Epic Primal/Paleo/Real Food/Ancestral/WAPF Giveaway Valued at $1200+

$1200 Giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway ended in early September. Check back on October 1st for the October epic giveaway!


Are you ready to win an epic giveaway worth more than $1200? Scroll down to enter now!

Wow! This is one epic giveaway. The total value clocks in at $1,242 and continues to grow!

This giveaway contains a large variety of goodies. It includes a squatty potty, real food to eat, t-shirts, cookbooks, paleo magazine subscriptions, educational material including the Real Food Summit and a $25 Amazon gift card.

This giveaway ends Tuesday, September 4 at 11:59 PST (I just extended it again!). I’ll announce the winner on Thursday, September 5 via a blog post.

If you are certain that one of the following goodies is NOT for you, then I encourage you to give it to a friend or family member. Or, if you so choose, you are free to not accept it. If enough goodies are left I’ll do another giveaway with the remaining goodies.

If you win then you will receive all items listed and described below this text. To find out how to enter, scroll down below…

The goodie that eliminates the most waste

  • Squatty Potty ($80): I own a squatty potty myself and it has made a huge difference in the bathroom. I have eliminated constipation. Diet is huge but we need to squat while pooping for best results. You want to see a Ms. Ideal in the toilet, right? The squatty potty will help. You get to choose which of the three styles you want!

Epic Real food that makes you go nomnomnom

Real food. It’s something society does not eat enough of. Our avoidance of real food is the main contributor to our disease epidemic. All items explained below are real food.

  • US Wellness Meats Gift Card ($100): US Wellness Meats sells a variety of paleo goodies from grass-fed, grass-finished beef, lamb and bison, compassionate certified pork, pastured chicken and their eggs, wild caught seafood, gourmet rabbit, jerky, pemmican, raw organic ice cream and more. Their beef jerky is the most tender beef jerky I have ever tasted. How could you possibly NOT love the opportunity to win a $100 gift card from these guys?
  • TX Bar Organics Gift Card ($50): These troopers sell 100% grass-fed beef as well and are certified organic. I’ve tried some steaks and ground beef and can definitely vouch for their meat. You’ll even find a 1 week caveman package!
  • CocoMoJoe Bars Variety Pack ($39): I’ve tried all 6 flavors that you will receive in the variety pack. My favorite is coffee as I love all things coffee, but they are all divine. Even the green flavor tastes good! These are a perfect convenience food. Anyone traveling soon? I wrote a review which you can read by clicking here.
  • Kasandrinos Imports Olive Oil 1.25 mL ($42): I have yet to personally enjoy this olive oil but folks like Diane Sanfilippo from BalancedBites.com and Liz Wolfe from CaveGirlEats.com have talked about how amazing it is in the Balanced Bites podcast many times. I trust both of them. It’s also been talked about by many other paleo nerds.
  • Paleo Kits – Steve’s Club Sampler ($30): This is another perfect convenience food for those times when you need it. Also a great snack. And a part of all proceeds go towards Steve’s National Program which is “strengthening a nation, one kid at a time.” The sampler pack that you will receive if you win includes:
    • 1 original large PaleoKit
    • 1 grass-fed small PaleoKit
    • 1 grass-fed Just Jerky
    • 1 original PaleoKrunch bar
    • 1 PaleoKrunch original flavor cereal
    • 1 coconut small PaleoKit
  • Tanka Bar ($10): “Real food. Real people.” That is their slogan that you find at the top of their website. I love it myself. This is what Tanka Bar says about, um… Tanka bars:

    Made from tart-sweet cranberries and prairie-raised buffalo, the Tanka Bar is a delicious real food bar with a smoky, slightly-sweet flavor.

    If you win this giveaway you will receive 2 traditional bars and 2 spicy bars.

Epic t-shirts

One of the best ways to spread the truth, to spread something you deeply believe in is to wear a t-shirt in public. You believe saturated fat is heart healthy, right?

  • I eat heart healthy saturated fat t-shirt ($20): It’s no longer “artery-clogging saturated fat” folks. Let’s get real. Let’s spread the truth. I wear this shirt very frequently (I own 2 different colors) and have had a variety of different folks comment on the shirt! It’s on sale for $15 through August 31 (when this giveaway ends!). Why not buy a t-shirt today, and if you win, give that to a friend or family member?
  • Grok on t-shirt ($20): I own one of these as well. I think this was my first ever “paleo” related t-shirt. It’s simple. Comfortable. I love the grok logo and enjoy wearing it in public. I have yet to receive any comments on this shirt, but that does not mean that you won’t like it! If you don’t want the grok on t-shirt then you can choose the “live long, drop dead” t-shirt!

Epic cookbooks

There are TONS of awesome cookbooks available for purchase. I’ll be contacting more authors to see if they want to include their cookbook. You may not use all dozen (if the number reaches that), but you can always loan it to a friend or family member. It all helps spread the truth!

  • Practical Paleo – Signed by Diane Sanfilippo ($40): Practical Paleo is THE book that I recommend to every single individual. There are three parts to the book; The Why-Food and Your Body, 30 Day Meal Plans and 120 Easy Recipes. No matter what disease you are suffering from, even if you are just looking to lose a little fat or improve your athletic performance, this book is for YOU. I’ll be carrying it with me every step of the way across all 50 states of America (email me if you are curious about this adventure).
  • Make It Paleo – Signed by Bill Staley & Hayley Mason ($35): Make It Paleo is filled with over 200 recipes that include beyond beautiful photos that are sure to inspire you to begin cooking in the kitchen more! I don’t own a copy myself, but plan to very soon.
  • NomNom Paleo iPad App & NomNom Paleo Socks ($10): This is only available on the iPad but almost 100 million humans own one. I have yet to look at this app but everyone is raving about how amazing and beautiful is. What stands out is the fact that Michelle gives step by step instructions with pictures for every single recipe. How cool is that?! Michelle will ship to you a pair of her NomNom Paleo socks too. How cool!
  • I Love Real Food ($12): I was approached by Svenja a couple of weeks ago to see if I wanted to write a review of her cookbook, I Love Real Food. I have yet to do so but will soon. It’s a winner for sure! Simple recipes and gorgeous photos. I’m stoked to create the first 2 recipes in the cookbook, Feta-Mint-Coriander-Dip and Artichokes with Pepper Aioli!
  • Toadally Primal Smoothies Package ($29): This is MY baby. If you sign up for the Toadally Primal Tribe you will receive the PDF for FREE. However, I am also including the iPhone app, droid app, kindle version and nook version. All 3 versions are going to be updated soon so they are in sync with the PDF which has 150 recipes. Over 2,000 humans own the PDF and more than 1,000 own the kindle or nook versions.
  • Moan Out Loud ($20): This is a printed smoothie recipe ebook. The author, Andrea Barkley, uses raw eggs or cottage cheese and stevia in just about all recipes. So if you can tolerate those foods and don’t wish to add whey protein powder to your smoothies then this is a fantastic resource. I personally add raw egg yolks to my smoothies and then cook the whites due to the anti-nutrient that prevents absorption of biotin. Moan Out Loud contains 32 recipes.

Epic guides

Are you lost? Do you need some extra help? Maybe you have sugar cravings, are on a tight budget, want to become more fit or just need some general guidance. These epic guides will help!

  • The Paleo Budget Shopping Guide ($20): Is your excuse to NOT eat real food involve your budget? The Paleo Budget Shopping Guide will certainly help you out. Anyone and everyone can eat real food. You just have to know how to do it. It takes practice but can be done. Setting your priorities straight is the first task and then catching deals, talking to farmers, etc. is the next step.
  • Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Total Transformation ($25): Are you committed to change your life forever? Are you ready to dive in and notice progress within just a few weeks? There is a solid chance that this guide will guide you through the change of your lifetime. It’s quite a shocker, but eating real food and moving works. Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Total Transformation ebook can help.
  • The 21 Day Sugar Detox ($21): Are you addicted to sugar? I’ve completed the 21 Day Sugar Detox twice. The first time did not go so well but I rocked it the second time. I’ll be doing it again in the winter and will be 100% strict with it. It has no doubt eliminated most of my sugar cravings (I just love fruit but am able to easily limit it now!). When this happens, you open up to eating liver again and other foods that you otherwise would not eat because all you want is sugar!
  • The 30 Day Intro to Paleo ($15): The 30 Day Intro to Paleo an ebook written by Bill and Hayley who also created Make It Paleo. I don’t know much about it but it is sure to be a fantastic resource if you are new to the whole Paleo gig.
  • Rebel Fitness/Strength/Running Guides ($147): Steve Kamb is one of my biggest heroes. If it weren’t for his 2011 year of constant traveling then my idea to walk across all 50 states of America may have never come to fruition. He is offering all 3 of his rebel guides. Do you just want to be more fit? Bam! Do you want to add tons of strength and finally get a six pack? Bam! Do you love to run and want to learn the proper form and how to eat properly in preparation for it? Bam! If you win, all three are yours!
  • The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation Pre-Owned ($23): This book is similar to Robb Wolf’s transformation book. Only this is a hard copy that you can hold in your hand. Decide who you connect with most (Robb or Mark) and then giveaway the other one to a friend or family member!
  • The Primal Leap Pre-Owned ($197): The Primal Leap Kit is another program that will enable you to change your life. This one is very hands on and includes LOTS of goodies including an extra package that includes the Primal Blueprint Cookbook if you so choose. You also get 1 on 1 support with Mark Sisson and access to the members only forum.

Epic magazines

There are now 2 paleo magazines on the block. If you win, you will receive a one year subscription to both! I have 4 of the first 6 print issues too.

  • 1 Year Paleo Magazine Subscription ($45): The winner will receive the print version as well as the online version of the Paleo Magazine for one year! There are 6 issues per year. This is a fantastic resource that is hard to pass up. It’s available in many stores throughout the country including Whole Foods. For the online version you will be able to choose between the iPad app or PDF files for your computer.
  • 1 Year Paleo Lifestyle Magazine Subscription ($30): The Paleo Lifestyle Magazine is the new kid on the block. I’ll be a regular contributor which I am super stoked for. Brian, the genius behind this creation, is doing some fantastic work. It’s full of valuable information including featured interviews for each monthly issue that always offers a unique perspective. This is online only. You can get the iPad app or the PDF file for your computer.
  • 4 Paleo Magazine Issues Used ($28): I subscribed to the Paleo Magazine for one year. I did not renew my subscription because I will be walking across all 50 states of America beginning in September. Instead, I’ll be purchasing them one at a time in stores that carry issues. I have four of the first 6 which can be yours if you are the lucky winner!

Epic Educational goodies

Never stop educating yourself. Never stop seeking the truth. Never stop challenging your beliefs. The following 3 goodies will do just that. I’m working on adding the Paleo Summit to this list which compliments the Real Food Summit quite well.

  • The Real Food Summit ($99): In July, Sean Croxton hosted The Real Food Summit. It involved 27 different presentations that enabled the world to discover the truth about real food. What is real food? You’ll find out inside! The event was free at the time. Today you can buy the entire package that includes all 27 videos, transcripts, slides, audios along with countless bonuses. This is an epic education.
  • Beyond Broccoli Pre-Owned ($20): I received Beyond Broccoli as a review copy a while ago. I did not read it all but did read the beginning and skimmed through the rest. It’s full of valuable information with a unique perspective. It’s written by Susan Schenck who is a former vegetarian. Books that are written by former vegetarians who now follow a Paleo framework are always fantastic reads!
  • Cereal Killer Pre-Owned ($13): Cereal grains are killing us. The fact that we are afraid of saturated fat and cholesterol is killing us. I strongly believe that this fear is one of the leading factors as to why we are in a disease epidemic. Cereal Killer explains in a very easy to understand way, why we got to where we are and why saturated fat and cholesterol are actually good for you.

An epic gift card…

Why not include a gift card from an online marketplace that I buy from on a regular basis? My latest purchase includes this, this and this.

  • Amazon Gift Card ($25): This one is on me. I am including it because I buy on Amazon all the damn time! I’ll soon have a valuable resource of all the food items I buy and/or recommend dearly. It’s also the best place to buy books, gadgets, spices, etc. I am offering a $25 gift card because when you hit that number you get free shipping!

How to enter the epic giveaway

Follow the instructions below via the rafflecopter widget. If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment below with your question or shoot me an email.

In order to enter you absolutely must answer at least one of the following questions by leaving a comment below:

  1. What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
  2. What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
  3. What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

In addition, you absolutely must enter this giveaway via the rafflecopter widget. If you don’t, then you won’t be entered. It’s that simple.

You may answer all three if you want. In order to qualify, you must answer a minimum of one.

I felt I needed to be clear on how to enter. There are multiple ways to earn additional points. Just follow the rafflecopter widget below (how many times am I going to repeat myself?).

I’ll be creating a couple reports based on the answers. Thus, I reserve the right to use your answers unless you state otherwise which I’m perfectly ok with.

Finally, the rafflecopter widget…

a Rafflecopter giveaway


If you say you answered one of the three questions but I learn that you did not, you will be disqualified. :)

It’s a simple rule for a chance to win a giveaway that is worth more than $1,200!

Visit the goodies’ blogs/websites and facebook fan pages

All of the businesses that are included in this giveaway are doing great work. They all care about the health and wellness of society. They are spreading the truth. Support what they do (and me too) by visiting their website or blog and become a fan of their facebook fan page if you so choose. In order to buy a goodie that I am giving away simply click on the link within the description. I may earn a small commission which will help fund my walk across all 50 states of America (yes I am really doing this)!

Links to websites/blogs from epic giveaway

Links to facebook fan pages

There you have it folks! I wish you the best of luck! Help spread the love. Spread the truth. If you have any questions please shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Creating epic giveaways,

the Human Toad

P.S. Don’t forget to join the Toadally Primal Tribe!

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  1. Miriam Halbrooks says

    I’ll answer the first question because I’m actually working with a friend who has decided to try out paleo. 1. Don’t give up! 2. It’s okay if you have to do little changes to your diet instead of drastic changes. 3. Carb sickness will pass and you will feel fantastic!

  2. says

    Holy Crap Man!!! This is… well… EPIC! I’m praying hard I score this win. SO much awesome stuff in there. Seriously, you’ve outdone yourself. :)

    OK… Question #1: What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1) Don’t stress about the numbers. Don’t think about how many calories, grams of carbs, fat, or protein you’re eating. Just eat real food.

    2) Along with tip #1, don’t force or restrict yourself- at least not at first. There’s time later to tweak your diet. Just worry about eating the good stuff and avoiding the bad. Weight loss is secondary at this point.

    3) Eating the good (real) stuff isn’t an excuse to go hog wild, but don’t be afraid either. Just be sensible about your serving sizes. It’s not magic just because you’re eating real food.

    4) Plan ahead so you don’t get caught without options. Lunches for work, grab-n-go breakfasts, quickie dinners- know what your possible hangups are, and prepare for them ahead of time. As the saying goes, those who fail to plan, plan to fail… or something like that.

    5) Ditch the microwave. I know it sounds weird, but it certainly makes you MUCH more mindful of your food, cooking, and the process of preparing a meal. When you take *time* to make a meal, you appreciate it more, and it’s more satisfying.

  3. Mel says

    My tips: 1. Read! Books and blogs are both good sources, make sure you really grasp what you are doing and why. 2. Don’t ignore the sleep part, it’s important. 3. Do not fear the fat, it REALLY is good for you.
    As for society; a change for the better can only come when conventional wisdom throws out the lipids hypothesis.
    Awesome giveaway Toad!

  4. says

    To answer the third question: We need to stop treating convenience as the ultimate way to happiness. One of the biggest complains I hear from people is that they can’t “waste” the time to cook for themselves and their family. Really? You’d rather throw some fish sticks in the microwave and watch some crappy TV show than prepare a healthful meal together as a family? Ugh.

  5. says

    Though my husband and I are relatively new (not even a year in) to the paleo/primal life some of my top tips would be:
    ~Try to have someone in your life make this change too, it is incredibly helpful to have someone going through the same struggles and having similar triumphs to get you through those rough times (especially at the beginning)
    ~Don’t beat yourself up for slipping up, guilt is going to get you no where! Get back on track and move forward.
    ~I personally recommend being as hardcore about it as you can at the beginning. You will be amazed when you have things that you once thought your body could tolerate. After complete 21 days of detox from grains, sugar and other processed food I had something that had sugar in it and had almost an immediate headache (like I was hungover). It sucks and is awesome all at the same time because you actually can feel the difference and know that the changes you have made are positive ones (but again don’t beat yourself up if you slip up)!

    I also have a question. We are in the process of transitioning our 3 year old son into eating primally but having a difficult time. He is three and very set in what he likes, doesn’t like, and what he visually decides that he will not eat. Any suggestions/resources that are recommended?

    And a big thanks to Toad for putting together such an amazing giveaway!

  6. Lauren says

    3. I think that as humans, we need to focus on prevention over reaction, meaning that we should be more focused on how to prevent disease and unhealthy living instead of coming up with more and more ways to treat these conditions. We need to focus less on taking pills to fix all of our health problems and focus more on healthy, primal eating and EDUCATING those who are brainwashed by the typical SAD and current government standards for food.

  7. Talia B. says

    I think society needs to open their eyes and realize that this is a problem, first if all and secondly, that it is in our hands to change it. We have to take responsibility instead of passing the buck. So much about health and nutrition cones down to who makes money on it nowadays, buy we have too see past that and go back to how our ancestors ate.

  8. Stacy says

    Start with educating yourself on paleo lifestyle. Organize and fill your kitchen with paleo foods. Start with small changes over a few weeks instead of changing all at once. Include your family to support your diet/lifestyle changes.

  9. Tricia says

    First tip: read blogs, look up recipes, get informed about paleo lifestyle! Second tip is to prepare meals beforehand. When you already have a planned meal, you won’t keep looking for things in your kitchen to snack. And third tip is don’t surround yourself with temptation! It might mean not ordering a dessert when everyone else orders one. It means don’t fill your kitchen with the bad stuff!

  10. says

    Top 3 tips: (1) Try it for 30 days – you can do anything for 30 days. (2) Replace the typical starch on your plate with vegetables and you won’t be far wrong. (3) learn to love eating fat – render until it’s crispy.

  11. says

    I’m answering the first question (top 3-5 tips for a newbie).
    1. Realize that you will probably feel worse before you feel better. This is perfectly normal due to the detox effect of eliminating all the junk foods from your diet. You may feel flu-like for several days and you may want to give up, but just tell yourself that you will feel so much better in a week or so and it will be so worth it.
    2. Soaking in a warm bath with Epson salts can help ease the detox effects and draw out the toxins sooner and help you to relax and feel better.
    3. If you can’t afford to buy all organic fruits and vegetables, consult the seasonal produce list on the Whole 9 website at http://whole9life.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/whole9-seasonal-produce-2012.pdf This resource shows what fruits and vegetables are in season at different times of the year and also shows which are considered “clean” or “dirty”. If you’re on a limited budget, only buy organic if the produce is marked as “dirty”. If it’s marked “clean” on the list, then conventional is fine.
    4. The intense cravings for sugar, breads, cakes, cookies, etc WILL go away after a week or two and you won’t really miss them if you can just hang on and fight the cravings through the first week or two.

  12. rosa michel says

    1. just do it, do not question it at first, once you see the results you will be happy
    2. do not give up, it will get easier as time goes by
    3 do not tell anyone at first what you are doing, they will try to talk you out of it, when they see the results they’ll be sold and will want to follow your example

  13. says

    As far as what actions humans need to take to turn around
    the overall health of society, I believe there are a number of things that need
    to be done, but there are some that are more important than others. First and
    foremost I think we need to get back to a connectivity with nature and our
    natural surroundings. Look at the
    original paleo people, the Cro-Magnon, the men and women of the ice age, the
    people who we emulate through this diet. They lived with nature. Meanwhile we
    eat processed junk while living in smog filled environments where we spend a
    majority of our time sitting on our ass in front of a computer screen or behind
    the wheel of a car, and usually far away from natural sunlight, trees, and
    DIRT. We need to get out more, become a society, or better yet a TRIBE of
    hunters, story tellers, adventurers and so on, and stop being a society of lazy
    fat ass cowards. We need to take a step back into the past and live a bit more
    like our ancient Paleolithic ancestors. They knew how to be healthy.

  14. Robert C says

    Having just finished the Whole30 here’s my bits of advice for newbies.
    1: Try it. You’re probably scared looking at it and thinking you’ll never be able to do this, but you can and if you put your mind to it you will. Don’t give yourself any room to go off plan at the start and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to stick to it and how great you’ll feel.
    2: It’s not about the scale. If you want my advice, and since you are reading it I have to assume you do, don’t even step on the scale for the first month or so of adjusting. Take before and after pictures if you want a static frame of reference. You’ll probably lose some weight, but you might not, either way you likely lost a good chunk of fat.And that’s what really matters there.
    3: Buy the best quality you can afford, but do it wisely. Grass-fed meat is a good investment. Organic squash not really so much. You don’t need to pay extra money for organic for hard things or things you will be peeling. It’s really just not worth it, save your money for the things that really matter, be they food, housing, and etc.

  15. Melissa S says

    Questions for me. Can I still make a go of this if I can’t get organic/grass fed. (THis is more for my mom who is not willing to be a “health freak”). What would you say are the most important first steps to becoming paleo. Do you have to do it all at once or can I change things little by little. Also, how to I convince my family to make this journey with me. They are willing to make some changes but don’t want to become “fanatics”. Also, I see a lot of coconut milk, but don’t care for it much…is there another good option?

  16. sean says

    I’ve accumulated some good tips after living this way for a while.

    1. Educate yourself. Everyone is going to tell you that you are wrong, and if you don’t know why you are right, they might convince you.

    2. Watch your n- 3 n-6 ratio. This means cut back on nuts, pork, and fatty poultry. Ruminants and small fish are ideal protein and fat sources. This may not be huge for body recomp, but you will feel the difference in your moods, energy levels and recovery.

    3. Jump in head first. Start with a whole 30 or just an extended period of 100% strict eating and lifestyle. Find your baseline before you start tweaking and experimenting. If you haven’t felt your best, then you won’t know when something is keeping you from feeling that way.

    4. Paleo/primal/wapf/whatever does NOT mean low Carb. Try it out, but know that it isn’t the only option.

  17. Rebecca says

    holy cow! hope i win :)

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?1. always be prepared! have extra food cooked, have paleo friendly snacks if you’re gonna be out of the house all day etc. 2. it helps to have the support of your family/friends, or at least the person you live with if you eat meals together!3. don’t care about what other people think of you when you tell them you don’t eat something or order something funny at a restaurant, this is YOUR choice and OWN IT!4. learn to love fat :) What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?1. what are the best options for protein powder, if you decide to use it in your training? i’m kind of confused between a very high quality whey or 100% egg protein

  18. cajungrokgirl says

    Keep a journal for the first few days. Jout down how you feel such as energy levels, joint pain, migraines, and illness. You’ll be amazed to watch them disappear! A journal also helps when your willpower is low. You can review your journal and see what foods you’ve enjoyed the most. I used to keep a little list of “fall back” foods in case I was hungry and ready to reach for a bag of chips.

  19. Dara says

    Top 3 tips for newbies:
    1. Don’t over think it, remember paleo/primal is pretty much just eating meat, veggies and bit of fruit & nuts.
    2. You’re eating more sugar than you think
    3. Even if you’re not an athlete, don’t obsess over the odd sweet potato, baby steps!

  20. Kania says

    Answers to question 1:
    1. Commit to at least 30 days and don’t give up
    2. Cut out sugar cold turkey – having a little bit just keeps the sugar cravings going.
    3. Join at least one forum and write often for support/encouragement/questions
    4. Keep a food journal, possibly even in a forum as mentioned in #3
    5. Get rid of all non-Paleo/Primal/WAPF food in the house before starting so there is no temptation.

  21. Erica says

    Q1, though I’m trying to lose a lot of weight, and probably keep my carbs lower than many. . .
    1. Drink lots of water.
    2. Just try it – but really try it – cut out all wheat/grains and sugars. Including artificial sweeteners, you’re not really helping with that.
    3. Exercising, and not even that much, will make you feel so much better – but in my case it wasn’t a question – I HAD to move, I had/have so much energy.
    4. Remember that the first few days may be rough but that you WILL NOT MISS IT after a time. Promise. :)
    5. It’s really easy to eat out in restaurants. I’ve been vegan and vegetarian and that was much more difficult. Paleo – get a steak with a side salad or replace the potatoes w/ a vegetable.

  22. says

    Top Tips for someone going a primal lifestyle:

    1) Simplify the process as much as you can. Change is tough and the more complicated you make it, the harder it will be to keep.

    2) Grassfed and locally/sustainably sourced meat and vegetables are wonderful and beautiful. We should all buy them whenever we can and I would never argue that point. To that end, however, when you’re first starting out? Don’t let it be something that intimidates you. If you can’t get it locally or cannot afford it, it does not mean you should throw in the towel!

    3)Join the community! There are literally thousands of blogs and resources from paleo/primal/ancestral folks who want to share their passion with you! Don’t be afraid to reach out. It’s as easy as writing an email and clicking send.

  23. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. Don’t over think it. It really is as simple as it sounds. Real food and plenty of it.

    2. Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance. Have the house stocked and learn to do some batch cooking, that way there will always be something good to eat.

    3. Thinking about starting to eliminate (sugar/grains/legumes/dairy) is whole lot tougher than ACTUALLY doing it. Don’t be your own worst enemy and talk yourself out of the best health decision you’ll ever make.

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    We need to take back the power from the Big Food and Big Pharma lobbyists.

  24. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. Do it all the way, or not at all. 30-days of pure paleo/primal. If you don’t, you won’t get all the benefits as mind-alteringly effectively as those who do – and you won’t have the same repercussions when you go OFF the plan, and those are the best impetuses to stay on it.

    2. Get rid of all the nasty food in your house. Period. Get it out. If it’s there, you’ll eat it. I went Paleo as the only person in my house to do so, and the willpower it took was too much at times (because all the bad food was NOT out of the house).

    3. Find a partner to do it with. There’s strength in numbers.

    4. Don’t tell too many people you’re doing it till it’s done. You’ll get all sorts of questions, comments, and unsolicited “advice” on giving it up because “all that fat ain’t healthy” and “caveman only lived to age 12″ and such. Just do it, and then rave about the results.

  25. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    I believe that all choice needs to be individual, we cannot make people healthy through coercion as that will rot the soul, and is influenced by education, modeling and tools. Through education on good lifestyle habits (which the primal lifestyle is excellent), through good modeling of that behavior (through blogs like this, people being upfront but not pushy about their choices and why, etc), and good tools (including blueprints, cookbooks, tips, etc), people can be lead to better choices and the turn around will happen naturally.

    But first we need to get rid of the Dept of Agriculture and FDA’s horrible recommendations for “healthy eating.” The authoritative dissemination of bad lifestyle choices through public education and modeling is a blight on our society.

  26. Angela says

    Top 3 tips for starting primal etc. type lifestyle? 1. Embrace fats! 2. Don’t feel bad about eating red meat! 3. Listen to your body!

  27. says

    Top tips: 1) Please, please just eat real food. 2) Eat lots of fat. 3) Don’t pay attention to those stupid commercials you see on TV. 4) Gluten-free foods in boxes are still processed. 5) Invest in some Artisana coconut butter.

  28. says

    1. Remember bacon IS your FRIEND. Embrace it with arms wide open.
    2. Locate your local farmers market and shop there often.
    3. If you “can’t stand” a lot of vegetables, juice them.
    4. Remember your taste buds will change as your eating does. I hated tomatoes for the longest time, now I love them and have them very, very often.

  29. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Don’t try to replace breads and such with gluten free processed foods right away. Just stick with real food at first and eventually add in GF treats now and then when you get the hang of it.
    2. Use dark chocolate and/or berries with cream when you feel cravings for something sweet rather than giving in.
    3. Consider this a lifetime journey rather than a short term fix to the problems you may be trying to overcome.

  30. LKG says

    My top three tips for someone new to Paleo:

    1. Learn to read labels carefully and learn the terminology to find the hidden gluten and dairy.

    2. Learn to plan ahead when eating out and know the menu before you go and don’t be afraid to ask friends to meet at a different place if there is nothing on the menu that you can eat.

    3. Don’t be afraid to experiment in the kitchen and try new foods and cooking techniques.

  31. meg says

    Sweet giveaway – Been reading for a while, but haven’t commented – so here are 3 (of) my questions:
    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1) Real food on a budget – seriously there are additives even when I’m just trying to buy plain meat at Sam’s. How can I feed my family enough food if even “meat” isn’t meat?!?!
    2) I know I should buy local, grass-fed meat, but I am seriously scared of poisoning my family – the local meat people I’ve met have to label their meat “dog food”! Aack! How do I know what’s safe?
    3) I am seriously grossed out by animal fat and raw chicken – any tips/tricks for getting over that?

    • says

      I’m curious what state you live in, meg. The states that I’ve been label local meat “dog food” only when it is ground up scraps of strange cuts and/or organ meats meant for GREAT pet food. They are cheaper per pound than other meat and sometimes very tasty. Especially for meatloaf.
      Keep in mind that there are serious inspections to sell meat. If you are still worried, ask the farmers why it is labeled for pet consumption.

      Also, once animal fat is melted, is it still as gross to you? like bacon grease?

  32. says

    Ok, 3-5 tips…
    1) Live with less fear. Know that ancestral diets have been practiced for far longer than GMO foods have been going into our bodies.
    2) Experiment. If you doubt that going on a sugar cleanse will change your mindset and bodyset, go ahead and try it. Learn things through experience.
    3) Be a quiet advocate. People are very defensive of their in”grain”ed beliefs. I only talk to people in depth about my diet if they are truly interested.
    4) Visit your local farmers before you invest in a CSA.
    5) Consider Sally Fallon’s “Eat Fat, Lose Fat: A Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats”. Sugar makes people overweight. Not healthy fats.

  33. Primal Dan says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    I think we need to convince the big food companies that we are not going to accept all the junk they put in our food. The only ways we can do this is with our wallets and mouths. We are fighting multi-billion dollar companies so the progress is slow, but if they start seeing the people are not buying into their version of “healthy food”, they will start to change.

  34. says

    1. Buy local and get to know the growers of your food.
    2. Learn what fat/oils to use for cooking and dressings.
    3. Try to buy organic foods when possible, but don’t sweat it if you can’t find or buy organic produce or meats.
    4. Plan ahead-menus, purchases, etc.
    5. Experiment with unknown veggies and meats, including offal.
    Great giveaway, great prizes, great website!!

  35. Carl Huber says

    In order to turn around the health of society, we need to use a three-pronged approach:
    Educate – educate children AND adults that the way they are used to eating is simply not optimal, and how EASY it really can be to become optimal
    Legislate – stop companies like Monsanto from ruining our food supply and environment, and also restricting false advertising about so many health claims
    Integrate – continually share personal experiences and real life PROOF that the Paleo/Primal lifestyle is not only easy but successful (one of the reasons I love what you’re doing, Mister Toad!)

  36. Rachel says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. I think healthy fats are the best first step to take.
    2. Baby steps! Don’t feel bad for not doing it perfectly!
    3. In general, just focus on getting quality whenever you can.

  37. Ware says

    Top tips for someone new to Paleo:

    Buy a good apron. You’re going to be cooking more of your own food, cooking with more fat and brighter colors than you’re probably used to, and you don’t want to ruin your clothes.

    Find community. Going counter-culture can be difficult, but it’s easier if you have a support team.

    Know yourself. If you’re good at cold turkey, go cold turkey; the dramatic results will make it even easier to make the change. If you’re not good at cold turkey, don’t ruin your chances of success by trying to go cold turkey. The paleo/primal transition should be empowering, not discouraging.

  38. Carl Huber says

    My initial tips for someone new are:
    – immediately try to ditch all grains, sugars, refined and processed whatever. Go all the way as far as you can. Forget phasing in changes. Get right in and commit. Personal preference. If I only half-ass it, it’s too easy to quit.
    – don’t go anywhere near a scale unless you’re in a heavy weight-loss phase. If you’re doing any bulking up and muscle building, scales are just going to mess with your head.
    – if you have to “cheat”, do it smart. Craving sugar? Eat some figs tossed in cocoa powder, not a hershey bar. Do it smart, and get over it; don’t waste time on guilt.
    – Never underestimate your potential for excellence. You feel fat? Don’t try just ignore that feeling. Delay it. Say to yourself, “okay, I can sit around and feel fat AFTER I walk one mile. I’m just going to walk one mile and then come back and feel sorry for myself.” By the time you get back, you won’t be feeling fat.
    – Inspire yourself, don’t intimidate yourself. Watch awesome videos of crossfit, read amazing recipes of paleo meals. Not because “I’ll never be that cool!” but because “that kind of person is inside me!”

  39. Rafaela P says

    1- Go slow, you don’t need to take all at once, see how you feel after you do. learn how to shopping.. Stay away from the middle section, try as much as you can read and understand all the labels from the food you choose, teach your body that you have the control of the food you put in your mouth not the other way around. And before you eat something always ask ” what benefit this food will have in my body and lifestyle”.

    2-Sorry, I have no questions

    3- I believe that no one can force anything on anyone, we were all born with free will to do what we want to do. But we can educate people and be a role model from our own experiences on how food can affect our bodies…. People are curious by nature, and if they see your life changing they will get interested in what you have done. This way you can introduce them to what you believe will provide good health.  In this world we have too much confusing information. We have TV, Internet, books, schools, doctors, scientists… All saying different things. So I believe that experience speaks louder than any information you can get out there and by experience and example we should be able to turn the unhealthy to healthy.

  40. says

    ~Make a meal plan for the week. If you have a meal plan for the week, not only will you be prepare (grocery wise) but it will be easier to succeed since there will be no junk!
    ~ Remember the dirty dozen and clean fifteen. Not all produce needs to be organic. ~Buy meat locally. It is a lot cheaper buying local vs store bought organic meat. ~Research – dive into all the great Paleo blogs for recipe ideas!

  41. Libby Kite says

    Top Tips:
    – Don’t get overwhelmed with the cost of grass-fed, organics, brands etc at first. Focus on eliminating processed, grains, soy, and legumes.
    – Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t PERFECT. Remember 80/20. It’s ok to splurge once in a while, because think of the overall good you are already doing in the changes you have made.
    – Have fun with it – Enjoy the TONS of recipes there are out there and make a hobby out of making them all!

  42. says

    1. Take it easy and don’t stress. Eat Real FOOD. REST2. Dont think I have that many questions. I just like hearing about others stories and day to day life.3. We need to just lead by example and don’t shove it down people’s throats.

  43. Ravensong says

    Some tips for newbies:
    1. Plan out your meals – all of them – so there are no excuses.
    2. Leftover dinner is great for breakfast!
    3. It’s great for lunch, too! :)
    4. This is my personal opinion: kill your sweet tooth as soon as you can. Otherwise, honey (a good Paleo sweetener) can still trip you up. Once you cut free, it will be easier to pursue moderation in such things. (I say this from experience, where one sweet thing leads to another, then another, then another….)
    5. Variety is the spice of life, and the force behind staying Paleo. If you get into a routine of only a few veggies and entrees, you will get bored (or your family will). Keep finding new things to keep your tongue guessing and tummy happy!

  44. says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    Just based on this entry, it sounds interesting, but what is it all about?
    How does it work for people with health issues like fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis?
    How do I get my family convinced to give up cereals?

  45. Christie Gilmore says

    Tips: (1) Get educated – Read books/websites on Paleo (2) Listen to podcasts (3) Start cooking – experiment to find favorites

  46. says

    Tips for those just starting out – 1) purge unhealthy foods and have plenty of primal food on hand (2) never let yourself get hungry – have as much primal food as you desire! (3) commit to eating this way for 2 weeks. You may have some “carb flu”, but 2 weeks is enough to know just how much better you will feel with this lifestyle!

  47. Hannah K says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Cut out all sugar/sweets as soon as you can…the sooner you are able to get rid of the cravings the better.
    2. Cut out all grains as soon as possible…you will feel SO much better
    3. Don’t stress about it to the point that you get frustrated and give up

  48. jessica kenney says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Cut out the middle aisles of the grocery store. Shop the perimeter.
    2. Cut out white sugar, if you must sweeten, use honey.
    3. Start small, make one change a month if you must. Especially with food, it is important to see where your sensitivities lay.

  49. Stephanie Berard says

    Hmmm…I just commented but it’s not showing up so I’l try again. I had three questions.
    1. Are you looked down on for not affording to buy all grass-fed/organic meats and produce? What if I eat conventional meat?
    2. If I’m still in the weight loss phase should I minimize the amount of fruit I eat?
    3. When you’re new to the lifestyle, how do you deal with social pressures and avoid becoming a social outcast because you don’t drink, eat sugar or eat grains (because albeit sad, it definitely happens).

  50. says

    Top Tips
    1) Read a lot. There are a million ways of approaching a real food lifestyle. Figure out what will work best for you.
    2) Experiment. Your body is unique from everyone else’s. Discover what makes you feel best.
    3) Start simple. Eggs fried in butter. Steak and steamed broccoli. Then try out fancier paleo recipes.
    4) Don’t like veggies? Cook them with bacon.
    5) Don’t like bacon? Freak.

  51. says

    1. Don’t beat yourself up and think of it as a cheat if you eat non-primal…its a lifestyle, not a diet
    2. Cook in bulk so you have stuff in the fridge
    3. Keep it simple….just a meat, a good fat, a veggie and any spices in there…Recipes are nice but not required!

  52. says

    Top Questions:
    (1) I’m addicted to nuts, especially almonds, eating at least 1/4 cup of almond butter daily. What is this doing to my body and, if I must, how can I stop?
    (2) Is candida die-off enough of a reason to never do a sugar detox again? So many primal and paleo folks find it an amazing thing to do, but those first few days make me never want to do it again, and could be true for many others.
    (3) I see lots of teenagers starting a paleo or primal lifestyle. What tips would you give them to approach their families and make the change successfully?
    (4) What should someone do if their doctor does not condone their primal or paleo lifestyle?

  53. Joe Oggier says

    3-5 Tips: 1-If you’re starting a Whole30, remove ALL foods that do not comply with the whole30 template. If the temptation is removed, there’s no mechanism to cheat with. 2-Plan milestones. Don’t go cold turkey or aim to attain an impossible goal unless you’re one of the few that are built for such insanity. 3-Educate yourself. Don’t just do it, but know WHY you are doing it. If you understand how your body will be bette eating a diet full of nutritonally dense, real, whole, unprocessed foods, you won’t see much merit in eating empty calories wrapped in antinutrients and immunoeactive proteins.

  54. Breana says

    New to primal?
    1- dive in with both feet don’t go half way you’ll continue to slip up
    2- find recipes and meal plan!
    3- commit at least 30 days before you decide whether it is for you or not!

  55. Amber Winger says

    1. Don’t over-analyze or over research it. There are a lot of different ways to go about paleo/primal. I suggest trying one at a time or you will become overwhelmed.
    2. Buy a paleo cookbook and just go from there. It really isn’t as hard or limiting as it seems.
    3. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail or backslide occasionally, we all do it. It is best to just regroup and start again. Don’t let one slip up or mistake snowball.
    4. Stay away from sugar. This was very hard fro me initially. Just hold out and eventually it gets easier.

  56. Sarah says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. When you first start out, it’s all or nothing. Going hard the first couple weeks will make sticking to the lifestyle MUCH easier. But…
    2. Don’t think that if you mess up or eat something not primal you’re a failure and can’t do it. We all have our moments. Just acknowledge it, and move forward.
    3. Learn to love kale, swiss chard, and spinach.
    4. As much as I hate it, exercise is an important part of living primal.
    5. Food, as we were intended to enjoy it, is delicious. Take time to cook, savor, and have fun with it!

  57. says

    1. Don’t nag your spouse/family…they will come around when they are ready.
    2. It’s not “cheating” if you choose to eat a “cheat,” just don’t go on a binge.
    3. Search the blogsphere and cookbooks for awesome and creative ways to prepare foods you may not be used to.

  58. PrimalJen says

    My advice for the newly paleo would be:
    1. Be strict at first. Eventually you can test out having a cheat, but start with the basics.
    2. Love your veggies. If you think you don’t like things, try different preparations-most things are sweeter roasted in the oven.
    3. Find local farms, but if you can’t do your best with conventional. I think people stress about costs and eating grass-fed, local from the farm is cheaper, but not everyone can do that, so if you can’t do your best and don’t stress.
    4. Get a Paleo cookbook and use it or follow nomnompaleo or other paleo cooking blogs for ideas.
    5. Have fun-you should be enjoying life, not stressing over everything all the time because you’re not perfect.

  59. Jessica says

    My 3-5 tips for someone starting out Paleo/Primal are:

    1) Don’t try to be perfect in the beginning. It takes a while to make changes, so focus on the biggest impact things like cutting out grains and eating organic. Give yourself time to adjust and don’t expect results overnight.

    2) Don’t forget that “paleo treats” are still treats. Just because a chocolate coconut flour cake is better for you than a regular chocolate cake does not justify that you can eat it all day every day.

    3) Be involved. The more you surround yourself and become involved with the paleo/primal community, the easier it is for you to keep your eye on the prize. You’ll learn incredible things, and meet incredible people who will help you stay motivated.

    4) Have fun! You will never stick with this lifestyle change if you don’t enjoy it. Learn to love the changes you are going through, and you will find it hard to stray!

  60. says

    Tips: 1. Find a meat you love, like bacon, it’ll be your crutch meal when you’re craving other non-paleo foods 2. Don’t paleo-ize junk food, makes the disconnect that much more difficult 3. Veggie’s are best broiled in the oven, french fries are last decade’s trend!

  61. SrtaSoleada says

    Tips:1. Read your food labels.2. Exercise. Good news: no jogging required.
    3. The internet is great, but don’t get lost in the minutiae and don’t believe everything you read.

    No questions.

    And to turn around the health of society, keep the grassroots movement going and vote with your dollars. I’m seeing grass-fed beef (and buffalo and lamb!) for the first time in a very significant “regular food” southern grocery chain [Publix]. Progress is happening!

  62. Sommer C. says

    I think first and foremost we need to develop a plan for educating
    our youth more. Jamie Oliver has the
    right idea when it comes to whole foods, however, there is still a lot of
    conventional wisdom in his plan in regard to nutrition. His idea has a very
    strong base in education and he has done wonders at implementing change in just
    a few short years. It seems to be
    spreading like wildfire! Something like
    that usually takes decades to get through the heads of the state or federal
    officials and he has accomplished a lot in a shorter period. I think if we had something like his plan,
    but paleo, and involving physical activity, then we might be on to something with
    our young people. This would have to
    stretch into the community, as well.
    Kids tend to grow up like their role models, so if the parents or other
    adults in the community do not follow suit, it will be harder for the majority
    of kids to leave that wisdom behind. I
    still let my kids eat grains, but I also teach them about healthy choices in
    life and if I say they can have a healthy snack, they choose a piece of fruit
    over a piece of candy.

  63. says

    3 to 5 tips:
    1. When you cut out processed carbs- don’t resort to only lean meats like chicken and white fish- make sure you get enough fat or YOU WILL BE HUNGRY. ALWAYS!
    2. don’t feel like you need to be a perfectionist! If you can’t afford grass fed/organic, just start my making the simple changes like no packaged foods and no grains. All of the foods don’t need to be “perfect” to see a benefit!
    3. Find snacks that work for you (if you need to snack) I love jerky and fruit together- it is a great combo!

    This is an awesome giveaway. Thanks for hosting it!

  64. doghug says

    3.- I think the truth needs to come out and people need to learn how to not listen to C.W. They don’t care about you, your health, or if you get sick and die young.DON’T LISTEN TO THEM

  65. Maggie says

    Questions about this lifestyle:
    1)Why would a person choose this diet over a healthy vegan diet such as the Thrive Diet (by Brendan Brazier)
    2)What protein sources are acceptable for regular consumption by a person who cannot stomach eating a lot of meat, fish or eggs?
    3)Why is it beneficial to have a balance of alkaline and acid forming food in your diet as opposed to mostly or entirely alkaline?

  66. TashaOrlovsky says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    —First, I think it’s most important to take care of yourself. It’s impossible to really help care for other people if you’ve got internal mess going on, whether it’s mental or physical. Then, I think people should start expanding their audiences. Be open to other people about your experience with an ancestral diet and how it has transformed your life. Be prepared for criticism and questions by doing research, and always be ready to say, “I’m not sure, but I will find out for you.”
    Finally, get involved in your community. If you care about how other people are doing, but don’t want to spread the word through discussion, volunteer at a CSA or organic garden, or anywhere that promotes the way of life that you like to lead. You don’t have to talk to anyone to contribute, it makes a big difference just to put yourself out there and make an effort in your community. Little changes add up!

  67. Tressey says

    3-5 Tips
    1. Breathe and trust the process
    2. Read others stories of success for motivation
    3. Enjoy, the simplicity of “real food” meals
    4. Use how you feel and look as a guide to health and not the scale
    5. Amaze yourself by lifting some “real” weights, totally empowering : )

  68. says

    My top tips for someone just starting out:
    1) Purge your pantry!!! It’s not hard to stay clean when bad options aren’t available!
    2) Although real food is delicious and satisfying on it’s own and you probably won’t miss your old ways much, if you get cravings for carb-y treats there are paleo substitutes for practically ANYTHING, from pasta to red velvet cupcakes! So don’t fret if you start to miss something.
    3) Do not be afraid to ask for substitutions at a restaurant (double veggies instead of fries, etc.).

  69. Jess says

    1- best on the go paleo snacks for toddlers and preschoolers
    2- 1st paleo newborn in the house… so what do you start them on for first solids??? veggie puree??
    3- as a busy mom of three, would love it if there were more make ahead/freezer meals somewere?

  70. Laurie says

    Tips on following the Paleo Diet:
    1. Plan one meal at a time. Don’t look too far ahead because it can be daunting for the beginner. Just one meal-focus on that and it will get easier with time.
    2. Plan on shopping at the store more than once a week to take advantage of the freshest produce that you can. Even better if you can grow it on your own in your garden!
    3. Don’t be afraid to try new foods–use the internet and explore different recipes, vegetables, fruits, etc. It keeps your brain engaged on this positive transformation that you are doing for your physical body.

  71. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?1. Read, read, read! Get informed! Find some good books, some good blogs, and learn all you can about Paleo so you aren’t running around clueless! 2. Clean out your kitchen (if you haven’t already done so!). When we get rid of our old reliable foods (that are also detrimental) we don’t have them to fall back on. It really helps to prevent slips!3. Plan your meals ahead. As the saying goes, we don’t plan to fail, we simply fail to plan. If you’re just starting out, it will be hard to throw meals together on the fly. Take the time to plan out meals even a day or two at a time, that way you know what you’re eating when and you don’t have to think about it :)

  72. says

    What actions do I think we need to take to turn around the health of society? Shout it! Shout it out! Throw little comments into your conversation, like “…and I threw some coconut oil on it because it tasted great and I thought I was coming down with something anyhow.” Chances are, you’ll get a “Why? What does coconut oil do?” And there’s your in. I just did that tonight, in fact. Or use “heart-healthy fats” in the same sentence with “bacon”, or say “unhealthy whole grains”. If nothing else, you’ll get people to think.

  73. says

    Top tips for going Primal/Paleo.

    1. Don’t give up! If you struggle, give up, cheat more than you don’t, just keep going. Start where you can, and keep going. Eventually you will make it! Some people it means going cold turkey, other people ease into it. Find what works, and even when it doesn’t, don’t give up!

    2. READ! Educate yourself. Study the science. Don’t just listen to standard advice from corporations and people who benefit from you being sick. The more you read and learn, the more you are empowered. When you really know what that chocolate frosted donut is doing to your body, mind, emotions and health, your cravings will go way down, because you no longer think of it as food. You just can’t help of thinking of all the nasty side effects when you look at that stuff, as much as it may “taste good”

    3. Experiment. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Some recipes are winners, some are duds. Find the ones you like. Real food actually tastes real good! (sorry for bad grammar lol) All that other stuff really will be less appealing the more you stick with it.

    4. Find other people to do it with you. Not a necessity, but it does help to have support. Find people on the internet and blogs if you have nobody in your life to support you. You can only change you!

    5. Don’t expect everyone to change with you, and don’t force them. Tell people, explain to them if they ask, but criticizing everything everyone eats with a “do you know how bad that is for you” lecture everytime, is just going to make you “that guy” that nobody wants to be around! I don’t bug you about what you eat, don’t bug me about what I eat!

  74. Heather Thompson says

    I feel that I am still kind of new to this but these are the things that I have learned so far: you have to educate yourself and read whatever you can get your hands on. Sometimes you feel like you are more confused after reading something. Give it time and really think about how it applies to you and your life. Some things you just have to learn by trial and error so have patience and try not to get frustrated. Stay strong in your beliefs and if others don’t understand what you are doing, offer them a little education into what you have learned and the accomplishments you’ve made to better your health. Try not to get on your soap box about what your friends might be eating either. I know when I first started learning about paleo/primal I was so excited to share it with others but I realized maybe they didn’t appreciate it as much as I did. You want people to respect your choices so don’t forget to treat others as you want to be treated. I am 8 months into my new lifestyle and loving it and I hope others starting find the same success!

  75. larlong says

    1. Stick with it for at least 30 days, it can be tough at first until you become fat adapted.
    2. Keep lots of good fats on hand- for cooking and for snacking. If in doubt, eat more fat, it is your friend!
    3. Read as many books, posts, and studies as you can regarding paleo/primal living, there are a lot of opinions out there. Experiment and do what works for you. N=1, your body will tell/show you what works best for you. Before you know it you won’t even think about your diet or other habits, you’ll just do it.

  76. scottydoesntknow says

    Tips for newbies:
    1.do your best to do a strict paleo diet for about 30 days when you first start, after that, you’ll have lost a bunch of weight and toned up a bit, and then if you want to see which foods that you used to eat and still enjoy, you can try reintroducing some stuff, especially if you are still really craving something in particular after a month of breaking all your bad food habits.
    2.but only enough veggies for a week or so, unless they have a good shelf life, otherwise you may end throwing much of it away, sometimes we get a little overzealous on diving into things like this.
    3.only eat when you are hungry is a big thing, be aware of whether you are actually hungry, or just bored.
    4.it sucks throwing away food that you spent good money on, i’m a cheapskate and hate to do it, so if you are like me, first just go through and toss stuff that is past expiration or that you haven’t touched in a long time, if you want to keep some other stuff for the occasional treat, so be it, we’re all different, but the more processed/boxed crap you can get rid of the better off you’ll be in the long run.

  77. Seth says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Don’t think of following this lifestyle as a sacrifice. Think of it as a new beginning for you healthy self! By the time your body get accustomed to the switch to real food, the word sacrifice won’t even make sense anymore.
    2. Eating real food also promotes proper hormone function. This will lead to less cravings of the food you aren’t eating anymore and will make you feel much better overall. Give it time to kick in and you won’t regret it.
    3. Read your ingredients! The stuff your trying to avoid very frequently finds itself into all types of foods. Even those that appear to be real/whole foods.

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    – We need to come together and voice our opinions concerning the well-being of our society. Most people are more or less uneducated and don’t know nor care about what is optimally healthy for them/us. The companies that are responsible for the downfall of our well-being will keep doing what they do as long as the mass population keeps them afloat. Be loud, let everyone know, through any means, what needs to be done.

  78. Loretta E says

    My tips for success:
    1. Clean out your kitchen! I found if it was in my house, there would come a time when I would convince myself that x, y, & z really weren’t that bad for me!
    2. Learn as much as you can! Then when you’re tempted by a doughnut, you can think about inflammation, sugar crashes, and chemicals, which makes resistance much easier.
    3. Either get somebody to do it with you, or hang out with people that live the way you want to. They will have great tips and won’t try to tempt you with junk you don’t need.

  79. says

    I believe in order to turn around the health of society we need more education about healthy ways to eat. People need to be educated about what is healthy and what is not healthy. But it needs to be done in a way that it can be understood. Next we need to be able to provide people with the tools to eat healthier. Help people learn to shop healthier, show people how to cook healthier, walk them through it step by step if that’s what it takes. And finally, I believe that if we educate children as well as parents about healthier choices it will make a world of difference.

  80. jgrantmarshall says

    Yo, Toad!
    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society? We, as humans, have to care. In my mind, that starts with caring for yourself by doing things to optimize your existence. I think many among us just don’t care and are happy to settle for what is given to them. Caring also means having an awareness of what is going on around you and this is the start of caring about society… because it helps to optimize your own existence on this planet. Ironically, in the end, making yourself the best that you can be ultimately helps everyone around you.

  81. a. w. sauls says

    in order for us to turn around our society, we need to re-learn how to sustain local economies, local food, local communities. we dont know where our foods come from (or dont want to know), dont know where our clothing is made (really dont want to know) and barely know our neighbors.

  82. Hilda Weigl says

    Tips: Try it for at least 30 days. Cut out all sugary foods and all processed boxed foods. Cut out any and all wheat products also. See how you feel: more energy? Lose a couple of pounds? Clothes are looser? Do you feel better than you ever have before? Good work! Keep at it! Read more, try different recipes. Find out what works for you. Set an example for others to follow. Allow yourself leeway for any non-paleo food items that may tempt you. Try making every month a 30-day challenge to eat as Paleo as possible. Keep track of those foods that make you feel good, great, energized — and share them with your loved ones and friends. Make your lifestyle accessible to others. Share the knowledge and trade recipes. Most people are “foodies” at heart and love getting together over food, and sharing information about preparing and cooking different recipes. Paleo recipes offer a choice most people don’t or didn’t really (have time to) think about. I myself looked at favourite standard old recipes (i.e. Goulash) with a Paleo outlook and said, yes I can make this dish without “_____” and it still tastes yummy and filling!

    My only question is this: How does a middle-aged woman deal with hormonal issues and weight plateaus on the Primal/Paleo diet?
    Keeping a food log helped to determine that there are some foods that I don’t regularly eat anymore once I started losing weight on the Primal diet. Those foods are coming back into rotation and hopefully will budge the weight plateau I am currently stuck at.

    The only action that will turn around society and their view of health, is the action of the self. You, we, I, us, Primal/Paleo lifestyle pioneers and advocates are the only action that will get our families, friends and eventually more people to change how they eat and live.
    Living by example. Sharing the knowledge. Let people find what works for them. Change will happen only when people truly want to change.
    Allow them to experiment along the way. Soon they will comment on their new lifestyle; “Oh, we’ve been eating/living this way for ages!”

    That’s all I have to say.

  83. says

    Top 3 tips: 1) Stick with it. No, really. Even when it’s hard and you really just want a big bowl of pasta and meatballs, stick with it. It’s so much easier to keep moving forward than to keep backtracking and starting again! 2) Try new foods. You’ll be amazed at how tasty things are that you’ve previously avoided. For me, chicken with skin (especially thighs!), ground meat that isn’t completely dry and devoid of fat, and kombucha have become new favorites! 3) Do your own research and testing. There are SO many great resources out there, so take advantage of them and read everything you can! Don’t take one person’s word as gospel, but try things out yourself. Every person is different.
    That all said… Amazing giveaway you have going on!

  84. says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    I am brand new to this paleo lifestyle, in fact, today is my very first day eating as such. So I have many different questions!
    1. What is the best resource to use/follow when beginning the paleo lifestyle?
    2. Is it safe to continue while breastfeeding and/or pregnant?
    3. How much can I eat? Do I keep eating until I am full or stop after so much food?
    4. I understand grassfed beef. What kind of chicken, pork, and turkey should I buy?
    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society? We need to be more dedicated to ourselves and our futures. We see our lives as being “fine” the way they are, yet we have no energy to live. We need to show others by example. (That is why I am starting!)

  85. jonesmf7 says

    My 3 tips: 1. Start out by doing a couple things you can manage. If its cutting out wheat and sugar then awesome! Build a foundation there and then add in more/take stuff out/tweak until you’ve mastered the primal lifestyle! 2. Spices (especially Greek) are your friends. 3. Remember that even though you’re cravings are ridiculous and you’re having a rough time at first, you will.not.die. It’s okay to be a little hungry sometimes, it’s okay to not always eat what you want to eat. Food is food, it isn’t everything. How much better you’ll feel will be worth it.

  86. C McKane says

    3-5 questions. I’ve been reading up and trying out primal/paleo for over a year now but now that my family is on board more questions have cropped up.

    1. Paleo/primal same but different? I started with Mark’s Daily Apple & my sister is following Robb Wolf. Should we pick one or find a happy medium?

    2. If you’re just starting is it more important to focus on food and add exercise in later?

    3. Another family member has severe food sensitivites and wants to do GAPS. Is paleo a good start to the SCD plan?

    Thanks for giveaway even though I won’t win I’ve got a few new books to check out!

    • says

      1) Similar and different. :) I personally do more Primal (I eat cheese and will have cream in my coffee, and use normal butter). Eating Primally is more of a personal choice that you need to determine based on how you react to the ‘primal’ foods. It’s definitely possible to do both in a single house, but try to focus on foods that fit the bill for both, that you can then add you-specific foods to (ex. basic taco salad can be Paleo, but you can add cheese and sour cream to it if you want to be more primal).

      2) That really depends on who you’re talking about, and what their current exercise situation is. It sounds like we’re talking about someone who doesn’t do any exercise (as opposed to someone who does way too much of the wrong kind). As long as their not tearing themselves apart running 100 miles a week then you definitely don’t need to tackle exercise right away. Obviously it’s not something that should be ignored forever, but it’s important that each person take on what they’re comfortable with for now.

      It’s important to keep in mind that we can all give advice based on our personal experience, but in the end each person and family will need to experiment and figure out what works best for them.

      • says

        Thanks for those tips! I’m just seeing them now and love the idea of making foods that could fit the bill for both. Since then I half the house is doing paleo while the other is about 50% primal!

  87. Chelw says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1.) Clean out your pantry. The first week or so of starting primal/paleo can present some tough cravings for sugary foods. It will be much easier to resist if they are not at your disposal. Can’t stand throwing away food? Donate it.
    2.) Before beginning, start a collection of easy to prepare primal/paleo recipes found in either cookbooks or online sources. It can take awhile to change your cooking mindset so having plenty of ideas from the start will help avoid that common scenario of “what am I going to eat?!?”.
    3.) If you are planning to reduce your carbohydate intake (some do, some don’t), make sure to research about the “low carb flu”. There are some great tips to help blunt the symptoms, such as drinking plenty of liquids and replacing your salts and electrolytes which you lose quickly at the beginning as you shed water weight.
    4.) Read primal/paleo forums. If you have a “newbie question” chances are others have had the same questions before.

  88. says

    I guess I’ll hit up the 3-5 tips
    1) This approach to eating isn’t necessarily low-carb, it just seems that way for people who’ve spent their whole lives getting their carbs from grain-based starches. If you don’t do well on low-carb diets, that’s not a reason not to try this – you just have to learn how to cook more interesting carbs. Even that shouldn’t be any real handicap, honestly – there are plenty of recipes out there, and tuber starches tend to be a lot more flavorful and satisfying than grains.
    2) Learn to shop around for new cuts when looking at meat. This is partly the same issue as #1 – people just aren’t used to branching out with what they’re eating, so they just don’t take advantage of the wide variety of meat options and preparations available to them. There’s a lot more to the cow than just the big steaks.
    3) If you think you need flour to make good fried chicken, you’re just…well, wrong. I’ve never had breaded fried chicken that came even close to what I got from just lightly salting some skin-on cuts and frying them in beef tallow ~350 for about 10 minutes.
    4) You can still do baked goods – see Elana’s Pantry. I don’t bake personally, but my ex-girlfriend bakes religiously and makes some of the best goods I’ve ever tasted.
    5) On a related note to most of the above – start trying to appreciate complexity in flavors. The reason the goods in #4 were so amazing wasn’t that there was some incredible explosion of flavor right at the start – it was that they were small morsels with flavors that “layered” on top of each other and were actually interesting to eat. The same applies with cooking in general – you can’t rely on sugar and grains to pad things out, but that doesn’t stop you from experimenting with other, more interesting ways of making things taste good.

  89. simo3o says

    My tips are:
    1. Start cutting the cereals and sugars inmediatly because they make you sick
    2. Exercise at least 3 times per week to be healthy.
    3. Drink lots of water to help your kidney.
    4. Search for bakes recipes so you can have a social meal eating as everybody
    5. Have fun cooking!

  90. coachslemmons says

    1-80:20…don’t kill yourself minor stumbles.
    2-If you’re in a relationship, get your partner on board.
    3-Have fun…this is the most fun lifestyle.

    1-How important is it to avoid soy/wheat in condiments?
    2-What MUST be free-range/organic, and what can take a pass?
    3-What’s the best way to integrate paleo into a modern life without joining a commune?

    -More sustainable, polyface farms.

  91. Lisa o says

    We need to help spread the word to EVERYONE! We have got to get obesity under control. Maybe there could be some seminars at the schools to teach parents about healthy eating..

  92. Lisa o says

    Questions I have….
    1. How can I get my children to want to eat this way and to stop going to other places and eating the garbage that they do?
    2. How do we help others see that this way of eating is healthy when they are stuck on the way they have been eating for years?
    3. How can I get my husband to join in completely without nagging.
    4. I have a big family of 8 and am finding it hard to budget all the food we need, so how can I fit all the food we need in a budget that is affordable to us?
    5. Where is the cheapest place to buy grassed beef and pasture raised meats.
    6. Is it safe to fast…? There are days that I don’t feel hungry except for dinner….
    I love this way of eating, but I am having problems with getting my family involved…my daughter went to her dads for about 5 weeks and came home with 12 extra pounds and 2 1/2 extra inches because she chose to eat sweets and grains…HELP!!

    • says

      I do not envy you; I couldn’t even convince my wife to opt in for more than a month. But I do want to say that it will take perseverance on your part. Be uncompromising. Your strength should inspire the others to at least respect you. That may win them over more than anything.

      You should find it is cheaper to eat this way than not, especially when factoring in medical bills and seasonality.

      Fasting is a difficult concept to balance. The main benefit (neuronal autophagy) is understood to occur after hour 16. So, many people will gain this just by eating an early dinner, sleeping, and then having a late breakfast. The benefits of fasting are still being debated, though there have been some fairly impressive conclusions drawn. In saying that, I would never recommend someone to fast if they are stressed, get bad sleep, are actively losing weight or doing shift-work. You will burn out faster than (insert current burnt-out pop star). It’s better to wake and eat a protein rich meal asap, maybe a little fat, maybe introducing a little bit of carbs to induce some hunger pangs later on. Fat and protein are satiating, while carbohydrates encourage hunger pangs.

      Good luck, stay strong!

    • says

      I’m not qualified to answer all of these since I don’t want to wax philosophical about the ones I don’t have personal experience with, so I’ll just stick to the ones I know.

      2, and sort of 3) It’s really really difficult to do this. I tried this with my boyfriend for a long time, but he just didn’t want to hear it. Oddly enough what I found most effective was when I was watching a documentary that explained the basics of ancestral health (In Search of the Perfect Human Diet). He caught the last half of the documentary, and that was when his attitude changed and he was more open to learning about it. Above all else they need to see the information in a way that is accessible to them, and they have to choose to hear it.
      4) a) You don’t have to go whole-hog. Try to follow the basic principles and get the most out of as small of a change as possible (regular cuts of meat, vegetables). You don’t need to get everything grass-fed and organic.
      b) Stay away from the more expensive items (this seems like a doi, but yeah :)). You don’t NEED to use coconut flour or coconut oil. If you really want coconut because of medium chain fat you can use coconut milk which comes in cans and is relatively cheap (about 1.50 for a 16oz can of Goya coconut milk).
      c) Save and make use of everything. Ex. For cooking fat you can save and reuse things like bacon lard (I just dump whatever is there after cooking bacon into a glass jam jar and keep it in the fridge). Also, buy whole chickens, which is cheaper per pound and contains a better variety of cuts than chicken breast, and save the bones to make your own chicken stock.
      d) Grow what you can. I’m not a huge garden buff (although I’d like to try it out), and I don’t have my own yard, so I can’t do this. Time is also, obviously, a factor. However, I do have little potted plants of the herbs I use a lot that I grow in my windowsill, and that I water once a day. Herbs were a big area of waste for me, since a lot of recipes call for a small amount of these, but the herbs at the store are sold in large amounts. This way I have enough for my recipes, I don’t ever have to buy fresh herbs again, and I know I’ll never waste the leftovers, because I just pick what I need while I’m cooking.
      d) Have a list of go-to meals (this is probably already something you do, but I don’t want to ignore it). There are a lot of cool recipes, but the best way to save money is to have a few recipes that use similar ingredients that you will keep making (make sure these are all recipes that you and your family LOVE and don’t mind eating a lot). That way you will never have produce/etc in your fridge that has gone bad because you only needed half of it for some obscure recipe.
      e) Freeze your meats. This way it’s easier to buy in bulk (if you can afford it), and you can get the super saver value deal packages from your supermarket, where they significantly drop the price per lb. Make sure you’re freezing it in portions. It’s takes a little more effort, but you don’t want to have to unfreeze 4 lbs of chicken breast just for 2 fillets, and it’s a pain trying to break these apart once their frozen.
      f) Alter recipes to suit your budget. A great example: Asian countries traditionally have a lot less meat available to them because of the shape of the land, so meat is a very pricey item. To that end a lot of their recipes call for a small amount of meat (usually sliced thin so you get more mouthfuls of it) with a large amount of cheaper veggies to fill the bulk of the meal, and are often served in a flavorful broth. Gear your cooking so that you are serving larger portions of the cheaper food items (still healthy food items, obviously), and season meals with that which is more expensive, but is still necessary for taste or texture.
      5) I’ve found that the cheapest grass fed beef is the thrift cuts that you buy at a farmers market, or buy in bulk online. Bulk is tricky, since it’s got that barrier to entry – you still need to have enough money to afford the initial bulk purchase, AND you need a freezer big enough to store it. Most of the time I end up buying grass fed ground beef since it’s one of the cheapest cuts. Something else you want to keep in mind is that buying regular non-grass-fed is still a WAY better option if that’s all you can afford. Switching the types of foods is much more important than getting everything perfect. Same thing goes with vegetables. You don’t necessarily have to buy all organic fruits and vegetables if you can’t afford it. Getting any type of these fresh is far better than sticking to boxed foods.6) That depends entirely on you. If you’re truly not hungry, then chances are it is safe. Just make sure you’re not forcing yourself into that schedule on days when you DO feel hungry earlier. A lot of the literature on fasting is geared toward men, but many women react differently because of the way our bodies are built. Here is a fasting article specifically for women: http://www.paleoforwomen.com/shattering-the-myth-of-fasting-for-women-a-review-of-female-specific-responses-to-fasting-in-the-literature/. This site is really great for Paleo women in general.

    • says

      “1. How can I get my children to want to eat this way and to stop going to other places and eating the garbage that they do?”
      Part of it means never having exposed them to excessive sugar consumption (particularly fruit juice). It’s hard to lock the gate after the horse has bolted. We focus on having treats (bananas, chocolate and whipped cream is our go-to dessert), giving them lots of fruit and nuts for them to graze on, and quite frankly, we let them eat a non-primal (but still low sugar) breakfast. When they go out (like to a birthday party) we don’t put any restrictions on what they eat, but ask them to see how they feel when we are leaving the party. Usually if they have had too much sugar they don’t feel great.

      “2. How do we help others see that this way of eating is healthy when they are stuck on the way they have been eating for years?”
      The only way I have been able to do this is by people noticing I have lost weight and asking about it. To avoid giving out too much info I just say I’ve cut out the wheat, since cutting wheat also cuts out all of the processed food.

      “3. How can I get my husband to join in completely without nagging.”
      You can’t. He has to choose it for himself. But if you cook the meals you can dish him up delicious primal meals (bacon and eggs for breakfast, steak and veggies for dinner..). And maybe convince him by your weight loss?

      “4. I have a big family of 8 and am finding it hard to budget all the food we need, so how can I fit all the food we need in a budget that is affordable to us?”
      It *is* more expensive to eat real food rather than bulk it out with cheap carbs. I would keep rice and potatoes in the rotation as bulking agents, at least until you form strong opinions about them. You will save lots of money by cutting out the junk, hopefully enough to offset your costs. Lastly, consider ‘cow-pooling’ to dramatically increase the quality and lower the costs of your meat. And specialist veggie stored are usually better than a supermarket.

      “5. Where is the cheapest place to buy grassed beef and pasture raised meats.”
      Direct from a farmer.

      “6. Is it safe to fast…? There are days that I don’t feel hungry except for dinner….”
      Yes absolutely. I personally only eat (big) dinners during the week, and I add another meal in the weekends for social reasons. Women in general should not fast for much more than 14 hours at a time, but me can go for up to 40 and experience health benefits.

      “I love this way of eating, but I am having problems with getting my family involved…my daughter went to her dads for about 5 weeks and came home with 12 extra pounds and 2 1/2 extra inches because she chose to eat sweets and grains…HELP!!”
      Well, at the end of the day it’s her life. Does she agree that her weight gain was caused by her diet at her fathers? Because if she doesn’t it’s probably better if you just say nothing and keep serving healthy food at your place.

      • Emily says

        One more thing – you say your daughter had 2-1/2 additional inches. Unless your daughter is following a medical weight loss plan or has some other medical reason that her measurements are being taken, I am somewhat concerned about the effect on her mental health if her mother is measuring her to see how much fat she’s gained. Food neurosis/disordered eating can easily be caused by this kind of pressure to be thin and demonization of “bad” foods. Whatever your daughter eats, she needs to be encouraged with love and her body accepted for what it currently is. Food is such an emotional thing and physical and mental and emotional health are so inextricably linked that if we build up negative emotions around eating we find it very difficult to achieve optimal health. Food should always be presented as something good that we give our bodies out of love to nourish them. Food should never be presented as something bad or evil, even wheat and seed oils and sugar. Praise good food choices and redirect and forgive bad choices. Stop weighing and measuring her body. Ask her how she feels after she eats certain things and let her experience for herself and make the choice for herself that she wants to eat nourishing food that makes her body feel good, instead of feeling forced to eat food she doesn’t like so that she’ll lose enough weight to please her mother.

        Again, if a doctor has put her on a weight loss plan that involves weighing and measuring, the situation may be different. In general I strongly discourage young women from weighing or measuring themselves though as it just leads to and idealization of a particular set of numbers and takes the focus off the real reason to eat healthy: to feel good, energetic, and healthy. It doesn’t matter what the scale or tape measure says if you don’t feel good and healthy, in body and mind.

    • Emily says

      Work with your husband and children to identify foods they love so that eating paleo doesn’t feel like restriction. Over time, they’ll lose their taste for processed foods and grais, but it does take time. I’m allergic to gluten and it took me 6 months or so of complete avoidance before I stopped actively craving bagels and cookies.

      Be forgiving of slip-ups, or else it becomes this neurotic, “Well, I ate this cookie, so I might as well just binge on all the non-paleo food I can get my hands on.” We become obsessed with things that are forbidden. If instead you tell yourself it’s OK to occasionally eat non-paleo, but remind yourself that you feel better when you don’t, you’ll have an easier time sticking to your diet. Instead of cramming cookies indiscriminately in her mouth as soon as no one is looking, your daughter will know that it’s fine eat a cookie if she wants, and eventually after a few months of reduced sugar intake, she’ll start discovering that she doesn’t long for cookies as much anymore, and when she does let herself have one it’s not as good as she’d hyped it to be in her mind.

      Budget-wise, one of the ways I keep my costs down is buying whole chickens instead of chicken cuts. It’s a little more…visceral this way, but I got used to it after working with my first chicken carcass. You’re eating meat, so there’s no need to be squeamish about it. It’s a dead bird either way, and it’s probably more respectful of the bird’s sacrifice to acknowledge that rather than pretend meat comes in precut strips. When you buy the whole chicken you can make use of every part, like eating the giblets and making your own chicken broth from the remains, so not only is it cheaper per pound than chicken cuts, it stretches further too.

      If you can’t afford pastured meats, at least make sure you’re not eating industrial meat. Some local farmers in your area might have grain-fed or grain-finished cows, but they’re at least eating real grain. Most industrial factory cows are fed a mixture of chicken poop, antibiotics, hay and other swept up bedding, and rejected quality meat. If you can’t afford pastured meat, cows that have been fed real grain are still worlds above cows that have been fed garbage. Whole Foods has a number system they use to distinguish varying levels of animal environment and while you have to go up to Level 5 to get pastured beef, there are Levels 1-4 below that which are still much better than factory meat.

      Your body generally knows. it’s certainly safe not to eat if you don’t feel hungry. Don’t fast past the point of hunger without more careful consideration and following a safe plan. Don’t fast every day and when fasting make sure you’re eating very nutrient-dense food when you do eat so you don’t become malnourished.

  93. Aolani says

    Tip #1: Do your research so you can understand exactly what this lifestyle is and is not. Tip #2: To set yourself up for success, plan and prepare your meals ahead of time. This is especially crucial for when you’re on the go. Tip #3: Find support. Sometimes, it can be difficult when transitioning from the SAD diet and not many people may understand, so being surrounded by people who are living the same lifestyle is great for staying on track.

  94. disfordelicate says

    1. Don’t eat anything that comes from a box. In general, though, rather than saying “Don’t do this! Don’t do that!,” I like to offer alternatives, such as: Rather than going out to eat, cook at home. Replace the grains on your plate with vegetables. Replace the vegetable oils you use in cooking with coconut oil or butter. Replace nightly family tv with walks around the neighborhood.
    2. Maybe it’s because the culture here in South Louisiana isn’t super conducive to family farms, and it certainly doesn’t help that I’m in graduate school and have a very limited income, but in general I find myself wondering how people afford to make the best choices consistently. Since the only things I can sustainably, ethically source here here are wild caught salmon, ground beef, and eggs, should those my sole protein sources? How harmful is the minutiae of modern life that I have so little control over (working in an air conditioning office building, sitting in front of a computer, drinking chlorinated tap water)? And because I haven’t seen a ton of this in the blogs I do read, but it’s something I’ve been doing since before I even heard of paleo, what percentage of people in the paleo/primal/real food, ancestral/wapf community make their own personal care products?
    3. Stop being total consumers, instead focusing on producing as much as we can for ourselves or procuring things from real people (versus giant corporations). Understand that health, wellness, and quality of life are so much more important than money when it comes to personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

  95. barb says

    Top 3 tips for someone starting out:1-Get rid of all the junk in your house. If it’s not there, you can’t sneak it. 2-Make sure your fridge & pantry is stocked with what you NEED to have.I don’t think you necessarily need to make a full on menu plan but you should have some basic building blocks so you don’t sabotage yourself.3-Learn to COOK. I’m shocked at how many people say they can’t do paleo because they can’t cook. They’re either lazy or lying. Really, put meat & veggies in a pan, put it over some heat, add seasoning, move food around pan with a spoon. It’s not that hard people.

  96. says

    I’ve only been working on switching over to paleo/primal for a few months now so not an expert at all but the things that have helped me most so far…
    1.) Don’t be so hard on yourself if you slip-up. The first couple times I gave into my cravings I was really down on myself and it ended up being more time before I got back on track.
    2.) Try new things! Experiment with new foods that you may have not tried before, sure there’ll be some that you won’t like but you may end up finding some new favorites.
    3.) Try to keep food that doesn’t need much prep on hand. For me that means lots of leftovers that can easily be reheated, veggies I’ve already cut and washed, boiled eggs, etc.

  97. Nikki M. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to
    turn around the health of society?
    We definitely need to increase awareness about how much food affects your health and start educating our medical professionals to treat causes with nutrition and not just symptoms with medications. Sometimes if really saddens me to see very obese people eating what they’re told are healthy: whole grains, dairy, low fat. They have absolutely no idea what they are doing to their body and that there is an simpler way… The government and other organizations feed them misinformation and they just don’t know.

  98. Catherine Winter says

    2-5 tips for newbies:

    1) Clean out your fridge and pantry to reduce cravings
    2) Find some yummy recipes, especially snacks and desserts to get you started so it’s not such a shock and you’re panicking about what to eat.
    3) Cook in advance and freeze so that food is readily available.
    4) Scout out local CSA’s and meat providers so you know in advance where to find healthy foods.

  99. John says

    Since I’m new to this Paleo thing, I’ll choose door number 2.

    1.) Where can I find sugar free bacon?
    2.) Should I be concerned about cholesterol levels when eating paleo?
    3.) Other than sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash, what are other good options to get carbs?
    4.) My spouse is a carbaholic. Any tips on staying on track while she’s eating carbs?

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    • says

      1) You probably can’t – it’s part of the curing process. Try this: http://lifehacker.com/5910362/fry-perfect-crispy-bacon-every-time-by-adding-water when I do it, it seems to get rid of some of the sugar.
      2) Only if you’re not getting enough =) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mercola/the-cholesterol-myth-that_b_676817.html
      3) Pumpkin, yams (try them, they’re actually good like carrot x sweet potato) sweet potato noodles (its an asian thing).
      4) Dude my wife is Chinese; if I can keep my hands of home-made won tons, steam pork buns, fried dumplings, hand-pulled noodles and Shangqiu style salty soup, then you can too! She still thinks I’m crazy, but I’m wearing her down haha..

    • peggy woods says

      Wellness Meats makes a sugar-free bacon! Kroger makes one (their low-sodium option) but it’s cured :( #2: NO. we all have lowered our numbers by ditching grains & legumes. #3: all squash has carbs, as does fruit. Track or look up food on FitDay – you can see the carb content of ingredients. #4: that’s a toughie. You will have to eat all your own food. Once she sees your results, she might be on board! Patience. Remember, this is not about “low carb”; it’s about real food & eliminating grains (& legumes) from your daily diet more than anything else. & welcome to the tribe John!

  100. Brooke says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    I think education is the key to a healthy society. I grew up in a family that did not consider what effect the food we ate had on our health or well being. The school system didn’t even come close to filling any gaps. Not only are children not aware of how foods work but families and schools resort to cheaper, less healthy options mostly due to econimic restraints. Living in a fast food world makes it even more important to teach kids how to make good food choices.

  101. LauraChristine says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    Stop being lazy! Our ancestors weren’t 1/75 as lazy as we are today. Food takes time and preparation. We’re so used to instant gratification that we lose grip on reality and our well being.
    I think it would be beneficial to all people to have a small garden. even if it’s one plant to keep you “rooted” with what is really real and healthy.

    • says

      I don’t think that people choose to be obese because they are lazy. I think that’s a cultural myth. Really people are ignorant of how their bodies process food. It’s a pretty complex issue though, so really I’d settle for a realignment of ‘conventional wisdom’ to reflect generally accepted paleo principles.
      Completely agree on the garden thing. I wonder when people will start tearing up their lawns?

  102. chelle says

    I think we need to be more vocal and try educate others. The food INDUSTRIES and government have way too much power. I am hoping to make an impact with our local schools by encouraging them to get rid of vending machines, candy rewards and better school luncheons and healthier party foods

  103. Kaitlyn says

    My top 3 tips for someone brand spankin’ new to real food:

    1. Set a goal, and keep that goal realistic. For example, saying you are going to commit to eating no processed food for 30 days sounds more doable than saying “I will NEVER eat “” again. It’s less final and doesnt seem as restrictive.
    2. Let yourself eat as much as you want. Do not portion control your food, at least for the first 30 days. This will help you stave off any cravings you might have.
    3. Plan and prepare! Bring your own lunch to work/school and keep tasty snacks on hand at all times! Do this so you wont be tempted to give in to the oh so convenient non food.
    4. Share your newfound knowledge about real food with a friend/ spouse and encourage them to dive into this way of eating with you! Having a friend to share the highs and the lows of your journey with can make the overall experience way more enjoyable. Think of it like you are in nonfood rehab, and you need a sponsor.
    5. Keep it simple in the kitchen. Find a few good recipes that you love and know how to cook well and rotate. Real food does NOT have to be fancy. This will keep you from obsessing over your food too much, and it will give you more time to relax and enjoy your new healthy lifestyle. (:

    Top 2 (I can’t think of 3! :/) questions I have about the real food lifestyle:

    1. How do you make a traditionally prepared (meaning soaked and fermented) chocolate bar??! Dying to know!
    2. Sourdough baking… How the heck do you do it? {I would just like to say that i have done an insane amount of research on this one, and yet i remain utterly and shamefully confused. I think i am officially sourdough challenged!

    In order to turn around the health of modern society i believe the first step we need to take is to encourage others to reconnect with their food, via local farms {aka the good ole’ fashioned way}. Many people see food as something that comes out of a box, or from the aisles of a grocery store. They know nothing of how it got on their plate, and they don’t think about it. This used to be me. The welfare of the animals i was eating never used to occur to me. Buying a package of meat from the store does not require that you talk to anyone who personally knew your animal. And often times packages of meat specify next to nothing about the animal the product comes from or what sort of a life it led. I think if more people knew where their food came from they would connect with their food more. They would enjoy preparing it, feel more fulfilled eating it, ect. Buying more real food naturally reduces the amount of proccessed foods you consume because naturally you do not come across many boxes of mac n cheese at the farmers market! And of course, give the following advice to anyone who will listen: “indulge” in liberal amounts of butter, eat more egg yolks, and enjoy the fattier cuts of meat!

    • says

      Don’t bother with the sourdough. I don’t understand the point of going through some elaborate ritual that expends more energy than you gain from consumption of the food afterwards.

  104. Bekah C says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?1. How do you decide between primal and paleo (I have heard one is high in good fats and the other stresses low fat) and which is best for me?2. How do you determine what ancestrial diet is for me?3. What is wapf?
    4. Do any of these help with autoimmune problems? (celiac, thyroid, arthritus?0
    5. Do you suggest any additional restrictions/changes in addition to these? like no sugar, peanuts, pork or shellfish, promote raw or soaking or doing more than one diet/lifestyle?

    • says

      1) They’re the same thing, really – just different names for different approaches. As for fats it depends where you’re getting them from. In the beginning it’s easier to chose the low-fat meats and supplement with coconut oil or whole dairy (if you can tolerate it) until you can find a good source of grass-fed meat. The only person who can determine which is best for you, is you…
      2) An elimination diet protocol (sounds scarier than it is, don’t panic!) will help your body heal and reset itself to near equilibrium. You can then reintroduce certain foodstuffs one at a time (not glutinous grains, obviously) and see how you do. Robb Wolf is the main proponent behind this “try it for 30 days and see how you look, feel and perform” approach.
      3) Stands for Western A. Price Foundation. Price was a cool guy, way ahead of his time. Unfortunately the WAPF people are a little dogmatic and his message gets lost in their agenda.
      4) Yes. Check Dr Google for “paleo autoimmune”. =)
      5) Yes, and no. I’ll start at the top: Sugar – refined carbohydrate that not only destroys cell membranes on a cellular level, it messes with your insulin sensitivity… Sugar = Bad. Fructose = Superbad. Go easy on the fruits. Peanuts are legumes. Legumes are a poor energy source. Also, a huge amount of people are fatally allergic to peanuts in any form, many more are affected by them but perhaps show no visible symptoms. Some (me) are only affected by peanuts if I’ve had too many carbs and get a gut flora imbalance. So peanuts = avoid, but don’t panic. Pork is great, especially the skin and trotters as they are full of collagen and cartilage; great for our bones and skin. Just make sure it’s from a reputable source. It is a high-histadine meat (as is beef), so if you’re like my dog you may get skin rashes, nasal congestion/rhinitis or itchiness if eating too much of it. Shellfish; great but get it from a good source. Same with any fish.
      Here’s my soaking/sprouting rant: the hard facts are you will expend far more energy by processing grains in any form than you gain from eating them. There is no point to consuming them. That being said, I am corn and white rice agnostic. Some people react to them, some don’t. That still doesn’t make them a worthy staple.

      Good luck on your journey!

  105. Parrettfive says

    Amazing!! I am new to paleo so my questions are 1. What is the number one guide or book you recommend to someone starting this journey 2. Any quick breakfast tips beyond eggs 3. Coffe creamers replacements for a coffee creamer addict.

  106. Cate says

    My top three tips: find a few simple meals you really like and cycle them until you’re motivated to really start cooking; don’t skimp on the fat, in fact purposely try to eat more than you think you “should”; eat mindfully so you can tell when you are really hungry and when you are full.

  107. says

    My top three tips for newbies:
    1) Don’t give up if you can’t be perfect! It’s so much easier to stick to a paleo diet if you allow yourself a little wiggle room… You may not always be able to eat all organic or avoid vegetable oil, and every once in a while you might want a treat. Don’t beat yourself up over it!

    2) If you like soda, drink sparkling water- you get the bubbles without all the HFCS and chemicals!
    3) Eggs can be your BFF. They are cheap, nutritious, versatile, and you can even hard boil a bunch to take as a breakfast or snack on-the-go!

  108. zack passman says

    1) a) Obsess
    b) Throw out anything that might tempt you
    c) Know that you will get the low carb flu and tell yourself that you can make it 3 weeks.
    2) a) How do I optimize my lifting routine?
    b) What tips can anyone give to help change my 2.5 year-old’s diet?
    c) Where does everyone go to find paleo people in their area?
    3) Return the midwest to open grass land and let beef and buffalo graze on it.

  109. Tacosaurus says

    3 Tips
    1. If it is a can or box don’t put it in your mouth
    2. If it has grain, especially wheat, don’t put it in your mouth
    3. If it has a face you are welcome to put it in your mouth

  110. vicky says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    -just eat real food -get enough sleep -experiment on yourself

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?-is meat really necessary every day? could it not be beneficial to eat a plant based diet with animal protein as a supplement a few times a week? -what are the best ways to counteract the risks of a desk job? -what blood/biomarker testing should be done for overall health male and female??
    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?-consume less, consume smarter, create more (art and food), relax, move more often than not, avoid toxins, spend time on passions rather than watching tv/consuming media

  111. danawillow says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    It saddens me to know that so many families don’t eat dinner together. People will pick up fast food or frozen dinners or eat to and from places without understand the true value of a meal. It’s cheaper, healthier, and encourages bonding with loved ones. I think if families put a higher priority on having a homemade dinner as a family most nights, whether primal/paleo or not, they’ll start to gravitate towards better health in general.

  112. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    ~ We need to become more self-reliant. Ask yourself why you have a lawn that’s doing nothing for you but sucking up water and possibly money in the form of fertilizer and weedkiller. Why not plant citrus or a mini orchard, fence the area off and get pigs or chickens rooting around in it for fallen fruit and kitchen scraps. How about a raised garden, with your own patch of kale, xiao bai cai, shallots, garlic and tubers?

    Live in an apartment? You can still do these things in miniature with windowboxes, or support those who provide produce and animal products at your local farmer’s market.

    Get out and hunt, make friends with a farmer or join a meat collective to reap the rewards of buying meat in bulk. Make your own coconut milk, sauer kraut, and other pickled goodies – this is great if you have kids as well, they love getting their hands mucky!

    And speaking of kids, raise them to be informed and unafraid of where their food is from. Teach them to question authority (even yours, it’s frustrating but makes you examine your own beliefs, also it’s a great ego killer) teach them to read objectively, to play in the mud, and to revel in the wonder of nature.

  113. Lisa says

    Tips:1. Eat real food!
    2. Plan your meals ahead. Preparation is key to not “falling off the wagon.”
    3. Bacon is your friend :)
    4. Surround yourself with a support network of positive people. It’s important to remember that we are indeed human, and slip ups do happen! Keeping positive people around will reinforce this.

  114. Brian says

    My top tips would be:
    1) Take it in steps, sure I know now which entrees at certain restaurants are cooked with canola oil vs olive oil or butter but those are not details needed to get started. Focus simply on the broad categories of meats, vegetable, fruits and nuts and once that become easy start thinking about the details like grass-fed, omega-3s, organic, etc.
    2) Tell someone you’re doing it. This will hold you accountable more than just yourself. It helps to tell someone who is open to the idea. I told someone who thought my heart was going to stop within the week and he was not very supportive. People at the gym are a good place to start because many people who are serious about fitness are serious about food.
    3) Don’t sweat it if you mess up. I’ve definitely been in the situation where I might eat a cookie someone offers and then go home and eat ice cream because the day was already non-paleo. Then the next day I might eat some more non-paleo food because I’ll just start again in a day or two. When you mess up, get over it and move on. Make the next day a challenge to yourself to eat paleo and if you succeed you get chocolate covered bacon or some other delicious paleo reward.

  115. Kristina Foster says

    Tips for noobs:

    1. Purge the house of grains and junk food.

    2. Eat real food.

    3. Give up fast food/restaurants. It saved me so much money I could buy quality food like grass fed beef.

    4. Open your mind and think for yourself. Do lots of research. Don’t
    just believe what people or doctors say. That’s how we got into this

    5. Watch the documentaries (Netflix Instant or Hulu): FatHead, Food Inc. Food Matters, etc.

    6. Experiment on yourself. What works for one person may not work for you.

  116. Ella says

    Actions We need to take to turn around our society:
    I think the most compelling actions are those that come out of a place of freedom, not judgement. By this I mean, when others recognise the flow of life and vitality in us they are magnetically drawn to it – judgement and derision of poor lifestyle choices only lock people in further to a downward spiral.
    That being said, public education needs to change – we need motivated individuals who will fight for policy reform, support local producers and encourage future generations by modelling their own healthy enjoyment of nature and whole foods as they were intended – not make it a burdensome task to ‘exercise and eat right’.

  117. Kim Britt says

    3 Tips

    1. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Always make sure you’ve got enough quality protein sources on hand for the following day/meals.
    2. If you’re still adjusting to the paleo (lower carb) lifestyle, don’t be afraid to up your fats by A LOT. But don’t go through an entire wholesaler sized tub of nuts about it- vary your sources to prevent boredom- coconut oil/flakes, seeds, avocados, etc.
    3. If you’re having night-time carb cravings, esp if they’re keeping you up at night, try chelated magnesium before bed. Anywhere from 250 mg to 600mg, play around with the numbers and find what works for you. It’ll help you sleep, keep cravings at bay and also help with leg cramps (to name a few)

  118. Sam says

    The most important action humans can take at this point is to free ourselves from food-culture dogma. Realize that just because we do things things because “that’s how we’ve always done it” isn’t a good enough reason to retain a belief. If we look past grains as health food, fat as bad, and other similar falsehoods, we can vastly improve health.

  119. Sara F. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    1. (re) Learn to cook
    2. Get rid of anything low-fat
    3. Make eating social again (family, friends, etc.)
    4. Teach our children not to believe all the crap they hear from friends, tv, etc.

  120. says

    1. Be prepared! Stock your home with good food that you know is ok for you to eat.
    2. I would say do not eat for at least the first 30 days. Prepare your own food. It takes some extra time but it is worth it.
    3. I know everyone will say don’t worry if you slip up, etc. and they are true but my biggest tip is to challenge yourself to be strict for the first month. Follow something a 30 Day Intro Plan or a Whole 30 (my choice!) and you will truly be amazed what 30 days can do for the way you feel. That way when you settle into your plan afterwards you will be very aware of how any deviations affect you, like dairy, etc.
    4. Accept that at first it will be hard, but it is not impossible!

  121. Nicholas says

    1. A. Eat more than you think (when eliminating crap from your diet it is amazing how many calories you don’t eat!)
    B. Fat is not your enemy!
    C. Yes you can feed your kids Paleo and they WILL love it!

    3. We need to get rid of the way we do school lunches and teach kids that real food doesn’t come from a box.

  122. says

    #3. The main thing that we, as a collective of human animals, need to do to improve our health is take ownership of that health. That means sustainable agriculture, polluting less, supporting local businesses that contribute to the manufacture/growth of food. We need to focus less on someone coming to our rescue with a miracle pill. We need to be responsible for our own health and wellness, that means exercise, stop polluting so much, invest more in the quality of the food we put in our bodies. The cost of open heart surgery is around 150,000 (give or take) and even if we spent an extra 300 a month on better quality food, it would take decades to hit the number of one surgery. The bottom line is that you will pay now or you will pay later, health insurance is not a guarantee, so there may be a day when people have to foot the bill for their own medicines and surgeries and if they can’t, they don’t receive them. Being accountable for our own health is the number one way we improve the health of society.

  123. says

    1. “Cold turkey” may be too difficult. It was for me. Baby steps are okay.
    2. Switch from sodas. I personally used green tea to wean myself off of sodas.
    3. Sub sweet potatoes in for white potatoes.
    4. If you swear you absolutely COULD NOT live without something because you crave it constantly … that probably should be a number one thing to work on weaning yourself off of. Yes, even if it’s the 6-7 daily servings of fruit.
    5. Read. Read a lot. Research from multiple sources. Make up your mind, and experiment, see what works best for you.

  124. rebecca says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. How do I eat primal/paleo when I have a not very supportive husband/family?
    2. How do I eat primal/paleo and not spend a ton of money?
    3. How do I retrain my mind when eating primal/paleo and not focus on eating calories?

  125. Alisha says

    Tips for newbs;

    1. It’s tough to wrap your mind around a life without grains and other foods you’ve eaten all your life, but it gets easier as you go.
    2. Don’t quit! You will absolutely feel better and stronger if you keep choosing to eat right every day.
    3. Instead of concentrating on what you’re giving up, get excited about what you get to indulge in!

  126. Chelsea Kaye says

    Tips for someone trying to be paleo.

    1. It is going to be hard, nothing in life is easy. Don’t give up!
    2. Interact with the paleo community, they can help you get on the right track.
    3. Educate your self fully about your new lifestyle not diet.
    4. With good health comes fitness and healthy food choices.
    5. Start a journal that talks about your paleo journey. This wil help you remember the benefits of living a healthy life.

  127. csmith71 says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?”

    First and foremost, we need to stop listening to corporations who are out to make money no matter what. We need to stop listening to government bureaucracies, bought and paid for by those corporations, that are telling us what we should be eating.

    Finally, we need to educate our friends and family. Spread the word. Laws don’t change people’s minds, but educating them will.

  128. Rachael Wendt says

    This is amazing. I’m so happy to raise my daugter with this lifestyle from the start, rather than waiting until she’s already formed her own tastes and insterests based on the SAD…

  129. Peggy Woods says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1) This is NOT about substituting your favourite “junk” food with a similar item made with “approved” ingredients. It IS about rethinking all the foods you eat & how you eat in general.
    2) This is a LIFESTYLE, not a DIET. You commit to looking at how you live your day-today life & finding ways to improve.
    3) Once you start, changes happen. some are big, some are small, all are encouraging!
    4) There is a huge, world-wide community out there filled with love, encouragement, advice, stories of success & lessons learned, recipes, workouts/exercises, & more. It’s an ever-growing tribe & joyful to be a part of :)
    5) don’t give up. We are all imperfect. We all have set-backs. We all “fall off the wagon”. We all get confused or discouraged. Pick your self up, dust your self off, and get back on that horse! The payoff is your life.

  130. Rachael Wendt says

    I’m so excited to be able to raise my daughter with this lifestyle from the start, rather than trying to introduce it to her later in life, once she’s already formed her own tastes around the SAD. I think that’s one of the keys to turning around the health of society – the children. They need to be taught the *right* food choices and to care where their food comes from, rather than to just accept that fast and cheap is the way to go!

  131. Jill M says

    top 3 tips for switching to real food: switch to real butter (no more margarine-barf!), find a source for quality grass-fed beef/pastured pork and chicken, and “if it has a label don’t bring it to the table.” :) What an amazing giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

  132. JennyAnn says

    3 Questions:
    1. Is there any scientific studies/evidence of what human ancestors actually ate?
    2. Does the Paleo Diet control insulin levels?
    3. Will a Paleo diet help with the damage done by eating gluten/wheat most of my life?

  133. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. DO RESEARCH!!!! Read informative books such as “The Paleo Diet” by Loren Cordain or “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf. Be prepared for what you are getting yourself into, ask questions!
    2. Take it easy, day by day. Changing a lifestyle is not easy. It takes patience, determination and the desire to stick with it. It won’t be easy, but what’s fun when it’s easy?
    3. Have patience! Whatever you goal is it won’t come to you as you wish. Concentrate on making progress, getting better everyday, until the point where it’s easy for you and you call this yor lifestyle, then the result will come.

  134. Grace Filkins says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1.You will love all the ways you can experiment with food.
    2. This is not a diet this is a lifestyle.
    3. You will notice a huge change, the new energy is incredible.

  135. says

    Tips: 1) it IS possible to adopt this lifestyle by gradually giving up things rather than taking the Whole30-type total elimination plunge that many promote. I used many “fakes” in the beginning such as Coconut Dream coffee creamer (loaded with sugar!) and gradually lost my taste for them altogether. 2) keep it simple: you can find new recipes and try to recreate things you used to eat like making meatza instead of pizza, but in the end, some grilled or broiled meat with 2-3 veggies is really going to keep you satisfied. 3) don’t watch that scale, ladies! Most of us experience normal hormonal fluctuations that can breed discouragement if we watch too closely. You are eating for HEALTH not WEIGHT anyway…. think of weightloss as merely a nice side effect of your new lifestyle. 4) remember, this is a way of life, not a d-i-e-t. 5) do what you can. If you can’t afford all grass-fed pastured meat remind yourself you are still eating better than those following the Standard American Diet.

  136. sarahmatthews says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. I’ve been living Paleo for about 4 months and have found my grocery bill has really gone up. What are some tips for saving money, especially going into the fall/winter season since a lot of farmer’s markets won’t be open.
    2. What is your favorite Paleo blog/website?
    3. One are I’m am seriously lacking in recipes is salad dressings. What are some of your favorite Paleo salad dressing recipes? Thanks, Sarah

  137. Amanda @Natural livingmamma says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Give up all processed foods. They are convenient but your life will be so much easier knowing they are off limits.
    2. With a little bit of pre-planning real food does not have to be the hassle you think it is.
    3. Experiment with new foods, textures, and flavors. You will be so amazed at your options and the variety of foods out there once you give up the grains and processed crap.
    4. Have a since of humor when you burn or otherwise maim that $40 piece of meat. It will happen.
    5. If you fall off the horse, just enjoy your doughnut and get back to the good stuff. You will find the doughnut just isnt as good as you remember, and will possibly make you sick. That helps keep us honest.

  138. says

    One of the biggest things we can do is to move away from the industrialized approach to farming and raising livestock. The Savory Institute has done outstanding work that shows that not only can you raise more livestock but you can do so in a manner that actually restores wetlands and biodiversity of the grazing lands.

  139. Erin says

    My top three tips for someone beginning this lifestyle are:
    1. Don’t try to replace foods you used to eat with Paleo/Primal/Clean, etc. versions of it. Changing your mindset is just as important as changing your diet.
    2. Don’t make yourself crazy trying to follow the “rules”. Yes, there is definitely a foundation of knowledge that we all follow to an extent, but it’s ultimately about finding a balance and knowing what works for you.
    3. Stand your ground! When others question your lifestyle (oh, and they will), be confident in knowing that you are doing something great for yourself. My question to those who ask is, “When did it become weird to eat REAL food?”

  140. Meghan says

    My tips would be:
    1. Eat grass-fed/pastured/happy animals and don’t forget to include organ meats!
    2. Organic produce is important, but if you can’t afford 100% organic everything, make sure the produce you don’t peel is the stuff that is organic.
    3. Pastured eggs are the way to go, both for nutritional value and taste!
    4. Experiment with new foods and recipes! I HATED coconut before I “went paleo” and now I can’t get enough of the stuff. You may find a new favorite you never considered. It also keeps things new so you aren’t bored eating the same meals all the time.
    5. Even if you aren’t “sold” on it, give it 30 days. You will feel energetic, happier, you’ll be less bloated and you will probably drop a few pounds. What really drove it home for me was when I went back to my old habits and had pizza with some friends one night. The next morning, I woke up feeling hung over. Stomach ache, headache, and I was bloated. That was all the proof I needed.

  141. says

    We need to stop buying processed food. They make it b/c ppl buy it. Everyone needs to be educated of the dangers – this will take forever I’m sure and you won’t be able to convince everyone but… I didn’t used to realize and now I do so there is hope for the masses as well. :)
    Noobs need to throw out everything they thought they knew about food and meds and start over. Forget the food “plate” guide thing. Don’t even keep grains in the house. Don’t fret too much about the cost – all those things you *aren’t* buying any more will help to pay for the better things that you are buying. :)
    Thanks for such an, indeed, epic giveaway!
    Robin Phillips-Knotts
    Vegetarian for 8+ years turned Primal ’12. :)
    Good luck everyone!

  142. Julie says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Bring your lunch to work. Unless you are content to eat undressed salad every day, you will find it difficult to avoid industrial seed oils in a cafeteria.
    2. There’s no law that states you must be 100% from the get-go. If ditching breakfast cereal is a huge change for you, start with that and work up to everything else gradually.
    3. Make large batches of your favorite dishes and freeze individual portions for later. Now you won’t be tempted to hit the fast food places when you’re in a hurry or don’t feel like cooking.
    4. A slow cooker is a fantastic help to the paleo eater. How does pot roast sound? How about pulled pork, turkey chili, or chicken curry? All of these can cook while you’re at work.
    5. It’s about overall health, not just weight loss, so make sure you work on your sleep and stress management habits, too.

  143. says

    Tip 1. Throw out all the “offensive” foods from your

    Tip 2. Focus on the benefits rather than what you’re
    not allowed to eat.

    Tip 3. Relax and remember you’re doing this for

  144. Rachael says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle? 1. Plan meals ahead. 2. Invest in a good cooler to have with you at all times. 3. Don’t eat out.

  145. tallmisto says

    1. Find your favorite REAL foods and pre-make them. It’s best to have something good at the ready so you won’t pick up the phone.
    2. Read. Find books on the subject. Lot’s of them. You may not like every one. You don’t have to read them all, but you will find one you connect with the most and it will PUMP YOU UP!
    3. Get some sleep. It helps with everything else.

  146. Kate @eatrecyclerepeat says

    Tips 1. take it slow, breathe a LOT, and have faith in yourself
    2. think about how you will feel AFTER eating food rather than what your mind craves in that exact moment. Take deep breaths, drink water, and look for non-food nourishment missing in your life.
    3. Being paleo is not about being perfect. It’s about getting in touch with what your body has been trying to tell you, but what has been muffled by negative self-talk and refined, processed food. You are worth it and you deserve to be healthy!

    Questions: 1. What is a popular form of exercise in the paleo community other than CrossFit?
    2. What is the best way to find the right activity level for me? (Recovering from some health issues such as adrenal fatigue, etc)
    3. What is your favorite recipe?

    Actions> Prioritizing our health and having a positive mental relationship with ourselves and food. Investing in sustainable farming and eating humanely raised pastured animals. Realizing that good food, made at home and raised with care, is better than any medicine.

  147. Catherine Wick says

    Tips that I’ve learned in doing this for 6 months now: 1) Just do it, no excuses, no looking back 2) Clean out your fridge, pantries and any of your ‘stashes’ 3) There are other protein options besides meats galore if you are not a big meat eatter; like myself :)

  148. Jennifer Duckworth says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    I think our society has completely used the idea of fast food and applied it to everything else in life. Everything has to be fast paced these days or convenient, otherwise it is “a waste of time”. Cooking takes time, planning meals takes time, sitting down to eat meals with your family also takes time. These are important things and once you realize that then you start to understand that this fast-paced lifestyle most of us lead is not ideal. I also think putting all the technology down once in a while would also help the health of our society. I love my tablet and my smart phone and laptop too but these things are not that important. So, in short, I think we should slow things down a bit and not try to live in the fast lane all the time and reconnect with our surroundings or for some of us just connect with our surroundings.

  149. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. It’s not as hard as you think
    2. It’s not as expensive as you think.
    3. Plan ahead: preparing food ahead of time will save you time and money
    4. If a college student can do it living on-campus than anyone in a house can.
    5. Train hard– if you are putting so much emphasis on your diet and neglecting proper training you are not living a 100% healthy lifestyle.

  150. says

    Advice for the newbies:
    1. Clear out all the grains/processed food/sugar/legumes/industrial oils in your house. Donate it to your local food bank, give it away, just get rid of it. If it’s not there, you can’t eat it.

    2. Find your local farmer’s market. Nothing like grass-fed beef straight from the source.

    3. Learn everything you can about physiology, biology, nutrition, and why all this stuff works.

    4. If you don’t know how to cook already, learn! Tasty, healthy food is easier to make than you think.

    5. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a “cheat.” Take Mark Sisson’s advice to heart: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

  151. Carolyn says

    I believe the actions we humans have to take in order to turn around the health of society is to make processed foods less desirable and real food more economical. A family with children, for the most part, is going to have a hard time affording grassfed beef, pastured eggs and organic produce.

  152. Debra Lee says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society – If it has anything processed put it dowm!

  153. says

    Tips for newbie’s: 1. If giving up everything at once is scary, go one thing at a time. ie First week Rice, Next week pasta, next bread etc. 2. Don’t say you can’t do it because your spouse or kids will never do it. Lead by example! 3. Read, read, read anything you can.

  154. says

    I am still a newbie.. so my suggestions to myself would be.. empty the entire house of crap. now!.. concentrate on what you CAN eat.. not what you cant.. and eating out does not come easy. it’s not better. its not faster. and its definately not worth it

  155. Rachel says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. Listen to your body. It know when something is working, and if you pay attention, you will too.

    2. Learn what is wrong about “conventional wisdom” Read, ask a lot of questions and work on developing a thick skin in reaction to all the people who are going to tell you that you are killing yourself by eating and living this way.

    3. Be flexible. I like the 80/20 rule. Do what works for you.

  156. shannon r says

    As a society we have got to get away from the processed food in our mainstream areas. school lunches are ridiculous. Food stamp programs allow people to buy nutrient deficient food – and it’s cheaper. subsidies need to be ended to processed food companies. real food needs to be shown, taught how to cook and make. we’re in major trouble when we have the cake mix doctor cookbook!

  157. E.Clark says

    1. Do your research. Read about it, ask questions and begin to understand the reasons behind the lifestyle. It will keep you motivated.
    2. Keep it simple…stick with meat, veggies, nuts and a little fruit. Tackle the fancy recipes oncwbyoungetbthe swing of things.
    3. At first, unless asked, don’t share all of your dietary changes with those around you. People can be discouraging and can also make you waver on your food choices. Let the way you look and feel speak for you.

  158. Chris Sorel says

    my tips:
    1. get rid of the junk and grains
    2. Find local real food when possible
    3. Sweets is not needed in life and you can stop
    4. sweet potatoes do not need sugar
    5. Read for recipes and find one you like

    Do you best

  159. Krista, Mom of 4 says

    3. As a society, we need to eliminate grain subsidies for farmers and (if we insist on subsidizing agribusiness) instead provide assistance to organic/non-GMO farms and encourage their expansion. Reducing/eliminating the grain dependence (both for humans and the animals we consume) will create healthier people overall!

  160. bnkoliver says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    Personally, I’m still fairly new at this whole way of living. But I have found some tips that help me.
    1. READ/research. I spend time reading as much as I can get my hands on. I found blogs/FB postings of people who eat this way and I soak up what they have to say.
    2. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up. I keep telling myself 80/20…be strict at least 80% of the time. I know I feel so much better if I’m closer to the 100% of the time though.
    3. Listen to your body. After being heavy most of my adult life, I lost a lot of weight, before I found paleo. I’m able to maintain my losses eating this way. But the thing that is amazing is now I can tell if something I eat doesn’t agree with me. After not eating gluten for almost a year I thought I would have some pizza. WORST mistake ever! I was up all night sick to my stomach. Before I probably would not have associated the gluten with the upset tummy…now I can tell if I introduce a new food if it “agrees” with me or not.
    4. Drink your water and get your sleep…
    5. try new foods. I HATED brussel sprouts growing up…tried a recipe I found on a blog and now I LOVE them. I find recipes online and think “hey, I’ve never had that _____”…and then all of a sudden, I start having cravings for it! I even bought sardines cuz I started having cravings for them after I read about the great source of omega 3’s they have. Ok…I will admit I haven’t eaten them yet (can’t get over the thought!!)…but I’m still CRAVING them…weird!

  161. Daniel says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    People need to be less greedy and better at critical thinking.

  162. says

    What is the paleo diet? What can you eat and what can you not eat? How do you manage to consume all that meat and not gain weight? Why no grains (or is this just refined grains)? We need to be responsible for our actions. Eat more whole foods, control portion sizes.

  163. Fuhr says

    My tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle include:
    1. Start immediately. Don’t wait for some artificial day, like the 1st of the month. Make the commitment and start today.
    2. Believe in yourself. It is going to be hard at first, but isn’t everything? Stick with it, and the results will come in a little time.
    3. Don’t give up if you slip up. A cheat here or there at the beginning isn’t great, but it isn’t the end of the world either.
    4. Set yourself up for success. Tell people what you are doing. Clear your house of crap food. Enlist a spouse or friend to do it with you. Or, buy some great paleo/whole/ancestral cookbooks and turn people with the amazing recipes.

  164. Jonathan Goldenberg says

    1. Eat in as much as possible
    2. Only buy good whole foods and that is what you will eat
    3. Prep food ahead of time!

  165. says

    my advice for newcomers is 1.) read about what you’re getting yourself into because knowledge is power and can be quite inspiring. 2.) commit fully for 30 days. It’s a blink in the grand scheme of things and you’ll feel fabulous at the end. 3.) stay positive! The first 10 days are rough and your attitude might be just the thing to see you through. 4.) Get someone to do it with you! It’s a lot easier if you’ve got someone to talk to through the rough parts and bounce recipes, blogs, articles, books off of! Good lUck! It’s by far the best thing I’ve done for my family of 8! :-)

  166. Jennifer says

    3 Tips for newbies:
    1. GIve the Whole 30 program a try. It’s easier to dive in and change your unhealthy eating habits all at once withouth any “cheat” days. That way you don’t fall down the slippery slope of “just this once.”
    2. If you are the meal planner/prepper for your family don’t try to make yourself a seperate meal from them. Just make what you are going to eat and let them know that if they want something that is not on your meal plan they can get it themselves. I have managed to convert my household this way because they are too lazy to make their own food and it made it easier on me so I didn’t have to deal with watching people eat something I can’t have. Not to mention you are helping them to become healthier people too!
    3. Have fun with it! Think of this as embarking on a life altering adventure. THink of all the wonderful, healthy foods you are going to eat and all the cool recipies you will get to try or alter to fit your new lifestyle as opposed to thinking about what you will give up. If you focus on what you can have as opposed to what you can’t it will make the transition so much easier.
    4. While you will more than likely loose weight eating this way try to focus on more than just that aspect. If you pay close attention to how you are feeling you will find that the other benefits, like sleeping better, feeling better and being in a better mood, far outweigh the numbers on the scale. That one is a hard one for me, but now that I am trying to focus on things besides the scale I am finding it easier to alter my lifestyle.
    5. Take the time to research you local meat/seafood CSAs. I had no idea what a huge difference having quality protein could make. The taste alone will make you a convert and if you do enough research you can probably find one that doesn’t cost too much more than buying the same products at your local grocer.

  167. Doreen says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?First, eat REAL FOOD, stuff that your great-grandmother would identify as real food and not all the processed fake food. Second, give up the soda – yes I know it will be hard but do it. Third, ditch the grains and start with wheat – try it for 3-4 weeks and see if you don’t feel better.What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle? First question is how to ease into it. There are plenty of “transformation” plans but I’d prefer to take baby steps and ease into a new way of eating more slowly. Second question is how to ease into exercise. I mean how to start from scratch with no equipment and do it in a way that doesn’t make me exhausted after my first workout. Third, I am not a veggie-loving person but I’d like to try some new veggies. There have to be some easy veggie recipes that appeal more to non-veggie eaters.What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society? Take responsibility for yourself and your health. Get in tune with your body and strive every day to take care of it a little better than the day before.

  168. AmyH says

    1) Keep it simple with REAL food!!
    2) Read, read, read. It keeps you inspired!
    3) If you fall, get right back up!

  169. Carla Long says

    Actions: 1. all doctors must take a class in nutrition, 2. make high fructose corn syrup illegal, 3. teach the paleo diet in schools.

  170. EllenFitz says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    #1: I understand the need to remove sugar and corn syrup as well as artificial sweeteners, but why can’t I use organic agave which is low glycemic and has been around for thousands of years?
    #2: If I don’t have any sensitivities to lactose products, is it really bad to include dairy products (butter, cheese, cream, etc.) if I stick to organic and/or grass-fed products?
    #3: is organic popcorn cooked in olive and/or coconut oil okay as a snack?
    #4: Are there any ancient grains (eg Quinoa) that are allowed on the Paleo/Primal diet?

  171. says

    Here are my tips for people just starting out:
    1. Decide how you will start — ease into it little by little, or go full paleo from day 1? Know yourself and what will work best for you. Pick a way, and then stick with it!
    2. Be prepared to cook a LOT! No more fast food or pre-packaged stuff, so you gotta make it all yourself!
    3. Look into getting some good Paleo cookbooks, and try freezer cooking! This will save so much time!
    4. Know that it’s going to be rough the first few days/weeks, especially if you are addicted to sugar or caffiene and are trying to quit cold turkey.
    5. Find a buddy to go Paleo with, or at the very least, read lots of books and blogs about it…you want some support to help you with this transition!

  172. deja73 says

    Top 3 for Neebies:
    1. Plan ahead. Make a Menu, shopping list and prep for 3 days at a time.

    2. Take it one step at a time. If you can’t go cold turkey, then eliminate one thing at a time. If you fall get back up and keep going.

    3. Don’t tell anyone what you are doing. Many people will try to lead you to eat differently based off “the food pyramid”. Let your success be your voice.
    TOP 3 for ME: 1. Is Crossfit a must? Are Treadmills really bad?
    2. On a budget, will my benefits still be great if I can only afford regular store bought meats?
    3. What do you do about food when traveling or vacations for long periods of time? Camping?
    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    Listen to our bodies and go back to the basics. Demand that our food be better. Educate the poor. If everyone collectively began to have small farms and went back to bartering their produce then maybe Uncle Sam and Big Box America would have to rethink their current strategies. We also need to vote in better legislation that gives us back our natural right to “real food”, not what we have been molded to believe is real food for the past ???? years.

  173. says

    Tips for people new to paleo:

    1) Make sure you have paleo-friendly snacks and sides available to fight sugar/grain cravings while your body adjusts. Start with eliminating sugar and grains and learn more as you go. Eating real food is so delicious you may be surprised how little you miss them.

    2) There are different opinions and ideas about what a healthy paleo diet is. Be discerning. Experiment and find out what works for you. What things can you eat? Which ones cause problems for you?

    3) Paleo is a lifestyle. It includes so much more than diet. Be open-minded and try some things! Exercise doesn’t have to last all day. HIIT can be done in a short time and has great results. Give yourself time to recover between workouts.

  174. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Start small! It’s overwhelming to do a complete 180 when you’re first learning about this lifestyle. Start out perhaps by giving up gluten and gluten alone. Once you’re in the swing of that, make a new goal (giving up soy, incorporating organ meats, etc, etc… the possibilities are endless!).

    2. Do the best you can with what you’ve got. So… you can’t afford organic or grass-fed meat, but you’ll be doing your body so much good by giving up highly processed foods… even if your fresh ingredients are not of the ideal quality.

    3. Read, read, read! It’s so important to learn about why people eat and live this way. Everyone’s got a different definition of “paleo” and doing research on your own will help you figure out what works best for you!

  175. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    * Cook meals ahead of time if you struggle with FINDING the time. I like to make big batches of soups on the weekends, for example – to eat during the week. Boil my eggs ahead of time. That sort of thing.

    * Have a LIST when shopping and stick to that list. I like to make meal plans and have a list from that. it’s so easy to get sidetracked and buy from splurging.

    * I learned to eat until I was no longer hungry. .. not until I was full. there is a difference, I think. and eat slowly. enjoy it. turn off the tv. eat with your family. enjoy the meal!!

    * also, there’s really no need to be scared off by the cost. when its all said and done, eating healthy CAN be affordable. I mean, think about how much that starbucks coffee costs. buy foods in season, local foods… start a garden! I’d love to have a garden!!

    * the biggest one for me was getting rid of all the temptations. don’t eat at the places you find yourself cheating, don’t buy the tempting foods, don’t bring the crap into your house. and clear your cabinets of the temptations. out of sight, out of mind (eventually)…there is always that initial transition of hard cravings. but if you can push past that mental craving, you’ll soon find you’re not craving at all.

    * an occasional cheat is NOT a total derailment. people give up so easy with one little mistake. admit the cheat, move on. and heck, an occasional cheat is no big deal…just don’t go overboard!

    and you can apply these to any diet I think. while Its pretty universal, I didn’t learn about this until I started primal :)

  176. Todd says

    Tips for newcomers
    1. Education is key. Understanding the cause and effect of different foods is an eye opener. Pick up a book or two to start with and scour web forums and ESPECIALLY find people who are in a similar boat and see their success with an ancestral diet.
    2. Eliminate temptations at home. Throw everything bad in the trash. Once the concept is familiar and engrained enough it makes it much easier to stay away from unhealthful food when it is around.
    3. If this diet is hell for you to begin, start with an absolute month or two commitment with no slip ups
    4. Make big batches of food at a time and freeze. Crockpots and tupperware are awesome.
    5. Don’t be overzealous with your friends and family when talking about it. (I was guilty of this and it turns people off)

  177. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society? Be personally responsible for your own health and do not rely on doctors. Research, research, research.

  178. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Just Eat Real Food
    2. Keep It Simple
    3. Listen to your body – eat when you are hungry.

  179. JulieVK says

    OK, three tips!

    #1: Do the Whole30 challenge. It lays out all the rules for you, and you will feel great after 30 days,
    #2: Before you do the Whole30, PRACTICE for a week or so. I wasn’t eating a single meal that was even remotely Paleo, and I honestly had no idea what I would eat. So I fixed just my breakfasts for a week, then fixed lunch, then did the Whole30.
    #3: Read up on Mark Sisson’s exercise advice and stop doing mindless cardio. Go for a lovely walk outside instead, and then lift some weights. It will take much less time and do you much more good.

  180. Samantha says

    TIps on switching…
    1 – Plan Plan Plan. Never find yourself without good food choices.
    2- Keep it simple. I am still working on this myself. Don’t try to create a 20 ingredient recipe. Just pick a meat, some veggies, and some spices. Done.
    3 – totally commit (at least for a few weeks) so you can experience the benefits. My biggest motivators in the beginning was simply that my acne disappeared. Still waiting on good sleep but I blame the kids for that :)

  181. says

    1.Give up grains-(all of them) and read Wheat Belly to help.
    2. Eat as much fish as you can and when you eat beef, eat grass fed
    3. Eat as many different non-starchy veggies as you can and be careful of how many fruits you eat if you have blood sugar issues.

  182. River162 says

    Top tips from this Noob. Read everything you can! There are so many tips that so many people share that you can find a good solution for your problems by reaserching what has worked for others. Podcasts! No time to read? No need there are freebee podcasts galore! Try new foods open your mind be willing to try new foods. I am a picky eater but have found that there are so many good foods out there that are so healthy for you and delicious!! Facebook is a great scourge for tips and recipes!

  183. says

    Tips for those just starting out:

    1. You’ve got to just try it and experiment to see what works for you. Most mainstream information has led many down the wrong path leading to frustration. Try it for 30 days and see what happens. If you’ve given it 80-100% and don’t see any difference then feel free to move on. Purge the house of grains and junk food.

    2. Someone already said this but it needs to be said, Watch the documentaries (Netflix Instant or Hulu): FatHead, Food Inc. Food Matters, etc.

    3. Don’t expect others to understand why you are doing this or to join you. Do it for you and let the results speak for themselves. Often we let others into our journey too early and it derails our efforts and discourages us because of their lack of interest or comments and questions against it.

    4. Do lots of research. Don’t just believe what people or doctors say. That’s how we got into this mess.

    5. Avoid the scale and have fun trying new foods and ways of preparing food. in the end if you are eating healthier you’ll feel better and it’ll show in the mirror before it shows on the scale. Don’t let the scale sabotage your progress.

    6. Get rid of any Junky or processed food…Just say no…there is never a good time for “just one more.”

  184. Jen says


    1. Take time to eat. Breathe. Relax. Love your food.

    2. Stock up on approved ‘treats’ – fruits, nuts, dark chocolate. This is especially important if you share a home with those who still eat grains, dairy, sugar, etc.

    3. If you are doing something challenging like a Whole 30 or GAPS, practice some of the basic recipes first so it will be easier when you go whole hog.

  185. Fiona Hanley says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Until we start thinking that food in it’s natural state is better we will go on trying to create better ie. more processed food, which gives more money to the big companies and less to farmers.

  186. Danielle DtotheB says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    Eat real food, play hard. Drink water. no sugar, no bread/pasta, no processed foods. You can do it.

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    When do the cravings for all the crap end? I thought I’d be through it by now.
    How can I adopt this food, after having my gall bladder removed?

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?I think the biggest is giving up on this idea of convenience. People need to cook/prep their own food. Stop eating out. Stop sitting on your fat ass, in your car, and having people hand you food through your window.

  187. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    Be proactive about what we buy so we can show the BIG (a-hole) companies that we don’t want their processed wheat-filled crap anymore. The more people that stop buying it, the more likely they will be to listen to us about what we want on our dinner tables, thus altering the options available to people who may not understand what they are doing to their bodies. Say no to crap!!! ;)

  188. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society? We have to stop eating all this processed food! We have to stop supporting the companies that are poisoning us and our children… and we have to teach our children what real food is again.

  189. amber says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Honestly, I believe that if there was more consequence to our actions, we would turn around our health or perish. Two things, eliminate the FDA the way it is. Make real food legal. Make people pay cash for their health care, if they can’t afford it then they perish (back up plan, sign up for a food rehab clinic and try again). Survival of the fittest, healthiest, and those who care about what they eat and move. This is just a rough draft of my thoughts, so don’t judge me!

  190. Renee K says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Urban gardening!!! Hands down the best thing. Creating local food and small mixed managed farms by turning green spaces into gardens and mini-farms would save the environment a tonne which in turn keeps us healthy. All that good food will also help improve our personal health. Having plenty of free/cheap food to feed our communities will heal our economical health. bringing people out of their homes and into communal spaces will heal our social health. working the land and getting involved with the earth will heal our emotional health. There is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained :)

  191. says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    What is the biggest benefit I will experience if I change to a primal/paleo lifestyle?
    How long before I experience these benefits?

    What aspect of primal/paleo is the most important and why?

  192. Tiffany Parrish-Drake says

    Thanks for the give away… sorry but the squatty potty is too funny.. love the site though…lol

  193. Tiffany Parrish-Drake says

    Anyone new to Paleo.. read, read, read.. have fun.. enjoy every step.. do it for life, not just for wt loss, health..etc.. exercise anyway that makes u happy.. tune into your body signals and signs.. this will happen once you rid yourself of all the non paleo foods..

  194. says

    Purge your pantry. Just get rid of it. If is there I’ll eat it even knowing that I don’t really want to!
    If possible make it a household change and not just a personal change.
    You’re going to fall off the wagon. Just get back up and keep going:)

  195. says

    -Take your time. You will learn more as you go.
    -It’s okay to have a cheat day every once in awhile, don’t agonize over it.
    -Surround yourself with people that know about the lifestyle.

    3. We have to get government away from deciding for us. They are only in it for money not what is right for us. We should be able to decide what is right and wrong to eat. They outlaw more good things than bad. We also need to support local farmers and also build our own gardens. We need to be able to provide for ourselves and our communities. We can’t rely on big corporations they aren’t in it for us.

  196. Kim says

    My top three tips for newbies:
    Get rid of all the bad stuff in your kitchen (white/wheat flour, sugar, processed crap, et cetera)!
    Read everything you possibly can about the lifestyle and follow the reputable bloggers out there. Never stop learning.
    Get support, whether it’s from a significant other, friend or a local group of fellow caveguys and gals!

  197. Jen says

    1. How does dairy affect the body?
    2. When you’ve already eliminated all processed food, what are the next changes to make?
    3. What do I do for my infant for first finger foods? I lost all my easy finger foods when we started primal (puffs, cheerios, goldfish, etc.)
    4. What can I do for a toddler who doesn’t have solid poop? He has tested negative for allergies.

  198. says

    Tips for for someone new to the paleo world:
    1) don’t try to do everything at once – I gave up grains for 30 days as a challenge (and it made such a difference, I’ve kept them out of my diet for 6 months now). If I had told myself I was never allowed to eat a grain again – I would have surely failed.
    2) find resources like this blog or Civilized Caveman, or PaleOMG and use them – the recipes and encouragement are so worth it – and free!
    3) Don’t feel guilty again about eating bacon. (unless there are nitrates in it)
    4) Buy some good quality pans (Le Crueset for example) – it makes cooking time special
    5) Hard boil a dozen eggs on the weekend to grab as nutritious quick snacks during the week. It only takes 10 minutes and keeps the grumbly tummy away.

  199. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1) Find a local egg source
    2) When you find something you love, keep the ingredients for this go to meal in your kitchen all the time.
    3) Spice it up! Use all the spices you can think of to make good food taste even better.
    4) Don’t be afraid of routine, if you eat the same meals a few times a week that’s not a bad thing.
    5) you can’t over hydrate

  200. says

    1. Commit to 30 days, and tell yourself you’re going to do it! You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is when you are committed to only 30 days, but will feel so better at the end that there’s no going back.
    2. Plan your meals, and stick to them.
    3. Don’t listen to those not on the same path.

  201. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    I believe slowing down and just overall awareness ( where food comes from/ global climate/ etc) is the biggest action we need to have to turn around, it starts with the individual and it starts at home.

  202. Menagerie says

    Tips for noobs:
    1. Commit to do it for 30 days and see how you feel.
    2. Don’t get hung up on doing “perfect Paleo,” Grain fed and organic is optimal, but not always doable. If you can just commit to giving up grains and processed food, you are well on your way to a healthy new life.
    3. Don’t be afraid of animal protein and healthy fats.
    4. We are all different, what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone.
    5. You will fall in love with food on a whole new level and feel so much better.

  203. Melanie says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1) Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not following the lifestyle perfectly. Having awareness of what you eat is life changing. Just follow as cleanly as you can for as long as you can. If you have a treat, then so what. Start your next meal/snack and go longer with the next stretch of eating clean.

    2) Plan and make a list before hitting the grocery store!

    3) Be adventurous and have fun with this lifestyle! There are so many great websites and blogs and whatever else you can get your hands on and just HAVE FUN!!

    4) Believe in yourself and the lifestyle. Listen to what others have to say, but consider some of the attacks on the lifestyle “noise”. Be kind of course. ;-)

    5) Order first in you are dining out. OR if you know what type of restaurant you are going to, have an idea in mind, before you sit down, what types of food you can order to keep you on track.

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Use our purchasing power. Stop buying the junk and perhaps they’ll stop pushing it on us.

  204. says

    My tips to someone new:

    -Think of it as meat and veggies eating: you need to eat meat, and veggies. No bread, no soda, no beer. With that most people are in the right path and makes it easier to make the smaller changes later
    -Don’t sweat it. If you ate something that you are not supposed to, fine, don’t cry over the spilled milk and move on. Your body is gonna tell you it sucked anyways.
    -Don’t say that it takes a lot of cooking and that you can’t cook. Even Julia child begun as someone who could not grab a knife.
    -And most importantly: when you feel good, it becomes easier.

  205. says

    In order for humans to better improve their health they have to turn off the Television and start living life. Reject apathy. It’s killing us… literally. Mamas (I’m one!) need to eat real food and learn to make it for our families. Kids who eat real food will crave real food. (My 3-year-old asks for salad!). Get involved in educating people about real food and the excitement of exercise. OPEN YOUR MOUTH and speak out. Stop letting life pass you by and stop letting the culture around you dictate what is “right” for you to do. Set an example by doing what you may initially dread… change.

  206. Pei says

    Read blogger who writes about real food, traditional cooking. Read food labels. Watch Food Inc movie. Eliminate box food.

  207. Becca says

    Tips for newbies:

    Use lot of spices (especially mixes). Not only will it keep you from feeling like you’re eating the same meal all the time, they have a lot of health different health benefits.

    Know what you like and don’t try to follow what people suggest if it’s going to derail you (for example: if you don’t like eggs, don’t feel like you have to incorporate eggs into bfast constantly or if you don’t like salads, don’t feel like you have to have big primal salads for lunch constantly).

    Try lots of new recipes. You never know what you’ll like and it will make you realize how much you can eat, not how much you’re cutting out.

    Lastly, remember that everyone is on a different journey and in a different place and many people aren’t going to understand why you’re eating like you are, no matter what you try to tell them. If they’re curious to know, start small with the information, but you can’t make someone else change, you can only do the best for yourself and let everyone see the results.

  208. Amanda Olges says

    1.) Tips to new primal eaters. Focus on the fact that what you are doing is for your health. Try to make a lifestyle change, not just a month long diet. Don’t beat yourself up over cheats. If you do, you tend to completely cave and just tell yourself you can start again tomorrow. That cheat quickly takes the snowball effect and you quickly get off track.

    3.) I hope that society can continue to make a change back to real food so that it becomes more available for everyone. I hope that more people start to focus on how our food is raised and grown and that our health really starts there. If we are going to eat well, our food needs to eat well.

  209. Greg Hoeper says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?-Before going organic, concentrate on composition, not chemicals. Doing this makes adjusting to the lifestyle easier by not worrying about what your eating while eating out.-Eat until you are full. It may seem counter intuitive, but when you eat this way, especially fruits and fats, eventually you adjust down. When I started I ate tons of fruit just to keep myself from going insane. I kept losing fat, but eventually you ween off of it.-If your going to cheat, eat paleo first. Those nights where you have pizza, have a salad and chicken before hand, so you don’t go insane demolishing an entire pie. And make sure your back on the next meal! Processed carbohydrates for the average American is similar to alcohol for an alcoholic.

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?A good start would be get rid of damn corn syrup!

  210. says

    #1 Completely cut out refined foods…sugars, oils, flours, processed food.
    #2 Switch to pasture raised animal products and drink raw or cultured milk from grassfed cows.
    #3 choose organic over conventionally grown produce.

  211. says


    Completely cut out refined foods, sugars, flours, processed food.
    Switch to grassfed or pasture raised animals and raw milk.
    Use organic over coventionally grown produce.

  212. moongoat says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. For those of us with Iron Overload Disorder (Hereditary Hemochromatosis), how do we skirt around the emphasis on organ meat, abundance of heme-iron and emphasis on vegetables (like broccoli) that aid the absorption of iron? Legumes, soy and other not paleo things have been recorded to help the body not absorb iron, and even chelate it – but they’re considered toxic and on the no-no list.

    2. I understand ‘going off the rails’, but I also see some ‘paleo’ blogs that allow alcohol and ‘# of cheat’ meals per week. I also understand that mileage may vary on interpretation of a personalised diet, but doesn’t that sort of thinking negate all the main benefits of primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf?

    3. What if you’re on a strict budget (like snap benefits, or moneys just tight), and can not afford any or all organic/grassfed items? what should someone be looking for at the meat section at say walmart, aldi or their grocery store? Are there any tricks to find a cheaper yet still acceptable cut of meat or what about the ‘dirty’ fruits and veggies? If there’s no other option, should this lifestyle even be considered at all?

  213. Heather11 says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. It seems to me that some people do not find the 5 ways above as interchangeable. IE. you can’t be paleo if your drinking raw milk (wapf). Is that a true statement.
    2. How do you go paleo or give up wheat etc. when you have a child with a severe nut allergy. It seems a lot of substitutions recommend almond flour etc.
    3. What are some cost saving tips for feeding a family of 8+ this way.
    4. Need some ideas of quick family meals on the go.

  214. Brandon Eason says

    Top three tips for starting out:
    1. Make time to cook breakfast. Getting started with some eggs and greens every morning helps keep me on track the rest of the day.
    2. Try organ meats. Maybe you’ve never had them before, but they’re full of vitamins and delicious. I have liverwurst with my morning eggs and greens. YUM!
    3. Don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect. Do your best, but don’t expect perfection immediately. Forgive yourself and move on.

  215. Kimberly S. says

    TOP 3 TIPS:The Paleo Diet is not a “Diet” – it is a lifestyle. If done correctly, losing weight may just be a “side effect” of sorts. The true benefits of eating Paleo are health-centered, not cosmetic or superficial. Tracking food: This was a component that overwhelmed me at first – but ended up teaching me the most. I learned that my carbohydrate and fat intake was far higher than my protein intake, and I was able to tinker with this in the first few weeks, so that my daily nutrition was more dialed in than ever- which leads directly to…Performance in the gym: Eating Paleo and being mindful of my food gave my body a chance to do great things in our box. Personally, all of my goals were gym-related, so this was the most emotional factor for me. I wanted to lift more (much more), and so I initially struggled with patience. But, in the end, I had to be honest with myself about how far I could go… and how fast I could get there. So I tried hard not to compare myself to others, and I pushed my body like never before! And then… before I knew it – it was raining PR’s in there!

  216. PaleoChef says

    For those who are new to Paleo eating and cooking – best to get rid of the ‘old’ foods and bring in the ‘new’ better and better for you – there’s great adventure in finding a new way to make a Paleo Legal pizza. YUM! Embrace the change.

  217. Elanor Matheson says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    Clean out your pantry, get rid of anything that will tempt you and fill it up with good whole food you know you can eat.
    Develop a meal plan – its so much easier if you know ahead of time what you need to make and or eat and that way you aren’t stuck looking at the fridge at 7pm wondering “why can’t I just order chinese?”
    Learn to love your whole foods – try new things – experiment! You don’t have to eat what everyone else is eating. Think out of the box :)

  218. Rebecca says

    1. Purge the house of grains and junk food.
    2. Eat real food.
    3. Make wise choices when eating out

  219. Lisa W says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. How in the world can I eat Paleo when I have a husband and 5 kids to feed and we are struggling for $100-$150 a week for groceries?! Bah! This one is killing me!

    2. How can I get my husband on board with Paleo? He just wants to eat whatever the heck he wants to eat. He is NEVER sick, he NEVER gains weight, he feels great, so he doesn’t see any problem with how he eats. I, on the other hand, am full of digestive/fatigue/brain fog issues.

    3. Are there more veggie-friendly options? Meaning, do I seriously have to eat meat all the freakin’ time? Don’t get me wrong, meat is great – but it’s expensive and I just can’t wrap my mind around eating so much meat. I’ve eaten it sparingly for years, as just an added ingredient in dishes, rather than the main portion itself. Cutting out grains really eliminates a lot of my other options. I just can’t stay full on veggies alone.

    • SCA says

      1. I don’t have kids, it’s just me and bf at home so I’m not positive how applicable this will be to you but, try checking locally for butchers and local meat producers. An internet search should work, but if not, find a butcher and ask them if they have any resources. I price our meat from http://www.grasslandbeef.com/StoreFront.bok and it comes to around $130/month if we ate a pound of beef a night. So like, each eating 1/2 lb. Which we don’t, so there’s always extra. Naturally the better cuts are much more expensive, but for things like chicken and hamburger meat it works well.
      To stretch what you get, use it all up. Like, use the fat from stews to cook veggies, use chicken bones and the ‘scraps’ to make chicken stock.

      2. Explain to him how you feel and try to get him to put himself in your place. Tell him how important it is to you. Bf is the same way but also loves meat so when I told him I wanted to go Paleo he was skeptical but generally okay with it. Plus since he does fine on grains I do make him spaghetti or potatoes or whatever (occasionally), and then I sortof modify it to what I want. Like, meatballs for the meat, sauteed veggies for a side and a salad for me. Honestly if we were married with kids I might have a stronger opinion about his grain-eating but since we aren’t I’m taking a “this is your own path and it isn’t worth arguing about” stance.
      If budgeting is an issue, just do what you can with what you have. If you’d like to do more, find some kind of little way to bring in a few extra bucks a month (babysitting, crafting, etc) if you can. Five kids must keep you busy so if it’s too stressful, don’t do it.

      3. No, you don’t have to eat all meat all the time. Mix it up! Do what your body tells you after a couple weeks of it getting used to a different way of eating. Like anything else, there’s an adjustment period. Look at recipes and see if you can modify them to suit your tastes. I love lasagna but have reactions to grain so I make it with zucchini now. No, not the same, but still really good. And the reaction I get from eating grains is such that I don’t even want them anymore.
      Sometimes I buy lots of chicken (frozen) and cook a few breasts or whatever to keep on hand. I make a huge salad, top it with sauteed veggies, boiled eggs, tomatoes, a tiny bit if cheese, and will put a couple ounces of chicken in with it. It’s super filling, inexpensive and a good alternative to just a plate of meat.

  220. says

    In order to turn around the health of our society, Humans need to step back and abandon large scale agriculture. Grow and eat locally. Grow and eat naturally. Humans need to get back to their roots.

  221. Tanya S. says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. What would be the best to follow?
    2. Can a person with cardiac problems follow any of these lifestyles?
    3. Do you avoid all carbs and processed foods in all these lifestyles?

  222. Theresa says

    Tips for Paleo Newbies:
    1. Get rid of all processed/packaged foods that will not serve your new Paleo habits.
    2. Immerse yourself in all of the great Paleo resources, blogs, podcasts, books, etc. and you will discover that making decisions about what to eat gets easier and easier.
    3. Plan meals and shopping ahead of time to ensure greater success.
    4. Don’t stress if you slip up and eat grains or sweets. It is easier to get back on track with Paleo that trying to figure out some complex or restrictive diet.

  223. Mathew says

    We need to get rid of mega grocery stores and replace them with smaller stores that focus on real food.

  224. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new
    to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    Purge your pantry. If that means
    binging on unhealthy crap for a weekend before truly going paleo/primal then do
    it. Alternatively, there’s probably a local homeless shelter or food pantry
    that would appreciate it.

    Experiment. Paleo food is generally
    really easy to cook since you get to enjoy the honest natural flavors of real
    food, so you don’t need to get really complex. Try cooking different foods
    together and see what you can come up with.You’ll probably surprise yourself.

    Use it as an excuse to get outside
    more. Sunshine is recommended as it fresh air. Chances are there is some
    outdoor spot you can enjoy near your work – so change up your lunchtime routine
    and get out there!

    Learn as much about the paleo/primal
    lifestyle as you can. The science behind why you should eat/live this way can
    be intimidating at first, so take it step-by-step. Understanding the details
    behind it makes thing everything more rewarding.

    Don’t beat yourself up if you fall
    off the wagon. Most people follow an 80/20 approach to the “diet” and we all
    have bad days once in a while. Just because you drove through McDonald’s does
    not make you a failure. Move on. Don’t let one failure become an excuse to go
    off the rails.

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have
    regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?Eating grassfed beef etc. can get expensive – what are
    the best money-saving tips for people who want to pursue a paleo/primal
    lifestyle?Are there any local primal groups near me that I can
    meet up with, go running/walking with – how can I find such people?Where can I find a definitive list of foods that are
    the absolute no-nos?Just how important is meat in the diet; due to cost I probably
    eat a lot more vegetables and fruit than meat, am I still technically
    palo?Realistically, what results should I expect to see
    after six months of honest adherence to the lifestyle (I’m not talking
    feel-good, more energetic, but tangible, measurable effects)?

    What actions do you believe us humans need to
    take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Support your local farmers and other businesses, eschewing
    chains like Walmart, Whole Foods and Trader Joes as much as possible. Local
    agriculture (produce and meat) often tastes a lot better and is obviously
    better for you. It’s also much better for the environment too as it hasn’t
    traveled so far. We need to educate people on the many benefits of shopping/eating
    locally-produced goods. We need to take an active roll in what’s going on in
    our schools and paying attention to what our kids area eating. Let’s turnaround
    this juggernaut we call America and start focusing on what’s best for our
    communities instead of what’s best for the multi-national corporations!

  225. katherine d says

    Question: What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Answer: We need to reverse the dire health crisis of our people by reverting back to REAL food. More home cooking with fresh and local organics – MORE PRODUCE. No more frozen dinners or boxed pasta meals. We also need to erase gmo seeds and crops from our farms.

  226. Chris Brooks says

    My Tops Tips for Newbies…

    1. Clean out all the junk from you cupboards, fridge, freezer, anywhere you keep the crap, anything left behind will lead to cheatin
    2. Try to get your family to do primal/paleo with you (the people who live with you). It’s going to be really hard to stick with if other members have non-paleo garbage sitting around.
    3. Research, Research, Research…I could write my own book with all the knowledge I have absorbed researching Paleo!
    4. Cook meals in bulk at the beginning of the week, then during the week you can never have an excuse like “I’m to tired to cook”.
    5. Seek support. Whether it be from online message boards, local meet-ups, etc. It’s always good to have someone to ask questions/talk to about Paleo, etc.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! Good luck everyone!

  227. Jodi Swenson says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. Plan your meals.
    2. Make sure you have a well stocked pantry full of paleo friendly foods.
    3. Give up on eating out, and convenience foods.

  228. Brooke says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    1. Teach M.D.’s primal nutrition in med school and teach them that not everything is cured by man made drugs!

    2. Make primal nutrition class part of the basic elementary, middle and high school curriculum. I.E. Require it just like “math” is required

    3. buy local and stop putting money in the governments back pockets

    4. respect your body!!!!!!!

  229. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society? – Get back to all-natural: food (duh), beauty products, fun, activities, etc. And GIVE more than we TAKE

  230. Kimber says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    Start eatting more real food. Stay away from the pre-processed foods, the fast foods, the genetically modified foods. Support local growers and eat more organic. Stay away from animal products from animals raised on unhealthy foods. If they were fed things to make them get larger faster, what are those animals going to do to us when we eat them? We are what we eat :) Healthy food has to be as easy to get as the crap food is and you get what you pay for with the food you buy. It would be wonderful if it didn’t cost so much to eat good food and you can’t always find it where you live.

  231. Mark Sutton says

    Tips for going paleo:

    1. Go through your kitchen, and look at every label – get rid of everything not paleo, particularly processed foods which probably have sugar, chemicals, and other junk not even listed on the label.

    2. Stock up with healthy foods, including snacks.

    3. Commit to trying it as best you can for 1 month to start.

    4. Be patient and don’t expect perfection immediately, but see if the major changes are helping you.

    Good luck!

  232. Tanya says

    Little did I know at the time, how my dog’s illness would affect the way I see my own health. In searching for answers to help my dog, it became clear to me that we have the ability to stave off most of our illnesses through our diet.

    It’s so simple and yet so profound. We really are what we eat. Big Pharma and Monsanto are hoping you never learn that, but the news is out, and it’s spreading.
    Thank God

    1 Start buying your fresh fruits and veggies at a farmers markets

    2 If there’s none around, then stay on the outer sides of the grocery store and avoid the inner areas where all the packaged and processed foods are

    3 Start reading labels-avoid high fructose corn syrup, sugar, soy, grains

    4 Look for organic and non gmo foods, but remember, just because it’s organic doesn’t mean it’s not genetically modified

    These are a few great tips to get anyone started, just give it a try and you’ll soon discover how much better the food your eating actually tastes and maybe realize a few health issues you had are suddenly gone!

  233. bryan says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    1. get educated
    2. get a diet
    3. get accountability//friends//community
    4. get crossfit
    5. start small//baby steps//start loving it

  234. Amy Cook says

    Top Tips:
    1) Have fun with recipes. Don’t get stuck in a hamburger only rut…enjoy and relish all of the wonderful flavors of the foods you are so lucky to eat!
    2) Gather information about the health and science behind what you are doing. But this comes with a caveat…don’t overwhelm yourself. (See #3)
    3) If it does become overwhelming (particularly if on an autoimmune protocol) just remember the basics…I eat meat, veggies and good fats and these are helping my body run in top condition!
    4) Brag to others about the health benefits you feel and love yourself!
    5) Listen to your body…take time to slow down and really absorb how you feel and what your body is saying to you.

    What actions do we need to take to turn health around?
    We need to start with children. We need to start in preschool…even earlier. Teach them how food is grown, how to harvest, how to nourish our bodies…just like our ancestors did. We need to teach the principles of true health in every grade and all schools should be growing and preparing their own food!

  235. Mary Vogt says

    I’m only getting started myself but here are some tips:

    * Coconut butter rocks my world.
    * I get a rush from eating fatty deliciousness (like coconut butter). I can’t decide if it’s a physiological thing, or simply the thrill of saying “hahaha, I’m eating *fat*, take that SAD!” Either way, good stuff.
    * About three weeks after cutting out sugar, I started appreciating the sweetness in nuts and other non-sugary foods. Wow!
    * A slow cooker is your friend. It is so, so easy to toss some meat in there, maybe some onions/celery/carrots. After it does its thing, you have multiple meals’ worth of protein, all set.
    * Beef heart is a good thing to buy, and not particularly weird after you cut it into anonymous chunks. Plain slow-cooked beef heart needs added fat to bring out the flavor: coconut milk + the broth from cooking makes it into a tasty soup.
    * Packaged pre-washed baby kale is awesome. Toss a handful in soup (see previous tip!), add to a smoothie, or if you really like it, snack on it straight.

  236. Christina B. says

    For real food newbies, I recommend making one small change at a time and practicing until it becomes habitual. Take basic cooking classes. If you were not blessed by being raised by a foodie family, make the effort to educate yourself. Relying on factories or chefs to feed us is a huge part of America’s disfunction when it comes to food. Give yourself some wiggle room and don’t let nutrition become your inflexible religion. Food is more than nutrition; it is family, culture and tradition. Don’t shun your Mom’s cheesecake she makes every year on your birthday because the dairy she uses isn’t raw or organic. The 80/20 rule gives me the room to nourish my body and spirit equally.

  237. Nacho Rubio says

    1st question: “Empty your cup”, listen carefully to what your body tells you, think (and research) for yourself.
    2nd question: Can I walk naked like a Caveman in the streets of this summertime oven-like Madrid? Is dog meat paleo? Because I think I’m going to hunt/roast/eat my neighbour’s little f*%&=$g puppy (I sweare I love dogs… Just not this one) Will I be ancestral when I’m 64?
    3rd question: Us humans in the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle: “Predicar con el ejemplo” (Lead by example), I’ve learnt that when I start telling (if he/she is a friend or a relative to me, sometimes yealing, ups…) someone that he/she is not eating right, he/she should do this or that to be healthier… They usually give me the look (you’re nuts and you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about, long live the Conventional Wisdom!). But if I just try to be myself, make good food choices in front of them and cook for them healthy and tasty foods (www.spartangourmet.com, sorry folks, in Spanish…, tough you can check out my youtube videos in English!) in happy, full of energy, positive way, they usually start asking questions and, more important, listening to what I have to say about what I’ve learnt…

  238. Sarah Z says

    This is such an awesome site. I am discovering new info here that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Go Paleo or go home!

  239. says

    3 Tips
    1) Plan your meals (and snacks). Possibilities are limitless if you have a plan.
    2) Be ready to face strange looks – and be happy about it! You know something they don’t!
    3) Variety will keep it fresh!

  240. Lisa says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    – Check out the many resources now available, like Paleo/Primal blogs, apps, books, and podcasts. They are full of ideas and inspiration.
    -Don’t be a perfectionist about it. Strive for about 90/10, allowing for “treats” a few times a week.
    -Visit your local farmers’ market. Mine has grass-fed beef, free range eggs and chicken, naturally raised pork, etc. in addition to the usual fruits and vegetables. Plus, farmers can give you tips on how to prepare that fresh produce.

    Plus, I have one question regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle…My natural, holistic doctor is into the Blood Type Diet. She said I would do well on a vegetarian diet, but I disagree. Specifically, I’m trying to decide whether beans are a good thing or bad for me individually. And I wonder if these two diets are mutually exclusive, or if they are kinda compatible.

  241. says

    Question # 1

    The paleo diet saved my life. Well,
    that sounds a little dramatic but it really could be true. Since
    switching to this wonderful way of living, my health has dramatically
    improved. I have more energy, I am happier and I have been able to
    reverse many health issues I was having in the past. There is so much
    crazy diet and nutrition dogma available today. It’s hard not to be
    confused about which one is correct. The primal diet is the only diet
    out there that represents food and diet that way it was always meant
    to be; real, whole and nourishing.

    Making the switch from a Standard North
    American Diet to the primal lifestyle can be tricky for many people.
    Society promotes nutritional information that is often untrue or
    oversimplified. It is hard to live in Western society and not give
    into the convienence and availability of refined and processed foods.
    I think one of the biggest mistakes people make when they attempt to
    make a switch in their diet, is that they try to do it all at once.
    Some people can do this but many cannot.

    So my first tip for someone wanting to
    make the switch to the paleo/primal lifestyle, is to take things
    slow. Do not focus on all the things you can no longer eat. Focus on
    the new things you need to add to your diet. In the beginning do not
    try to cut anything out, just try to add the good stuff in. Once you
    teach your body what it needs to be obtain optimal health, I believe
    you will begin to choose the good foods first. I think with time you
    will stop wanting and craving the process foods and truely want the
    healthy nourishing foods your body deserves.

    My second tip is to have an open mind.
    Be open to adding these new foods into your life. At first, a lot of
    the foods might seem a little weird or gross (ie. Raw milk, organ
    meats, fermented foods, etc.). But be open to trying new things and
    you might be surprised. I never would have thought I would be eating
    raw liver or making yoghurt out of raw milk. Just roll with it! Be
    open and your body will love you for it!

    My third tip would be to find a
    reliable source for organic, pasture-fed, naturally raised meat and
    buy it in bulk! It depends where you live, but generally good sources
    of meat aren’t readily available at the grocery store. I buy 25lbs of
    beef from a local farmer every 6 months or so. And I buy 3-4 chickens
    every few months from my neighbor. I stock my freezer and I got meat
    forever and ever! This way you won’t break down and buy grocery store
    meat because it’s more convienent. What’s more convienent than your
    own freezer?!

    Forthly, my advice would be to prepare
    food in advance and put it in the freezer. If you lead a busy
    lifestyle then it can be exhausting to spend your evenings off
    preparing food for the next day, especially is you eat as much food
    as I do! I like to put aside a few hours on Sunday and prepare my
    food for the week. I turn up the music and have a big of a dance
    party and cook up a storm! I might make a hearty stew and freeze it.
    I’ll make a big salad and hard boil some eggs. That way all my food
    is ready for the week and I always have something to snack on if I
    need it.

    My last tip is to get some support.
    Find a friend who wants to live the primal lifestyle with you. Get
    your boyfriend/girlfriend on board. Making the switch is a lot easier
    when you have a partner in crime. You guys can cook together, go in
    on meat orders together, and gossip about paleo living. If you can’t
    find someone in your life to join you on your journey, take advantage
    of all the support groups on the internet. Start reading the Primal
    Toad blog! I am always reading blogs on the topic to learn more and
    to share recipes. It’s amazing how many people are making the switch
    to the paleo lifestyle, so remember, you are never in this alone!

    Question # 3

    I think the healthy of human society
    can be turned around in 2 words. “Eat Locally.”

    Well, it’s probably not that easy, but
    it’s a good place to start. In this world were we recieve food
    products from all over the world, many societies are losing their
    natural abilities to produce their own food. Fields formally used for
    food crops, are now being replaced to grow export crops. It doesn’t
    make sense to me that people are buying blueberries from the grocery
    store in August which are imported from California, when there are
    about a million growing in the forests near my house. Unfortunately
    society is set up in such a way that it is almost impossible to have
    food security in our communitues. There are rules on gardens,
    restrictions on owning chickens and for many of us, we just can’t
    afford to pay double the price for our meals. But what if we could
    all grown our own food and trade amongst each other. The food
    industry has failed at ending world hunger and providing nutritious
    food to the general public. The more we treat our food like a
    business, the more we damage the health of ourselves and our
    children. I live in a pretty progressive community in British
    Columbia, Canada. People are passionate about building a sustainable
    society. Most of my friends have gardens, I can get meat from my
    neighbor and they availability of quality local products is amazing.
    I am lucky. But most people are not. We need to start promoting these
    ideas elsewhere and setting things up to make eating and living
    locally feasable. Sustainable communities would mean that people
    would never starve, that people always recieved tons of nutrients
    from their food, and money would be less needed because we could just
    trade the goods that we produced with other local goods. I am not
    sure how to go about promoting these ideas to the greater of society
    but I think it is possible. How do I know? Because I see it happening
    everyday in my own community. If we can do it, you can do it too. We
    need to start living simply again, the way we as humans were meant to
    live. It’s time to learn about the environment in which we live in
    and I bet we would be surprised at what we found. Our world is
    amazing and it was meant to provide for us and sustain us. We need to
    start letting it!

  242. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle? 1. Do not go telling all of your friends, family, coworkers about this. They will question all of it and discourage against it. 2. Limit all attention placed on media. Media discourages against the primal lifestyle. Commercials and tv shows encourage the consumption of processed, sugary crap. 3. See what works best for your body by experimenting on yourself. Keep a food and exercise log to track how you feel according to what you’ve ate or how you’ve moved. 4. Use the library! Read up on any primal/paleo books you can get your hands on. Follow these authors on their blogs online and facebook pages. 5. Take it easy on yourself. You don’t need to count calories like crazy or analyze packages if you are eating foods that are paleo.

  243. says

    My tips are: 1. invest in a good freezer, so you can purchase grass-fed pastured meat in bulk which is more economical. this will absolutely save you money down the road 2. buy produce weekly at your local farmers market. you will need a lot of produce if you’re going primal/paleo – you should seek out local organic produce. you will also find local pastured eggs and raw honey there too. 3. when you are prepping foods for a meal, prep extra for tomorrow’s breakfast or lunch. this is something i do regularly and it really saves time. when i get home from the farmers market, i wash and prep eveything so it’s grab-and-go during the week.

  244. says

    My 3 tips – 1) Cook at home as much as possible, 2) when eating out at lunch order salad with grilled or roasted proteins with lemons and olive oil for dressing, 3) use anamil fats as much as possible when cooking

  245. Juli says

    What actions do we need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    Eat real food, move your body and keep moving forward. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

  246. Cris says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    I believe we need to heal our gut health, eat the good fats, normalize birth and demystify nudity and learn how to raise the type of people that can change the world for the better.

  247. Debra Summers says

    I believe that we need to get back as close to natural food as possible. I have just desided to start a new way of eating useing “The Makers Diet”,that is all about natural food and it’s healing properties. I am praying that eating God’s way will heal me. Your natural eating fits right in with my plan. Thank you. Back to the question; If we stop all the refined stuff that is out there in the world – the healthier (and less obese) our nation will become.

  248. says

    my top 3-5 questions that i have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle is how it could help emotional eating, if it’s stil called “paleo” if you just take the principles but still eat grains once in a while, and if it’s a lifestyle that people can keep for their whole lives.

  249. Jennifer H. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. Just TRY it. It sounds hard, but it’s not. You’ll realize early in just what you’re gaining for what you’re “giving up.”

    2. If hungry, eat more lettuce. That worked for me.

    3. For someone like me, who ate out too often, I thought the amount of $ I was spending on food was enormous. Then I compared it to what I spent eating out. Yup, not even close.

  250. Tina says

    Top tips for people just starting out:
    1) It’s helpful to track your food at first so that you can see, understand and plan for trends in macronutrients and to understand what carb area you fall into (low/no/regular.) I use myfitnesspal because I found that they have most of the foods I eat already in the database.
    2) If you are going into ketosis make sure you are getting adequate salt. The salt you need to keep you from hitting a wall is probably going to be more salt than you think.
    3) If you are hungry you probably didn’t get enough fat for the day. Find some fatty snacks that are a range of sweet and savory so that you don’t get bored.
    4) If you are having a hard time getting rid of your old non-paleo food in the pantry, wait about 2-3 weeks until you are really feeling the benefits of the diet, then ride that great feeling and donate away all of your non-paleo food. It can be harder than you think but it feels great once it’s done.
    5) Read, listen and talk about the diet as much as possible. Immerse yourself as much as possible in cookbooks, blogs, podcasts and community.

  251. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?




    out localharvest.org to locate farmers markets, CSAs, etc in
    the area


    try to change your eating habits and lifestyle all at once

    out processed foods

    processed foods with “real” foods

    Filtered Water

    a Brita (or similar brand) pitcher

  252. Terry Gardezy says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. Start reading everything you can. The good thing is the Paleo/Primal community all work together for the common good, so if you subscribe to one blog, or facebook page etc, you can usually access tons more.

    2. Don’t try to do so much at once that you get discouraged and quit. I kind of went cold turkey as I have an autoimmune disease that I would love to get relief from, or even healed at some point. But choose one or 2 things you know you can live with and when you get used to those add something more.

    3. Find a mentor, or nutritionist, or someone you trust to help you establish a plan if the idea is totally new to you. I am lucky to have found 2 trustable sources that help me a lot.

    4. Read Robb Wolff’s book The Paleo Solution. The reason I like that one, is it is an easy read, it is humorous, but most of all it gives you the why’s, and how too’s. I refer back to it all the time.

  253. Dianna D says

    The one main thing we need to change for humans is to educate everyone on how stress and lack of good food will lead to disease in the future. And that medicine is a bandaid.

  254. Hollis says

    Tips for eating paleo:

    1. Make your own lunch for the week on Sunday. Bringing lunch from home is cheaper and healthier!

    2. Bring something you can eat to share when you go to parties or social functions. Everyone loves guac and veggies!

    3. Learn this phrase “I feel better when I eat this way.” When people want to argue about how you need whole grains or shouldn’t eat too much meat, “I feel better when I eat this way” is the easiest way to shut people up who are not interested in having an open conversation about why you chose the paleo lifestyle.

  255. says

    I believe we need to stop subsidising factory farms that supply the processed (junk) food industry; we need to help people who produce and preserve their own food by sharing knowlege and resources; and, we need to value family table time as much as we do outside activities. If we do these three things, we can turn around the health of society.

  256. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?1. Stop reading and just start!2. Don’t sweat the small stuff in the beginning or you’ll just be overwhelmed.3. Don’t keep convenience foods ‘just in case’ (or you WILL use them.)4. Remember you are only human…if you slip up-let it go and move on.

  257. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. Don’t over think it. Start off easy. There’s no reason to pretend you are a 5-star chef in the kitchen in order to make delicious meals for your family with healthy ingredients.

    2. Shop locally, seasonally, organically; as much as you can. You eliminate costs when you go to farmers markets and buy in bulk when you find a food that works for you.

    3. PREPARE. parboil veggies and leave them in the fridge for quick dinners, defrost your meats, buy healthy snacks! You are setting yourself up for failure if you don’t give yourself the correct tools!

  258. carlygeehr says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

  259. carlygeehr says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Something I’ve been learning (or, as it may be, unlearning) as I wrap up my first Whole30 is to stop treating food as a treat. Dessert after dinner. Special treat at the end of a long work day. Seeing food as something that either makes you healthier or sicker is an incredible re-frame and it seems most of the time that we’re instead battling our food in one way or another. The definition of food has expanded, and we need to re-define food as real food. On scales micro and macro, this is far easier said than done!

  260. Melissa McGill says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    Change legislation to stop rewarding mass production of unhealthy food. If we gave subsidies for REAL food we would lower health care costs and have a much better quality of life for all.

  261. Rust says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    I believe the health of society encompasses mental as well as physical health and as a society I believe we must regain our societal moral compass (starting with what we are exposed to on a daily basis primarily by media but also in our daily travels, including our schools which contribution to societal decay); I also believe that processed foods should be avoided in lieu of healthier and natural foods …and I believe family needs to regain its natural place as the cornerstone of our society.

  262. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    We must stop proxying our health out to anonymous people whose sole purpose is to turn a profit and who have no vested interest in our well being. As much food as possible should personally be produced by the consumer, and what remaining food is needed should, when possible, be bought from local small farms.

  263. concerned_soontobe_exstudent says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    We all need to stop taking advice from the conventional medical system and the government (AMA, ADA, FDA, Big pHARMa, Big Ag, etc.) and become independent thinkers, able to investigate information for ourselves.

  264. adriane says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle? 1. try it for 30 days, period, you can do it. 2. try just eliminating gluten at first, 3. find friends/family who support your decisions

  265. bmomofmany says

    1. Think about your grandparents (or maybe great-grandparents) – what foods did they eat? Remember the stinky sauerkraut your grandma used to fix with sausage? It was/is good for you! My grandfather used to talk about milking the cow and waiting to get a taste of the wonderful cream on the top. During the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, he was told that was awful – and he should instead eat plastic like margarine. Go back to the basics! Find an old cookbook from the ’30s.
    2. This ALIVE – can I find this alive in nature? A steak – yes – you can see a steer. Mac + Cheese – no, pasta trees went extinct long ago.
    3. It’s not that tough. Sometimes it seems daunting – like you have to make everything yourself. Well, you do have to put in some effort, but people have been living this way around the world …for millennium. It’s not that tough.

  266. Laura says

    Top 3-5 tips for someone just starting out on the primal/paleo lifestyle:

    1. Read one of the great books to learn the science behind why it works – The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson and Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudes are my favorites.

    2. Enjoy foods you already eat and love and simply make them primal! Replace the grains with extra veggies and make sure each meal contains some kind of protein, fat and veggies. It’s that simple.

    3. Go easy on the nuts. If you must use some primal substitutes like almond flour in the beginning, fine, but don’t make primal baked goodies a regular thing.

    4. Give it a real go – see how your body feels after three weeks and you will be sold!

  267. tannawings says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    GROW more of our own foods- if you don’t have a lot of space, container garden- grow some vegetables! Grow herbs inside. Befriend a FARMER if you can and get your beef that is grass fed, chicken fresh eggs and pork. Go back to the basics and quit eating junk!
    tannawings at gmail dot com on rafflecopter
    ellen beck

  268. srmhockey says

    My top five tips are: clear out your cabinets of non-Paleo foods to avoid temptation and then donate them to a food bank, plan/cook a day ahead so as to avoid grazing or over-eating and also to enable yourself to sit down to a real meal, buy the best-quality food you can based on your own budget and don’t stress if you can’t afford go buy everything grass-fed and organic, try to seek out a primary doctor that is holistic or that at least has heard of Paleo/Primal, and walk and do bodyweight exercises on most days of the week – don’t stress out if you don’t have the time or the money to work out at a gym. Nature is the largest fitness center that we have available to us for free!

  269. Ashley North says

    Answer to question #1:

    Educate yourself as much as possible!
    Focus just on the diet part first, then start adding in other stuff slowly (exercise, stress management, etc) when you’ve got your diet dialed in. This will make the transition seem a lot more approachable and less overwhelming.
    Do the best you can with your budget, don’t sweat it if you can’t jump right in and buy the grass fed beef or source all local, organic food. Just do your best! A store bought fried egg will ALWAYS beat out that oatmeal you used to eat, so don’t worry about it for now!
    If you ever get even the slightest impulse to ditch your new lifestyle, just Google a picture of a shirtless Mark Sisson, and your resolve will be restored. I promise.

  270. Mary says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Keep it simple. Meats, veggies, and healthy fats. Grocery shopping is so much easier when you stick to these three food groups!
    2. Cook twice as much as you need for a meal and eat leftovers for breakfast or lunch. Breakfast doesn’t have to be eggs every day, but can be non-traditional foods, too.
    3. Don’t feel like you have to explain your food choices when dining with others, whether family or friends. Just eat what you know is best for yourself, and let others make their own choices. People will come to you for advice when they see how healthy and happy you are.
    4. Don’t be afraid of fat!! Our society is so fat phobic that it can be hard to swallow this advice.

  271. Carren Panico says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    Start slow
    Internet is a great source for recipes and tips
    If you can’t do it all, just start with one thing and then add others. Meat is the most important thing to get in high quality as it has the highest concentration of pollutants

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    We’ve eaten wheat for several hundred years, why is it now a problem?

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Where to start? Need to stop polluting. Need to treat the earth better. Need to stop growing monocrops

  272. says

    Actions…I think we need to make our voices loud in clear by how and where we spend our dollars for food. Plus let our congressmen and local businesses know that we only want to eat real food.

  273. says

    Top 3-5 Paleo tips
    1) Many people say to cook large meals for the entire week on the weekend so you will be sure you’ll have something Paleo each day. This is a great tip, but I want to add on to it. THE MOST important thing about making large meals for the entire week is to make sure you choose something you KNOW you’ll want to eat for the rest of the week. You may not have much time during the week, but the weekend cook-all is not the time to try out new recipes that you’re not quite sure how much you’ll love. When I first started out I used to do this sometimes – find some recipe that I thought sounded pretty good, but was outside of the norm of what I know that I love. I would then make a lot of it to last me through the week, but I would end up not loving it enough to have it every day, so a) some of it would end up going to waste because I couldn’t finish it before it went bad, and b) since I didn’t have time to cook properly I would have to rely on what was available at work or at restaurants. Both of these factors lead to wasted money, and me not being as healthy as I wanted.

    2) Know what kind of eater you are. Be honest with yourself and don’t assume Paleo will fix any existing issues you have with food. A lot of people who come to Paleo don’t have any problem here, and it really is just the types of foods they eat that need to change. However, there are some people (like me) who have a history of disordered eating who try Paleo because they hope it will help them fight their eating disorder. IT WILL. It helps immensely. However, if you are someone with a dysfunctional relationship with food you can’t expect Paleo eating to fix it magically. Likewise, it will make any binges (obviously not the only type of disordered eating, but one I am personally familiar with) on wheat items worse than normal, so realize what type of eater you are, and make sure you nourish yourself accordingly. I, for example, have a hard time following 80/20 because once I start down the 20% it’s hard to reign it in. A great resource for new Paleo women (and really anyone who is fighting with body image issues or eating disorders) is http://www.paleoforwomen.com/.

    3) Instead of trying to find a farm (or multiple farms) to buy food from directly, find a popular farmers market in your state. I struggled for a long time with where to find reasonably affordable grass-fed meat. Whole foods is too expensive and resources like http://www.localharvest.org are great, but there are a lot of areas, like CT, where the farms require you to buy in bulk, and since each farm is specialized you would have to visit 5 – 6 farms to get all of your shopping done (and often on a week day in the middle of the afternoon). Sometimes there also just isn’t enough information about the farm to determine if it’s the type of place you want to buy from. It can be really intimidating to figure out all of that missing information, especially if you’ve never contacted and spoke to a farmer directly before. This is where a really good, popular farmers market will help you. It will aggregate your shopping to one place, and a lot of the good ones have a newsletter telling you exactly what will be available that weekend, and the growing practices of the various farms. This will at least give you an idea of which stands to visit, and whether they’ll have what you’re looking for so you can be confident you won’t be wasting your time when you decide to drive half-way across the state. My real-life example is discovering the Coventry Farmers market, which has its own site, a newsletter that goes out every week before the market, and is so popular it even has a shorter winter version that runs for a few months. Also, get there EARLY on the first day (i.e. plan it so you’ll arrive maybe 15 minutes before it starts, or right when the market opens). Parking can sometimes be a pain (especially with the more popular markets), and you want to make sure everything is still available when you start shopping. Even if you get there before the sellers are allowed to begin selling, some stands will often allow you to set aside items to purchase later if you have a large list, and this is the perfect time to see what’s available if it’s your first market – while the crowd is minimal.

  274. Madeleine says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. Improve sleep, and reduce stress. These are the MOST important factors of any healthy lifestyle.
    2. Don’t keep ANY taboo foods in the house. Replace grains with greens (and or veggies)–lettuce wraps, salads, etc.
    3. Do your own research–the world of nutrition/exercise science is so full of conflicting advice, even within the paleo/primal/etc. sphere…experiment on yourself and find what makes YOU feel your best.
    4. Forget the idea of macronutrients–carbs, fats, proteins. Eating paleo/primal is NOT defined by “low-carb,” “high-protein,” etc., but rather by food quality (source) and how nutrients are metabolized in your body (glucose is metabolized quite differently than its fellow carb, fructose, for example.)
    5. Wear the paleo pride! When friends ask you to explain your “weird” diet, keep it simple and don’t be bashful!

  275. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. It’s a big change to go against conventional thinking, so don’t beat yourself up if it takes a few tries to get on board.
    2. Don’t go cold turkey. Your body is probably very used to processing a lot of carbs and if those suddenly disappear, you’re body will protest.
    3. Embrace the new way of eating. Fat! Protein! Veggies! very yummy.
    4. Be informed because there’s a good chance you’ll come up against a lot of resistance from others.

  276. says

    Paleo tips for newbies:
    1. Education: read one of the many great reference guides out there. You are more likely to stick to this new lifestyle if you know why certain foods are not good for you.
    2. Paleo groupie: follow as many paleo bloggers (the experts) as you can. What really helped me in the beginning was having so many great blogs to reference for meal ideas.
    3. Try it: try it for 30 days. The first 30 are probably the hardest, it was after this time that I realized how great I felt and how easy it would be to change the way I eat for life.

  277. Lisa says

    Actions humans need to take:
    Stop eating heavily processed and fake foods such as white foods (flour, table salt, sugar, pasteurized milk), feedlot meats/eggs, MSG, GMOs, vegetable oils, artificial dyes/flavors, preservatives, etc
    Start eating real foods.
    Grow some of your own food.
    Detoxify your body with super foods, infrared sauna, supplements, fresh vegetable juice etc.
    Get some exercise.
    Be of service to others.

  278. says

    Action needed to turn around health of society: cook at home! No matter which diet you follow, health starts when you stop eating fast food, and when you prepare each meal with ingredients that you control. Your whole family will be healthier, grains or not.

    Top tips for someone just starting out on a real food lifestyle: 1: Buy the best quality ingredients that you can afford; 2: Plan your meals for a few days at a time; 3: Get your kids to help out in the kitchen! If you don’t have any kids, get your hubby/boyfriend to help out. It makes cooking more fun, and it helps get your family on board.

    I don’t really have 3-5 questions, but one big one on the WAPF diet: soaking grains, legumes, and making sourdough breads helps to minimize the anti-nutrients etc in the grains, but does soaking the grains actually make them beneficial to your health (if, obviously, there are no lingering health issues)? Or, does it mean they are just not as bad as unsoaked/unsprouted grains?


  279. greenmama says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    As a society, for the past few generations, we have gotten addicted to convenience, at the sacrifice of quality. There are convenient disposable alternatives for for all sorts of products – water bottles, diapers, silverware, flatware, glassware, bibs, towels, the list goes on and on. Most of us would much rather grab a cardboard-y tasting bag of fast food or throw a tv dinner in the microwave than to take the time and energy to source fresh, healthy local food and prepare a meal for our families. Our addiction to convenience is causing our health and our environment to suffer in numerous ways, and we are reaching the point of no return. We need to spread the word on the damage these products do to us, and to help others rediscover the joy there is to be found in preparing truly healthy meals of real food and in sharing them with our families and loved ones.

  280. Deb says

    I believe that we need to educate people around us as to how food affects our bodies. Once I cut way back on the sugar, I could feel how it affected me when I would eat it occasionally. People don’t understand that drinking pop and eating sweets should be treats and not every day occurances.
    Also, people don’t realize how important grass fed meat and dairy is to the body. I guess learning these things are a process, but getting the info out to the public is important.

  281. Charlotte says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Commit wholeheartedly to it. No “Well… I’ll just plan to have some cake at that party next week, and when Johnny comes home from school we’ll go for ice cream as usual…” It’s those “small” slips that ensure you continue in bad health.

    2. Seek out other people who eat this way for support, motivation, and help. Join a CrossFit group or get a group of friends together for weekly Paleo potluck. Hang out at some Paleo blogs if you can’t find people in real life.

    3. Make it taste good. The secret to sticking with any eating plan is finding recipes and foods that work for you so that you don’t feel deprived and unhealthy. The books listed above are a great way to start.

    4. Consider taking vitamins to get you over the sugar-cravings hump. The cravings-busters that worked for me are cinnamon extract, gymema sylvestre, and banaba leaf. Believe me, if you’ve been a sugarholic, you’ll need a boost the first couple of weeks. (I’m not a doctor, so you should do your own research before popping pills, though.)

    5. Have fun! Why else are we here? Find something outdoorsy to do with all the extra energy you’ll have from eating the foods your body was meant to eat.

  282. Toby says

    Tips for new folks: (1) Keep plenty of good food around, always make enough for leftovers, and don’t keep junk food in the house. (2) Prioritize sleep. (3) Give it a solid month — the first few days/weeks can be hard (read up on “carb flu”). (4) Read paleo blogs/books/cookbooks for inspiration!

  283. says

    Top 3 tips for beginning a real food lifestyle:
    1. If God didn’t make it, don’t eat it. That is a simplified way of saying that if a food, or even an ingredient in a food, could not exist without modern industrial technology, you can assume we were not designed to consume it. That includes high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified anything, polyunsaturated vegetable oils (when was the last time you squeezed a corn cob and oil came out?), hydrogenated oils, chemical preservatives, flavors, colors, dough conditioners, etc…, hydrolyzed proteins, ingredients you can’t pronounce, cold breakfast cereal (ask: would this shape/texture occur in nature or could it be achieved in my kitchen?), improperly raised meat or animal products (would animals naturally crowd into manure filled pens and eat genetically modified corn and soy, or take in synthetic hormones?), ultra pasteurized or homogenized milk, etc…
    2. Make friends with your local farmers market(s) or join a CSA (community supported agriculture program) to more easily and affordably source local, responsibly raised meat, eggs, dairy, vegetables, and fruits. http://www.localharvest.org is a great tool for locating these resources near you.
    3. Pay no attention to government sourced recommendations regarding diet. They are not based on real science or common sense, but on an allegiance to the the industrial agriculture and industrial food industries. The USDA recommendations (and that of the American Dietary Association) are designed to sell products, not to make people healthy. Indirectly, those same recommendations also build business for the pharmaceutical industry because as the health of the nation declines, the dependence on drugs to control symptoms of ill health increases. Get off of, and stay off of the crazy sickness cycle.

  284. Laura says

    What actions
    do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health
    of society?

    Change your own diet first. Let your good health be an example to others. Talk to all of your family members and friends about what you have learned. Keep learning and discovering and sharing with others what you have learned.

  285. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    -cut out all grains, and added sugars
    -K.I.S.S (keep it simple, stupid!)lol
    -If you question it and you are not sure, don’t eat it! follow your instinct!

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?-what is the best way to get my child involved with out making my entire extended family and friends think that I am abusing my children by not giving them what I think is unhealthy crap!?-I have a high body fat, low muscle build. Should I try to build muscle first? or lose all the fat first?-Living in a big city, and having an unemployed husband (and 2 kids) what are the best things to skimp on? We live paycheck to paycheck and are very broke alot lately. We have a garden on our tiny fire escape but nothing is growing veggies. Should we cut down on our portion sizes to keep track? what are the first things I should skimp on??

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?I think we need to stop being lazy and stop eating pre packaged foods with crazy labels. if you can’t pronounce it don’t eat it..
    I also think we need to stop wearing camoflauge (taking Rx’s from our doctors) We take all these Rxs that just cover up the real problems and dont fix them! But I guess Big Pharma would go broke if we all got healthy all of a sudden.. I mean How would our poor farmers be able to keep up with all the people wanting to eat healthy veggies and grass fed meat? lolol jk

  286. says

    In order to turn around the health of society, I believe we humans should move away from Westernized diets and toward the diets of traditional societies.

  287. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Don’t be afraid of fat. Switching over and cutting out grains can be hard without replacing it with some fat.
    2.The first few weeks can be a little hard. Stick with it and you will feel better.
    3.There are a lot of good paleo recipe blogs out there. When you are craving something do a search and you can probably find a good substitution.

  288. Jeff says


    1. Just relax and eat real foods, if you eat something bad, just eat something good next meal. You are just one meal away from eating

    2. Get the bad food out of your house, you can’t eat it if its not there

    3. make sure you have good snacks, like jerky, nuts, olives, etc around if you feel hungry

  289. HeatherH says

    Tips I would give a noobie:
    1. Don’t be overwhelmed. You don’t have to start this with an all-or-nothing approach. Start with breakfast (bacon and eggs- yum!).
    2. Experiment. I have never really liked vegetables, but each week I pick one and work it into my meal plan. I prepare it different ways (raw, cooked, roasted), and by doing this, I have found ones that aren’t so bad!!
    3. Don’t give up! Some days will be harder than others. One bad decision, in and of itself, doesn’t mean failure. Be aware of why you made that decision (convenience, stress, peer/family pressure) and move on.
    4. Plan your meals. I find that if I make a meal plan (snacks included if eaten), I stay on track and I eat what I should. If I haven’t made a plan, I tend to grab whatever is available (and 9 times out of 10, it isn’t Paleo).

  290. Cara says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Create a week long menu plan so you know exactly what you’re eating the next day – plan to succeed.

    2. Clean out your house so that any non-paleo foods are not ready for you to just grab.
    3. Don’t skimp on fat – otherwise, you’ll be hungry and think that the bread/pasta/cereal is what filled you up.

  291. Myzsa says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    Stop resting on the notion that the only foods that are quick and easy are processed box foods or fast food. With a little planning ahead of time, or even just by keeping the firdge stocked with good food, you can make a quick meal that is much healthier than the fast food stuff.

  292. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    I think everyone needs to start taking their own responsibility for their health. We can no longer rely on doctors, big pharma, or the food industry to look out for our best interests. We as a community need to help each other find the answers that seem to elude the “experts”.

  293. MightyMojo says

    I am incorporating into my lifestyle my Cahuilla ancestor’s primary
    summer and winter foodstuffs, respectively mesquite and acorn. Acorn has a Glycemic load of 4, very close to
    meat. Does this conflict with a goal to
    be no carb/low carb, or is it ok as slow carb?
    Are carbs even the issue?

    Is there any discussion on the benefits of uncultivated food
    versus cultivated?

    Are there any indigenous paleo sites or groups
    out there?

  294. says

    One of my biggest questions about Paleo is what if I can’t afford the optimum (grass fed/finished, organic, etc) every single time? As a college student with a special needs child, budgets are very tight and I give him the best food often leaving myself with conventional meats, etc. What is your take on eating grain free/paleo without being able to spend the money? I seem to see a lot of “paleo-purists” who look down at those who can’t do it perfectly.

  295. R Fasnacht says

    I feel to change the health of our society we need to focus on the people who want to change, help them makes the necessary adjustments, encourage them when discouraged, educated them a bit at a time and remember you used to be in that spot too.

    For the people who don’t want to change, we need to not be critical or have the attitude that what works for me must work for you. Let them see the results and decide for themselves. Do not say things like I told you so, you should have listened to me rather encourage and educate.

  296. crps moma says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    We need to open our eyes and start looking beyond the govern mentally induced labels and methods of medicating and educating society. There are so many alternatives to chemically induced foods and medications. Activists are finally being heard and the medical world is starting to listen as well. I’ve a daughter who is medically complex. Med after Med did not help. Dr. after Dr. did not help. We are slowly finding the ones (who insurance will even cover) who are looking at more healthy and natural methods of healing and making her well. We need to push for more healthy and non-evasive treatments for what ails us as well as how we keep ourselves in better health. The big money companies investing in these unnatural ways need to open their eyes too! We are all opening our eyes and if they want ‘in’ they need to also start investing in these healthier ways for society as a whole.

  297. says

    Here are a few things we must do to turn the health of society around:
    End subsidies for the industrial food complex and provide incentives for organic, sustainable farmers. Our government has been funding the least healthy foods for decades, while telling us to eat more of them via the food pyramid. It is time to level the playing field so that the true cost of food production is revealed. Big business should not be getting a handout while small family farms are struggling to produce healthy, organic alternatives.

    Learn to cook and make as many home cooked meals during the week that you can. Because we are surrounded by convenience foods, we have forgotten how to buy ingredients and prepare simple, delicious, healthful meals from scratch. Yes it’s easier to buy fast food or some processed junk in a box, but you will pay for that convenience with your health. Its not that difficult to roast a chicken or make a beef stew that will feed your whole family and it’s cheaper, healthier and more satisfying to make it yourself. Making a meal also provides an opportunity to eat together which we have also lost as a society.

    Go Paleo of course! Not only does following a Paleo/Primal lifestyle change your life, it makes each one of us an ambassador of education to the people around us.  Once you learn about nutrition, how your body functions and how good you feel when you provide your body with everything it needs (and remove the things it doesn’t) you can’t help but want to share that with everyone you know. The paleo revolution is truly a bottom up, grassroots, word of mouth experience that grows exponentially whenever one more person takes the plunge. Say it loud, say it proud…I’m Paleo.

  298. Caroline says

    Tips for rookies:

    1. Read all labels!
    2. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, don’t eat it.
    3. Eating cleaner is a journey – forgive yourself if you “cheat”, and start your journey where you left off.
    4. Learn to cook veggies in different ways. Lots of people don’t like cauliflower, but most of them like cauliflower rice.

  299. says

    Tips: Have lots of avocados on hand and learn how to cut them; take frequent breaks to go outside; eggs and bacon is an easy breakfast; eat dinner with family

    Questions: Should Asians approach paleo slightly differently from white people? Why do legumes get a bad rap while nuts don’t, seeing as both have protein and bad phytates? Most Asians will become lactose intolerant if they don’t drink milk after weaning, but should an Asian who has always had milk continue to do so?

  300. says

    My three tips to someone new to paleo. 1) really know why you want to change your eating and note the results of your current eating 2) throw away all food not paleo 3) write in a journal how you feel everyday and see how this is directly connected to food 4) mix it up and eat primal versions of what you enjoy

  301. Nicole says

    My top 5 tips:
    1) Be patient, and eventually it becomes so easy!
    2) Don’t eat any food that has more than one or two ingredients.
    3) Learn to cook…. this is a must, or you will resort to convenience foods that are not the best for you, even if they are approved foods. Cook up a big batch of food, and freeze portions for an easy meal.
    4) Don’t be afraid to skip a meal or two… if you are somewhere where there is not ideal food, just don’t eat. You will survive until your next meal, when you can have something good for you.
    5) Eat dark chocolate! It is my lifesaver when I’m craving a sweet, which really isn’t very often.

  302. Skye says

    What can we do to turn around the health of society? Continued & escalated public education to reduce the desire for carbonated drinks, diet anything, GMO foods, commercial agriculture practices of mom-crop growing which leads to heavy herbicide & pesticide use.
    To act in unison, in increasing numbers, & without stopping to ask our legislators to stop giving their votes, & loyalties, to lobbyists “donations” & instead to vote for the health & well-being of their constituencies.
    Continued reeducation of our populace to the need of the human body for healthy fats, grass fed meats, including more organ meats, & organic fruits & veggies.
    It is a long road to reeducate the minds & palates of our fellow citizens, but one I am glad to be walking with so many others.

  303. Bevie says

    Tip 1: If it is intimidating, do it one step at a time, yes going whole hog is ideal, but making SOME change is better than staying where you are.

    Tip 2: Try to see cooking as therapy or exercise rather than work. You will be doing more of it, but it is not as hard as the folks on TV make it look. Which reminds me…

    Tip 3: Ditch your cable. TV is an absolute time, money and energy drain, not to mention an excuse to not do more productive things. If you absolutely cannot give up that one (or two or three, ya know this stuff is addicting) show that you love, find it online, many networks have popular shows available on their sites so you can watch when convenient for you instead of interrupting your cooking/workout/family time to see it at the convenience of the network. But first, just give it up for a week or two, you can do that, it’s like procrastinating. You might be surprised at how much more you enjoy other stuff.

    Tip 4: If you find that show too valuable to give up completely even after a break from it, turn it on while doing something else. Watching passively is bad for your energy levels (inertia and all that). It is easy to chop veggies for dinner while it plays, or do some gentle exercizing or yoga. Just don’t let that be an hour of total inactivity.

    Tip 5: Connect with other people. Humans are social creatures and we are more comfortable doing things together. If all of your friends go out to eat cake and watch movies on Sunday afternoons, it will be much harder for you to do otherwise. However, if a group of you decide to go play disc golf followed by a real food picnic, you will find it much easier to maintain healthy habits.

  304. Marvin Israel says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    1. Establish public funding only for political campaigns so our representatives can’t be bought by lobbyists for big ag, junk food manufacturers.

    2. Regulators working for USDA, FDA, and EPA can never have worked for the industries they regulate and must wait ten years before they can go to work in such industries. No more revolving door between government agencies and the industries they’re supposed to regulate.

    3. Establish cooking classes for K-12 where they make tasty vegetable dishes.

    4. Food ads on children’s TV programs should be banned.

  305. rjb2112 says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Question everything.

  306. Liz says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. How do you transition from eating grains to not eating grains?
    2. Aren’t grains supposed to be good for you?
    3. Does eating a paleo diet still give you energy for athletic activities?

  307. Denise says

    My top 3 tips are 1) keep it simple at first. Once you start experimenting with recipes and making non-primal food into primal it’s easy to get off track. 2) experiment freely with veggies…zucchini noodles have been a staple this summer in both cold pasta like salads and hot dishes like lasagna. 3) Find good resources on the internet for foods you can’t easily buy at your corner grocery. I use Amazon, USWellness Meats, Tropical Traditions, etc.

  308. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1) Jump in with both feet!! By the time your body realizes what you are doing, you will have lost fat and your head will be incredibly clear.
    2) Get some Vibram Five Fingers!! Nothing helps you on your primal journey more than getting your toes into some VFFs and drawing stares and questions from the uninitiated.
    3) Get informed! The more recipes you find, the more fun it is.


    4) GET OUTSIDE!!!! Get away from the computer and go for a long walk in nature!! You will be glad you did!!!

  309. Skjoldan says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1: Though it may seem like there are lots of restricions going into primal/paleo, this is not true. Simply enjoy real food, cooked by yourself – anything you put a bit of love into will taste better!
    2: Eating should NEVER be neurotic! Eat as much as you wish as long as staying with real food – your body will take care of the rest.
    3: Very quickly and before you know it artificial food will taste just that – artificial – while real food will just taste far superior.
    Bonus: Make coconut chips. Take skillet. Heat it. Add unsweetened raw coconut chips. Toss around a few minutes till browned. Add salt and cinnamon to taste. (Possibly a tiny bit of grass fed butter too). Best chips you ever had, super crunchy, goes well with anything. ENJOY.

  310. Lauren says

    Top Tips for those new to paleo:
    1- Get to know your local food supply, i.e. butchers, farmers, etc.
    2- Invest in a good, well-rounded cookbook
    3- Get out of your comfort zone- try new foods/recipes
    4- Do your own research and understand the “why” behind the elements of your lifestyle

  311. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    -Pre-plan your meals for the week so that you’ve stuff to look forward to. Pinterest is your friend.
    -Give it 100% (no 80/20%) for the first 3 months, if possible, to become a fat burning prodigy!
    -Don’t be afraid to lift heavy things.
    -Embrace the whole egg! Not just the whites.
    -Buy your protein in bulk. If you can afford to buy and store a farm – do it!

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    -Is it possible to “overdose” on protein?
    -Did paleolithic people strength train?
    -What supplements are okay to take?
    -I hate sweet potatoes but there don’t seem to be any other starchy carbs available, that I’m aware of, locally. Any suggestions on how to make sweet potatoes edible?
    -How does this diet affect my thyroid?

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    -Get rid of unhealthy ingredients from most foods – or just take them off the shelves.
    -Raise our children without all the nasty foods. It will give them a healthier more active childhood.
    -Everyone should learn to cook in schools, to avoid microwave meals etc!
    -Restaurants should serve the healthiest possible food that makes the customers feel so good that they long to return.
    -They should put a tax on junk food.

  312. momgateway says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    Is coconut and it’s derivatives alright in a ancestral diet or did our ancestors have access to coconut products?
    How do you know how much to eat of a Paleo food? Portion size?
    Are people on the Paleo lifestyle smarter and have more energy than those not in an ancestral diet?

  313. Kathleen Conner says

    “What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?”
    I think that we don’t want to acknowledge that artificial substances work against the body and our health. There’s no particular emphasis in society in general that artificiality is a corruption of natural, and can affect our bodies in negative ways.

  314. ana says

    Answering #3. I think the action we can take to minimize obesity is to stop eating packaged, junky foods. Eat real food and eat normal portion sizes. It is sad that political influence/lobbyists can determine how we eat. GET BACK TO NATURE!

  315. says

    My top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle;
    1. Dont make it too complicated – Veggies, Meats, and Fruit, as well as eggs and tree nuts, in any combination. Its that easy to make a meal. One of my favs; Grilled antibiotic, and hormone free, free range chicken, with Pico de Galo, homeade salsa, homeade guacamole, shredded lettuce, and the must, half of a lime squeezed over the mix. YUM, and a great combination of what you body needs.

  316. Alena Mack says

    My top 3-5 tips for those just starting on Paleo/Primal/etc…
    1. Try it for a month. Be strict for the month, and see how you feel. If you don’t like it, at least you gave it a real shot. I have a really hard time when someone says, oh… I tried that for 3 days, it didn’t do anything for me!
    2. Be creative. Search out recipes online to try out. If you get stuck in the same ol’ rut, it gets really boring, and hard to continue.
    3. Pack all of your food/snacks for when you are away from home. It is a lot easier to grab a non-paleo snack or meal when you don’t have anything with you.

  317. Remy Olson says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. You need a support network to make this lifestyle enjoyable. Whether it’s friends, family, crossfit family, or your kids, you need a team that knows why you’re doing what you’re doing and supports it.

    2. The understanding that this is a lifestyle approach that requires patience and time, tinkering, and learning. The understanding that it’s not a protocol or set of instructions to achieve any one set of outcomes — everyone’s outcomes necessarily will be different. Promoting the lifestyle as a ‘diet’ does the whole movement injustice and this should be emphasized by more people leading the charge.

    3. The necessity to be self-reliant in sourcing your food or growing your own food to obtain the nutrition necessary for paleo to actually be healthy. Sourcing food from the chain grocery stores will short-change you and will not usually be optimal.

  318. kathy says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Stop eating farmed fish! No more GMOs! Eat organic and grass fed meats and produce as much as possible! If you do dairy, make it RAW! Take our power back from the government controlling what we eat. Grow your own vegetable garden. I could go on all day, but I will get off my soap box now. Thanks for this opportunity. Good luck to everyone.


  319. Lisa P. says

    Top tips:
    1. Eat real food.
    2. Focus on what you can eat, not what you can’t eat.
    3. Look for Paleo cookbooks at your library.

  320. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    Well, I think we need to start with the US Gov’t… Concerned citizens need to contact the FDA -over & over again- until they listen to our concerns about how processed foods are killing us!

  321. Sam says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Reduce and manage stress by prioritizing your life and getting rid of things/activities you don’t need to do. Sleep and relax more with your extra time.
    2. Reduce or eliminate fast food, soda, candy, chips, energy bars, etc from your diet.
    3. Manage health holistically by improving diet, sleep, stress levels, physical fitness, and mental and spiritual well being.
    4. What works well for some people will not necessarily work for you. Which doesn’t mean that the method/diet doesn’t work, it just means it doesn’t work for you. Keep trying various methods/diets until you find what works for you. It helps if you can measure your progress through a journal, tests, heart rate monitors, etc.

  322. Elizabeth Dean says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    I think we have GOT to get back to basics. We as a nation have got to steer away from the “convenience foods” and the fast food junk…and get them out of our schools.Families need to eat meals together.

  323. robbiernofs says

    As a registered nurse and paleo enthusiast, I am constantly trying to tell my diabetic patients to eat real food.(tip#1) I tell them to get rid of the grains, processed foods, cereals and frozen “diabetic” meals (tip#2). I tell them to stop the 1/2 cup of rice/potatoes delusion.(tip #3) I tell them to get a slow cooker. (tip #4) I tell them that not all vegetables are created equal. (tip #5) I tell them that if they follow these tips that they may get their blood sugar under control Many of them have.

  324. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. Remove all non-paleo foods from your home.
    2. Don’t get discouraged. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. There are many simple paleo-friendly recipes out there.
    3. What works for someone else may not work for you. Do your research and experiment. Give your new lifestyle and diet some time.

  325. says

    Thanks for this offer and opportunity!What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle? WAPF is my chosen path of eating currently…I recommend taking it slow, introduce one or two new things into your routine. For example I started making Bone Broth..very simple and so many benefits I could reap from it, from daily nourishment by drinking broth in the mornings, to cooking my soaked grains in it for added digestion and assimilation to including it into many, many recipes! Soaking my seed foods was another big change I introduced which made my digestion of those foods so much better. In order to nourish ourselves better I think we have to question our lifestyles and slow down our pace so we can be in control of our nourishment! So really asking myself what is more important… having food that heals and supports me or making meals mostly of carbohydrates that cook up fast but deplete and drain me of my energy that I work harder to digest? I rather invest my time and energy into nourishing meals that take me a few hours to prepare, but last me the week in servings and a lifetime in nourishment!What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle? I’m very interested in the Paleo movement and want to understand more about not eating dairy…or that is something I think the paleo diet includes!What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society? I think we need to know each other better, if not, know each other really well…that means we have to listen to our neighbors and relatives and friends to learn how they got to thinking the way they do. When we dictate our food / health choices onto folks it doesn’t have the effect we hope for. Instead our connections are the best way to support one another and learn from one another…so that we can grow together because we care about one another- across economic and social, religious, etc barriers.

  326. Sandi says


    1. Plan ahead!! This is the one place spontaneity will work against you.
    2. Don’t beat yourself up if you ate something you shouldn’t have.
    3. Focus on the foods you CAN eat and ENJOY!

  327. says

    Ignore my email…I figured it out. :)
    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    #1 Stop breeding
    #2 Stop factory farming
    #3 Completely turn around the rules that govern foods one can purchase with food stamps and government vouchers. It is absolutely unconscionable that soda pop and chips are eligible but vitamins are not.

  328. says

    Tips for noobs:
    Go slow….sugar is an addictive poison…your chances of success are greater if your kind to your body.
    Instead of freaking out and throwing away things use them mindfully. Go ahead and bake that cakemix…..and meditate on what it’s doing to your body while you eat it.
    Start be replacing instead of eliminating…..replace your white sugar with organic coconut sugar then gradually cut back on it.
    Find a good restaurant that serves grass fed meat and local produce and eat there as often as you can afford
    Buy the best blender you can afford and don’t scrimp. If you can afford a Vitamix…buy one.

  329. catherine says

    tips: * educate yourself
    *purge your home of garbage food, stock with the real thing/paleo/primal
    *love yourself and your body enough to nourish it (and if you don’t/can’t yet, begin to cultivate it. do the difficult ‘inner’ work until you no longer have any resistance to being good to yourself and your body!)

  330. says

    My questions:
    #1 Besides the obvious (lack of toxins and drugs) is there any benefit to pasture raised pork fat? Or should pork fat be completely avoided?
    #2 Pre-agriculture isn’t it reasonable to think that humans DID eat grains and seeds albeit uncooked?
    #3 Is there any fish that is edible today? In other words….do the benefits of fish oil from eating fish even out with the pollution in them?
    #4 Is there even any point in eating fish if your diet is primarily pastured, humanely raised beef ?

  331. John Billiris says

    We need to start valuing our health in old age, which is something no one talks about. This means investing in our health from the beginning.

  332. says

    In order to turn around the health of society, we all need to completely delete packaged, convenience, and processed foods from our diet. We need to stop eating wheat and grains as it no longer resembles the wheat/grains of our ancestors. People need to start realizing that Big Food and Big Pharma are in bed together to keep you fat and sick. When people realize this, we can break free of their chains. People need to stop being zombies and believing everything the media puts out. People need to stop putting all their trust in doctors and turn to homeopathy and natural remedies. People should realize that healthy fats don’t cause heart disease and high cholesterol and learn to embrace a traditional diet. If we do all this, I believe human kind has a chance.

  333. Chelsea Wipf says

    get rid of fake, processed, sugar-laden foods. Consume properly prepared veggies and meats full of saturated fats, eat more fermented foods, alot less grains and sugar. garden, get to know your farmer, learn where food comes from, buy locally and organically, eat together as a family, turn off the tv and computer ( :/ ), read more books…oh there are some many things!

  334. drea says

    Tips for people who are new to eating this way:
    1. Start small and simple — pick a guru (Mark Sisson is a good one) and follow their program for a few weeks. Don’t get overwhelmed by “advanced” paleo rules or paleo infighting — simply eliminate grains, sugar, and most industrial seed oils and your diet will likely be 20 times better than it was! You can (and will) tweak and perfect as time goes on.
    2. Seek out and join CSAs, especially a meat CSA. Local, organic, grassfed meat is so much tastier and better for you. The initial outlay of cash can be painful, but when you get your deliveries, it feels like free food!
    3. If you work outside of the house, get in the habit of packing tomorrow’s lunch as you clean up tonight’s dinner

  335. Barb says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    I think we need to stop feeding our families the boxed chemicals that companies are passing off as food and start eating real food. Start growing some of your own, if you have the space.

  336. David A. says

    4 tips to make Paleo life sustainable.
    1. Follow someone who has been doing this a while. Talk to them. Email questions, follow their blog. Ask them what resources have helped them.
    2. Know there is always meat that can go on a salad at almost any restaurant. Even if it is not on the menu, ask for it. I easily survived two weeks in Southern France and Northern Italy with no problem using this trick more than a few times.
    3. Don’t be boring with simple food choices. Get a few Paleo cook books and experiment a little. You will be very delighted with how creative people can be.
    4. Get blood work done before you start so you can marvel at your positive results. Follow the guidelines in Robb Wolfs The Paleo Solution.

  337. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    a: get all the crappy food out of your house.
    b: make paleo friends
    c: log your food!
    d: eat more fat and protein than you think you need to.

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    a: we need to start educating people about the flaws of conventional farming.
    b: we need to push people to eat locally and ethically raised foods.
    c: we need to stop subsidizing grains and factory farmed foods. People need to get used to paying for their food again.

  338. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Remove all packaged foods and restock with real whole foods.
    2. Eat plants, animals, nuts and seeds.
    3. Move frequently.
    4. Have fun and play.

  339. Michelle @ Eat Move Balance says

    Tips: 1. Do what works for you. As your begin experimenting with eating Paleo/Primal, be mindful of what is best for you–not what everyone else is doing. 2. Prepare and do your homework to find high quality ingredients. 3. Keep researching and reading about Paleo/Primal. It will open your mind to new and creative ideas, and make you more knowledgable in the process.

  340. Victoria S says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. Get rid of anything that you’re not supposed to eat when eating primal.
    2. Don’t focus on what you CAN’T eat, focus on what you CAN.
    3. Use the resources out there. There are so many amazing books and internet resources that will help you!
    4. I really enjoyed the Whole30 program when I first started, it helped me focus on what to eat and when to eat.
    5. Paleo/Primal isn’t just meat, meat and more meat, make sure to eat lots of veggies :-)

  341. Becky C. says

    Questions I have:

    1. How do I afford this lifestyle and keep everyone full? When I make a veggie and meat only dinner, I usually have people telling me they are still hungry or they want to eat in 1.5 hours.

    2. My kids still want junk. How do I get them to stop wanting it/complaining that we do not have it?

    3. What are some fast and inexpensive snacks for my kids to eat?

  342. jjsherman09 says

    Actions we must take to turn our health around: 1). Stop buying into the idea that eating processed “Convenience foods” are good for us because they give us more time to do other things. I also think Americans need to learn how to slow down and rebuild margin in their live so we aren’t constantly on the go. Supporting local farmers and eating healthy grassfed beef, pastured chickens, etc provides a healthy economy, a healthy body, and builds community.

  343. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1) Do the best you can from day 1 onward and don’t quit after one or two “bad” meals. Remember that sometimes you have have to be paleo/primal “enough” to make it through to a real meal.

    2) Keep lots of frozen veggies and butter around. If you get peckish and need a snack it’s super quick and pretty darn nutritious.

    3) Stop fearing fat! If you’re often starving when starting out it very well could be because you’re having trouble coping with the quantity of fat to eat. If you start to get scared of fat go straight for the bacon or buttered veggies until it subsides.

  344. says

    My tips for newbies:
    1. Don’t be overwhelmed by trying to make all the changes at once. Pick one thing to focus on at a time, for instance, elminate wheat one week, then dairy the next etc.
    2. Just start. Once you begin to implement some of the paleo/primal changes, you’ll feel better, and making additional changes may not seem as daunting, or at least they will seem absolutely worthwhile.
    3. Think outside the box. The cereal box that is….you don’t need toast or cereal for breakfast. And don’t restrict yourself to traditional breakfast foods for that morning meal. Why not have a salad with some steak, leftover chicken and veggies. You don’t have to restrict yourself to bacon and eggs everyday.

  345. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    Get rid of everything in your pantry (except the coconut oil)
    Buy coconut oil if you don’t already have it – lots and lots of coconut oil. Yum!
    Cook meals in big batches so you have leftovers and won’t be tempted to grab takeout when you don’t have time to cook.

  346. Elle says

    My top tips for someone brand new to primal/paleo/ancestral/WAP/real food lifestyle:

    1) Take a picture of yourself, take measurements, get bloodwork (and repeat as often or as little as you desire–but have a reference point).

    2) Throw out all non-foods in your house.

    3) Don’t get too caught up in macronutrients, fasting, dairy/no dairy, safe starches, etc. JUST EAT REAL FOOD and tweak later.

    4) Remember there’s more to this lifestyle than food. There’s sleep, movement, attitude, etc.

    5) Always remember: Being thin doesn’t always equate to good health.

  347. Dallas says

    Question 1. Eat food, real food, not stuff from boxes and plastic bags. Cook your own food, stop eating out so much, control your ingredients. Enjoy lots and lots of bacon.Think and research for yourself and don’t blindly follow what “THEY” say is healthy or not healthy. Thanks for the contest!

  348. Jolson says

    Trust and belief is what i think us as humans need to turn our belielfs about our health and environment. I think as a whole people want to change their lifestyles but get too bombarded with tv and media..even the mainstream doctors still cannot and will not except change. Even myself i find second guessing paleo when i know in my mind it makes so much sense.I only feel better when i eat this way yet i find myself second guessing about too much red meat or how meat is no good for you and other times that you need balance in your diet…when all these pundits have no scientific data to back their findings or results…Toad its people and websites like yours that have to keep popping up to educate people against the mass mainstream media..Totally refreshing to have sites like this to keep me going to keep me moving in the right direction.keep up the good work

  349. says

    Tips for someone starting out:

    1. If it seems overwhelming, start out slow. I started by cutting carbs slowly (i.e. under 300 carbs a day, under 250 a day, etc.) until I started eating mostly just meat and veggies.

    2. You might feel like crap for a couple of weeks but once you get past that it is smooth sailing.

    3. Try to avoid fruit because that also can give you cravings to unnatural sweets.

  350. Rob C says

    3 tips:
    1) Have some portable protein with you at all times.
    2) If people with celiac disease can avoid all gluten grains (without exceptions!), so can you.
    3) Homemade beef jerky made with ground beef is easy and delicious.

  351. Sarah says

    For people new to Paleo I usually loan them my Paleo books, Rob Wolff; Practical Paleo; Eat Like a Dinosaur, or send them good podcast links so they can listen. I’m not a scientist or Dr so I try to give people resources they feel they can trust : )

  352. Mandie says

    My top 3 questions regarding the paleo lifestyle:

    How do I best handle living this lifestyle when no one else in my family is following this diet? Specifically, my boyfriend is a self-proclaimed junk food addict and states “healthy food just doesn’t taste good.”

    I don’t have a set sleeping pattern ( I work 12 hour overnight shifts 3 days a week, but no set pattern to the schedule). Because of this, I get horribly strong carb cravings, especially when I’m tired. Until I get a different work schedule, I don’t have the option of sleeping the same time every day. So, what is the best way to handle these cravings? I truly get grumpy when I get these and become difficult to be near because I’m so grumpy.

    What are some tips on living this lifestyle while on a budget? Is it cheaper to buy a half cow all at once vs a weeks worth of meat at a time? How do I best preserve produce to last me into the winter?

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order ot turn around the health of society?

    My thoughts are simple – eat real, local, unprocessed food. Exercise every day. Nothing extreme, but enough to work the muscles and get the heart rate up a bit. Stop taking a pill for every problem that comes up – figure out what causes that problem and try to change your diet/lifestyle to fix the problem. Take as few medications as possible, and only when necessary. Eat lots of herbs and spices – full of health-boosting components. Don’t worry about what society says what you are supposed to do – listen to your body. Stop taking the easy way out – break a little sweat when doing your chores, errands, and work. Our body was meant to be up and active, not to sit on our rump all day with little movement.

  353. Erica says

    My top three questions are:

    1. What are some very practical ways to be grain-free without going broke. I have four children and am a nursing mom. When we started GAPS a year ago, our grocery bill skyrocketed (we were already following a TF diet before that). I haven’t successfully lowered it yet.

    2. How do we reconcile grain-free ideologies with the fact that there are traditional cultures who ate plenty of grains?

    3. What kind of concessions are others willing to make when it comes to eating out and eating in the homes of others?

  354. Sherry T says

    Tips for newbies:
    1) ALWAYS be prepared! Keep your fridge stocked with acceptable choices.
    2) Keep up with the community (via blogs/podcasts/books/etc) for continuous motivation. I’m the only Paleo peep in my world so feeling connected (even if it’s virtual) helps immensely!
    3) Measure your success by health gains and not weight loss.
    4) If you have a history of dieting – try to focus on the food and less about “the numbers” (calories, fat, carbs).

  355. says

    I believe that the biggest action we can take is to simply take care of ourselves and our families. People on the outside will notice that something is different, and it might be utterly obvious if you’re at a gathering where there is food. Curiosity will push them to find out, and that is the perfect time to gently share!

  356. Regi says

    What actions do you believe humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society? Well, for starters, we can get back to growing our own food. We can stop trying to engineer “better” versions of natural whole food goodness. We can support our local farms and dairies, and we can spend more time in the garden than in the doctor’s office getting unnecessary meds.

  357. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    Don’t be afraid to take small steps, dip your toe in the water if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Any step in the right direction is going to have a positive impact.

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?Balancing time/food prep/budget and not becoming overly anxious about food and ending up disheartened.

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    Personal responsibility, research we can trust, people engaged in finding out real answers.

  358. says

    “What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?”

    1. Read labels
    2. Ask questions about your food and where it came from and how it was brought to you. You can learn a lot from the people who provide your real food.
    3. If you must shop at a grocery store try to shop the outside perimeter where the real food is.

    “What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle? ”

    1. Does this work with a badly broken body? Is it possible to be beyond the ability to help with diet?
    2. How can we find suitable foods at restaurants?
    3. Most importantly what oil can I use to make mayonnaise if I hate olive oil?

    “What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?”

    The best solution is to remove the corporate influences in our government, we need to achieve true election reform and take donation out of elections so that our elected officials are not beholden to their donors but to the people who elected them.

    Only then will we be able to remove the corporate food from our food supply and have any hope of getting back to real food and not monsanto frankenfoods.

  359. Scott Boulet says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Accept you’re mistakes, do not let one day of non-compliance throw off your mental game. Find others who are positive influences to surround yourself and challenge yourself with.

  360. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    -Get back to basics – organic farming, free range, no adds/pests/chems, excerise, wake up with sun and sleep when it sets, lazier days, stressfree, etc. We’ve overcomplicated ourselves…connivence now holds us back.

  361. Jane says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Well, in the U.S. for starters I think we need to continue to put pressure on the government to stop interfering in our ability to make the food choices we want to make for ourselves and our families, and get the heck out of our kitchens.

    We need to continue to educate people on the evils of commercially farmed/raised agriculture and livestock.

    Lastly, we need to change our thinking about health from disease diagnosis and pharmaceutical “fixes” (which really aren’t) to disease prevention starting with what we put into and onto our bodies.

  362. says

    1. Think outside the box! You can do so many cool things with food that you would never have imagined when all your food comes in a box.
    2. Learn good cooking techniques. Find a great cook and learn from them. Heck, even watching the food network will teach you a ton of great techniques. Knowing how to cook will really help with this lifestyle.
    3. Plan ahead. When you give up convenience foods, you have to learn to plan ahead. Thawing meat, soaking nuts, this stuff has to be done in advance!
    4. Don’t give up! All the work, all the changes, they are TOTALLY worth it!

  363. Dylan D-Wizzle Wynn says

    3. Humans in general, Americans specifically, need to watch Fat Head and Food, Inc. (documentaries). Both of these explains why the Food Guide Pyramid is completely wrong and what drives the AHA and FDA to such false promotions. That alone could turn around the health in America (but only if the people who watched it actually did something and changed their ways).

  364. Lteske says

    What are the top primal foods to take on the go?
    How does the primal diet affect women differently?
    What are the easiest ways to follow paleo on a budget?

  365. Suzanne Gale says

    1. What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    Follow the KISS principle. Keep It Simple, Stupid! For a newbie, the amount of information can be overwhelming – you get excited about cutting out grains, sugar, soy and eating plenty of yummy, saturated fat. Then, you start to notice all of these variations touted as The Way to Eat in the various forums – no dairy allowed, no fruit allowed, dairy and fruit encouraged, no nuts, no starch . . . unless you’re an athlete and need to do carb re-feedings . . . how about IF and leptin resets? The conflicting opinions assertively stated as Fact can be dizzying and make you question your choices.

    My advice is to ignore all of the above and initially concentrate on eating non-processed food. When you have a grip on that (and really look at what you consider to be processed) and have kept steady for 6 months or so – re-evaluate your current state of health and your goals. It is impossible to assess how your body is responding to clean eating if you continue to throw it curve balls based on this week’s latest and greatest theory.

    Allow your body the time it needs to heal and adjust with whole foods, exercise and quality sleep. Learn to truly listen to what your body tells you about its health before barreling down the path of iodine supplements, leptin resets and other “N=1″ experiments. Your body has been telling what it wants since you were born – let it have the loudest voice.

  366. Amy says

    Top 3 tips for someone starting paleo:
    1. Don’t worry if you slip up and have a cheat once in a while. 80/20 is the absolute key to getting on this.
    2. Try to eat a salad every day. Go all out, top it with boiled eggs/meat/whatever.
    3. Always have cooked meat in your fridge for when you get hungry to the point of insanity.

  367. Lynn says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. Find a forum such as MDA for support in your primal goals.

    2. Take small steps, but be serious about reaching your goals of cutting grains, processed foods and sugar, sometimes doing it all at once can be overwelming.

    3. Read the Primal Blue Print

  368. says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1.) What are some good replacements for someone who seriously loves bread and pasta?
    2.) How do I find places that sell good quality, but not too expensive, grass-fed meats in my area?
    3.) Where’s a good place online to look for meal / recipe ideas that stick to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

  369. CraigSmith says

    The actions that humans need to take in order to turn around their health (society then follows), is to take responsibility for their own health, eat what is truly healthy.

  370. Remy says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    – What are paleo people doing about the sustainability of eating as a modern person?
    – How many paleo people grow most of their own food or buy most of their food directly from local farmers?
    – Are there any paleo/primal intentional communities out there?

  371. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    Don’t try to eat less or “sensibly”… eat enough good healthy food that you feel satisfied, while you are changing what you eat.
    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Stop allowing corporations to influence policy/research/government agencies, like the FDA and USDA.

  372. Ellen says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    Honestly? I think the government needs to GTFO of so much of how food is promoted, prepared, and handled. The more I learn about the positives of buying directly from local producers, the more I know that is the way I want to live and teach my family to live. The USDA and the FDA have run their course. I truly think they are now doing more harm than good. As free organisms, we all have to decide what we will do individually. I do not suggest that others should do these things, because I think everyone needs to make their own decisions, regardless of what I think is beneficial. However, as far as an individual role, I am and/or plan to do the following things:

    1) Vote for and work for less government overall (yeah, I’m Libertarian, if my second sentence didn’t make that obvious), including the USDA, FDA, etc.

    2) Vote with my $$$ for local farmers/producers of foods. Also, contribute to the funds that help defend these practices (such as the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, etc.)

    3) Be a physical example of proper nutrition and fitness by continuing my journey of health, well being, and fat loss/muscle strengthening.

    4) Speak what I know to be true for my body when it comes to nutrition. Not shy away from describing, with enthusiasm, the dietary choices that are helping me lose fat, reduce joint inflammation/pain, clear my skin, and make me feel vibrant.

    5) Engage in discussions in a civil way — avoid raised voices, defensiveness, taking other people’s comments/defensiveness personally, etc. Just staying level headed and calm about things. Not attacking people for their choices or implying that they are idiots. Providing resources and information, but not fighting.

    6) When I move to a house with a yard, deck, or patio, I will work to raise as much of our own produce/herbs in the ground or in pots as is possible.

    There are lots of other things I know will come to mind now that this question is trickling through my subconscious, but that’s what I’ve got for now!! Thank you for bringing these questions to the table. I’m excited to read the comment thread :)

  373. Lane says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to perfect all the time. Some find it easier to start with one thing at a time – get rid of sugar, dump the grains, and then bad oils, and so on.If possible make friends with your butcher or, find a local farm for meat and eggs. It benefits your local economy as well.Join a Veggie CSA to get local, in season produce or visit farmer’s market whenever available.

  374. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. (right away) Cut out wheat first (that will magically eliminate 95%+ of processed foods all by itself). Don’t make every change at once. Then (after a couple of weeks when you feel you have a handle on being wheat free) cut out cereals, PUFAs, legumes, white sugar. If you find you aren’t eating enough, add more saturated fat to your diet.

    2. (in the first month) Focus on what you *can* buy (rather than what you can’t). Find local farmers markets or grocers stores for fruit and vegetables. Consider ‘cow pooling’ to get much more affordable red meat. Don’t forget the organ meat!

    3. (three months in) While food is 80% of health, exercise is definitely part of the other 20%. Try lifting heavy things and sprinting for say, a minute every week.

    4. (three months in) Sleep is really important. Try winding down in the evenings without electronic stimulation, and have 8 hours or so of darkness to rest in

    5. (six months in) If you want to lose weight or live longer, consider intermittent fasting. This is where you go without food for up to 40 hrs (if a man) or 16 hours (for women), then end with a feast.

  375. Sarah says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    I am just starting this lifestyle per my chiropractors suggestion, so I have a lot of questions…
    1. I live in an area of Florida that is practically devoid of things like farmers markets, fresh veggie stands (though citrus fruits are abundant) and even community gardens. Is there a benefit to buying organic in the grocery store?
    2. Are frozen veggies ok to use (either purchased fresh, then frozen or buying pre-frozen) ? (It is just me so buying fresh every few days is not very practical.)
    3. Is there a benefit to eating veggies raw versus cooked?

  376. Paleobird says

    Tips for newbies:
    1) Read Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint before taking anything on the forum very seriously.
    2)Dive in whole hog. Don’t dabble. This is a new way of life not a diet.
    3)Primalize your pantry and fridge. Give the purged stuff to a food bank.
    4)Read up on ketosis. It’s powerful stuff.
    5)Remember that calories still count, even on Primal.

  377. Emily N. says

    Tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle:
    1. Figure out what health issues you are trying to improve to determine which lifestyle and how rigidly to follow it would work best for your goals.
    2. Read blogs/books to get informed but don’t spend so much time researching that you are too tired/overwhelmed to implement what you learned.
    3. Don’t invest much money at first until you’re sure it’s something you really will use. Try to take advantage of free resources such as borrowing primal/paleo cookbooks from the library first to determine if you want to buy them.

  378. Cara says

    I’m rather new but I do have a few tips for newbies:
    1. #1 for a good reason, get all the junk out of your house; donate it, give it away, whatever makes you happy.
    2. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up, it’s going to happen in the beginning so, just move forward.
    3. Write your goals down and hang them where you will see them every day.
    4. Enjoy eating all the foods that the “FDA” tells you that you shouldn’t eat.
    5. Journal; keep a food and menu journal to keep you on track. Make out a grocery list before going to the store and stick to it.
    6. If you’re wanting something sweet while your detoxing from sugar go for something natural like stevia.

  379. Megan says

    Tips for those just starting out:

    1. Go whole hog. No cutting out one diet soda a day, no toast grain-training wheels 3 meals a week. Make the big change, all at once. Dive in!

    2. Plan your meals. It gets much easier to make good choices on the fly as you progress, but planning my meals and shopping/prepping/cooking ahead of time keeps me sane and on track.

    3. Read, listen, learn. Supplement the big ‘bibles’ with website, blogs, and podcasts. Support yourself with knowledge.

    4. No ‘fake treats’. Just because you can concoct a delicious donut that is technically totally paleo doesn’t meal that you should, especially when you’re trying to work through the transition in the first place.

  380. Rob says

    In response to question 3 “What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?” I believe awareness is the key to a healthy society. For years (ok, decades) the government has crammed the standard American diet of grains down our throats (literally and figuratively). How did they get away it? Through awareness. They created a felt need through advertisement. We know more now than we did back then, but nobody wants to admit they were/are wrong. We need a strong campaign to get the word out and it will catch on.

  381. K says

    1. Just do it. It took me a year to decide to give up gluten and another 6 months to realize I needed to give up grain. I wasted all that time as it was another 6 months before I decided to adopt a primal lifestyle. I feel so much better. So ditch the grains right away. 2. Suspend what you think you know about nutrition and read, read, and read some more. 3. understand that while real food may seem more expensive you are either going to pay on the front end eating real food or the back end with your health. 4. grow some vegetables yourself, regardless of where you live. if you live in a city grow basil, tomatoes, and some lettuce in pots like they do in Europe. 5. Walk wherever and whenever you can even if you don’t want to. 6. your kids may complain at first but they quickly adopt your way of eating when they help you prepare food, they understand why the changes are being made, and they see you enjoy preparing food for/with them. Even two year olds can understand the difference between grow foods and foods that will keep us from being healthy.

  382. Jon H says

    3 Tips

    1. Read the book! It could be the Primal Blue Print or Primal Body, Primal Mind or whatever. The bottom line is consult the experts not some random folks on the internet.

    2. Don’t tell your friends/family/coworkers. Chances are they will not get it and will sabotage you even if they do not mean to. Let your progress speak for itself.

    3. Do not let the perfect get in the way of the good. Even our ancestors had days where they did not eat as well as they perhaps should have. Eat it and move on.

  383. Abby says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    To me, part of the biggest disconnect that has led to our health crisis is that people no longer know what goes into their food. If everyone were to grow at least some of their own food to not only educate themselves about where food comes from but ensure that they are putting the highest quality nutrients into their bodies, we would go a long way towards solving the obesity epidemic. If all schools got on board doing the same it would be epic.

    Tips for newbies:
    1. don’t settle for “substitute” foods (figuring out ways to “paleo/primalize” breads and cakes
    2. Be vocal with friends and family about why you’re doing it to help avoid peer pressure
    3. Go into it with a sense of experimentation and be completely aware of your body. The most exciting part of this experience for me has been discovering how my body reacts to things and moving forward from there.

  384. els says

    What are your questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    I’m very new to the paleo movement and started to research because of wanting to be healthy. My questions:
    1. What about gaining weight? Or can I be confident that I will loose weight, but with the time I will reach “my ideal” weight?
    2. I like(d) baking, I feel I can`t use almond floor too much, what is the limit?
    3. How can I make my kids strong, not to fall in the trap of “bad” food

  385. Spencer says

    Tips of the trade:
    1. Start slowly. Pick one change to make at a time and transition at your own pace.
    2.Cook your own food. Even if you’re not good at it, you’ll get better with practice.
    3. Do some research to figure out how to customize the diet for your yourself.

  386. Matt says


    Empty your house of non-paleo stuff, it’s a lot harder to fall off the wagon if you need to go to the store to do it.

    Jump in with both feet, if you go half way you might not see results and you might get discouraged and discount the lifestyle for the wrong reasons

    No guilt, if you eat something non-paleo it’s not the end of the world

  387. Jennifer says

    My 3-5 things people starting primal should know-it’s a process,be kind and patient with yourself and tweek it for your body,continually educate yourself about the possibilities this lifestyle has to offer(squatty potty,crossfit,fermented foods,samba,IF..) and don’t let naysayers keep you from trying all of it-you aren’t going to immediately clog your arteries and die or have serious problems if you don’t take their meds.

  388. says

    Question 3.
    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    I think we need to stop buying crap and educate others on the dangers of eating such garbage. By eliminating demand for this stuff, the stores will cease to carry it. More importantly though, we need to be careful about being preachy. Health is a private personal matter, and as such it should be an individualistic pursuit/endeavour.

  389. says

    3-5 tips for someone just starting out on a real food (or similar) diet:
    1. Give up packaged foods! And if you can’t give them up altogether, start reading the ingredients list on everything. It will be an eye-opener! And know that healthy packaged foods will likely break the bank and do not taste as good as fresh food.
    2. Start checking out your farmers markets. Learn what grows in season and start building your meals around that.
    3. Take baby steps and cut yourself some slack. Commit to learning 2-3 new basic skills per month and then work on getting them into your routine. Skills like fermenting, making sourdough, culturing dairy, making stock, etc.
    4. Redefine convenience foods (or fast foods). This will make a huge difference when you find yourself in a tough spot. For us, convenience foods are fruit and finger veggies from a supermarket (or even a gas station if in a pinch; organic is best but even non-organic is better than a drive thru!). For meals, fish cooks fast and doesn’t need a long prep period. Lunch can look like a handful of snack foods like carrots and nut butter, an apple, raw cheese and a tall glass of raw milk.

  390. Jarhead says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    First get the preservatives out of food. Second teach people that food can be enjoyed but is really fuel. Third show people what a real portion is.

  391. says

    I think new people should start by spending some time doing some good research into the following 2 topics: grains and fat/cholesterol/heart disease/fake vegetable oils. Since these are likely to be the two topics that go most strongly against CW, people should be confident in the ancestral/anthropological reasonings, the relevant science and research, etc.

    As a third tip, I would probably recommend people do something like a “whole 30″ and just focus, for a bit, less on the scale or weight loss and more about getting in touch with how much better their body feels on real/ancestral food. People need to take some time to detoxify, relearn what real hunger is, get rid of sugar/processed-carb cravings, etc.

  392. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society? Honestly, we need to move away from a sound-byte educated society and get back to a classical education. I am a professional historian, and it astounds me that people can graduate from college and have no idea how to learn – how to find and investigate footnotes, how to think logically, etc. We have generations who believe they are “better educated” as a whole than past societies. The reality is, we have a whole society that learns through indoctrination, rather than analytical thinking. If we want to bring about a healthy society via Primal/Paleo, first we have to reteach each person we encounter how to THINK… it has to be a whole paradigmatic shift.

  393. Sally Scott says

    To turn around the health of our society we need to take responsibility for our own health. Sounds simple, but many do not do this. We cannot put junk into our bodies and expect someone else to heal us. Stay away from industrialized food products (that aren’t really food) and eat nutrient dense foods, like pastured eggs, raw milk, grass fed beef, organic vegetables and fruits, healthy oils, like olive or coconut…

  394. Sara says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. Buy a deep freezer, then part of a cow from a farm you trust. The meat is wonderful, costs less when bought in bulk, and will last you for months.
    2. Fat is good. Fat is essential for your body. I’m talking about saturated fat. Really, it’s good for you. No, really. You need it. Eat it, and love it.
    3. Don’t be afraid to try (or eliminate) new foods. Your body will let you know what works for it and what doesn’t. Try to listen to that.
    4. Embrace supplements, for at least a few nutrients (D, magnesium, etc.)
    5. Don’t be afraid of offal! :) Organ meats have a very unique taste, so they’re fun to experiment with. They are also rich sources of essential vitamins and minerals that you can’t get much of in muscle meat!

  395. john says

    Tips for beginners

    1) start slow. you will feel like you are going to die and inevitably quit if you stop eating all your junk at once. set a goal to phase it all out over the course of one month. cut back week to week or day to day.

    2) exercise. hard. i mean it, lift something heavy.

    3) learn as you go. you don’t need to know it all before you start. do what works for you and keep tweaking it until you find yourself right where you want to be.

  396. Julie says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. plan your meals
    2. find a mentor to learn from
    3. find a support group to help you transition, find sources for real food, join with group buys, etc.

  397. maraxyz says

    Top 3 tips for beginners:
    1. Keep it simple to begin with. Combine healthy fat, protein, and frozen veggies in a pan and have dinner ready in 5 minutes.
    2. Don’t let conventional wisdom hold you back what to eay. Look around – how far has conventional wisdom gotten us so far?
    3. Cook big portions and have leftover for several meals. The biggest obstacle for me was the extra time needed for cooking. But with a little planning, it can be managed.

  398. says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    Being fairly new to the paleo lifestyle, my main questions are: 1) What are some of my meal options while away from home/stove/fridge? 2)Is it ok that my meals are fairly similar every day, or do I need to incorporate more variety? 3)What is more important, protein or fats or calories or…?…Or should I not worry about that and just eat what my body is telling me to eat that day? 4)Is it worth trying to find gluten-free alternatives, or just live without – I miss cookies, but figure why bother making ‘fake’ ones.

  399. Emily says

    Tips for New Paleo/Primal/Ancestral/WAPF Eaters:

    ***The 80/20 Rule to Prevent Food Fascism: 80% of the time follow your chosen diet very strictly. 20% of the time, loosen up. (So if you keep paleo 20 meals a week it’s OK if you ate tacos and drank hard cider at Friday night happy hour; and maybe cheese isn’t technically paleolithic but we’ve been eating it for 10,000 years and it’s probably perfectly healthy to do so; and people who tell you that nightshades aren’t authentically paleo can keep their judgment to themselves.) Stress is bad for you and stressing about your diet is no way to be healthy. This is a nutrition regime, not a religion.

    ***Learn to Love Spices: Try to acquire a small collection of basic spices. Single-spice jars give you the most flexibility but acquiring some blended spices can give you a lot of options with a smaller initial investment. When you take out all the sugar and beige foods, you might feel like your food isn’t fun or exciting anymore. Experimenting with different spices and heavily spicing your food can bring that fun and excitement back to your food. Many common spices also have medicinal benefit, such as being powerful antioxidants or anti-inflammatories. I’m partial to turmeric, cumin, and coriander.
    ***Just Leave Out the Grains: You don’t need to buy a fancy paleo/primal cookbook, although there are some awesome ideas out there. To start your journey into paleo, just think of a dish you already like, and simply make it without the grain, perhaps increasing the meat and veg portions to compensate. Do you like tacos? Make some seasoned beef and eat it out of a bowl with some lettuce, cheese, salsa, etc. Do you like Thai food? Eat the curry without any rice. Do you like sandwiches? Roll deli meats and sliced veggies up inside a big lettuce leaf or serve over a bed of greens. Burgers? Wrap the burger in lettuce or just eat it with a fork and knife like it’s a steak with lots of toppings. Pasta? Toss the meat and veg in oil or whatever by itself. There’s no need for fancy or complicated recipes unless that’s something you enjoy. Most grains are eaten less for their own sake and more as a vehicle for other foods or a filler to pad the plate. Just skip the vehicle/filler.
    ***Everything Can Be Made from Coconut: Coconut oil is the best oil to cook in since it’s stable at higher temperatures. Coconut flour is totally paleo, and coconut vinegar is sugar-free. Coconut water makes a great smoothie base while coconut milk is a perfect curry base, and coconut cream is a super decadent dessert. Of all the coconut products, shredded coconut and coconut cream have the strongest and most distinctively coconut flavor, followed by coconut milk. Coconut water, vinegar, flour, and oil have lighter and more subtle flavor. In addition to being delicious and versatile, it’s a nutrient-dense superfood.
    ***Eat a Lot of Avocados: They’re another delicious nutrient-dense superfood. They’re one of the only sources of healthy plant-based fat. During a detox where you might temporarily dramatically reduce your meat intake, avocados can help keep you satiated and keep a steady supply of healthy fat available to your brain.

  400. SCA says

    What are your top 3-5 tips…?
    1.) RELAX- Yes, your health is very important and you should take it seriously, but don’t be consumed with worry or anxiety about it. ‘Going Paleo/Primal’ is not a diet, it’s a change in lifestyle (a potentially huge one depending on how you were living before). Look at it as an investment in yourself, something you’re doing now to change your life for the better.
    2.) Source and Eat Good Food – Find a meat supplier you like and go for it. Eat as organically as possible, use lard and tallow and butter, plop a roast in the slow-cooker and serve with veggies you get at a farmer’s market (if possible, I know that bit can be hard). Use nuts to ‘bread’ meat if you miss that. Make changes to your favorites so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. For instance: I’m a little crazy for a good red sauce so I have it over meatballs instead of pasta now. I love mashed potatoes but now they’re a very rare ‘treat’ so I switched them up with mashed cauliflower to go with meatloaf or a roast. There is NOTHING boring or limiting about a Paleo lifestyle. Just explore it.
    3.) READ and LEARN – A lot. Learn about the science behind a paleo diet, the effects of GMOs and the typical SAD diet, read recipes, get ideas, etc. This will help you learn about how to incorporate real food into your life. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! People who are living this way usually want to help others learn all they can about it and be successful in their own lives.
    4.) Find Some Like-Minded People – This one is super obvious but, if you’re making what feels like an enormous change in your life, it helps to have some supportive people around. In my own experience, I was pretty much the only one living this lifestyle and it was difficult at first. I was second-guessing myself and letting comments like, “You’re actually EATING the fat?!?!” make me feel pretty bad. It’s important (for some) to find at least a couple people who are supportive to changes you want to make in your lifestyle. At the very least, it’s really fun to get together and have a meal that isn’t pasta, potatoes or bread!
    5.) BE POSITIVE – Really make an effort with this. I can only speak from my own experience so this may not be important for everyone but: changing the way I viewed myself and the way I ‘talked’ to myself helped so much. I went from berating myself constantly and starving myself to try and lose weight (Was. Not. Happening.) to being kinder to myself. I read something about how you’d never speak to a friend the way you speak to yourself, and it really struck me. It’s true. Be kind to yourself, look at your body and your mind as lovingly as you can and really make an effort to learn positivity. If I can do it, you can do it.

    If you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up. Think about why you slipped up: were you too tired to cook a healthy meal? Too busy? Sad or angry and you binged on crap food? At a party and there wasn’t anything good? Find the cause behind the slip-up and be aware of how you’re living. Don’t feel guilty, look at it as a learning experience. Just resolve to be more deliberate about your food and health, and then do it. Once you know the cause, it becomes very easy to change the response.

    What actions do you believe we need to take to turn around the health of society?
    1.) End corporate lobbying in the government. That’s why monsanto and other chemical companies get a free pass to do whatever the hell they want and screw us all over by polluting our land and water and food supply. That’s why corporations can air commercials that tell people HCFS is healthy, that eating KFC is great because you need protein, that Diet Coke is hydrating, that you need more whole grains in your beige diet.
    2.) We need to fight for our small, organic farmers. Monsanto has this lovely little racket going where they tie up smaller producers in court cases until they fold (because their patented crops contaminate the smaller farmers’ crops, therefore the smaller farmer ‘stole’ patented seeds) and then they buy up the land and pump it full of chemicals and fake food which they then feed to us and we get full of bt toxins and reproductive-system harming chemicals and endocrine disruptors. That crap needs to end like, yesterday.
    3.) We need to live more deliberately, more consciously. Not so consumed with television and celebrities and buying crap that ends up being harmful to us.
    4.) The biggest obstacle facing us is lack of correct information. Not everyone is skeptical of what they see on TV, not everyone keeps in mind that corporations own TV stations and media outlets and those owners have their hands in the stock markets and banks. We need to teach our kids to think critically and use their (un)common sense. Who owns the company who aired that commercial about HCFS being safe? The corn growers of America. Who will benefit financially because people think GMOs are safe? The chemical companies who created them and the people in the FDA and EPA who still work for and have stock in those companies. We just need to start THINKING.

  401. Katy says

    Top tips to myself for changing my health habits and influencing others:
    “What you think of me is none of my business.” That is the title of a book, but sometimes a book title is so good, that’s all I need.

    “Nothing is more important than I feel good.”
    “Somebody has to be the last to figure it out, as long as it isn’t me.”
    Sound excessively selfish? I was taught to put others ahead of myself, but that is not how nature works. The strong thrive and thus can be of the greatest help, but only if healthy themselves.

    Do what you believe is right for yourself and SAY NOT ONE WORD about it. Just do it.
    Silence creates curiosity, especially with children. It may take months or years, but their curiosity will lead them to ask questions or want to try it themselves. What they will remember and admire is not what you told them but what you did. What you accomplish will be what others want, and out of those, some will be willing to take the actions.
    And some will not.

  402. LaurieM says

    I’ve been Paleo/Primal for about 5 months now but still have some questions pertaining to the rest of my family that are all somewhat interconnected.
    1. Has anyone seen success with treating acne? I’ve hoped for some good results with my teenage daughter’s very severe acne, and while it does seem to have helped a small bit after a month it’s been fairly difficult for her. Which leads me to my next question….
    2. How to handle the seemingly huge difficulty of feeding kids paleo, especially now that school will be starting again? Leading to the biggest issue of all….
    3. Is it even realistic for me to think we can do Paleo well enough on a VERY limited budget? I think my other two questions would be much easier to deal with if we had more money to apply to the problem (I’d love to be able to afford natural and organic meats, higher cost items like fish and better cuts of meat, supplements like fish oil, etc… but we just can’t.)

    • Kate says

      About the acne:
      If she consumes any dairy, that could be it. I’ve found that even the littlest bit can cause a breakout. Throughout high school I looked like a Proactiv “before” picture, the kind they use to scare people into buying the product. A month into paleo, no more breakouts. A few months after that, the pre-paleo breakouts were gone and most of the scars had healed. My face is completely smooth now, and evenly toned if I’ve gotten enough sleep. But if dairy sneaks into my tummy somehow–breakout time. I’ve heard a lot of corroborating anecdotal evidence on this, as well as read several studies, though I can’t remember which, that supported my n=1 findings being a common issue.

  403. Elizabeth says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society? I think we need to be willing to deal with preparing food that is “inconvenient” and takes time. We need to realize and fully embrace that there should be much care taken regarding what we put in and on our bodies. We should be good stewards of our bodies, but seem to have forgotten that in this fast-paced, I want it now western culture of ours.

  404. says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. How do you transition kids that are picky eaters?

    2. Are there any extra considerations for pregnancy?

    3. Is it better to by leaner meats if you can’t afford grass fed/pastured?

    4. What are the best ways to add organ meats when taste and texture are a problem?

    5. What are some primal/paleo friendly restaurant, lists?

  405. Sonia says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Make sure when you start that you have plenty of primal friendly snacks to help with the transition! Lots of nuts, berries, nut butter, jerky, and other quick foods.
    2. Once you make it past the first 3 weeks and get over the initial “carb flu” you will feel like a million bucks! Stick it out- promise yourself at least 30 days of change. I guarantee you will want to keep going!
    3. You don’t HAVE to eat anything. No one forces you to eat birthday cake or holds a gun to your head to eat popcorn at the movies. You are in charge of your choices!

  406. says

    I believe to turn around the health of society, we have to change our attitude about cooking. It’s viewed as a chore for so many. All the bad for us foods, for the most part, appeal to our need for opening something up, heating it (sometimes) and sticking it on a plate. No pride in cooking, either. I love to cook, and if I like someone, I’ll cook for them. And if they don’t like it, I actually feel a little disappointed, like somehow I didn’t show enough love to them. Now maybe that’s extreme, but it beats the attitude that people have now, that anything that takes any effort is too much of a bother for ‘just food’. And honestly, it isn’t. Don’t be afraid to create, and it is easier than you think (especially paleo!). There is no magic pill, nor LO FAT LO CAL NO CAL FAT FREE DIET MAGIC FROZEN MEAL that will do the trick. Your body, your family, your friends, and your taste buds will thank you for taking the effort. And the well being from eating good food won’t just be from improved health, but from taking pride in creating something. We’re missing that, these days, I think.

  407. Jen L. says

    1. Get all the crap outta your house. If it’s there…you will eat it and be back at square one.
    2. Read. Get your hands on some of those amazing Paleo book books or blogs.
    3. Find local food. Then buy it and eat it.
    4. Try those crazy recipes. Raw cashews can really be turned into waffles.

  408. Kathy K says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1)Totally commit yourself to it 100% for 10 days to get started and have a plan to continue to at least 30 days if you like it. 10 days isn’t that hard. The first few days may be rough as your body detoxes from all of the crap, but by the 10th day you absolutely will notice you are feeling so much better that before you started.
    2) Get everything out of your house that is not primal/paleo so you dont tempt yourself. Toss it all into a box and donate everything that’s not yet opened. When you’re looking for a snack you dont want the only convenient thing to be some processed junk food!
    3) Plan ahead! If you dont have much time in the morning, have something already prepared waiting in the fridge for you to grab on the way out the door. If you are going to be gone most of the day, pack a cooler/bag with healthy food that will get you through the day (take more than you think you will want/need). Keep lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat in the house.
    4) Get a George Foreman Grill! This has been the single most important tool in my success with living Paleo since Feb 2011. It takes just minutes to grab a piece of meat out of the fridge or freezer, sprinkle it with spices, and cook it on my George Foreman (I have the smallest one which is perfect for cooking single servings). I’ve had numerous nights where I’ve considered stopping to get food somewhere on my way home from work because I was tired, hungry, etc but then I rationalize with myself that using my GF will actually be faster than waiting in a long line somewhere, cheaper, and healthier.
    5) Read up on the theory and research behind your diet choices. People will constantly question you on your diet when they hear you mention it. Consider it your job to educate them and advocate for your good choices! It also helps keep you on track with making healthy choices when you really understand why certain things are not good for you. My favorite book so far has been The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.

  409. says

    tips for someone new to the Paleo lifestyle:
    1. When shopping, stay on the outside aisles and back of the grocery stores. This where all the Paleo friendly food choices are.
    2. Become a member at you local Whole Food Co-Op if you have one. The carry organic produce as well as hormone free meats and free range eggs. Also, if they don’t have something you want, they can usually order it from another Co-Op.
    3. Eat predominantly meats and veggies with some fruits, nuts and berries. Do not eat anything processed or any grains.

  410. says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1)Baby steps, dont worry if you cant follow 100% right off the bat, work your way into it.
    2)Be ready for withdrawal symptoms as your body detoxes from the sugar and grains.
    3)Dont worry if you cant find grass-fed/pastured animals or organic veggies right away, its a good, better, best situation. You are still farther ahead by starting with grocery store options.
    4)Make at least double the amount of food for a meal, and save the rest for when you dont have time to cook, like a quick breakfast.
    5)Go through your cupboards and throw out or donate all the foods you wont be eating anymore so that there are no temptations.

  411. Kendall says

    What actions do you belive us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    Honestly, we need to stop settling for what companies and governments are prepared to give us. We need to stand up for ourselves and our children and say I REFUSE to let you ruin my health. I REFUSE to let you dictate the production of MY FOOD and the destruction of our Planet. In our quest for more, we have let what is the most valuable to us slip. We have all been accepting of it too. Why should we let a mass corporation tell us what is heart healthy…we know what is heart healthy and body healthy… instinctively we know, but we have sidelined our natural insticts. We have given up our control. We need to take it back, ACTIVELY take it back. Talk with our politicians, and social groups, educate our children, educate ourselves.
    I think thats the most important part, not what actions were taking but that we are taking action. Its not enough to just learn whats good and bad, but take action to make it better, instill it in our lives, become the better picture.

    Thanks for this question… I have been toying with a paleo lifestyle, knowing its what is good for me, knowing it fits in with my social/dietary philosophy… constantly educating myself in the process, but I have not taken the action. Thanks for waking me up out of that….

  412. says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    Educate on the negative affects of white sugar, processed flour, processed food in general, TV, video games, and choices of what we eat. Living an active life hiking, skiing what ever outside activity floats your boat is so rewarding. Life is an adventure, get out and live it people.

  413. Mads says

    My top tips:

    Get the bad foods out of the house to minimize temptations

    Continuing on the last one, use shopping lists and don’t shop when hungry, makes it easier to not buy junk in the first place.

    Learn a few recipes or ways of making food. For example: I make most of my dinners the same way, but vary the ingredients and spices so I don’t get bored.

    WALK places

  414. Jeremy says

    Living a healthy lifestyle is probably one of the best things we can do to turn this world around. I have only been paleo for just under a year and without pushing have gotten my wife parents and some coworkers interested as well. All based strictly on my results and resolve.

  415. Remy says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    1. Get involved in youth mentoring and community health
    2. Grow at least some of your own food
    3. Work toward doing a job you love

  416. Darek says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Your body is your own chemistry set — you get to test and retest, troubleshoot, and experiment. Treat it well.
    2. Listen to your body, not a protocol. Paleo’s a good starting place, but let your body be your guide.
    3. Life is supposed to be enjoyable. Figure out how to make the seeming conflict between paleo eating and most of the rest of modern food culture a fun thing, a game, so you can see it always in a positive light and not feel oppressed.

  417. Amanda says

    I just started paleo and I feel amazing! What a great package you put together. Those socks would be awesome on the derby track!

  418. Amanda says

    I supposse I should do task too! I believe the first action we should take as a society to improve health and nutrition is take it out of the governments hands. Their interest is money, not our wellbeing

  419. Darek says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?
    1. Can leaky gut-mediated autoimmune disease (like psoriasis) really be reversed in light of all the leaky gut-promoting modern lifestyle factors outside of the controllable ones?
    2. How many people with autoimmune diseases have seen complete remission with and without reintroduction (regular or just occasional cheats) of leaky gut-promoting foods?
    3. How could we reach more people? TV show? Maybe tour around the world of paleo people and promote it via social networks and any media attention we can get?

  420. Christine Mecklenborg says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1) Don’t stress the tweaks (organic, grass-fed, dairy, how many nuts/fruits, etc) until you’ve got a solid core primal diet down. Start simple and tweak only after you’re comfortable with the basics.

    2) Plan ahead. Make meal plans and grocery lists. Follow them. Cook once, eat two, three, four times. Not every meal has to require hours slaving over a hot stove.

    3) Don’t fear fat. Fat is your friend.

  421. Jack says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1.Eat real food and don’t be afraid of saturated fats.
    2.Do things outside.
    3.Avoid cereal grains and sugar.

  422. Marianna Keeth says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    1. Start little and go big. Don’t be overwhelmed by everything that is not already in your kitchen.
    2. Branch out with minor incorporations of new veggies and recipes one at a time, don’t try and do it all at once.
    3. If you do nothing else in your first few weeks of transition, get bread out of your diet.

  423. Andrea450 says

    For someone starting out, my top 4 tips are..
    -Purge your house of the foods you want to avoid. It’s a bit hard but it helps when you don’t have the foods you’re trying to avoid staring you right in the face
    -Plan meals. It is easier to not cheat when you already know what you’re going to be eating and when. (This is not necessary to follow long term, but it really helps in the beginning)
    -Get the thought ‘that’s fattening’ out of your head. We have been brainwashed into thinking that fat is bad! Just remember, we’ve made it this far without eating ‘low-fat’ foods.. Think about how your ancestors ate!
    -Remember that if you are just DYING for some rice or pasta, there are alternatives. Cauliflower ‘rice’ is amazing! and really hits the spot. Spaghetti squash is also amazing and a great alternative to flour pasta. Top with whatever sauce you’d put on your spaghetti and you’ll be so happy. :)

    The more people that we can educate on this topic the better! The more people that eat whole, clean foods, the less business the large corporations that are making all the junky foods that are not good for us will get. We’ve been conditioned to believe that the way that these corporate interests have told us to eat is actually good for us, when it goes against everything that is natural!

  424. Brittany says

    My Top 3 Tips when starting out on Paleo, etc…
    1. Eat as much as you want. You might feel like you want to eat all the time, but it’s okay at first. Things will level out after a while once you realize that you don’t have to feel stuffed to be satiated. Don’t stress about how much you’re eating, just worry about what you’re eating.
    2. Eat a lot of good, healthy fats. If you are used to eating a lot of sugary foods then the beginning won’t be easy, but eating enough fats will help to push you over the hump.
    3. If food “quality” is stressing you out then don’t worry about it at first. Grass fed, organic, and pastured are optimal, but don’t let the difficulty of finding these things discourage you from making a change. Just change WHAT your eating and once that becomes second nature you can then start looking for higher quality foods. Take things one step at a time.

  425. Sandysaurus says

    The best advice I can give to new pale eaters is to get back as close to “nature as possible
    1. Before you eat it, ask yourself if it was something that would have been available to the caveman.
    2. Read the ingredients, if there are more then 3 to 5 ingredients or has things you cannot say, do not buy it.
    3. Encourage your children in menu planning and food preparation, it is a great opportunity to teach them how and what to eat.
    As another website has said “EAT LIKE A DINASAUR!”

  426. Shayna says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?

    To turn around the health of our society I think that healthy food should be available at more reasonable prices. I always hear people saying that healthy food is so much more expensive than junk food – so that would limit available excuses for not eating healthier foods. I would say that educating people about nutrition would also be beneficial to some degree – but it’s common sense that eating carrots is more healthy than having a dozen donuts but people still go for the donuts. Having healthier options available at restaurants would also be beneficial. Also – start educating kids when they’re younger about how yummy veggies and fruits are. You can make it a family bonding experience by taking them to farmers markets – or have a garden so they can help grow their own things.

  427. Tim says

    Top 3-5questions

    I need to lose 30-40 lbs. is primal the way? How can I jump start?

    What is you favorite primal snack?

    How do you deal with cravings?

    Do you have a cheat meal or day?

  428. says

    My top questions:1. Will a bulletproof diet really ensure weight loss and muscle building?2. What is one paleo treat that is cheap and that I can have every day while still losing weight (the last 10 lbs)3. Will push-ups, squats, and pull ups alone for exercise give mea more toned physique?

  429. Heather B says

    What are your top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    – Study up and educate yourself as much as you possibly can. The more you know about your food options, the easier it becomes to make the right choices.
    – If you have a hold up (say cheese, for example), don’t let it be an all or nothing. Do what works for you. It’s better to make mostly good choices than to just give up.
    – If you have a moment of weakness, don’t beat yourself up over it. Some people need more time than others to adjust to a new lifestyle. Just keep moving forward.

  430. Thomas Eberlin says

    1. Don’t eat if you’re not huingry. Check the ingredients and avoid stuff you don’t know. Eat like a farmer, they know more about good nutritious food.

  431. says

    Top 3-5 tips for someone brand new to the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle- Understand WHY you are eating the way you are and the advantages of the primal/paleo/lifestyle. Education is key!- Planning is essential to sticking to your new lifestyle. Know what you’re going to eat ahead of time so you’re not tempted to cheat or stray away.- Always have some paleo snacks on you (lara bar, beef jerky, nuts, fruit, hard boiled eggs, etc) so you’re not tempted to eat crap around you when you’re hungry in between meals

  432. Deborah says

    1. Nom nom paleo
    2. Always keep Eggs avocado kotinos olive oil kale beef jerky raw nuts bars and coconut milk around
    3. Marks daily apple
    4. Balanced bites
    5. Meal plan meal plan meal plan

  433. Brooke C says

    Top 3 tips for newbies:

    1. Stick to it for at least 30 days. It’s going to be hard, but if you can remain true to the diet for a month you’ll experience the most benefits
    2. Don’t go crazy on the nuts
    3. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you do make a mistake. We all do, it’s just important that you get back on track.

  434. Mitch says

    What actions do you believe us humans need to take in order to turn around the health of society?
    I think first we need to educate people and show them how making simple changes can drastically change there health. It starts with your friends and family. Don’t only tell them about what the changes can do, show them how the changes have made your life better and healthier.

  435. Jessica says

    Top 3 tips for someone brand new would be -1. get involved in the online community, read as many blogs as you can and don’t hesitate to ask questions. 2. Find a plan that works for you, it can be quick and easy to feed yourself the paleo way. 3. Slip ups will probably happen at some point, don’t let them completely derail you. It can take months to get back on track. :)

  436. Eliza says

    What are your top 3-5 questions that you have regarding the primal/paleo/real food/ancestral/wapf lifestyle?

    My first question: I plan on going 100% paleo (tomorrow as a matter of fact!); what is the single-most important newbie-need-to-know tip?
    Second: I had Grave’s disease, took the irradiated iodine (I’m still kicking myself for being uneducated and listening to my doc), and now I’m on Synthroid. How soon after going paleo should I have my thyroid blood-work checked?
    Third: What was the first “change” you noticed after going paleo?
    Fourth: What are sneaky “traps” that I need to look out for when entering into a paleo lifestyle? (I don’t ever eat out so I’m not concerned about that.)

  437. Aubrey says

    THANK YOU FOR ThiS CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ll answer the two ?’s I feel able too:

    #2:: My top 3 questions:
    ….1….Can you do paleo vegeterian using eggs, veggies, fish, avocados, butter…
    ….2…..why paleo vs. raw foods?
    ….3…..is it really good for females it seems male dominant?

    #3:: i believe the numberone thing honestly is to spread the message of self lovecuz without it its hard to be healthy happy or follow any diet!



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