2013 Epic Giveaway w/ PaleoFX 2013 Ticket & 29 Winners ($1122 Total Value)


Update: This giveaway is now over and all winners have been chosen.


Are you ready to win one of 29 awesome prizes? I did 2 epic giveaways in 2012 and am ready for the first one in 2013. This time I’m going to try something a little different…

There will be one winner for each prize. That means 29 winners!

This is no competition, so why not? Why not increase your chances of winning while still giving away awesome prizes? If I had the money, I’d buy everything within this giveaway. No wait, I’d not buy the first one since I will be speaking on the community panel at PaleoFX! Hopefully I’ll see you there.

Each bullet point is one prize except for where you see 5 copies of Toadally Primal Smoothies and 5 copies of Fat Profits and 5 1-year subscriptions to the online Paleo Living Magazine. These two books are a combined total of 10 prizes. Got it? Good.

The following is the list of prizes. To find out how to enter, scroll down below the prizes…

The $ amount in parentheses is the total value of the item. For the two entries with 5 copies of a book, it represents the total value.

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If you have any desire to attend PaleoFX this year but have not yet bought a ticket then, well, here’s your chance! I was not at the first one but I’ll be on the community panel this year. It’s going to be EPIC and I hope you will be able to join us!

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At this moment there is one discount code that I completely forgot to add. Sorry! Use discount code ‘TOAD’ to earn 10% off your CocoMoJoe order until January 14 (when the giveaway ends).

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There are two ways to enter the giveaway:

  1. Purchase the Toadally Primal Wellness Bundle anytime before 11:59 PM EST on January 14.
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You may do either or of the above. If you buy the bundle, you are automatically entered. If you don’t, you simply need to follow the instructions in the widget below. Simple!

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If you say you answered one of the three questions by leaving a comment below or purchased the Toadally Primal Wellness Bundle and win but then I find out that you did not then you will be automatically disqualified. No exceptions! :)

Important details

Please read these before entering the giveaway.

1. There will be 29 winners. One prize per winner. The first winner gets to choose his or her prize first. The second winner gets to then choose his or her prize and so on. Rafflecopter chooses the winners which is completely random.

2. Everyone around the world is eligible but if you live outside the continental United States then your choices will be limited to the ebooks unless you are willing to pay for shipping costs.

If you have any questions then please contact me. Good luck!

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  1. Ryan says

    Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance to win! Here’s my answer to one of the questions (#1)

    I discovered this lifestyle a little over a year ago while working with a friend of mine to finally get in shape and out of a previously sedentary life. He shared Robb Wolf’s book with me which lead me to continue educating myself and making positive changes. It’s a continual growth but I feel like a new person !

    Thanks again,

  2. says

    This is great. Thanks for the chance.

    I found the primal lifestyle after hearing an interview with Gary Taubes on an economics related blog. I started searching and found Mark’s Daily Apple which really changed my life. It was Nov of 2011 and by April of 2012, I was in better shape then I had been in since I was18 years old — and that was 30 years ago! I have a long way to go, but the ease with which I’ve gotten here still amazes me.

    You’re site is one of my regular visits! Thanks again.

  3. says

    What an amazing giveaway. I’d love a change to meet you in person! I found this lifestyle about 6 months ago. I was searching for a way to lose body fat and decided on doing just a month to see what happened. I was amazed at the results. It wasn’t even about losing weight. At almost 30, I have never been happier in my life. Happier with my body and mindset.

  4. Paul says

    Great giveaway! I discovered Primal/Paleo initially through Crossfit. I competed athletically in college, and was looking for an edge health-wise. Later on, I stumbled-upon MarksDailyApple, and have followed a primal lifestyle since.

  5. Julie w. says

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? I feel better eating Primal. I follow WPF principles which are similar to Primal. I like the clean, simple eating.

  6. Steph says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? I have had health issues (adrenal and thyroid) over the last few years and in my quest for improved health I came across Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple blog. I am still not able to do much exercise, but I do what I can…usually walking and lifting heavy weights. I have experienced significant health benefits and truly believe that this way of living is best for over all health. In addition to the health improvements I’ve also lost over 40 pounds, which was a nice side benefit.

  7. Melanie says

    Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?

    I absolutely LOVE food. My last thought before going to bed is, “what am I having for breakfast”. During breakfast, I prepare for lunch and dinner. I can discuss food ALL DAY LONG and surf pinterest, primal blogs, and other places for recipes and food discussions.

    With all the food and meal in my life, I have suffered with severe digestive issues and so have those around me (the smell). Nice huh? It seems I tried everything. I even went vegan for about 6 months and felt pretty good, but I missed animal protein. Nothing just made me feel good. Primal eating does.

    Primal fitness (I’m a HUGE Mark Sisson fan) is easy and fun. I weigh less than I did when I graduated from high school and I’m stronger than ever. I look and feel great, the way my genes intended.

  8. Joy says

    How did I learn how Primal lifestyle.. It was January 2010 and I was going to give up eating anything processed. In the month of January I had joined twitter and met Steve Cooksey who was I think 6 months into the Primal lifestyle and is a diabetic living a drug free by eating primal life.
    I was SO impressed by his results that I thought I would give it try.. Now it’s 3 years later and I Feel AMAZING..

  9. Sara says

    I discovered primal living through an elimination diet for my IBS. Good times. Still working on it.

  10. christopher sorel says

    I discovered primal living as gluten started to give me stomach issues and atkins was helping but way too much meat. Primal is better for me and easy to figure out

  11. says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?

    I don’t actually remember at this point. I was probably introduced to it when I first started Crossfitting 3 years ago.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?

    The anthropology and biochemical science both make sense to me and I feel my best when I’m eating a fairly strict paleo diet.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how?

    Primal = Paleo + optional dairy. Otherwise, no difference.

  12. says

    How did you discover Primal living?

    I found it following a 6 month period where I was following the conventional wisdom guidelines, combined with not eating enough in general. After feeling awful and losing too much weight, I came across Mark’s Daily Apple and was instantly intrigued. Mark, as well as Tom Naughton from Fat Head assured me the health benefits of saturated fat and convinced me to ditch the grains. I’ve felt great ever since (although I felt way worse on the 6 months of convetional wisdom starvation than I did eat the SAD before that time).

  13. Kevin Raymond says

    Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?

    After finding out about the paleo lifestyle through Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness, I decided to research a bit further into it through websites like Sean’s, Mark Sisson’s, Robb Wolf, Gary Taubes, etc.. Since finding out about the paleo/primal lifestyle I have researched many other forms of eating from Ayurvedic, Macrobiotics, Vegetarianism and nothing has made more sense, to me, than the paleo/primal way of living. I do not look at it as a diet, but a way of life. A way of life that brings total wellness and health. “Paleo” should be changed to “Eating healthy”…or something to that affect. I’m sure you catch my drift. I think the more we say “I eat a paleo diet” to people who do not understand it, I think it only confuses them more and causes them to react to diets the way everyone does when they hear the 4 letter word and discredits it entirely. Instead lets just say “I eat real, natural whole foods food such as: pastured meat, eggs, butter, a variety of vegetables and fruit, nuts and seeds. I eat foods that let me thrive.” Of course, you can word this in any particular way you choose.

  14. PrimalPoise says

    My discovery of Primal living finally came through a process of trying to understand good nutrition. I really wanted to find the ‘best’ thing. First I tried a gluten/legume/dairy/caffeine/meat/egg free diet (mostly eating other grains, vegetables, fruits, and nuts), then for a while tried to live on raw vegan diet. But I kept researching, I kept learning. I stumbled onto a few blogs that suggested adding grass fed meat to the veggies every so often, and that made sense to me. I researched more about this, and soon found blogs and Marks Daily Apple. It excited me a lot. I sat for hours reading and reading on this lifestyle that made more sense than anything else I’d read. So here I am, 16 months later, no turning back.

  15. says

    How did you discover Primal living?

    I discovered it from my boyfriend doing research on how to get rid of my many health problems by going Primal/Paleo. We started on 2/1/2012 and have not cheated once. I’m still on the road to recovery but the majority of my issues have been resolved from it.

  16. says

    I discovered Primal Living through links on Twitter/Facebook. I’m still new and discovering more and more as time goes. Guess I’m a work in progress ;-}

  17. Hanan - Lilac City Momma says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? From a friend

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? Besides weight loss, my health.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? Yes. Paleo also includes no dairy, and primal includes grass-fed, whole dairy.

  18. glory says

    I heard about paleo through a friend on Facebook. My daughter was always into healthy eating, but it became unhealthy in college. She was strictly vegetarian, but had low blood pressure. This new concept of eating grass-fed organic meat was a game-changer for her and for our family.

  19. Angel Tremble says

    I discovered Primal living by doing research through books initially and then through blogs and podcasts in an effort to discover the best nutrition for my body and a way of eating that allowed me to get leaner without being hungry. I am still in discovery mode…

  20. Melissa - Foul Mouthed Mudder says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? From a good friend/trainer

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? To improve my health for training/fitness purposes and to improve my husband’s weight & health (leaky gut).

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? I am really only familiar with Paleo. However, I do include some dairy with my Paleo diet. I guess this means I eat more Primal than Paleo?

  21. Phil J. says

    I discovered Primal living through starting at a CrossFit gym. I was amazed at not only the performance benefits achieved through a Paleo lifestyle but also at the overall health benefits that came along with it.

  22. Jenna Lloyd says

    Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?

    A year ago this month, I decided to give up drinking diet soda. It was a major addiction for me and had been for most of my life. In doing some online research, I came across Mark’s Daily Apple and it really struck a chord with me. I started following the program.

    Even though I wasn’t militant about it, within a few months I had easily dropped almost 30 pounds and did not feel deprived or tired. I got sidetracked over the holidays this year and, as of today, I’m back on track!

  23. says

    There are countless reasons for my wanting to become more primal: being morbidly obese is the top reason. My first child, born 9 weeks early, will be turning 1 year old next month, and I want to take control of my life and body so I can not only keep up with her, but also be a role model to her in both life and health.

  24. says

    I discovered Primal through Mark Sisson, and love the way it is now being embraced more mainstream, I have followed many links and bought many e books as well as hard bound, and am throughly enjoying the experience of Paleo eating!!

  25. kelly says

    To me, the only real difference between primal and paleo is primal allows for dairy and paleo does not. Correct me if I’m wrong however it really doesn’t matter because I can’t tolerate dairy anyway!

  26. Scott says

    I discovered primal living after learning first about the paleo diet through Cordain and Wolf. I then read Sissons book and found it very useful as well.

  27. Amy Sikes says

    I became interested in Primal living as a way to end my very long struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I’m delighted to say that it’s worked and I have an entirely new lease on life!

  28. Rbaldwin says

    I’ve tried all different sorts of diets, but being more primal is something different. It’s not a diet. Yes, it incorporates changing your eating habits, but it is so much more. I feel good when I follow the “rules.” When I don’t…I feel like crap. That’s why I do it…to feel good. Losing weight is a great side effect, though.

  29. Christina B. says

    Ian looking to expand my regular diet and reduce grain consumption along with other complex sugars.

  30. says

    I took an interest in the Paleo way of living because I was diagnosed with IBS, gluten intolerant, asthma, and eczema, and it seems to be the only way I have had any relief.
    Within a couple of weeks, all of my eczema symptoms had disappeared, I still have stomach issues sometimes, but it is much better than before.

  31. says

    I discovered Primal living thanks to my girl friend.

    I’m eating paleo since a while with the purpose to get out of my wheelchair!

    In fact yes I use the best of both no dairy, grass fed, no carb!

  32. says

    I discovered paleo/primal after having health issues which required the removal of my thyroid. After putting on 40 lbs, and feeling worse than before the surgery, I found a doctor that practiced both holistic and traditional medicine, and she recommended that I try Paleo. It has been less than 3 months, I have lost 15 lbs and feel better than I have in a very long time.

  33. Guest says

    Have been on a curvy road to health, but excited to be learning more. Had some healing years ago but didn’t realize my efforts was “primal”. On a crash course to study up so I can heal up the rest of the way!

  34. cblayloc says

    I discovered Primal living at my gym. Although I am still not a convert

    Iam taking an interest though because I am already gluten free and that helped with my migraines but they are starting to come back so I think I am going to give it a go.

    Yes, primal seems a little more hard core so far from what I have been reading but to be honest I am not very educated in it all yet.

  35. theresa gianna says

    “Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?”

    i once was a carb addict (really, my nickname was “carb queen”). i’m young and never got to the point of being overweight or specifically unhealthy (although i’m sure i would have one day), but i became interested in nutrient-dense diets because i wanted to be a mother one day, and nourish my babies as best i could. i decided to give Primal eating a shot, and it made me feel awesome. i haven’t kept up with it perfectly, but having recently actually become a mother, i’m excited to jump back into it, and further educate myself on how to feed my family!

  36. Brendon says

    I discovered primal/paleo living through the Balanced Bites podcast. I had lost a bunch of weight doing Atkins, but I still didn’t feel healthy. That’s when I started looking for more answers and found Balanced Bites and Marks Daily Apple.

  37. Lisa P. says

    I discovered Primal Living after I had a gluten cross reactivity test done that showed I was sensitive to all grains and dairy. I started searching on the internet for grain-free recipes and found out about Paleo/Primal.

    I have taken an interest in Primal living because it removes most of the foods that cause inflammation and is based on nutrient-dense whole foods.

    Paleo and Primal mean about the same to me.

  38. twicethegirl says

    Why have I taken an interest in primal living?

    After years of being overweight, having stomach and skin issues, I was searching for something beyond counting calories or points. I did a Whole 30 in the fall and was amazed at how well I felt. Since then I have been trying to stick to primal/paleo nutrition and want to extend it to other areas of my life.

  39. Erynne M. says

    I discovered paleo/primal through the natural parenting groups I’ve become involved in after becoming a mom. I got the introduction through them and have slowly researched more and more as I got tired of how unhealthy both I and my husband are.

  40. says

    I discovered paleo when searching for alternative to the conventional medications for Chrons and Colitis. I was doing a web search and came across MDA where there was SO much information about eating to heal your gut! I have been eating mostly paleo for a year and I’m now trying out the Autoimmune Protocol to see if I can get feeling even better!!!

  41. Joyous says

    I happened upon primal living through a client. I was doing freelance transcription for this person, who did interviews on his site with known people in the health industry. This got me started on gluten-free living, then an interview with Sean Croxton piqued my interest even further, and I started following him on Twitter, YouTube, which then led to the following of other primal/paleo believers, including Robb Wolf. So, so grateful for having this person in my life at the right time!

  42. MMurray says

    I discovered Primal living when the Toadally Primal Smoothies was apart of the Healthy Living e-book bundle, a few weeks ago. Love the nutritious, wholesome smoothie recipes it has to offer!

  43. says

    I’ve always been kind of natural, and was on a raw diet a few years ago. I transitioned the entire family to a gluten free diet to benefit my son (who is autistic), and after a lot of GF research, most of it led to paleo and our diet just sort of naturally fell in line after that big change.

  44. says

    Discovered Paleo/Primal through one of my friends who I workout with. Tried it out for 6 weeks, never felt better in m life so I’ve just continued it, adding in some dairy and taking Thanksgiving till New Years ‘off’ to ‘bulk’.

  45. Patrick Callaghan says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?
    Bill and Hayley of Make it Paleo. I grew up with Bill and when I saw the start of their blog I needed to give it a shot given my failed attempts at being lean/healthy.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?
    The combination of the way I look and feel as well as what goes into our food systems nowadays. It has opened my eyes up to the misconceptions that are embedded in our heads just because someone with a degree tells us its the best way.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how?

    No, I believe they are both templates for finding what works best for your body. Not everyone is the same, but they point you in the right direction and get you to realize what does and doesn’t work for you.

    • ana says

      I am a dietitian and I feel everything we were taught (in the 90s) was incorrect. Paleo eating/low carb has changed my life. Gary Taube’s book, Good Calories, Bad Calories helped me since I needed the science to feel good about it.

      I think regardless of “naming” it paleo or primal, the crux of the message should ring clear…fat and protein should be the crux of our meals.

      My main interest in eating this way is simply because I FEEL BETTER!!! No more hypoglycemia. No more having to pack a small backpack of food when I leave the house. No more higher fasting glucose values….and the weight really does start to come off. I hope this sweeps the nation as quickly and efficiently as the nonsense of low fat did!!

  46. says

    I learned about WAPF/Paleo/Primal when I was pregnant with my son in 2010 and have been taking baby steps ever since to adopt this lifestyle for our family :) We all love your smoothie recipes and it’s been really fun learning new tips and recipes from you and other followers! Here’s to making 2013 the best year yet!!!

  47. Stephanie says

    I learned about Paleo/primal living when my husband was on the verge of some invasive testing to explore his gut issues. I read up on Paleo and decided to give it a go for both of us. His issues have evaporated- no tests, no meds, no more problems and, between us, we have lost 68.5lbs in 4 months. :)

  48. Kendra says

    Where it all began. A few years ago, after working with me for a while to help me lose weight, regain my energy, find the right hormone balance, etc. my acupuncturist/Chinese Medicine Doctor had mentioned the Paleo diet to me. Actually, he mentioned it several times before I checked out Loren Cordain’s book about Paleo for athletes. At the time that was one of the only books I could find. I read it and embraced the concepts and incorporated them here and there. It wasn’t until my family got hooked on Crossfit (and therefore Paleo) that I opened up my old book and was happy to discover there were more. The increased number of recipes and interesting food combinations are fantastic. I haven’t looked back since!

  49. gml says

    1: After being dairy, soy, gluten free for years and still having gut issues. Stumbled across paleo about 3.5 yrs ago mainly through finding grain free recipes and thinking those were strange. The more I read about the idea of the diet & lifestyle the more it made sense. (I guess this sort of covers #1 & #2 questions)

  50. Meghan says

    I took an interest in Paleo and Primal living in order to help me recover faster and perform better in my marathon and Ironman competitions. It has worked wonders for keeping me healthy and injury free in my pursuits of winning races and placing in my age group. Not to mention, it’s delicious!

  51. Lisa says

    I discovered Paleo about 4 years ago. My trainer at the time casually mentioned it one day. I read Cordain’s “The Paleo Diet” and the rest is history!

  52. RedJen says

    I’ve taken an interest in Primal living as a way to 1) find a food lifestyle that supports my health goals and 2) is a lifestyle. I’ve never been a fan of temporary diets plans and with guidance from my doctor, this type of diet-style agrees with me.

  53. Kristin S says

    I found Paleo through my holistic nutritionist. She put me on an anti-candida diet and said that I could find a bunch of recipes for the diet by searching “Paleo” and “Primal Blueprint.” I had no idea that those two terms would change my life so drastically over the past 11 months!! I’m so happy I found this way of eating. It has truly been a blessing and I don’t plan to go back!

  54. says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? – Delicious Obessions sent me your way!

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? – I have, although I am currently attempting a vegan life style and wondering if I can live the best of both worlds.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? – At this point, not really. If there is a difference, I would be interested to learn it.

  55. mindy maloney says

    I’ve taken an interest in Primal living in hopes of improving my health and removing the temptation of refined grrains and sugars.

  56. Rosie says

    I discovered primal living and paleo through my crossfit gym. I was crashing after work outs so i knew that I needed something else. This was about 2 years ago :)!

  57. shannon scherz says

    I discovered Primal Living during a google search. I had heard snippets of conversations here and there and knew it was for me. I spent an entire day researching and finding materials to start my journey. I feel amazing eating Paleo.

  58. Shannon Alexander says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? I learned through Holistic Mama

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? I have taken an interest because I have a horrible diet and I am tired of feeling sick all the time.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? Not at this point, I am hoping to learn a lot more!

  59. Holly D says

    Comment: We are going grain free. My son with autism is already grain free. I need to be because of brain fog and rashes. My other family members have other issues, including ADD symptoms. I know it can help, I just need help.

  60. Holly D says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? I saw it on a Friend’s FB feed.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? My son’s autism, my own gluten intolerance issues (rashes, brain fog, headaches, tiredness), my son’s ADD issues, and overall health for the other 2 family members!

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? No, I they mean the same since I don’t know enough yet to know what exactly they are.

  61. Beverlee says

    I found primal through my friend, however I lived this way years ago, so i was glad to rediscover it again.
    I love how I feel and look with Paleo, sharing knowledge is amazing, the rest of my life is my new beginning to be all the I want to be and helping others live to their full potential too.
    I feel primal and paleo are prevented best by those living them. Some are extreme, no staying from their diet, exercise or habits to me they are primal. Paleo, is a little staying, but these are my perceptions.
    I hope that I entered the giveaway properly because I so want to win :)
    Thank you again

  62. says

    1. I discovered primal living by looking for optimal fuel for my system and seeking answers on digestive issues.
    2. Primal living made me feel 100x better than ever, fixed my digestion, and gave me the knowledge to help others.
    3. I see no distinction in labels. It’s more about eating and living properly according to each person. Science has given us the tools but we all have to experiment daily with what is right for our own machine.

  63. Becky says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? Through Mommypotamus blog.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? More interested in Weston Price type stuff but it just makes sense.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? I’m not 100% positive what either means though I’ve got a good idea.

  64. Frankenbarbie says

    I learned about primal living accidentally. I was struggling with my weight (my whole life!) And saw a info-medical for P90X…bought the set did it for a full 3 months…….lost NOTHING!!!!! Gained muscle but didn’t get the result I wanted. I started really picking apart the nutrition portion of the program and saw Mark Sisson helped developed it. I thought “who’s this Mark guy…?”. So I googled him and found the Primal Blueprint. This made sense to me, and seriously look at the guy!!! I kept reading and then found Robb Wolf’s Paleo solution and It starts with food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. I eliminated many things from my SAD and started feeling better almost instantly. I used to be devout weight watchers girl, ultra low fat, whole grain, rah rah rah!!!! I was wrong wrong wrong!!! Since adopting a paleo lifestyle I have lost 21lbs (more to come) have had an incredible change to my energy,my mental state is lightened and heightened, I don’t have the wheat belly bloat I did for years. My hormonal state is more balanced and I just feel…..healthier, stronger and naturally WELL! It is interesting to note that I am also 10 years cancer clean and believe that my non-hodgkins lymphoma was caused by pesticides and chemicals in my food. I am very confident I I’ll never be sick again because of the choices I am making now, and will continue to make for the rest of my life……I hope its long, because I have never felt better! =)

  65. Katie says

    I learned about Primal/Paleo living during 2010 while being exposed to CrossFit for the first time. After having a baby and losing my time/energy to continue to Crossfit, I realized I needed to lose weight because I was always tired and just plain not happy with my body. Until this past July, I had tried going Paleo twice and failed. In July, I decided I was doing this for me and my family and had plenty of reasons to keep myself on track. It is not always the easiest, especially if going out to eat however it can be done and I feel 100% better eating this way. As an added bonus my body functions better and I am losing weight! Slow and steady, I’ll take it any day. Continuing to read and listen to podcasts has really helped keep me on track. When you learn about the typical American diet it makes you sick and want to keep eating healthy!

  66. Sally Rawlings says

    I never knew it was called Paleo until I started reading more online..I knew it to be a healthy way to eat for my body.. Love learning more and feeling great.
    Sally Rawlings Sydney AU ( FORMELY Palmer Alaska till 9/2012)

  67. says

    1. I stumbled across a few articles, I think first was Mark’s Daily Apple and it was about standing on the toilet to squat. I then thought he was a weirdo and left his site for about a year, then rediscovered from Primal Toad after getting connected to your blog from Kitchen Stewardship. (I think I blogged hopped from comments?)

    2. My husband and I feel soooo much better on a primal diet! I know that there are better ways to make it work financially, we go back and forth between eating some small amounts of grain because I was doing NT style soaking before going primal so somehow it feels “easier” for busy points in life.

    3. They are basically the same, but I find primal to be a bit more lenient to choose what you actually eat, where-as paleo tends to have more hard and fast rules. Primally, we allow raw cheese and real whole raw milk for our family, which is not strict paleo.

  68. heather says

    I discovered primal living through Loving Simple Living
    I’m interested in primal living because my husband suffers from chronic migranes and my son has digestive issues.
    I am not sure if paleo and primal mean different things at this point.

  69. Monique Pyylampi says

    Question 3: When I think “primal” I think more all encompassing. I also think some dairy consumption. “Paleo” is more narrow for me and goes the extra step to eliminate dairy.

  70. says

    Interested in primal because I was vegetarian for fifteen years and consumed lots of carbs, beans and sugar, and the result has been low energy, extra weight, and other issues.

  71. Matt S says

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal Living? I don’t have one of those life changing stories about how I was unhealthy and a paleo or primal living style saved me. My motivation for training and eating this way comes from what I would like to think is some type of moral duty. It feels like the most direct way I can do some “good.” It’s the closest thing to tangibly pushing the human race in the right direction I’ve found. Our generation can solve the biggest problems the world is currently facing by addressing our food and medical systems, starting with ourselves.

  72. says

    A of right now, Primal and Paleo eating do not mean different things to me. I have just started this journey and I understand that it is about eating as close to the source as possible. I am very interested in this way of life for many reasons. One big reason is I do not want to raise my son on processed crap. There are sooo many chemicals and words I cannot even pronounce in our food..it’s quite disgusting. I want to give my son the best food out there!

  73. says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? – Googling Paleo Smoothies

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? – To lose weight but mostly to detox my body from nasty additive ingredients and to ultimately feel better overall.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? – I just started… so not yet.

  74. Robin says

    Paleo and Primal are a little different to me. I feel Paleo is a little more strict where Primal allows a little dairy.

  75. Stephanie says

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? Mainly because I am looking for ways to maximize my health and break the bad habits that were passed down to me, so that my children have a healthier start.

  76. says

    I believe that primal and paleo are a little different in that with the primal, I can still have the real heavy cream in my morning coffee, where as with the paleo it would be a no go. Other than the cream, I could go strictly paleo.

  77. Marjorie says

    I started primal eating in 2009 after being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. With the help of my physician and support from my husband, I got back on track with my health. Now we tend to avoid dairy except on special occasions or as a treat (skin looks better without it! Great giveaway – thanks!

  78. Yvette Griffith says

    I learned about Primal living while trying to heal my diabetes naturally and I’ve been tremendously successful!

  79. sarah says

    I found Primal a year ago while researching recipes for my husband who has type 2 diabetes. That led to Paleo and eventually to GAPS & WAPF : ) We basically combine them all and just eat real unprocessed food! We still have a ways to go but I’m amazed at the foods our kids will eat now and how much healthier we all are. Thanks for the giveaways!

  80. Krista says

    Discovered paleo after really disliking the Zone diet (I knew something about being able to still eat processed foods was not right). Discovered Zone through CrossFit, back in the day…

  81. Valerie says

    I am new to the Primal/Paleo way of eating. I have been vegan for close to two years and when I recently found out about some health issues related to a hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance, my functional doc prescribed Paleo as a way to heal myself without meds. I am still in the process of experimentation, but have been fully committed to Paleo for about a month. Crossing fingers that it works!

  82. Mary Korte says

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? I have always had health problems and I finally narrowed much of them down to starchy foods/grains. Once I started eliminating these foods and searching for recipes I discovered primal, paleo and scd and see my life changing for the better as my health improves.

  83. Carrie Wood says

    Primal/paleo – not rabid about splitting hairs on definition or labels — only rabid about food labeling – non-GMO, etc. This is the next step in a road trip to health that started in 2009. Long road, many detours, still a work in progress & still plodding along.

  84. Jessica says

    I became interested in Primal living after discovering some health issues last year. I was a vegetarian for 6 years and most of that time felt relatively healthy. Last year everything changed when I discovered I was suffering from adrenal fatigue. After months of taking natural supplements and scouring the internet for some more answers, I came across the concept of Primal living and have been absorbing all the information I can. I have since started eating meat again and making other primal adjustments to my diet and have also stopped taking supplements. I feel healthier, more energetic, and am excited to dive further into Primal living. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  85. says

    I started going towards a primal way of eating while researching how to avoid ending up like my mother — on a bevy of medications that seem to just kill her more slowly than the “diseases” and “syndromes” do. I wanted to lose weight, too, and had some success just by giving up soda, although not much since then (no matter what variation of primal/paleo I give a 1-2 month try at). I wanted to get off of my daily steriod, as those are bad long term, and while researching ways to avoid being diabetic (that is, like Mom), I discovered that my adrenal/hormonal problems were very likely related to nutritional issues that also showed themselves as diabetes later in life.

  86. Alfred says

    Why have I taken an interest in primal living?

    I am new to the concept, but I decided to remove grains from my diet, and I am also avoiding GMO foods. Paleo and primal recipes have helped me. Thanks.

  87. Meag O. says

    I have taken an interest in Primal living all thanks to Paleo eating. To me, primal is going back to basics. Relying on your own ability to eat, play, and be happy. When I started eating the Paleo way I was experimenting with allergies from foods and this seemed so right for me. As I got into it and read more and more testimonies I realized how this could and should affect all areas of my life not just what I eat. Turn off the TV and play with your kids, Shut off the computer and talk to your spouse/family/friends, find happiness in things you love outside the technology world. Get back to nature and give back to nature. Rely on your common sense!! This isn’t just about what “not” to eat, this about finding the true you under all the layers of what you “should” be like in this world.

  88. Becky J says

    I have taken an interest in Primal living after first starting a whole real food lifestyle last year. I am now attempting to lower/cut our grain intake in order to lower my cholesterol and Primal/Paleo recipes help me do that.

  89. Stacey says

    We are doing the GAPS diet for our almost three year old. And my husband and I stumbled upon this way of eating by default…and now we wouldn’t turn back for anything!

  90. Diana says

    I am new to Paleo and I am looking for different sources to educate myself about this lifestyle. I found you through US Wellness Meats Facebook page. Thank you for giving me a chance to win.

  91. says

    I got into primal/paleo rather by accident about 20 years ago due to numerous health issues. Until a couple of years ago, I ate NO sugar, almost no fruit, and NO foods made with flour. Now I do have some of those on occasion (ok, too much of them over the holidays), but I feel best on – and I love – basic, high protein meals. As one who really dislikes cooking, it’s certainly easier. I’m a big fan of US Wellness Meats and Vital Choice, as well as Tropical Traditions – they are my primary online shopping sites.

  92. Kathi says

    I entered this world by reading Mark Sisson’s books. I followed the plan he outlined and have easily shed weight and health problems. I’ve read everything I could get my hands on. I don’t really care about the labels- ancestral, paleo, primal- whatever. I’m concentrating on quality food and listening to my body. I’d love to go to PaleoFX!

  93. says

    I took an interest in primal living to improve my health. All of the processed food, bad dairy, bad meat, etc…. really made me, well sick and fat! I started reading up on diets/ways of life and came across primal/paleo.
    This interest opened a new way of life. I dropped 80 pounds and felt better than ever!
    Primal and Paleo mean about the same thing to me. I do have a tweak in that I do not eat raw dairy/any dairy. But everything else that is a no no all causes inflammation= unhealthy!

  94. Mike says

    I discovered primal / paleo living through word of mouth and seeing the results with my own eyes from people who changed their lifestyle and got healthier. I decided to make the change less than a week ago, and I’ve already reaped the benefit of seeing my acid reflux disappear completely! No more daily pills to control what turned out to be a problem with my lifestyle and eating habits. I’m looking forward to getting fit as I move through the process and being healthier going into my 40’s!

  95. Jessica says

    I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy and lactose, potato and refined sugar intolerant. I had been reading a lot about gluten-free but it didn’t cut it for me. Still had too much dairy and what I thought were too many different flours and too much sugar. I then heard about paleo and it just spoke to me as being sensible and easy with real, whole foods. I love that I can find paleo recipes where I don’t have to worry about my particular food intolerances in the recipes – they all just work for me!

  96. Katie says

    I was introduced to primal living through my crossfit gym. I have been following the paleo/primal lifestyle about 75% for the last few months. My goal is to complete my first whole 30 (day 8 today!) and discover what makes me feel and perform my best. So far, things are going very well. All this information is very exciting to me and I would be ecstatic to be selected to go to paleoFx!

  97. says

    I have taken an interest because my family and I started the GAPS diet recently and have been incorporating brand new foods in our diet.

  98. Sunshine says

    I discovered Paleo from an well respected instructor at an herbal conference almost 2 years ago.

  99. Leticia Hernandez says

    I learned about paleo/primal through a crossfit gym I joined. I’ve taken an interest because it has been the only way I have been able to maintain my weight and fitness level. Primal includes some dairy. Paleo eliminates dairy.

  100. Liz D. says

    I discovered paleo when my super fit & healthy sister told me she was doing it. I read Robb Wolf’s book, then discovered Mark Sisson’s book. I am now working on doing my first Whole30 and am perfecting my homemade mayo a la Melissa Joulwan.

  101. says

    1. As a vegetarian, I came across some negative commentary about the Paleo diet. In an effort to educate myself, I decided to read up on it on my own rather than allow my opinion to come from a single biased source.

    2. Based on my initial research, a lot of the stuff I read made sense to me. I began to implement small changes (I started by cutting grains and industrial seed oils), and when noticed I really did feel better, I started making more and more changes, the biggest among them incorporating humanely raised meat back into my diet.

    3. Not really to me–I use them pretty interchangeably I realize they have picked up different connotations based on when and how they’ve been used of late, but as I am not really active in any forums or blogs, I don’t think that stuff really applies to me.

  102. JT says

    I think there’s a considered difference between Primal and Paleo, but I think everyone takes what they need out of the lifestyle and adapts it to suit their body, so at the end of the day, I think it’s semantics.

  103. says

    I was interested in Primal living when I started gaining weight in college. I am a computing major, so I spend a lot of time behind a keyboard, and Primal eating was the perfect way to regulate my weight without counting calories like crazy.

  104. Leslie Brimmage says

    I went to high school with Michelle And Keith Norris, that is where I heard about it

    I was inspired by Michelle and want to be more healthy

    I am still learning the difference in all of this and want to learn more. Not knowledgeable enough yet!!!

  105. says

    A colleague at work transitioned to primal living. We were chatting about it one day and I decided to do some more research on my own that evening. After that I was hooked!

  106. Christine says

    After being vegetarian/vegan for a year and not improving any health issues I was having, I decided to give meat a second go. I reacted so well that I decided to go further and give the paleo lifestyle a go. Within weeks the issues I dealt with for the year while being vegan disappeared. Since then I was hooked.

  107. Ted says

    It was 100% bc of Angelo coppola’s Latest in Paleo episode 4. It pointed me to Whole30 and I’ve been paleo ever since!

  108. Kala says

    I’m just interested in getting healthier. I’m coming into this from the GAPS angle. It will be interesting to learn more about Primal living.

  109. BethL says

    Paleo was handed to me by some of my best friends as a potential way to experiment with my body’s “ideopathic” issues. A year later, it’s still a process but a good one. Also, the bundle was pretty spiffy. Thanks.

  110. Sarah says

    1. I’m researching and contemplating GAPS.

    2. I’m looking for more variety and creativity in recipes.

  111. says

    1. I’ve read a lot about all sorts of eating habits, from raw vegan to primal
    2.It fits my body and biology best, I think.
    3. I think they are sort-of the same but I have more research to do

  112. liz says

    I had a pretty severe hormone imbalance and paleo/primal was the only way I was able to restore this balance and reverse my health. I am a soon to be RD and I will be teaching this way of life with my clients in the future.

  113. says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? From the facebook page Paleo Parents

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? I feel its better than my lifestyle before, and better for my family.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? I don’t see a difference yet, which one of the many reasons why I purchased the package to keep reading more and learning more about both.

    -robin bowler

  114. Lisa F says

    Just purchased the bundle…I guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

    My brother and sister both have autoimmune diseases and my research lead me to paleo. After convincing them to follow, their health has improved and their meds have disappeared.

  115. Heather Holleque says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?
    I discovered it by getting a puppy of all things. I wanted to feed my puppy the best food and my research told me that was grain free and particularly wheat and corn free. This led me to more research on how those grains impact humans (why is it ok for us but not a dog?) and I decided to try eliminating them from my diet as well and never looked back.

  116. says

    I don’t really see a difference between Primal/Paleo. They both strive for healthy eating and living. I’ve not noticed a difference in the Foods. Whole Foods..

  117. Allison Moyer says

    1&2 – I discovered primal living after having a stroke in 2010, at the age of 22. Everyone kept telling me, “You can’t have had a stroke – you’re the healthiest person we know!” I was, at the time, vegan and a serious cardio addict. I said to myself, “Well, if I was healthy maybe this wouldn’t have happened, but it did, and that suggests to me that something is wrong.” A LOT of research, conducted while I sat around the house recovering, let me to the paleo diet and it just clicked with me. I implemented it immediately and have been feeling better and better ever since – far better than I felt even before the stroke.

  118. Eric Strader says

    I have recently discovered primal living when I stumbled on to Mark Sisson’s site. I have been pseudo paleo for the last 4 months (without knowing it) but now I am striving to take the “pseudo” portion out of it. I am trying to read and find as much information as I can digest at this point, so this contest looks awesome!

  119. Sarah says

    First, I can’t wait to download all these Ebooks and get to work! Here’s to a lean and mean 2013!! :)

    1. I’ve been into Crossfit for a little over a year, and have subsequently been introduced to Primal living. While I’ve been taking baby steps in the direction of a Primal/Paleo lifestyle, I’d really like to ramp up my actions this year. I’m really starting to understand how much the food I eat affects my daily living, and I want to make sure I focus on being a healthier me.

  120. says

    Oh wow! What a fantastic giveaway! We discovered primal living because of crossfit’s reccomendations. I have not just taken an interest, I am beyond obsessed with primal living, I have devoured all of the books, blogs, and medical studies I possibly can. I am on a mission to assure the absolutle healthiest life for my family, even if it is sort of turning me into a hippie by making my own cleaning solutions, soaps, giving up my chemical laced beauty products. I use the terms Primal and Paleo interchangably, but to me primal means dairy, paleo means no dairy.

  121. TiffanyS says

    What a great giveaway! I changed to the Paleo livestyle a little over a year ago and the husband finally got on board in mid -2012 and loves it. We live just 2 hours outside of Austin and are hoping to make the PaleoFX this year.

    • TiffanyS says

      Sorry, I hit post too soon. We discovered Paleo through my brother-in-law. He is in the special forces and a lot of them have adapted this lifestyle. I took immediate interest after he explained his results and how happy he was with it. I lost weight and not only that felt the best I had in years. My husband started and no longer has joint pain, can breathe through his nose normally, and has set PR’s in some of his races recently. As for Primal vs Paleo, they are almost the same, just slightly different on the dairy side of things. Primal consume some dairy.

  122. says

    i have learned about primal/paleo/whole foods over the past few years and am continuing to transition our family over to this kind of lifestyle. i have learned the most from friends and blogs

  123. Ashley says

    A cousin recently introduced me to the Primal lifestyle, I really like it because it’s very clean, but similar to the Atkins my inlaws are doing, so I am not eating something completely different from them when we have weekly dinners. Their dinners are easily modified, and I feel healthier, stronger, and cleaner.

  124. Lisa says

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?

    To get healthy and feel better and look better too. I started to eat and live primally when I was trying to feel better and lose weight after my third child. I was on a very low carb diet for a long time but it was not a whole foods approach (2004-8). I found Mark’s Daily Apple first. I am starting to feel better and lose some weight but it is a struggle.

  125. says

    How did you discover Primal living? – I discovered Primal living through several paleo blogs that i have been following for the past few months. I am currently doing my first Whole30 and would like to learn more about the differences between Primal and Paleo. I am also purchasing the ebook bundle for myself and gifting one to a friend as soon as i figure out how to gift it! THank you for hosting this giveaway and for creating the ebook bundle!

  126. Jon says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? Through blogs

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? health concerns

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? I know they are different but I’m not sure how

  127. Salina Martin says

    I first heard about Primal living through multiple people at the gym that I work at. I was curious so I started following a bunch of paleo blogs and received the Caveman’s cookbook for Christmas. I am currently on a 21 day sugar detox and hope to remain on a paleo lifestyle once it’s over! Thanks for this opportunity!

  128. Kathy says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? through my research about my health conditions. Various resources came together through Doug Kauffman (Know the Cause – TV show), and various low-carb, traditional eating & paleo blogs

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? in search of an answer to my health problems

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? I don’t even use the term Primal. I’ve read they are different but don’t remember the differences. I think some people use them interchangeably & others do not. So I actually find it a little confusing.

  129. says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? A Whole Foods employee asked me if I was “primal” after I commented that I was buying pita wraps for my boyfriend rather than myself. That was the first time I ever knew my eating choices had a name.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? My mother’s health issues did not respond to any treatment other than a Primal diet. Growing up, we ate meat, vegetables, nuts and fruit as treats. Nothing processed, not even vegetables that had been canned or frozen.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? They are synonymous, in my opinion.

  130. Anastasia says

    Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? It helped me recover from a long-term illness and through it, I’m healthier and feel better than ever before in my life.

  131. deb taylor says

    1. I heard about this thru Balanced Bites Blog.

    2. I am just starting to learn about the Paleo Diets & have purchased 2 books. I started following a paleo diet just this month! I’m interested in observing the changes in my body! I’ve heard many good results!

    3. I actually haven’t thought about a difference between Primal and Paleo – I thought they were the same thing.

  132. says

    My comment did now show up the first time… I’ll try again! First of all… Thanks Toad for putting this awesome giveaway together.

    My comment is about how I discovered the Primal lifestyle.

    When I was in college I went to the gym religiously. However, my diet was made up of mostly processed garbage and beer. For some reason I would look in the mirror and just could not understand how I could spend all this time in the gym and still have an expanding belly. My issues became worse as I started suffering from a really painful and disgusting digestive issue. I’ll share the readers the details… but let’s just say I wouldn’t wish what I had on my worst enemies. When I left college I was over 200 lbs. I took a stressful job in finance and my bad eating habits continued as well as the happy hour drinking. My weight ballooned to 220 at it’s highest. My digestive issue kept coming back and I was ready to accept the fact that I might have to live with this health issue for the rest of my life. I feared that I would always have to endure the pain I was going through. One day I looked in the mirror and saw a guy in his mid-twenties who was out of shape, stressed, sick and unhealthy. I couldn’t understand it. I worked out. And at this time I had tried to eat “healthier”. I switched to whole-wheat pasta and bran flakes. I ate turkey sandwiches on whole-wheat bread. I ate egg whites in the morning with my bran flakes and oatmeal. Yet, my weight continued to climb and my digestive issues continued. The pain and frustration continued. While I was looking in the mirror I decided enough was enough and I hit the books… hard. I discovered the idea of eating like a caveman on another site that isn’t even Paleo/Primal related. I decided that it was time for me to be more aware of the types of food I was eating. So I began tracking all my food and I switched my diet to one mostly made up of beef, chicken, green veggies and eggs. I avoided processed foods and grains like the plague. Well… I lost 33 pounds over a span of about 12 weeks or so. But the best part was my digestive issues went away and haven’t been back since. That is awesome but also frustrating because I remember asking my doctor if changing my diet would help get rid of the health problems I was having and I remember him telling me my diet was fine as he wrote me another prescription… Kind of infuriating when I look back at it. All is well and good now. I clock in at a healthy and lean 188 with a body fat percentage around 10% and my digestion is great. The important fact here is that it’s low maintenance. I don’t have to count calories or spend hours on a treadmill to keep my current body composition. The focus on eating the right types of foods is WAY more important than counting calories. I didn’t learn that I was actually following a Primal Lifestyle until months later when my girlfriends brother went Primal and lost a lot of weight. I was like, “I’ve been doing Primal and I didn’t even realize it.” However, I understand now that the Primal Lifestyle is more comprehensive and holistic in nature. It’s not just about what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. It’s also about exercising in the right way, getting enough sleep, staying properly hydrated, reducing stress and enjoying life. It’s a lifestyle plan. I’ve been living Primal for over three years now. I’m not always perfect but then again I don’t try to be. I just live a Primal lifestyle now and there is no turning back. This was never a short-term fix for me, this was a lifestyle change that literally has put on a different trajectory in life. If anyone is on the fence about this whole Primal thing… I would tell them to make the jump now and stick with it. One year from now I can promise that you’ll be looking at a totally different person… In a good way!

    Cheers to everyone!


    Contact me on twitter @PrimalPal

  133. says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? I started to eat wheat free last year and when searching for recipe ideas, discovered lots of primal and paleo sites that led me to a more primal lifestyle.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? It feels more natural to me. I feel and look healthier.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? Yes. Primal means I can eat cheese and be buddies with Mark Sisson. ;) I’ve read lots about both lifestyles and know the difference, but I feel like the growing popularity of paleo has caused it to have much softer restrictions on what is acceptable and what is not.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  134. Ann Gastoukian says

    Thanks for this amazing offer! How did I discover Primal living? I started a diet that was similar and got to talking to people on the site’s page and learned much more to better my health. So happy I did!

  135. Travis says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?

    I discovered Primal living when my wife bought a copy of It Starts With Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. It has changed both of our lives immensely!

  136. Chantel says

    How did I discover primal/paleo living? In May 2011, my husband and I went to visit my family in NY. We were bored one night so we decided to go browse Border’s bookstore (wow. we are kind of lame!). While he was off looking at computer books, a book on display caught my eye, Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso. I flipped through the book and thought, this is great! After that i began googling and eventually found Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson. Our lives have been changed forever and for the better!

  137. Michelle says

    Thank you for this opportunity!!!
    I found out about primal living through Beverly Meyer’s podcast that I happened to stumble on when searching for health radio stations. After I heard about this lifestyle and all the guest speakers, I was interested in it even more! It makes complete sense to me than the SAD. I never felt sick ever since I switched :)

  138. Philana G says

    A cousin of mine was diagnosed with a health condition. When I saw how delicious the food and lifestyle was… the only question for me was … Why not? Delicious and nutritious yes, please! What a an amazing thing living outside the processed food world.

  139. Suzanne says

    We kept hearing about Primal/Paleo being a miracle from friends and family, so last January we decided to try it for 30 days and see if it really did anything. We were so surprised by how many benefits we saw, that we’ve been this way ever since and couldn’t even consider going back!

  140. says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? I was looking into more natural ways to exercise and saw the paleo diet mentioned on a crossfit site. After checking out a bunch of paleo/primal books from the library, I decided that it made a lot of sense and tried it out for myself.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? Originally, it was because I love history and anthropology, so it was a lot of fun to learn about ancestral nutrition and health. Now, it is because I just feel better when I eat this way.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? Usually I use them interchangably, but for me, if I want to get technical, primal is paleo with a little dairy mixed in. Plus, with the primal 80/20, I can have chocolate and wine occasionally!

  141. Kara Klett says

    I discovered paleo a month after I decided to change my life for the better. I tried it out for a while and when I reintroduced grains and dairy, it wrecked my body. I never knew that all my digestion problems were linked to gluten. They actually put me on anxiety meds to ‘fix’ the problem when I was younger. I’m now dependent on those pills but working to get off of them. I couldn’t imagine eating the way I used to. I now love veggies. I NEVER ate veggies before this.

  142. says

    1. How did you discover primal living?
    A friend recommended Whole9’s Whole30 program to me a year and a half ago, and while I didn’t initially end up doing the program or switching to paleo, her suggestion planted the first seed in my brain and I began doing my own research. Now I eat almost entirely paleo and am so grateful to have discovered this way of living :)

  143. Darcy says

    I want to try Paleo because I found out within the last year I was Gluten intolerant. I’ve heard various recommendations on whether or not I should be eating grains, corn and beans.

  144. says

    I love Primal/Paleo living! I know the technical differences between the two but to me, the difference really is how I’m feeling that day and if I feel like living in Paleo or Primal world! Everyday I choose to eat whole healthy food and try to move my body as if my life depended on it! Thanks for your awesome ebook package!

  145. Liz M says

    I stumbled upon primal living on accident about 2 years ago. I was looking for diabetic friendly recipes for my husband. I started living primally with him for moral support and discovered that I felt so much better once I cut out all the garbage.

  146. mitch says

    ‘Been primal for about 18 months. Mostly following MDA. Like the flexibility and slowing learning to appreciate more. To me, paleo was about pure or as close as possible to caveman, and primal was more about best of caveman plus best of modern man. But I think both camps are respectful and flexible and that distinction isn’t as key as it was 18 months ago, or if it is, it isn’t on the places I read.

  147. cavedwellerintexas says

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? I am trying to become healthy and I want to be around to pester my wonderful husband for 50 years!!

  148. Levi and Allison Johnson says

    I took an interest in Paleo and Primal living from my parents, actually. They got into it a couple of years ago, and my little family and I have decided to join their journey! it’s been fantastic!

  149. Katie says

    I discovered Primal living sometime during my journey to a whole foods diet, I’m not sure exactly when. It started to actually interest me after I started the GAPS diet and I found out the diets were pretty similar, it was recipes that first interested me. Now I am starting a more Primal lifestyle as a whole (still on the GAPS diet, as it’s helping me a lot).

    Because I haven’t researched the difference, they do mean pretty much the same thing to me, but if someone were to ask me if they were the same I would answer, “I don’t think so.” does that make sense?

    Anyways, I’m very excited to be reading all those books!

  150. Marcie Stammen says

    I became interested in Paleo after visiting wellness mamas website. I have been following the Nouritioning Traditions way of life for 5 years but was struggling with my weight. So I thought I would give Paleo a try and see how it goes…hear goes!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  151. says

    I discovered Primal living through my internet surfing. I’ve been a loud advocate of natural health for over a decade, and with my recent diagnoses of a few different severe type 3 allergies, I’m more open to going primal (though still hesitant ;) ). I’m the type of person who researches everything she does to the Nth degree… so this is all part of my process. ;)

  152. Stephanie says

    I truly believe that the primal lifestyle is the best way for me to live. I feel so much better when following a primal lifestyle, and I definitely notice it when I fall off the primal wagon. Thank you so much for putting this amazing bundle together. I just purchased it as a birthday present for myself.

  153. says

    I learned about Primal/Paleo lifestyle when I decided I wanted to cut back on my sugar intake. I already had been grain free for a few years because of gluten intolerance, so I was searching for grain-free/sugar-free recipes…and kept stumbling on paleo recipes. I had no idea what ‘paleo’ or ‘primal’ was…but when I read it about it, it sounded perfect. A few years before going grain free, I had started becoming more aware of what I was eating, and tried to eat foods who’s ingredients I could actually pronounce. I was also wanting to find more “all-natural” and even organic foods…it had just seemed right to me somehow. So when I found out about the paleo/primal life-style, I kind of realized this is where I had been heading all along. It’s not always an easy life-style to follow (I still love sugar and chocolate WAY to much!!), but I am glad I found out about it and made the switch — it’s great!!

  154. Janelle1962 says

    I have taken an interest in Primal living due to food allergies/sensitivities that have wreaked havoc with my health.

  155. JessicaD says

    I discovered primal living through Abel James’ podcast! finally decided to stop being a vegetarian after hearing Dr Davis talk about his book, Wheat Belly.

  156. Michelle says

    I discovered primal living through Wellness Mama, after looking for some answers on how to treat eczema after having my second child.

  157. Candace says

    I’m so excited to start reading every book in the bundle! My answers to the questions are as follows:

    1. How did you discover Primal living?

    My husband heard of Terry Wahl’s TED talk video and gave me the link. I have been living with a MS diagnosis for nearly 14 years. While the disease has been mostly dormant during this time, it has always a sort of ticking time bomb to me. Living with the uncertainty was nearly worse than the episodes of relapse. The messaging spoke to both of us and we sought out more information.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?

    After begin reminded of the power of nutrition, we began aggressively researching the Paleo and Primal lifestyles. We listened to every episode of Angelo Coppola’s “Latest in Paleo” & “This week in Paleo,” My husband read the Primal Blueprint (I am 1/2 finished) and I subscribed to and read so many blogs. At the outset, we felt healthy but not vibrant. We both had some unexplained aches, I had digestive distress and brain fog. After all of our research we knew several changes to our nutrition we could thrive in life rather than merely survive. And I’m happy to say that 11 months after a drastic shift in our nutrition, we are thriving on all fronts!

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you?

    While I fully understand the strict definition of one way of eating versus the other, Primal to me indicates a lifestyle. Primal is instinctual to me and feels less restrictive. I subscribe to a Primal Lifestyle when I focus on: quality nutrition, ample sleep, exercise that is similar to play and is not excessive, time in nature and making meaningful connections with people. I hear Paleo and I think cross fit competition, eating to perfection with little room for a rare indulgence (like dairy) and an overall hard core unsustainable(for me) way of living.

  158. Lindy says

    Thanks for this marvelous book bundle and contest! I purchased it, and I’m already reading. (1) I found primal living by necessity. I felt that the autoimmune drugs I was using were killing me (Biologics, Prednisone, Methotrexate, NSAIDs, etc.). After getting a very nasty bacterial infection, I realized I wanted my health back, and I had to get off the downward spiral of layers of pharmaceuticals. I had followed the Weston Price organization for many years, and I soon came across paleo writers such as Loren Cordain. I ended up signing up for Cordain’s last study on autoimmune. Through his work, I was able to quit every medication except for LDN. I’m now mostly stable, and doing much better than I ever was on all the horrible meds. If I’m ever feeling bad, I know I can rely on autoimmune paleo protocol to get me out of trouble. I’m incredibly thankful for the work of so many people to refine this diet for those of us struggling with major health problems!

  159. says

    I was introduced to Primal living by knitting friends who were talking about how they felt on it. It made me curious enough to check out books from the library; and to buy Diane SanFillippo’s book. Now I am ramping into it; rather than a 30 day jumpstart I am doing a 4 week ease in/kitchen restock with the plan to do a 30 day commitment in Feb. But already noticing benefits. And lurving the Toadally Smoothies.

  160. Chrissy S says

    I was introduced to the world of Paleo/Primal shortly after I joined CrossFit in April 2012. I was immediately hooked on CF and wanted to study and learn everything, so I bought a CF Journal membership and poured through every article they offered. Within the articles was this mention of The Zone diet and eating Primal. It peaked my interest further and I started digging even more. I have a few of the cookbooks already, and follow numerous blogs all about this lifestyle. I’ve been eating as close to Paleo as possible for a few months now. Every week I try to get a little bit better at it. It’s going we’ll for me- the changes in my bloodwork from the last few months have been proof enough for me!

  161. says

    I have taken an interest in Primal Living (the diet aspects in particular) due to health and behavioral issues including reflux in my infant son, my daughter’s skin issues and my digestive issues. I believe all these ailments are caused by too much sugar, grains and what I call “dirty dairy and meat” as well as GMOs. We are avoiding these as much as possible (visits to relatives and eating out are tough!) and I have noticed a huge difference.

  162. Gladys says

    I was introduced to paleo/Primal by my,coaches after joining CF in Dec 2012. My journey has been tough and with some struggles, but I keep moving forward,by reading and experimenting. I learned when I eat clean my eczema, IBS and acid reflux are reversed and my dependency to mess are gone. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and thanks for this opportunity!

  163. pB says

    Thanks for this. A single clicky link to a bundle would have been appreciated. Hopefully I got ‘em all ;)

  164. Jamie says

    I discovered Paleo/Primal through my sister who does Crossfit. I wanted to lose 10 lbs. so I started the diet with her. Once I started reading what Paleo was all about, it just made sense and I have been eating this way for a year and a half. Oh, and I lost 20 lbs.
    The difference between Paleo and Primal to me are that Primal includes dairy and Paleo does not.

  165. Cathy says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? I had lost weight but was suck in a plateau. My local running store had a seminar on OFM (Optimal Fat Metabolism which is primal living.)

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? After the initial 2 week detox of carbs and sugar, my body felt lighter and less bloated. I lost weight and was happy. When I eat carbs, my body feels bloated and heavy.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? For me, primal allows for minimal dairy (ie cheese and heavy cream). Paleo does not allow for dairy. Whole 30 which I’m on now is stricter form of Paleo.

  166. Helen says

    I discovered Primal living through internet searches and via Crossfit. It feels the most natural way to eat and I feel a lot healthier eating this way. Primal includes dairy whilst Paleo is dairy free.

  167. Virginia G says

    I discovered Paleo/Primal living about six months into my first year of CrossFit. As a life-long vegetarian, I was extremely skeptical that a lifestyle that involved that much meat could be healthy. Two years later, I have less gas and indigestion, more energy, and I’m off antidepressants for the first time in my adult life. Even though I feel guilty about the living conditions of some of the animals I eat, I can’t go back. Ever. I just have to continue to make better choices.

  168. Cezar says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?

    I discovered Primal living through Paleo through Low carb which I discovered trying to lose weight. After 2 months low carb wasn’t working. It was hard to find recipes and I had some digestion issues as well. I had lost weight but wasn’t feeling healthy. So I decided to try Paleo which I found as a low carb recipe resource online.

    Paleo worked okay but needed some tinkering. No fat, no carbs, no salt and no condiments broke me. Trying to consume as much of the Paleosphere as possible I naturally stumbled across Mark’s Daily Apple and used a few of the Primal tweaks. That’s how I discovered Primal living. Although I am now trying Perfect Health Diet I am still incorporating a Primal lifestyle.

  169. Christine M says

    Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? I’ve recently looked into Paleo due to my food intolerances. Can’t tolerate gluten or dairy and information I have found on this lifestyle has been great. I have been able to incorporate Paleo into my life and feel great!

  170. Kimberly says

    Why have I taken an interest in Primal living? I found out about it when I needed to eliminate gluten and dairy from my diet. I read Mark Sisson’s writing and lots of what he says rings true to me. Eliminating all the processed foods, eating the real fats, etc. We feel better and have had improvements in some persistent health issues.

  171. Sammy60 says

    How did you discover Primal living? I had been low carb but wasn’t finding the health benefits expected. Doing research, I first went gluten-free. While looking up recipes to support gluten-free, I was led to Mark’s Daily Apple. Life will never be the same again!!!! It’s way better.

  172. Kim says

    I found out about primal living through my husband. At first I thought he was crazy. I mean, to think after all the years of conventional wisdom that bacon was OK? But when I read The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf, it all clicked!

  173. TahTahTeeTeeTah says

    How did you discover Primal living? I can’t remember exactly when I first heard about it, but I feel like it was about a year ago I started hearing Paleo/Primal/Caveman eating buzz. I started to pay more attention to it when one of my long-distance Facebook friends started posting regularly about it and then my new personal trainer started nudging me that way. I’m still learning, but am super pumped about the promises of the lifestyle!

  174. Kristi says

    I discovered paleo listening to The Survival Podcast and an interview with Robb Wolf… then I had to read “The Paleo Solution” which was amazing, now I am obsessed with everything paleo/primal!

  175. Skip says

    I discovered Paleo through my boyfriend who is a crossfitter. Through following online paleo sites, I discovered Primal. I don’t think there is much difference because each person should really decide for themselves what works for them. So if that means taking a piece from one or the other and you are healthy than great. Iove primal/paleo because I think it makes a lot of sense to eat real food and not processed garbage. I don’t visit the doctor often and very rarely get sick (knock on wood as the flu makes its way around).

  176. Courtney Cox says

    i’m interested in Primal/Paleo living because i have an eleven month old and had already switched to cooking everything from scratch and going all natural/all organic but wanted to make sure i was doing all i could, i have a friend who had been doing Paleo but i always thought it was a fad diet, not a way of life until i got curious, now i’m SO excited to make the shift for my family :)

  177. says

    I have taken on paleo living because I just had a baby and I want to be healthy for her. I want her to know what it means to eat and be healthy too.

  178. WLB101092 says

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?
    I found Primal life a couple of years ago after losing over 100lbs and was looking for a way to maintain and feel better. I have spent the last two years unfaithfully following it. I will go months faithful and then slip for a while and come back to it. I know I feel better when I am doing Primal and so does my family, but as a working wife/mother, I find it hard at times to stay true and to get the family fully on board. But I drag them along at times and at others focus on just me. I really love all the meat really, I am just a steak girl! I love and miss bread and sugar at times still, hence the relapses. Since I don’t have the time to bake and cook as healthly as I would like, I fail at times, but I enjoy the lifestyle the majority of the time when I am faithful. It has shown me that I can live without grains and sugar and it has shown me that I am not a nice person on them. So I am still learning, but it is a journey I fully intend to contiinue.

  179. Amanda says

    1. I discovered primal living when I started doing some research into how to deal with new food allergies/sensitivities I seemed to be developing. I started out just having issues with eggs (since I was a child), then avocados, then bananas, and then later almonds, lobster, the list goes on. I couldn’t understand why more and more foods were causing me issues. As I read more and more it looked like an elimination diet followed by sticking to a primal diet would be the thing that helped me, and it did! I could eat eggs again (but sadly no almonds and I am still to afraid to try avocados).

  180. Colleen Babcock Cameron says

    I have had childhood/adult food allergies, asthma, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain. Need to get educated & change eating habits for better health 2013. Suffering for 53 yrs had enough of DR’s, ER & hospital visits.

  181. Ruth Stewart says

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how?

    Paleo to me is a more strict definition while Primal allows more flexibility. For comparison I would say it is similar to the difference between vegan and vegetarian. Both are taking the basic concept into account but veganism takes it to a much greater level. Same with Paleo/Primal. Both ways of eating agree on the basics. No grains, no processed food, minimize sugar. But paleo takes it further to no dairy, no sugar, minimize fruit, etc.

  182. says

    I discovered primal living from a former co-worker, who went from being a 20+ year vegan to a primal food & exercise enthusiast in what seemed like a heartbeat. I have been able to stop or reverse creeping health concerns (plus lost 60 lbs) by going primal since April, 2011 – but bought Todd’s book bundle in order to fine-tune what I’m doing now.

  183. Laura Coppola says

    1. I discovered primal living when my friend told me they were following a paleo/primal diet. They had read Mark Sisson. I read his book and from there I started doing my own reading and research. I tell everyone who wants to hear about this way of living and eating. Love it!

  184. Gina Walker says

    I heard about paleo through my crossfit gym, Atomic Crossfit, in Stafford, TX. I have found that I feel so much better when I am conscience of my eating and staying away from processed foods. I’m not really sure if there is a difference between primal & paleo. In my mind, I feel they are the same.

  185. Cassandra Anderson says

    Crossfit lead me to Paleo. Paleo and Primal are nearly the same, but I agreed with Toad’s blog about too much arguing over which is which.

  186. Renee says

    1. I heard about Primal Living on the Paleo Plan website. What caught my eye was the eBook about PCOS available in the Wellness package. I’ve been looking for all the help I can get because my doctors hasn’t been very helpful. I am young, active, and overall “look healthy” (her words exactly) so she hasn’t given me the time of day. I look forward to reading the eBook and will most likely purchase the rest of it.

  187. Laurel says

    I found primal living when doctors couldn’t help my daily headaches. My crossfit coach led me on an epic diet change from the ASD to primal eating. I haven’t looked back!

  188. Martha Schuh says

    I just received a new eReader and this package of eBooks was perfect! I discovered Primal/ Paleo living on my journey towards better health, beginning more than 10 years ago. Back then I didn’t have a name for it – I just decided to eat real food and get healthy. It has been a lot of trial and error – – but Primal Living makes sense.

  189. Roxy campos says

    My crossfit gym lead me to paleo but my struggle with my weight has me learning and living a primal life. Need some help to keep me on track.

  190. Raymond says

    My wife came across information on Paleo after looking online for a healthier diet for our family. I agreed to try it out with her. We have seen several improvements in our health and have been eating this way for 8 months now. It becomes a little tricky with our young children and the food choices they are exposed to at parties, grandma’s house, preschool, etc., but we are figuring it out as we go.

  191. basyfeltn says

    I don’t know where I learned of your site, but I’d really love to win and start making my own fermented foods. thanks for the offer. Kitty

  192. basyfeltn says

    I’m interested in Paleo because I found that low carb was the best way to deal with my PCOS, then after getting diabetes and more and more food allergies, there’s no turning back. I”m really interested in learning about making my own fermented foods, they’re said to be healing for those with food allergies which keep getting worse.

  193. Tracy Stull says

    I’m interested in paleo because I found out I am allergic to dairy and sensitive to gluten. after finally cutting them out and going on a paleo diet i felt so much better, more energy and the weight was melting off.

  194. Jennifer says

    Interested in natural skincare mostly but I’ve found some of the other books quite interesting.

  195. Rebekah R. says

    I first learned about Paleo through my nutrition education program at Bauman College, but I really learned what it meant through Mark’s Daily Apple and Balanced Bites. So glad I did!

  196. Theresa M. says

    I first learned about paleo and primal living through the Wellness Mama blog, which lead me to Mark’s Daily Apple, from there I’ve found many other bloggers and authors. I’ve learned that eating this way makes me feel a millions time better than when I eat grains and processed foods.

  197. Lara Jarrette says

    I’m a New Follower, I found out about you through Divine Health blog post – I am interested in learning more about Paleo

  198. Naomi B says

    I learned of paleo and primal living through a friend, who was starting her journey. I read a lot of her information, which made sense to me, and we started to eat that way as well.

  199. Emily P in DC says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? I came from a WAPF background via the GAPS diet–there is so much overlap between the different perspectives but I am still learning about the differences.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? For my health! Trying to address suspected food allergies and just feel healthier.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? I know I’ve read about the difference but I don’t know what it is off the top of my head. Clearly I need to read more!

  200. says

    I was linked through primal palate. My partner is allergic to grains, so in support I started eating primal as well. I love everything about it.

  201. deja73 says

    I discovered Primal Living while
    researching a healthier lifestyle after recovering from heart surgery where a
    “rare but commonly rare benign tumor” the size of an egg was removed
    from my heart at the age of 36. There is no history of heart disease in
    my family. I felt worse than bad for 2 years prior to its discovery.
    I went to the doctors for an entire year the 2nd year and chalked the 1st
    year up to being a new mom. Finally my last appointment given to me by my
    family practice doc to see a cardiologist, he found what no one else could.
    He saved my life. I was told if two weeks went by I would have
    suffered a major heart attack. I wanted better for me and my family of 3
    so I researched ways to heal my body through food when I was detoxing from the
    Metoprolol (not a good med). The detox was hard but I refused to do it
    any other way than cold turkey because I had been on it for 2 years (I don’t
    like popping pills). My legs were numb, my body felt weird inside, I was
    just not right and I wasn’t about to go get more medication to “make it
    right”. I refused to go to the doctors despite my husbands pleading.
    It’s a process but my family eats better now. My 5 year old
    eats veggies, fruits and nuts. Yes and meat. We’ve really cut down on fast food
    and processed foods. we are all on board for our health.

  202. delmas192 says

    I discovered the Paleo lifestyle while still on active duty but since I was stationed on board submarines it was very hard to try and convert over to that lifestyle. I have been medically discharged since and have started Crossfit. The instructors there have been very helpful and encouraging to get people together for this lifestyle change. With the start of the new my entire family has started to get into the swing of this lifestyle. The hardest part of this is trying to convince my kids that that will benefit them in the long run. They are only 7 and 4 so I should not expect anything less.

  203. says

    Primal and Paleo definitely mean different things to me. I consider Paleo to be stricter (no dairy!) and it’s what I do when life derails me and I need more structure with my diet. Primal is more doable every day for me, with the 80/20 allowing me to be considerate to the people around me and not hurt feelings. I can have ice cream at birthday parties! Either way, I have to be gluten free and good recipes help me feel empowered to make tasty choices instead of boxed in with the same old blah meals.

  204. Cammy says

    I randomly checked out Gary Taubes book why we get fat from the library and that started it all for me! Found marks daily apple soon after and have been a work in slow progress ever since :)

  205. Jeffrey Phillip Calender MD says

    I started in “paleo” before I knew what it was when I was studying anthropology and biology, and then in medical school. When I got into residency I and joined crossfit by coincidence I found a group that had already named and organized by thoughts on lifestyle, and started to get caught up on the reading and cooking. I still have a lot of work to do, and this will be my first (nearly) full paleo year, but it is definitely something I believe is the basic path to wellness and will keep with me in my career.

  206. Mrs. Yoder says

    I started getting interested in what is now termed ‘paleo’ or ‘primal’ back in ’06 when I started working for a CHEK practitioner.

  207. michele says

    I started getting interested in Primal Living about three months ago. I was having a lot of health issues due to my Hashimotos disease and PCOS. I am happy to report switching to Paleo has made all the difference for me!

  208. Sarah says

    I first found out about “primal eating” from my boyfriend. He was interested in WAPF and as I gained weight after we started dating turned me onto it. It’s the only way of eating that has made me feel healthy while helping me lose weight. Even though I sometimes eat junk (one day I will convince my mother to stop sending me cookies) I can’t imagine eating any other way.

  209. sher says

    I got the link for this in a food blog. I am a complete neophite when it comes to paleo but I am trying to improve my diet and eat more healthily. Looking forward to reading these ebooks, especially the one on fermentation.

  210. Jen says

    I have discovered Primal/ Paleo when I started at my crossfit gym. I hope to try Paleo for the who family and get us all a little healthier!

  211. Yvette Wyskochil says

    I struggle with strict Paleo, but I do fine with Primal because I get to have cheese and half & half, in moderation of course. I started out as Primal, and then moved into Paleo as I gave up dairy. But honestly my life is much easier when I have easy sources of fat, and increased weight loss, when I eat dairy.

  212. Julia Jacobson says

    I discovered Primal from reading the blog Joyful Abode. Our family hasn’t made it very far in our journey because of other food issues, but we’re plugging along.

  213. Kayla says

    I learned about primal and paleo from my Crossfit box, Crossfit Hanover. I then attended a Balanced Bites workshop with a friend and became too interested not to try it! After a few 30-day challenges I can finally say I LOVE the way my body feels on it and hope to continue with the more knowledge and cookbooks I obtain :)

  214. Maria says

    I am aware of Primal/Paleo, but do not have all the info to know if it is the right thing for me. I do not know the difference, but am getting a sense from reading the other comments. I hope to incorporate some ideas into my life soon.

  215. says

    I started taking an interest in primal living because I have Ulcerative Colitis. After 10 years of modern medicine not helping me I started researching diets and how food can actually heal me. I am happy to say that I have never felt better after only 6 months of no medicine and completely changing my diet.

  216. Hannah says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?
    I discovered Primal living through random online browsing. I was looking into healthy eating lifestyles/ fitness when I stumbled upon “Paleo”. I had no idea what it was but I was intrigued from the moment I learned about it.
    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?
    I’ve taken an interest in Primal living because I believe that it really does make a difference in the way it makes you feel and live and breathe. After choosing to go Paleo, it made such a big difference. I had no idea the damage I was doing to my body while eating grains, especially wheat. I ate wheat on a DAILY basis thinking it was the best thing for me. Clearly, I was mistaken.
    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how?

    I think they both mean a healthy, toxic-free lifestyle. Not just the way I eat or exercise but my mentality and my way of living has changed.

  217. says

    1 how did you discover Primal Living?
    My trainer introduced me to Paleo and I’ve been on and off it over the past year

    2 why have you taken an interest in primal living?

    I have suffered many of the consequences of the western processed food diet, the benefits of being Paleo are huge

    3 are primal and paleo different
    I think primal is a mindset where as Paleo is more of the method behind the madness!

  218. Scott says

    1. Chiropractic College…since we tend to be non-conformist health practitioners, it seems to be a natural fit (pun intended).
    2. It has improved my health health and level of life enjoyment and I want to pay it forward to my patients, family and friends.
    3. I know others feel differently, but for me, primal is a way of life, paleo is a guide for human dietary lifestyle choices.

  219. says

    I discovered Primal/Paleo after I was diagnosed with Type 1 (Type 1.5/LADA) Diabetes at age 27. I started researching to figure out how this could have happened to an adult, and discovered a connection between diabetes and gluten sensitivity. In exploring gluten free diets, I found Paleo. And it’s been a new life for me ever since.

    • Lorrie Wolf says

      Emily, I would love to hear more from you about this. I am considering putting my 10yo daughter and myself on Paleo to help her with T1D. We are mostly gluten-free now, and mostly milk-free as well. But I know those little bits creeping in make a big difference.

  220. Andrew says

    Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?

    I was concerned that my immune system was taking a battering and was looking for answers to better health. I came across GAPS and Weston Price first.

  221. says

    i discovered primal living through a girlfriend that I often partnered with on getting-healthy-adventures. I remember the day she mentioned it because I got NOTHING done at work — too caught up reading about how I don’t need to get calcium from milk, whole grains aren’t filling me up, and fat isn’t evil. 3 years ago this month :)

  222. says

    I discovered primal as an idea through my chiropractor; he introduced a nutrition plan that was more of a way of life instead of a diet; I became more interested in the nutritional and health aspects of the lifestyle….a gateway drug, if you will, lol. Now I’ve learned so much, and want to learn more!
    I took an interest in primal learning because of my digestion issues (IBS, heartburn, etc) and that was how I learned that grains were affecting me, even though I had always been taught that whole grains were good for you. I have since cut them out, and feel so much better!

  223. says

    My family and I are trying to live a simple, natural lifestyle, so trying to eat as close to nature intended is very important. I am also gluten free, so that changes what I can eat!

  224. Lauren says

    This is actually my first time learning about Primal/Paleo eating. I’ve been reading about eating traditionally and following a WAPF based diet for the past year or so, and am interested in learning about some of the other whole foods based eating philosophies. All of these ebooks look great, such a great price for them!!

  225. says

    I’m a relative newbie to the concepts of Primal/Paleo eating. We’ve been moving to a more traditional eating method in the past few months. As we strip away more modern and processed foods, I’m really starting to look forward to getting closer to food.

  226. Meghan Goering says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?
    At the beginning of 2011, I started doing Weight Watchers. By the time January 2012 rolled around, my husband – boyfriend at the time – had asked me to give Paleo a try. I quickly told him I was happy with my morning oatmeal and that WW worked for me. Needless to say, after some more thought, I decided to give it a shot. That was January 8, 2012 and we’ve been Paleo/Primal ever since.

  227. realhealthymom says

    Why have I taken an interest in Primal living? MENOPAUSE – and I’m kicking Menopause’s ass!

  228. Jen says

    Why have I taken an interest in primal eating?

    I am concerned about increasing obesity and health problems in our country, seemingly related to mainstream food and processed carbs. Currently doing my first Whole30 and loving it.

  229. ohthejules says

    I’ve taken an interest into primal living to heal my PCOS and hopefully experience the joys of pregnancy after 12 years of infertility. I believe it’s possible! And, it just makes sense. It’s simple, it’s wholesome, it involves bacon. It’s a win-win. :)

  230. Melissa Moss says

    I have taken an interest in the Paleo/Primal lifestyle because I feel it offers the best style of eating to provide optimal nutrition, wellness, strength, and sanity. I’ve tried more “diets” than I care to mention, but I don’t feel Paleo is a diet, it’s a way I can be free from most food obsessions I’ve had in my past yet still offers me proper and varied nutrition. It has helped me feel better, sleep better, and perform better.

  231. says

    Why primal living??
    There are almost too many answers to this question. For me, primal living is a mentality and a way of life. There are so many aspect of my life where I am being told what to do and how to do it, only because someone somewhere started the “trend”. I’m over it. I can’t control most of the nonsense, but I can control my mental and physical being! I feel as if there is “primal” in all of us, it just comes down to how much a person is willing to let it show through (go against the grain). Eating and trying to live as primal as I can (in today’s world), has helped me to really connect with my feelings and body. I learn something new about myself or the primal lifestyle everyday. I have accomplished feats I never thought I would after going primal. I have proved, and am constantly proving, people wrong about the primal way of eating that I have adapted. I get to be adventurous everydayof my life, and sometimes I don’t even have to go outside. (although what’s the fun in not venturing into the outdoors!!) The twists and turns that I encounter with primal living is what makes me more and more interested in growing more primal everyday!

  232. Barbara Harris says

    1. How did I discover Primal living? Through researching autoimmune issues and discovering the link to Gluten sensitivity. I’ve been researching everything Primal/Paleo since and have been Paleo since the first week in August 2012. I’ve never felt better! Thanks Toad!

  233. cassia says

    why have i taken an interest? because i’m curious how to better help myself and my family live more fully, and while i’m just starting to learn more, it’s fascinating!

  234. Debbie says

    I just found this site. Love It!!! Many resources and love the giveaways. Especially if I win.

  235. Debbie says

    I have had a weight problem for a few years now, and was searching for a healthy alternative to Atkins (to many processed foods). Came across your site. Just what I needed. Thanks.

  236. Stephanie says

    My interest came from being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and not being interested in just taking meds the rest of my life.

  237. says

    Paleo was perfect for my family because some of us have G6PDD, and the rest celiac. When I was looking for recipes for both groups I stumbled across paleo and we haven’t looked back!

  238. says

    Answering 1- I found it via some friends. I became interested, read more, and realized it was exactly the lifestyle my husband and I were looking for-and we’re bringing our kids along for the ride!

  239. Tiffany Laffin says

    2. My Crossfit box peaked my interest. Then the science behind it made sense to me which expanded my interest in it. Now that I’ve been doing it for a while, the results (health, fitness, lifestyle in general) keep me interested.

  240. says

    Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?

    Due to a couple health issues through the entirety of my life (PCOS starting at age 11 and eating disorders -binge eating (child to 18yrs old), anorexia, bulimia, then orthorexia (19 to 24yrs old). I found that it set me free. Free of controlling, analyzing and trying to validate my eating choices and the obsessive feeling of bad vs good foods. By simply eating what nature has provided and understanding the biology of how real food works with the body I’ve accomplished peace with myself inside and out. There are either foods that will improve my health or halt my health. To me, processed foods are extremely dangerous, and not because it will make me ‘fat’ but because it will make me unhealthy, sick, and not reach my true potential of well being. With eating disorders it truly is a slippery slope when it comes to recovery, and unlike other addictions you cannot remove the substance (food) and I can more than advocate that primal/paleo eating is the cure (therapy is a must as well, again the eating disorder is the symptom not the cause itself! After denial for years its just “How I am” you have to do the emotional work of why you were abusing food/your body).

    I first lost weight (was overweight borderline obese all my adolescence) and was relieved of my PCOS symptoms when I read a book called The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS at age 18 (I’m 26 now). This diet was essentially paleo, except was very low fat. I noticed a complete 180 of my symptoms and when I felt like I ‘discovered’ the ‘magical’ way of losing weight just through eating REAL food I couldn’t understand why everyone wasn’t doing it, and why people still followed ‘fad’ diets that never truly worked. However shortly after I became obsessive with my weight and body and thus went full fledge into eating disorders with a complete fear of gaining all my weight back. i KNOW by eating/living primal/paleo is optimal for my true health, then and now, and it took me years of therapy to heal my emotional issues and realize eating real food will not make me fat. I completely embrace paleo eating/living because diets and obsessing dont work, only by changing your lifestyle and listening to your body will you finally understand how to eat. If I could give any words of wisdom, do NOT just think that losing weight will make you happy, alone it will NOT make you happy if your emotional well being is damaged. Paleo/primal eating is certainly the way to whole health, as long as your mental well being is ready for that change.

    Sorry this is SO long! ;)

  241. says

    Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? I’m in the military and living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me. Healthy living was always important to me and i came across articles online about Primal living and it sparked an interest, I haven’t quite started yet because I wanted to read all that I could about it and experiment with a few recipes before hand but I’m loving it so far. I’m ready to jump right in and drag my husband along for the awesome adventure that is up ahead.

  242. j says

    1 and 2 – i discovered primal living by the ongoing search for the diet and lifestyle that most resembled the most natural way a human should eat/live.
    3 – i dont classsify primal and paleo that different for myself as im not a fundamentalist…i take what works for me and apply it.

  243. Elisssa Garr says

    1,2 Primal living saved my life, a doctor suggested it and now I am all in!

    I saw the effects immediately. I was on 3 daily medications at 27 and now I am 35lbs lighter and off all my meds. Along with MANY other changes.
    3. Paleo and Primal are not the same but they have a close relation. I started out strictly Paleo and now lean a little toward primal. They both have a fabulous philosophy, EAT REAL FOOD!

  244. 6DollarRooster says

    I consider Paleo to be a diet and Primal to be a lifestyle that is based on Paleo but allows dairy an alcohol.

  245. Carrie Brown says

    Why primal living? For me, I really wanted to understand where my food came from, the process of farm/animal to plate. The industrial food complex does a great job of clouding and distorting this picture and understanding. All my life, I ate primarily processed foods and years of eating in this manner contributed poor health on my part. Primal living has generated on my part an increased appreciation for the food I source and eat (including the lifestock, animals, etc) everyday. I have followed a primal lifestyle since December 18, 2011 and I must say it was the best decision I have ever made! I look forward to every meal I make and cook, and the process of cooking as opposed to say driving to a fast food restaurant has become a stress-relieving passion and hobby of mine. So many benefits all in one! I will never go back. That’s a promise to myself.

  246. Karibeth Soto says

    I became interested in primal living because I have a son with autism and multiple food allergies. As I have eliminated allergens and processed foods from his diet to heal him, I have moved our whole family towards primal/traditional foods eating. I have found that eating real food has helped heal and eliminate problems I was having, especially my autoimmune issues that my doctors don’t seem to have an answer for. We are not yet a 100% primal family, but as I educate my husband and teenage daughter they move closer to eliminating the processed foods that they are hooked on!

  247. says

    I discovered primal living through my friend travis He helps people lose weight the right way and effectively. I Have also taken interest in the diet because Paleomg and civilized caveman cooking creations :) I see all the healthy things their making and it all looks so good. Im also trying to cut weight for boxing because im a little heavy atm. Finally paleo and primal to me are just a healthy life style that i try to folllow as much as possible. Shame my mom doesnt buy organic or grass-fed meats, pastured poultry eggs etc. But i still am a dedicated paleo dude!

  248. Regina says

    I became interested in primal living because I am overweight and not eating a healthy diet. I am the care-giver for my MIL. She had a stroke almost 5 years ago and has since fallen, broken her hip, and is now in a wheelchair. I’m afraid of ending up in the same situation one day and don’t want this for my children. Hopefully by changing my health now, my children will not be faced with caring for me in the future.

  249. Stacey Murphy says

    I became interested in primal living for several reasons. One, I was depleted of energy and couldn’t figure out why. Two, I have a son with a severe food aversion and who craved carbs only. Found out he is allergic to wheat. Although he isn’t Paleo yet, it is my dream for him. I feel this diet can really help kids with sensory processing disorder such as my son and daughter have.

  250. Weatherford says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? Lew Rockwell’s page :)

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? It makes SENSE!!

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? Well, maybe, but it is too early in the morning for my brain to be working and tell you why….

    How can you tell I bought the bundle? (I did, thanks for the great price!! Planning to use it to introduce some skeptical friends – all of whom do organic – to Paleo!!)

  251. Robby says

    1. I found paleo via robb wolf’s book
    2. I do palo to stay healthy
    3. Primal and paleo basically mean the same thing to me

  252. mars says

    I discovered Primal living by researching GMO wheat and its impact on health. That was 10 months ago and I’ve never felt and looked better! 10 lbs lighter, more energy, brighter skin, healthier teeth, and less body fat. Ancestral eating and living is the only way for my family!

  253. Stephanie says

    I found out about the primal/paleo way of life after getting hooked on CrossFit. Although i was starting to get in shape, i needed an extra nutrition push and found it with robb wolf’s book. Now i have my own paleo blog and help lead seminars in Kansas city.

  254. Ellen says

    I have been interested in healthy living for 8 years now and helping a few friends to lose weight. I have been realizing that “it’s the carbs” causing the trouble. Therefore I am starting to learn about primal living. It makes sense.

  255. 'supdoc? says

    I discovered primal living through my boys’ step mother. She’s lost many, many inches in the months since she started and is now pregnant

  256. says

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? The only way I can lose weight and feel awesome is by eating this way.

  257. Carisska says

    Primal and Paleo mean different things to me. Primal seems current and flexible enough to cover anyone’s needs. Paleo is like the starting point for primal – a great start, but not necessarily 21st century.

  258. Jo says

    I saw your link on FB and I live with celiac’s disease. I think doing a primal and paleo diet would be great to get back to “Natural”. And I could loose a few pound in the mean time.

  259. Karen Sue says

    Silly but true, I found out about paleo eating by looking for a better diet for my cat. He was sick and I was researching better food choices for him since we noticed that his old food formula was changed by the maunfacturer. That’s when he became sick. I thought it was silly to be researching the best food choices for a cat and not for myself!

  260. Cliff Livingston says

    I got turned on to the lifestyle like a lot of people, browsing on line. I was first introduced to Mark Sisson, and from his website, kept seeing comments from this Primal Toad guy, so I decided to check himoutmas well.

    The transition has been fairly easy, with great results. I own a wine bar in California, so I still consume too much alcohol, but my wife and I are addressing that on Monday, when we begin our one month detox.

  261. says

    I’ll tackle #1. I discovered primal living when I was on a different diet last year. I was a part of a forum for low carb diets and one of the sub divisions was about Paleo diets. I got curious and checked it out. Lead to reading Mark’s Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint, and discovering the Hartwig’s Whole 30. That was where I got started!

  262. Tanya says

    I learned about Paleo when I started CrossFitting in April of 2012. The reason I started taking interested into in eating this way because I saw the results that other CrossFitters had with performance and just looking Fit.

  263. Dewey z says

    My wife and I have just began Primal living. We have seen results first hand through friends and others and thought we would give this a shot. Thus far we have more energy, better digestion, and are having fun cooking together.

  264. Kathryn Hart says

    I started eating Primal as a way to control my chronic migraines. I was suffering for months with constant migraines, taking medication that had wacky side effects and I was concerned about being on for the rest of my life. Eating Primal has worked and while I am not completely off my migraine meds, they have been cut in half and I hope to be completely off of them soon. I have only been on the diet for a couple weeks, so I am giving it a while longer to be completely med free. The weight loss is merely a perk for me!!

  265. Christine says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?

    Recovering from a vegan diet, I started exploring low carb diets and quickly found paleo and primal diets, stressing whole, quality foods.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?

    I feel better eating whole foods rather than processed foods.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how?

    I think they mostly overlap. Dairy seems to be a bit of a difference between them, but since both encourage doing what is right for each individual, they seem interchangeable enough. Whatever you call it–primal, paleo, ancestral–it’s all better than SAD.

  266. says

    Primal living completed the healing that going gluten free began. I always say going gluten free saved my life, but going paleo GAVE me life. I have Celiac disease.

  267. says

    I became interested in Primal living as part of a continual, meandering search for better health via optimal nutrition, movement and body care. Mostly through nutrition, since I’m a nutrition geek (academic interest) but have also struggled with eating disorders off and on since age 13 (personal interest). I truly compromised my health by heeding various “shoulds” over the years, overexercising myself into adrenal dysfunction and causing a leaky gut and metabolic derangement with tons of gluten and dairy followed by a high-sugar, raw vegan diet. Yikes! So discovering the work of Weston A. Price, and then the Paleo/Primal community, has blessed me with new insight and continually improving health. I’m not “there” yet, and still have a lot of issues to address, but I feel as if this is soundest approach to being a healthy human animal and I’m striving to implement it more and more each day.

  268. Kathleen Conner says

    I found the site by googling about the diet.
    I’m curious about the benefits, and am looking to be healthier.
    I’m still learning about the differences–I’m a real newbie! =)

  269. Alyssa says

    I became interested in primal living at first for performance purposes. After being exposed to it through crossfit, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to potentially improve athletic performance, and it definitely seemed to have plenty of other positive side effects I would like (improving body comp, skin, etc). Then, after seeing the impact it had on my family, I realized how far reaching it really was. After adopting the nutrition aspect and understanding more of the science behind it, it was then easy to see the potential for other lifestyle changes as well, including sleep and stress. It’s all connected.

  270. says

    I became interested in primal living because not only am I overweight, I have PCOS and it will help with both. My husband is more than willing to make the change with me because we want to start having kids and it’s important for us to have a healthier lifestyle.

  271. Gina says

    I’m interested in this way of eating both because my health has taken a turn for the worse after 17+ years as a vegetarian and because I’m studying Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and metabolic typing.

    • Gina says

      Ah, about your other questions… No, Paleo and Primal aren’t the same. They diverge when it comes to fats and sugar substitutes. I’m also aware that whereas Paleo is centered on food, Primal “living” encompasses lifestyle modalities, such as exercise, supplements, etc. The reason I referred to it as a “way of eating” is because the lifestyle changes should be followed regardless of what diet one eats, and are therefore a foregone conclusion.
      And how I discovered Primal Living… On my so far elusive quest for health, I left my raw vegan diet after reading Weston Price’s work. Although it helped me in some ways, it hurt me in others, so I felt that there was more to the picture — at least where my metabolism is concerned — and in reading more and listening to the Underground Wellness show I came across the Paleo Diet and then Primal Living.

  272. Sarah says

    I became interested in primal living because I knew there had to be some sort of way to get rid of the constant pain I had been in most of my life. It had progressed to the point of losing most of the function of my left arm (and I am a left handed artist!) yet being told there was nothing wrong with me.

    I started getting into WAPF while taking care of my brother. I felt better than I had in a long time, but the pain I was in was debilitating. A friend suggested going gluten free last January. Paleo was the EASIEST way for me to kiss my wheat addiction good bye!

    I dropped the grains (and a lot of other things – I’m doing AIP right now) and have regained use of my arm. I am the most pain free I can remember in my entire life.

  273. Emily says

    How did you discover Primal living?

    After several years of pain and discouraging visits to doctors and nutritionists, I met an amazing man who introduced me to the primal lifestyle, my health gradually improved, he and I grew closer and now we are living together and the most awesomeness primal couple on the planet :)

  274. says

    I discovered Primal eating by accident – my husband and I were in Borders, looking for recipe books that would be friendly for his ulcerative colitis and my weight loss efforts. He saw Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Cookbook, and we thought the recipes looked interesting (knowing nothing about the philosophy behind it). What sealed the deal was how satisfied we felt after eating one of the recipes – then we started reading the intro material, and decided to give the Primal/Paleo approach a try.

  275. Peteo says

    I discovered your site through Mark’s Daily Apple, which I found on accident researching gluten. Have never felt better in my life! Glad I found your site!

  276. Laura says

    I discovered Primal living when my friend handed me The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf…read the book in the middle of my dietetic internship…and now lead a primal life as a RD promoting real food to all my patients :-)

  277. Laurey says

    I just want to educate myself. There are so many “right ways” to eat… Need to read up on Paleo and primal, so I know more and can help others… thanks!

  278. Ashleigh says

    I discovered primal living through a very random Google search that led me to Mark’s David Apple. Now I’m still a newbie but I faithfully read daily!

  279. says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?

    I found Primal Living through purchasing the bundle. Which I saw on FB.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?
    I hope to change mine an my familes way of eating and living.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how?
    I a not sure of the difference, yet.

  280. Kathryn S says

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?

    Although my family and I have switched to a mostly organic diet, we still consume a lot of processed foods and sugars. I’ve heard so many good things about Paleo diets and primal living. We want to try to adapt a Primal lifestyle for the sake of our health and well being.

  281. says

    Not sure if my 1st comment went through…I apologize in advance for the wall of text. How did I discover primal living? & Why did I take an interest in primal living?
    As a health care professional, I am strongly for preventative health care, health education, and people taking accountability for their health as much as possible. During clinicals, it was very depressing to see people in the hospital for conditions that could be prevented…and even worse, seeing them eat nutrient poor, sometimes processed, hospital food. I strongly believe that food, habits, and environment affect our health, but I needed to know exactly how…I wanted to educate myself so I can help others…which lead me to paleo eating and primal living. Some of my favorite quotes are: “The food you eat can either be the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison -Ann Wigmore” and “people are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food.” It is exciting to me that tis may be changing and I aim to be part of a health care team that focuses on patients holistically, with a focus on principles evident in the paleo/primal community. I also hope to conduct research evaluating nutrition and environmental factors in endocrinology and/or oncology, while also promoting awareness in the public health sector. It’s hard to recall exactly how I discovered primal living, but I would say it was through a combination of my active search for more knowledge – Mark’s Daily Apple and various books from Amazon (I like to search health and nutrition related books to read). I really believe the primal way of living can/will change the world in a positive way…for example, people are becoming more educated about what they are eating/ingesting/exposing themselves to, taking initiative of their health, and voting with their purchases. More specifically, our paleo/primal food choices/purchases not only benefit our personal health, but also may reflect the humane treatment of animals, the reduction of waste, the responsible treatment of the environment, support of local economies, etc. I am definitely still learning, and have benefited so far, so I am optimistic about this lifestyle and how it can be a positive change for others. I live in Austin, TX, so I am hoping to go to the paleo f(x) symposium! :) Anyway, thank you for this cool giveaway.

  282. Kate @ Eat, Recycle, Repeat says

    Primal & Paleo do mean different things to me, but as long as they are a lifestyle choice and not a “diet”, I think they can work for everyone!

  283. Pei says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? Heard about Primal Living through GAPS Diet Journey. Looking forward to learn more about it through the ebooks.

  284. Kristy says

    I stumbled onto primal from reading low carb forums. I kept seeing marksdailyapple links, which was filled with so much info! Ordered the book the same day.

  285. says

    I found Primal Living through a link on Cheeseslave. I raise all my own meat because I was so totally grossed out by food production methods in this country.

  286. Kim says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? – from my Sister

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? – strong long term interest in nutrition

  287. Freedomgirlextreme -Suzie says

    I had heard about Paleo 3 years ago and became conscious of the way I was feeding my family and myself. It was not until August of 2012 I decided to do a Whole30 following a hamstring issue and training setback. My husband and I did it and felt amazing. He lost 16lbs and quit being a diet coke junkie. I lost 9 lbs with little physical activity and changed behaviors of planning, prepping and cooking our meals. I then started learning about primal living and paleo eating – at least thats how I am able to discern the two. Primal Living is a whole approach to me and paleo is food. Why I like the Whole 30? Behaviorally it helps in more then both of these aspects…its kind of like a January resolution whenever you want! I have also decided through feeling great and energized to start new projects and help others. Primal/Paelo whatever you want to call it – it works!!! Thank you for such a great bundle!!!!

  288. katie says

    My brother exposed me to Paleo and Primal living- and then my brother-in-law, then his wife, then I was surrounded by health. I enjoy being in control of my body and giving it the tools necessary to be all that it can be. I’ve lost 75 pounds of fat, gained 15 pounds of muscle, and help as many people as I can to reach their own health goals. Thanks!!

  289. says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? I read the book Wheat Belly and began to realize all the problems that I had made come from that. I tried the Whole 30 and felt amazing. And have tried to stay with the principles since then.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? I have 3 children with ym youngest disabled – so I really need to step up my game on health. I spent most of my life overweight and feeling like hell. I do not want my daughters to go through the same thing. I need to set an example for them.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? Honestly – I know people believe there is a difference but I am so new to it all – I am not taking sides. lol

  290. Carri says

    I became interested in the primal way when Dr’s could not help me and realized maybe nutrition could. I love helping others find a better way now and crave information! Thank you for offering this bundle.

  291. Sarah Katz says

    Hello Toad! I just purchased the Wellness Bundle but wanted to comment as well. =)

    1. How did you discover Primal living? Via Pinterest, while searching for body positivity and lasting health results from a diet I could make a lifestyle.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? It is the way our bodies were made to function optimally. And I am very interested in the Humanities angle of how we have swung away from this life and are gradually swinging back.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? I wouldn’t say I know enough yet to differentiate.

  292. Kris Reaves says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?
    My Crossfit Gym is linked/partnered up with Whole9 and offeres some guidance regarding it.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?
    I needed diet advice and what I was doing wasn’t working. I got into it and then my body started transforming and joint pains dissappeared, it was a delight. With very few removals from what I had been doing, easy and delicious.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how?
    I would say Paleo I regard as a bit more ‘strict’ or limiting in what you put in your body. Primal is not as limiting for theory, but allowable from science. As in Primal supports the N=1 theory a bit better and backs up food choices with science a bit differently.

  293. Andrea Hewitt says

    I became interested in primal living as a way to manage my husband’s diabetes effectively.

  294. Jen McKinney says

    I learned about Paleo lifestyle during my brief stint at CrossFit. I love my Well Fed cookbook and just bought the eBook bundle today. Hoping to make some changes with PCOS and feel a little better.

  295. Tasha says

    I became interested im Primal living when my xfit box did the Lurong challenge for 9wks. I started googling recipes and reading all the info i could. Now I’m working on converting my family over. I just got the bundle and can’t wait to start reading. My cholesterol is slightly high so hoping to jump on the paleo/primal lifestyle for my health as well.

  296. Frannie says

    I bought the bundle, yay!!! Time to delve in and bring my family to tip-top quality of life! (I heard about Primal living through FB)

  297. says

    Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?

    I have an autoimmune disease (psoriasis, to be exact) that flares up at odd times. I figured out about 8 years ago that one trigger was dairy. At that point I found a farmer with cow shares and switched to all raw dairy. My psoriasis was much better when I had the good NZ’s still available to me. For the past year or so my flare-ups have become much worse, so I cut out all dairy and didn’t have much improvement. After researching and finding that grains can be a trigger as well I have done my best to cut those out as well. When I am off grains completely I have fewer flare-ups and am much less bloated!

  298. says

    I am interested in Primal/Paleo living because my husband and I are morbidly obese. I really want to add another child to our family and do not feel that my body could support a pregnancy at this weight. I have had success with Low Carb in the past and Paleo/Primal seems like a more natural option. I am having trouble taking the plunge but I know that I will one day soon.

  299. Christy Fuller says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?

    I discovered primal living because a very dear friend of mine is very into paleo / primal living. I’m interested in it because the food / recipes look SO good and I’m trying to become healthier through exercise and diet. I want to make a lifestyle change that will benefit my health.

  300. says

    “How did you discover Primal living?” I stumbled across it when trying to figure out what was causing some of my health problems {the doctors just kept throwing more & more pills at me, at one point I was taking 14 different medications}. I read an article on the “caveman diet” and continued on with more & more research…

  301. says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?
    I was searching for low carb triathlon training ideas… I found MDA from there! I was already on the natural side of low carb (after starting out with some very processed low carb crutches [mostly sweeteners] which helped me lose weight in 2003). I became hooked – it just made SENSE! I’ve had times of being more or less “on the wagon” – if money, social interactions, and convenience were not obstacles, I would eat about 98% primal 100% of the time.

  302. Lesa McMahon says

    Primal living is closely tied to the true Atkins way of living… this is how I was first introduced to it. I am always looking for new ideas and more learning when it comes to taking the low-carb lifestyle to the next level.

  303. Melissa says

    Thank you for such a great bundle! I am really excited to have these amazing resources. I am always looking for how to improve my well-being. I discovered primal living while researching more about eliminating grains from my diet. I have been wheat-free for two years since finding out about a wheat allergy. I can’t wait to learn more and continue to improve my health.

  304. Christie Johnson says

    I took an interest in primal living in order to find digestive health. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and could not digest nor absorb what I was eating (pesco-vegatarian.) Eating a stricter than Primal diet I have much better health.

  305. PaleoChef says

    I found Primal Living as I kept seeing it mentioned on other website (US wellness was one) and was glad to find a place for more education on primal eating, great recipes and just good info! I’m an ambassador (and chef) for paleo/primal cooking and the more info I have to share with my students/clients is helpful. Thank you for being such a great resource.

  306. Tracy says

    1. How did you discover Primal living? I think I first heard about it in the Drs. Eades book, Protein Power

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living? The incredible number of people I know who have or have kids that have autoimmune disorders.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how? It seems as if Primal and Paleo differ in which one includes dairy, but I conflate them.

    And I’m buying the bundle.

  307. says

    I’m interested in Primal living as I’ve been learning and doing WAPF eating for a couple years and am thinking this might be more the way to go for my family.

  308. Michelle says

    I’ve been doing Paleo for just two weeks now and pretty impressed with my results. Zero indigestion (used to be a daily thing), belly bloat is gone, and my rosacea (kinda like acne) has cleared up dramatically. People are noticing! I’m giving it 3 months before making any judgment, but I’m delighted to feel this good so soon.

  309. Emily N. says

    2. I took an interest in Primal living because I thought it might help clear my acne and help me lose weight.

  310. Amanda says

    I was diagnosed with PCOS 8 years ago and I’ve been struggling to reverse my symptoms. I believe that diet plays a huge role in my success in overcoming PCOS. I KNOW that the Paleo lifestyle is going to be ideal for me!!! So excited to start learning more…just bought my bundle and can’t wait!!

  311. Becky says

    Q#1- through a slow path that started with Diabetes II : low carb diet, small amt grains….eventually learning aobut GAPS, Paleo, and the WAPF.

  312. Michelle says

    My journey to learning about a primal diet started by watching the Fat Head movie, which led me to the Skinny on Obesity by Dr. Robert Lustig, eventually I discovered Jimmy Moore who had introduced me a whole host of individuals. I’m 41 pounds down after 8 months and have never gone hungry and rarely have a craving even though I spent most of my life over eating, especially sweets.

  313. Raclbaby2000 says

    I discovered Primal/Paleo living through a friend from highschool. He was heavy set “back in the day” and I noticed he was more fit and more active/outdoorsy on his profile so I asked him what his secret was. He sent me to marksdailyapple to check it out and I have been hooked ever since!

  314. Ken says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?
    Jimmy Moore’s Livin La Vida Low Carb podcast of PFX12.
    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?
    I have to make a change to loose my weight and get on the road to success!
    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how?
    I don’t know the difference yet, I’m still researching. PFX13 is going to be a great resource!

  315. Katarina says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?
    On Facebook page Just Eat Real Food.

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?
    Because I am interested in healthy life.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how?
    Actualy I do not know the difference.

  316. Nancy says

    I discovered Primal Living through the Nourished Kitchen website. I have bought the Wellness Bundle in the hopes of learning more about the lifestyle and seeing if it will be beneficial for my digestive issues – thank you!

  317. says

    1. How did you discover Primal living?
    On Facebook

    2. Why have you taken an interest in Primal living?
    Because I am interested in healthy Real Whole foods.

    3. Do Primal and Paleo mean different things to you? If yes, how?
    no. Maybe after reading some of the 33 books I will be more educated about both. Can’t wait to start. Thank you.

  318. alex says

    hi there,
    i would love to buy this bundle, but i always had trouble with paypal and surely don’t want to give google my credit card details. could you enable to pay via creditcard even as a paypal guest? (that’s often on offer now when shopping via paypal!)
    greetings from new zealand!

  319. ak says

    Hey Toad, do another Cocomojojojo discount coupon ASAP. I missed out on the last one and I feel like a complete dick. I want my 10% off too. Those cocomojojo bars look like top shit. Have you eaten one?