scroll up and look at my picture again. Apple cider vinegar removed all those hives from my body. Seriously!

I took no medication. I’m kind of against almost all medications. The only exceptions are if death is a possibility. You’ll learn a lot more about my thoughts on medication soon.

Join the discussion below and ask me for help

I want to know your experience with hives. If you are suffering from hives right now then say so. I know exactly what you are going through and I want to help you. I have no idea if apple cider vinegar will work on everyone but if it literally works 100% of the time on me then why not? It’s a strong possibility that is worth finding out.

I won’t tell you to get off any medication that you may be taking, but I am not afraid to recommend that you rub some apple cider vinegar on your hives. Take baby steps. If you have hives on your arms then start there and see what happens. You’ll find out within an hour if it works for you or not.

Also understand that in order to prevent hives from forming you need to remove histamine from your system. I’ll discuss this in another post. If you want help then feel free to email me. I want your suffering to end. You may want to check out this page with a list of histamine rich foods/substances right now.

What caused my hives? I’m not 100% certain but I have a grand idea. You’ll learn more about this in a post in September. Stay tuned!

Do you know someone that is suffering with hives? Do you think my personal experience and foolproof (for me) treatment can help them out? Please tell them about this post. Use the buttons below to share it on facebook, tweet it, pin it on pinterest and plus one it on google plus. Email it too.

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  1. Wow, that’s an impressive outbreak of hives. Glad the ACV cleared them up, thanks for the tip. Hope you figured out what was causing them though, that would be key, i’ll be interested to read your theory. I have never had hives but my 11 y.o. Son had them once on his upper body. We treated with antihistamine (would have preferred to use ACV if I’d known about it then) and never did work out what caused it.
    P.s I am new to your blog, I think I found it via MDA.

    • I have good ideas as to the causes which you will learn about soon if you keep reading my blog 🙂 I’ll post a hives essay every Tuesday I think for the next 2-4 weeks. When you son gets hives again do try ACV! It’s truly magic for me.

      Thousands discover my blog through MDA 🙂

      • I’ve had hives for nearly 4 months…every day I wake up with the welts. I have not eaten anything new, no new products have been introduced into my daily routine. Honestly NOTHING new to pinpoint the cause of my hives I was referred to an allergist after my Primary Care Physician gave up. The allergist kept prescribing one antihistamine after another, with no relief. He was suggesting some biomeds that would require monthly blood test to see the effects on my kidneys and liver. The Prednisone wasn’t stopping my hives, just lessening them…really strange because previous doses had eliminated them. I started looking on line and came across a web article that suggested fasting and apple cider vinegar to cleanse my system. I drank 2 Tablespoons in 8 ounces of water and for the first time since taking all the prescribed meds I woke up with minimal hives. Manageable hives. I have been drinking 2 Tablespoons of ACV straight for 2 days now and I am so thrilled to see fewer hives! I’m going to continue to drink ACV 2 times a day and track my progress. Seems so strange that so many people have hives…

      • Woke up with hives. Did some research and found your blog. I just ran to Whole Foods, bought it and put it all over the hives. They almost instantly dissipated and the first sting isn’t so bad. The down side is the smell but when you are itching so badly, you could care less about the smell. I also heard one should drink it (2 tablespoons in 8 oz of filtered water) 2x per day.

        • Thank you so much for sharing you experience. I sincerely appreciate it. It’s so wonderful to get feedback like this. I wish I could scream loud enough that everyone in the world heard about this treatment solution. It’s working for those that are trying it!

    • I definitely did not! Thankfully I read a little about ACV online, then my father mentioned it to me and I had some on hand! What a blessing.

  2. I am so happy you mentioned the itching hands. If I’ve eaten something unwittingly that I’m allergic to (meaning in incorporated into a dish without my realizing it’s in there) my palms become extremely itchy. Then my legs start itching until I’m itchy all over. I have not, thankfully, had the reaction that you experienced (which looked horrific btw, how ever did you stand it?). Thanks for the ACV recommendation. That’s great to know.

  3. That itching may be hives then or at least related to it! Give ACV a shot and let me know how it works for you. How did I stand it? Being outside in the sun while listening to podcasts helped a lot. And just realizing that if I apply pressure then it will get worse.

  4. Great Article!! I also get hives/rashes from time to time. So I will definitely try the apple cider vinegar! And thanks for the food list of histamine rich foods. I definitely eat a lot of sardines and canned tuna so might want to remove that. But I don’t know if I would drop fruits like it says on their list. I droped them before for a lot of months and no big difference. Can’t wait till your next acticle!

    • Do try it and let me know how it works for you! I think with fruit, the key is to not eat it way overripe. I did this with bananas!

  5. I’m definitely keeping this trick “in my back pocket”. Every now & then I’ll get a mystery outbreak ranging from rash to hives. I will certainly try this next time & report back 🙂

  6. I’m so glad to see you do a story on this. I’m 46 and have never had hives before. About 6 weeks ago they started. First it was these welt looking things on my abdomen that itched like crazy. Always started after eating dinner. Since it’s summer, I wrote it off as some kind of bug bite reaction. Then I started to get them on the inside of my wrist. Then my inside upper thigh area. I figured this was more than a bug bite reaction so I started looking at food. I thought I had it nailed down to dairy but I guess not. I’ll still get one sometimes after eating something I think is totally harmless. I’ve never broken out in a large area like you did, (which I’m thankful for because I wouldn’t have been as cool-headed as you), and the welt(s) only last about an hour and they’re gone. Looking forward to reading more from you on this subject.

    • So you are saying that you only get them after Dinner but they go away within an hour without you doing anything at all? Any chance that you only consume alcohol in the evening? All alcohol is histamine releasing…

      Another post is coming next week with further details on ACV. Then I’ll discuss why I think I got hives and how now they are completely non existent! And I’ll explain how to pinpoint what is causing it.

    • Hi Stella,
      I just posted my recent bout with hives or urticaria & how I discovered apple cider vinegar as remedy. It seems our case is similar excepth mine was severe.

  7. My son gets hives from certain foods and it gets scary/dangerous. I am surprised you lasted that long! I have the understanding that hives occur when your IgE levels (antibodies) are excessive because your immune system thinks there is something foreign or harmful in the body. You clearly ate or came across a certain thing that your body doesn’t like. I would go on a hunt to figure that out! Glad that the apple cider vinegar worked. It is a natural remedy we have used in non-threatening cases. However, once your body is exposed to a certain allergen and the body detects it – then next time in comes in contact with it the reaction becomes more severe. Please, find out what the hives are from or else apple cider vinegar might not do the trick.

    • Oh trust me, I have definitely been hunting! It’s been quite a challenge. Whenever I was certain it was this or that I would get hives again. I’ll be publishing a post in September discussing what may have caused my hives and why. And how to determine what causes an individuals hives. I have not had any over the past 4+ days. I always used ACV but this last time I forgot I had them and they just vanished! First time ever! And now I am hiveless 🙂

    • Hi Hannah,
      I just posted a narration of my recent bout with hives or urticaria & what I discovered might interest you for your son

  8. I get a reaction that looks like hives when ACV touches my skin 🙁 So this wouldn’t work for me. I don’t know if what I get are hives because they only occur occasionally and not anywhere near the severity that you had. If I eat something with vinegar (BBQ sauce, mustard, etc) or anything with cloves or cinnamon in it I get them on my face, neck and chest. It’s super attractive. How I get all the boys.

    Anyway they always go away within a few hours, it would be more of a problem if my reaction was anything like yours. Something that helps me when they get really itchy (like if I do an ACV rinse in my hair and it gets on my neck) is a mix of calcium bentonite clay with just plain water or maybe a tiny bit of coconut oil. I always have it mixed up and in the fridge so it’s nice and cold when I need it to draw anything out of my skin. If you use coconut oil it eliminates the itchy feeling when the clay starts to dry. I’m glad you found that ACV works for you though, that looked so uncomfortable!!

    • This is quite interesting. Are you 100% certain they are hives? And are you 100% certain that you get hives when ACV touches your skin? If you were to spread it on your arm then hives would appear?

      Thanks for that tip! The coconut oil for me just spread my hives around but I guess one cold use it after you get rid of the hives.

  9. I broke out in hives really early this morning and was trying to search for any natural remedies. I had remembered that you had come down with hives recently and suggested using ACV. Luckily I had a big bottle from Trader Joe’s (organic/unfiltered), poured a small amount on a paper towel, and rubbed it over my welts. Within 10 mins, itching was mostly gone and now, 2 hours later, no itching at all and my welts are almost gone 🙂
    I read through the rest of your hives experience and about the foods with histamines. Yikes! Yesterday, the histamine foods I had:
    breakfast: bananas, avocado (in my smoothie)
    Lunch at a restaurant: a small amount of bacon from my son’s BLT, seafood gumbo, mixed green salad
    Snacks: walnuts (WAPF-style)
    Dinner: red wine, a small piece of pumpkin quick bread (made from a mix our friends gave us as a gift)
    This morning I had banana and avocado in my green smoothie before reading your post… and had just made some crispy walnuts (WAPF-style) yesterday and just had them as a snack (hopefully WAPF-style makes them more digestible and less-likely to cause hives).
    Thanks so much for posting about this and other wonderful remedies!!! So excited about your walk around the states 🙂

    • Hey Emma! That’s awesome that ACV works for you! I made a shocking discover this past weekend… there is a perfect correlation between my hive breakouts and cold exposure. This includes water and wind. I’ll be publishing a post soon on my experience. I have yet to get to the bottom of this but my hives seem to have nothing to do with my diet (or it’s an indirect relationship).

  10. I used to get these hives as a teenager all over my body. Had allergy skin testing done, turns out MOLD was the culprit. I did not know then what I know now, but I got allergy shots for a long time and was on Seldane (now Allegra) However the shots did work and I was able to get off all allergy meds, but I wish I would’ve known more natural ways to help them back then.

    • Oh and the oatmeal baths always helped immensely for me and being in the cool water, anything hot like the sun would spread them like wildfire! Glad the sun helped for you though.

      • It turns out that I am allergic to the cold. I’ll be publishing an essay soon more about this. It’s called Cold Urticaria. The other day it was Sunny and 64 degrees but I had a small breakout.

  11. Nice to know that i’m not the only one. I got my first hives in November of 2011. I was absolutely terrified. I thought I had an std or something. haha. I have a few right now too. But during the summer, I started this diet and exercise regimen, and was eating very healthy. I think I made up for the lack of vegetables in my entire life. I then stopped getting them. And they came back yesterday. I have been studying for finals and eating HORRIBLY for the past month.
    I get them in between my thighs and around my ankles. The thighs I think because they rub together and my ankles when I wear sneakers and they’re tight around them.
    My hives can last up to twelve hours. I usually take an anti inflammatory and ibuprofen almost immediately, but I will try the vinegar.

    • So do you know what causes your hives? I found out that I have Cold Urticaria. It sounds like this is a possibility for you too. Yes, that means being allergic to the cold. Feel free to email me if you want to discuss further –

  12. im definitely going to try this!

    ive been suffering from hives and facial swelling for about a year and a half now. the only time it goes away is when they put me on steroids.
    i have been to 5 allergists, the ER, a dermatologist, my gyno, my general practioner, etc. and they all keep telling me different things and telling me i am allergic to something. or that it will always be like this because finding the cause may be impossible! please send positive thoughts my way in hopes that the ACV works!!! i am MISERABLE.

  13. Before I even read your post I tried the apple cider vinegar about a half hour ago…..tried it straight, then wondered if I should have diluted it… I rinsed it off after a few minutes. Then I googled “vinegar and hives” again and found your page. Even with that short term dose, they seem to be a little paler. I have been suffering from hives for a little over 3 months….treated with anti-histamines and prednisone which helped greatly. Now doc wants me to stop prednisone, which I did….but hives are back….just not as bad (yet). Mine are there in the morning….usually on forearms and legs…..warmth seems to cause mine….being under covers. By afternoon they are nearly faded…then start all over again the next morning. So, should I use the vinegar straight? 1/3 dilution? Should I rinse off? What did you do? Thanks

    • Are you constantly covered in hives then? I don’t dilute the ACV. I simply apply it to a paper towel and then gently rub on the area that has hives or that is red and itchy. It has never failed me. I think it may have prevented hives from coming the one time I tried it and I will be trying this again soon – applying ACV on my body before I go out in the cold or for a swim (or right after the swim), etc.

      I hope this helps. I have yet to take any drugs for it but I may try taking Benadryl on Thursday before I go for a swim just to see what it does for me if anything.

      • Thanks for your reply. Not constant. But I do wake up with them….this morning just on my legs. Not covered (like your back picture) but more than I like! Tops of my thighs and on my calves. Going in right now to apply the vinegar! I’m off the prednisone, but still on Allegra 180 and Zyrtec. I think they are beginning to get better because I am generally healthier…been taking daily walks and dropping a few pounds. May take a Benadryl (instead of Allegra 180) this a.m. because I think it works faster. I have dealt with allergies all of my life (and usually try not to think about them…..but having hives is hard to ignore! They are better…….

  14. Todd,
    suffered from severe URTICARIA or HIVES for several months, almost a year. I have consulted doctors specializing on allergies. I have suffered mild urticaria since I was
    very young that does not last longer than 30 minutes. But the attacks I suffered for several months last for hours and happens everyday.

    1. I was told it could have been triggered by almost anything like dust, molds, dander etc. but food is normally the cause.
    Unfortunately, anything I eat starts my hives especially at night. I limit my meals slowly to what I believe are not triggers until n the last 4 weeks I just eat rice, pork, beef & vegetable with only rock salt for seasoning. The attacks did not cease but continue everyday especially at dinner time. I was feeling desperate!

    2. Two weeks ago, I tried drinking green tea together with my meal. It helped a little because the severity of the HIVES attack in the form of lumps & angio edema was lessened but the discomfort is still there.

    3. I thought the green tea was the real remedy & the HIVES should disappear after sometime.
    4. Upon further analysis of what’s happening within my body, I was convinced that my my hives was being cause by some problems in my stomach. Angio edema is traceable to “LEAKY GUT” & my bowel
    movement has become more frequent during the day & I am producing a lot of abdominal gas or dispepsia.

    5. With said condition, I am convinced that I am not completely digesting my food intake & my doctor suggested I try a “proton
    pump inhibitor” medicines. It did help somewhat but I am not very happy with the result.
    6. I learned that if I am not completely digesting my food, then I m not producing stomach acid of sufficient volume & strength. If that is the case, it follows that the bacteria in my gut are proliferating at a rate that’s not good for me, the balance is not in favor of beneficial bacteria.

    7. With the information in my possession, I truly believe that I need to support my digestive system to be able to digest the food I eat & decrease the number of bacteria that are not beneficial in my gut.

    8. I then started searching for the stomach aid that I need to take. That’s when I came across Apple Cider Vinegar as a remedy
    for acid reflux & indigestion. True enough it worked immediately and the relief is almost instant. Its like a miracle happening to my body.

    9. Since a few days ago when I started taking Apple Cider diluted with tap water, my stomach gas (dyspepsia) diminished dramatically starting on the first day & completely disappeared. But more importantly, I have not had hives attack no matter what food I eat.

  15. I hope those suffering from urticaria or hives can learn something from my experience.

  16. I have suffered from hives for the past 6 months. The only trends that I noticed is that I get bad hives after.a night of drinking or after sexual intercourse. I also get angioedema. Nothing seems to work so I’m praying that ACV works. Thanks for posting your findings. God bless.

  17. Todd, What were your hives from? I think my sons, age 14 at the time, were from cat feces. One day fine the next day he looked like he had been whipped with the cat nine tales! I have picture and video. I would like to show everyone that needs help how bad they were. When I was looking to see if I could find pictures in 2008 – 2009, there were none. Your rash is as close to the one my son Nick had. No doctor or hospital could tell me what it was specifically or why. The blood tests that we asked for came back Immunoglobulin 461! Dermatophagoides pt (D1) IGE 1.37 and Farinae (D2) IGE 3.65. It has been a mystery since 2008. Where can I send the pictures? Thank you for your help

    • My hives kicked in immediately after the swelling of my bee sting went away. We are now 10 months later and that bee sting was no doubt the catalyst. I haven’t broken out in hives in a while but I still get a reaction from quick temperature changes which is always what caused them. It does seem as if my condition continues to get better but only time will tell for sure. What do you mean where can you send pictures?

      • Todd, Thank you for responding. I wanted to send pictures of my sons hives in full force because if there is someone else out there searching like I did for similarities of their rash. They were similar to yours but more curved, circular in some areas. It seemed as though he had snakes and worms under his skin!
        I also remember that he had gone to summer camp for 1 week around that time as well. I think he may have come home with ring worm. His skin seems like it always has hives but not red, not itchy, just not the same as before. Thanks, Heather

  18. You forgot to mention NOT TO USE Cider Vinegar if you’re ASPIRINE/SALICYLATE sensitive. As in this case it wold be the same effect as pouring gas into fire

  19. Well I have chronic hives and at my wits end. No medication is working and I’m starting to scratch in my sleep and now scaring myself. I have taken my first dose of acv and will take more when I go to bed. Please wish me luck. This is my last option before I decide I just have to live with it.

    • First dose? I never said to drink it. While this is not bad, I personally poured some on a paper towel and then rubbed it on the area that had hives. This has worked everytime for me so far. But, that does not mean that it will necessarily work for you. And I have cold urticaria so it may not work with other conditions. I personally have no idea. I only know that it has worked well for me.

  20. Thank you, Todd!!! I tried this early this morning while I was awake itching and suffering like I am every single night/morning from cholinergic hives. I applied the ACV like you did and I started to feel a difference almost instantly. It didn’t remove them all, but I only applied it to my troubled area. This area has become very sensitive and uncomfortable, but the ACV has been very soothing, which kind surprised me. Thanks again, I will keep using it.

    • Isn’t it amazing how you can feel it working immediately? It feels soothing as you said. I hope it keeps working for you!

  21. On Monday night I returned from the park and broke out in hives, I wasnt bitten by anything and Ive been to this park many times. I went to the ER lastnight scared that my throat would swell up, after 5 hours he told me my throat is good, go home and have benadryl. This morning I had an allegra 120 mg and mixed 2 tablespoons of ACV in a glass of water and it helped for hours I dint itch. Tonight my face feels abit itchy and red so Im having my 2nd glass of ACV. I will let you know how it goes… Ill also try applying alittle to my face and see what happens.

    • H
      ave you been applying it to your skin where the hives are now? I’d love to know if you have and if it’s working. I’ve never tried to drink ACV to help with hives.

  22. I broke out with hives 24 hours ago, all over front of thighs and arms, I applied ACV about 20 minutes ago and I am drinking diluted ACV, if this is going to work when should I start seeing a change (based on your experience?). About 5 days ago started taking allegra based on my doc’s instructions, clearly that did not seem to work, this the worst outbreak I have ever had. Any helpful comments appreciated.

  23. I broke out in hives Monday morning due to some new body wash and lotion– I’m almost positive of this because that’s the only thing new in my life and the hives have appeared where I “scrubbed” my body. The hives were so awful yesterday at work they let me take a longer lunch and I went and asked the pharmacist what to do, I’ve been taking Benadryl every 4 hours with little relief up to this point, he told me to go to the doctor and get a prednisone prescription. Thank goodness my doctor called it in, I suffered with allergies and hives my whole life so I knew this is what it was.This is my second night in a row with no sleep and the worst hives ever in my life!! They cover everywhere except my face– thank goodness! I knew it probably was the soap because if it was something I ate my throat would close off and my face would swell. Ever seen the movie Hitch you know what I’m talking about. So, I have been frantically researching everything possible. Found a site that says an Epsom salt bath would help. I tried baking soda bath- no help, tried oatmeal- no help and now I have a gross mess to clean out of my tub so probably good thing you didn’t do that- I did grind the oatmeal so it was finer. Anyway, I read that a very hot shower would help and some people said that that was the worst you could do but another person said that histamine will rush to your system and then go away and you’ll get some relief so I tried it and it felt so good! I figured I didn’t have much to lose at this point. I did try it on my arm first and found some relief and then jumped in. Just as hot a water as I could stand and for as long as there was hot water. Then I found your site- hallelujah! I should have known Bragg’s ACV would work earlier on in this nightmare and I had some in my cupboard this whole time. I just drank some- 2 tsp. to a cup of water is what it says and I also applied it to my areas on a towel like you suggested and finally feeling some relief– thank goodness! Maybe I can finally go get some sleep since it’s now two days without any. Drinking the ACV is effective because it neutralizes your body and helps put it back in balance. So, now with the prednisone pack, the Benadryl every 4 hours as the doctor recommended and drinking and applying the ACV I think maybe I won’t go insane. I know this is long but I felt I needed to post my experience because if it wasn’t for all you kind and good people out there posting about their experiences I wouldn’t have found help. So, if things are so bad and you can’t stand it you may want to discuss things with your doctor and find out the best method. I’m finding more and more doctors are supportive of natural methods of healing along with meds if you need them. I hope this helps someone out there and thank you to all you good people for posting your experiences. To the guy who said he thought vinegar was the culprit when he eats foods with cloves and cinnamon and vinegar I would almost bet it’s the cloves and/or the cinnamon and not the vinegar. I am allergic to cinnamon and that could be his issue as well and I know cloves are another thing that people are commonly allergic to. Just a thought. Thanks Todd and everyone. God bless!!!

  24. Hello, I have had hives for the past week. I would like to know if anyone knows how long do hives last, and how long did it took for your hives to go after using apple cider vinegar! Thank you.

  25. Hi… got hives just this morning. It started last night but I thought it was just some insect bites I got a good night sleep but when I woke up, I had eruptions if hives in my thighs and arms…I tried to find in the internet for some home remedies since the itch was sooooo unbearable… Read about your experience and tried ACV.. It’s now almost noon and itch is gone and eruptions are not as red and subsiding…
    This is the first time I had hives and wondering what might have caused it so I can avoid recurrence…

  26. Hello Todd, I am going to give this a go. I am 34 and am on day 6 of a massive flare up. The hives cover the left side of my entire body and my entire neck and face. I use baking soda and ACV as hair shampoo and conditioner already and am equally convincedthat ACV is a quality product. I have a photo diary of this awful event and will be sure to document the ACV progress. I will keep you posted. And thank you for your blog (in advance). 🙂

  27. Whoa, freaky hives! Never had any like THAT, but I do deal with constant eczema (can’t hardly remember a time when I didn’t have eczema) and, as of right now, a few hives (don’t know what triggered em tonight! I think too much natural fructose today from fruit/honey. My weakness, lol) Haven’t tried the acv, but I will keep it in mind. I actually did a little science experiment and dabbed some of my Earthpaste on one, and it seems to be improved (and do I detect a hint of minty freshness?) However, my forehead and chest are beginning to itch like ker-azy, so I may be doing an acv rubdown yet! Anyway, thanks heaps for the info. I just subscribed to your newsletter, but something went haywire, so we’ll see if it went through or not. Ciao!

  28. Just saw this post. (It amazes me this has still been reaching people & helping for 2 yrs!)
    I have (chronic) hives due to an allergic reaction to wheat, soy, some grasses and occasionally heat. I’ve upped my intake of immune system support: vitamin C, echinacea, a probiotic, oregeno oil, etc.
    Topically I have used Curel anti-itch but dont like all the chemicals! Ive started making my own topical ointment. I’ve been using vitamin E oil as well as Coconut Oil with peppermint. Tonight I’m mixing it all and adding in jojoba, we’ll see what happens.
    The peppermint reallys helps stop itching, & I’ve noticed it moisturizes my skin to the point everything inside the outline of the hive is soft instead of scaly; but the outline itself is the worst part. :/
    ACV has made me itch worse in the past but I might try it again.

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