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5 Tips on How to Eliminate Constipation

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Do you find trouble eliminating all your poop in less than 5 minutes? Is it hard to come out to the point where you have to push, push, push as if you are producing a newborn baby?

In other words, are you constipated?

Toad to the rescue! I’ve been there. I’m incredibly lucky to say that I am no longer there. Even though I have been eating real food more often than not over the past 2 years, I’ve still suffered through constipation. That seems to finally be over. I’ve been constipation for free for over 2 months now.

It all started when I first used the Squatty Potty.

Before you purchase one, I encourage you to read the following tips. You may not need one. However, squatting while pooping has been the greatest change I have made that has allowed me to consistently poop well.

Check out this graph too before you begin reading the tips. This can be extremely helpful! Shoot for a type 4. Learn more about this chart here.


1. Get butt naked from the waist down

Before you set your booty down on the ‘pot’ you automatically pull your pants or shorts down below your knees, right? Take it a step further and become butt naked from the waist down. This will send your body a message that it’s time to produce a bowel movement.

And, more importantly, having more freedom will enable you to…

2. Squat while you poop

The modern toilet is kicking your ass. It’s not designed for a smooth, non pushy poop. If you don’t want poop chilling in your colon then begin squatting. At the bare minimum, position yourself so you are closer to squatting than sitting.

You have some options…

1. Put your butt at the back of the toilet. Lift your knees up and place your feet at the front of the toilet if possible. You are now near a full squat. Congratulations!

2. Sit your buttocks on the toilet for a minute or so to let ‘it’ come out as it wants. If it does not all come out then step off the toilet and squat. Move around a bit while you are squatting. Once you can feel some poop moving through and wanting to come out then sit your ass back on the toilet.

3. Squat on the toilet. Place your feet on the toilet and, you guessed it, squat! This is the natural position folks. For thousands of years, and even in several smart countries around the world today, human beings squat while pooping. Sitting is not the natural position and is the main reason why folks have so many problems with pooping.

4. Find an object in your home that will just slide underneath your toilet. When you feel the need to poop, sit on the toilet normally but now place your feet on this object. You are not really squatting but you are in the squatting position. It works!

I’ve heard of some folks using a trash can. I’ve tried a leg rest but it did not work too well and was annoying. Thankfully someone has invented…

5. Use the squatty potty. This thing works. I gave one away a couple of months ago and have sold about 12 since then. Humans who use the squatty potty are potentially saving their life! The squatty potty is designed to fit snugly underneath your toilet seat so it’s not in the way when you are not using it. When you have to poop you just slide it out a few inches and bam!

Squatting is essential for healthy pooping. You have a number of options to choose from. Before you go ahead and spend $25 to $90 (for the bamboo one) on a squatty potty I do recommend you first try out the first 4 methods. Let me know how it goes!

3. Enjoy a few sips of coffee

I have no idea what it is in coffee, but if I don’t go as soon as I wake up I just have a few sips and I gotta go. My poop is not the healthiest when it’s followed up by these sips of coffee but it does come out. It’s not terrible but nothing like a type 4 (see chart above).

I encourage folks to ditch coffee. If you can’t go a week without it then you are addicted to it and probably lacking sleep. Make a full cup, enjoy a quarter of it, then store the rest in your refrigerator to make a Peppermint Mocha smoothie the following morning!

4. Go to bed!

I don’t think I need to elaborate much here (but I guess I did!). Without proper sleep you will never have optimal health. There is no way around this. I’ve been sick one time in the past 7 years (the past 2.6 years have been sick free) and there is no doubt that a huge reason is because I sleep like a baby most of the time. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember (unfortunately this has changed as of late due to my extreme excitement for life).

For near perfect bowel movements, ya need to sleep friend. Take baby steps. How many hours do you sleep now on average? Add 1 minute. Go to bed 1 minute earlier tonight. You can do this, right? Go to bed 1 more minute earlier the next night. Continue to add 1 minute unless you think you can add 2 or more.

Simplify your life. Stop watching TV every single night (it is doing NOTHING for you!).

If you want to eliminate the waste that is accumulating inside of you then you need to go to bed! So, which is it? Another episode of Family Guy or feeling awesome so you can do the impossible? (It’s a very difficult choice I know).

5. Move more

Another huge reason why we fail to poop properly is because we sit on our booties all day. This does have a direct effect on constipation. I have no statistics to back my thoughts up but why not just think about it? Then let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Walk more. Do 3 push-ups. Maybe 30. Do some bodyweight squats. Lunges. Either do this in your office, outside or wherever. If you have more than a dozen co-workers then I guarantee you at least one other person would love to join you in this crazy but extremely fun change.

If you already move more then this tip won’t help. However, the majority who are reading this post don’t move as much as they should. Get off your booty and start moving!

That’s it for now friends. If you are constipated then please try one of these tips. Then try another. One at a time. Taking baby steps will help! I do have many more tips up my sleeve including what you should and should not be eating. What you eat is huge when it comes to pooping. Aside from diet, you need to start squatting. The squatty potty is not necessary for everyone but at just $25 it may be worth the investment. It’s definitely better than medications!

Do you have more poop tips on how to eliminate constipation? If you do, leave a comment below. You just may save someone’s life. If you are having trouble, what are your questions? Either let us know with a comment or feel free to shoot me an email too.

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  1. Hi Toad, I’ve been “anal retentive” all my life. Went paleo a couple of years ago and continue to follow that path because of the improvement of digesition and less constipation. However, I still find my rhythym to be less than ideal. I’d love to wake up every day and have a nice sausage or snake greet me in the bowl. Unfortunately, that occurs only once or twice a week, and frequently more like the lumpy sausage. I take pro-biotics and super-enzymes, which is helping, but the thing that I’ve noticed that helps most is drinking enough water. If I drink 2 quarts of water every day, more in the summer, things move a lot smoother. I just have to remember to do it. I like your suggestion to get up and move around, and I’ll be trying out the squat fer shure. thanks for the topic, I’m always interested in poop.

    • I think we all want that. It’s very difficult no matter who we are. Mine have been closer to a type 5 recently but I’d rather have that then a type 3 or being constipated. I’ve been getting hardly any sleep recently due to me just waking up at crazy hours (before 5 am!) and thus I am drinking coffee which is not normal for me.

      Water is definitely key and another great tip. Fat by itself or more carbs may do the trick too – not necessarily more fiber though! It really depends on the individual as far as food goes but you can NOT go wrong with squatting. Everyone should be doing it!

      And glad you are interested poop. It’s quite important and a key indicator to optimal or poor health.

      • You know Toad, I just became constipated today. I just couldn’t go at all. I read article after article and that shit stinks! Haha. Lol. But then I read this one and it actually helped me. I was actually able to, well, dump. Thanks so much for your help!

  2. Love it! I think most my friends would be grossed out by this article but I’m a nerd and enjoyed it :> (Take that as a compliment!) Really enjoy your no-nonsense, no-excuses style of writing. I have found that Paleo eating has definitely helped out my “digestion” but I’m still not where I want to be. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Lol – good article Toad. I’m still not quite clear on how getting naked leads to better poo though

    • Ever since I was a kid I always have the urge to get totally naked whenever I went. not just from the waste down. Clothes really cramps my style when I’m doing my business! Interesting that you included stripping down on your list..

    • I would think it’s helpful in tricking your mind/body into thinking it’s being primal. Maybe.

      • As to getting naked..think it helps to let your body know you are “getting down to business”..anxiety sabotages a bowel movement cause you really don’t want to deal w/the pain, etc…just want to emphasize the helpfulness of the “squatty potty”’s no joke; more helpful than any Drs. advice..a word f warning tho’..just changed ht. of toilet + screwed up the way my body had adjusted to my “pot”..wasn’t worth moving to my new we go again, I hope..thanks for lightening up a real downer of a problem

  4. Great post. I should add as my wife has chronic constipation, magnesium supplements work wonders.

      • While I’m on a roll…

        I have luck with good ol’ Walmart brand, Spring Valley. The label says, “Natural Magnesium with Chelated Zinc.” The magnesium is in the form of magnesium oxide, and the zinc as zinc gluconate.

        I have used other brands, more expensive included, but I don’t notice a difference.

        My absolute favorite herbal supplement is turmeric/curcumin…but that’s a whole new conversation!

  5. You know what’s “shitty” – ha ha – I had my large intestine taken out 3 years ago after my colon twisted into a knot (unsure as to why exactly). Everyone said all of my digestive issues would be gone. BULL. If you can believe it, they ONLY get worse, so weird since considering I don’t have a LARGE INTESTINE, you would think things shoot right on through me. I have been to 9 million doctors with absolutely no answers. I eat healthier than shit, you can’t even compare my healthy diet to anyone, lol, yet nothing works. I shall be forever broken in that department. Luckily, I am a VERY HAPPY GO LUCKY person anyways, so I try to make the best of it… But sometimes this shit just sucks, LOL.

  6. On top of all of this (walking ,exercising etc).Eat some fibrous vegetables everyday and drink water.I don’t remember where i read this but here it is.Fibre “forms” poop.In order for the poop to pass it needs water .Poop without water is HARD and cant pass down to your colon.It needs to absorb water in order to become passable and softer 🙂 I hope it helps

    • Water can certainly help those who are constipated. Soluble fiber can help too. How much you need varies greatly from person to person.

  7. Awesome! I’m getting type 4s. I thought the perfect one was a type 3 but I was wrong. Excellent for me dude!

  8. it feels that when i sit on the toilet when poop about to come out i wanna suck it back into my butt i tried tea to make you keep pooping i tried this lemon stuff and nothing is working plzz give me advice i really need it pleaseee……

    • Do you squat when you poop? This is 100% the first thing that I recommend. I know you’re feeling as I have had it before and I’d estimate that MOST of the human population has too!

  9. I’m trying the squatting method right now and I am already able to poop. I’ve been in pain because I wasn’t and I’m thankful I found this article.

  10. Just let off a type 3. Lol.. My friend.. Your are pure genius!!!!!! I thank you!!!

    • Haha I am glad I could help! I just be honest with my advice as the tips laid out in what I wrote have helped me so I know that can help others too.

      Q: Why is this email five sentences or less?

  11. Always have a 4 when it DOES come out. It’s not hard at all. I take vitamins, take fiber, eat veggie,s drink water everyday, workout 3-4 times a week and walk 54 miles a day. I still dont understand…

  12. hahhaha too funny!!! I can go weeks without poopin hahahaha

  13. Holly Crap!!! And I mean just that. My experience happened today, tonight. I could not sleep comfortably, my left leg felt as if the circulation was cut and I was bloated. The sensation was very un-nerving and irritable. I had been constipated for three days. Following all steps from eating clean to staying hydrated, nothing worked. I was upset and on edge, till I looked up solutions, and then I came across this site. I gave the advise a-go, SQUAT! Ok that’s a bit graphic but this shit really works… I mean I’m writing now while in the bathroom because IT TRULY WORKS!!! And now I’m ordering the squatty potty. Thank you so much I never knew. As the old saying goes ” you know more, you do more.. You do better you become better”.

  14. You don’t even know how much relief you just gave me… literally.

    I would have never thought to try the squat thing. After an hour of pain I finally found this article. I was at the point of nausea it was so bad.

    As soon as I tried number 3 I was good! Whewww

    Thank you!

  15. Typically an everyday’er here…post-surgery 5th day (foot in a cast, so squatty is not an option). I’ve been taking Colace daily since same day as surgery to circumvent this potential issue. Fish oil & magnesium are a daily regular, as well as Adderall (except the last 5 days, but took it this morning & it never fails to excite my bowels). Problem is, gotta go but how can I get the stopped up plug-like hard chunk to come out? I know there is plenty of #4, #5, #6 & #7 just dying to bask in the glory of this modern toilet.

    Thank you, in advance. 🙂

      • No, but I need to… working on that one lol

        I resumed my regular medicines, supplements & diet. I’m not sure how to put this but, I finally had to take matters into my own hands. Almost literally, but I wasn’t going to the doctor! Now I’m back to mostly good.

        Thanks! I’ll have my eye on you & go looking for you on Twitter 🙂

        • I am not against doctors or any professionals in the health field but I haven’t been to the doctor or dentist, etc. for about 5 years and running now… this has no doubt helped me take control of my own health. I am so much more in tune with my body and how it operates.

          • Unfortunately, I have epilepsy (JME) & when I’ve declared war against Western medicine, I end up with broken shoulders & ankles, etc. Hence, the recent issue with post-surgical stop-ups 🙁

            But, I’m gladfor & I try to go natural whenever I can sneak it in 😉

            Love you on Twitter! You had me reading half the day away 🙂

  16. I love how many times you mention to get naked.

    Good diet is of course important but if you are going to eat more fiber vua grains, fruits and veggies make sure you increase your fat AND water intake also! You hear all about water and fiber but not about fat to lubricate the bowels.

    Also a good functioning liver is important. I find lemon water with olive oil helps with that. If your digestion in general is shot, you definitely need to add probiotics and digestive enzymes.

    all this in addition with all your tips (especially sleep!) will help almost anyone.
    If it doesn’t help, definitely go to a gastroenterologist. There’s also a last, last resort with supplements like Dr. Schulze intestinal formula #1 that will clean anyone out. That’s just a last resort to get everything out and get a fresh start with your bowels!

    • Lol. I have actually been meaning to edit this post. It’s really hard for me to read. It will have the same content but will be worded differently. It is by far my most read post! Great tips! We are all different but in the end we all need to work on boosting our metabolism. Sleep will no doubt help with this. And just chilling out too (which does not necessarily mean sitting in front of the TV).

    • You are SO RIGHT about lubrication with fat & H2O. Fat isn’t always a bad thing in moderation, of course. I also find that fish oil & a magnesium supplement, are typically very helpful to keep things flowing freely.

      I used to be constipated constantly as a child — it also helps to be mentally/emotionally healthy, as I was a very anxious kid with an abusive parent. A bit of a tangent, but very important… especially for parents who may come across this blog post.

  17. damn mine is type 1 boohoo im constipated 🙁 I hv also gas and belly pain daily YUCK :((

  18. I’ve had to poop for the past week and a half and couldn’t

    I it tried this and I finally can drop a load!

  19. Squatting is the correct position, that’s how our bodies were designed. If you find your poo going back up try blowing your nose to get a full evacuation

  20. I totally agree with all your recommendations, but I still have not gone in 5 days…oh wait, I feel something…nope.
    I got the flu, and everything just stopped. I have been inactive, and I did eat some foods that I know were not wise.
    I’ve been massaging, drinking lots of liquid today, and I just inserted a blob of coconut oil up there… stay tuned 😛

    • Guess you’ve been on the toilet since this comment? Hahaha, coconut oil enemas will make you not leave the house for at least two days! With that said, enemas & colon cleansings have been very rejuvenating for me. I will continue them.

  21. I have had three back surgeries in the last five years. Whenever I have a surgery I am on morphine which stops me up for up to a week. I wanted to comment on your get up off your butt statement. That is 100% true. To get me to go the nurses always tell me that walking is by far the best thing I can do to get things moving And it works…
    But I recently became w police officer and during my academy one of the trainers introduced me to yoga, she said this would help get some flexibility back. She also said yoga gets everything internally moving and was she right! Within 45 minutes of our first yoga class 30 of the 38 guys in our academy had drydocked in the bathroom… I mean they were do big that they broke records and none of us had to force it. I have been doing yoga since and without fail half an hour I am empty… give it a shot!

  22. OMFG THANKS TOAD! the squatting thing helped me alot. Im going to start eating healthy now 🙂

  23. Omg! I feel like I have a tonne of shit in my gut but I can’t shit. I feel the poo moving along my intestines now. It’s so uncomfortable. Help!

  24. OMG Thank you I have been feeling miserable until I read this!!!! Now I can enjoy the 4th with my family tonight!!

    • Everybody needs to read this article. Seriously.

  25. Hi, my son is 5 years old he always holds his poop and gives me hard time. Any tips please help.

  26. Hey i’m going to keep it straight with you i had a very traumatizing time pooping a type 3 i had to force it, it felt like my buttwhole was being ripped open at the same time , i took laxitives this before and during this day, and the poop coming out was still hard then i finally get this turd out the pain so bad want to cry …. turns out the laxitives kicked in long time ago because after this turn out came everything else but it was more type 6 but i still felt the pain as these came out i dont know what to do i it is frustrateing i used to love pooping all the time relaxing on the toilet to scared to go in the bathroom and pee because i might have to pee when i do help me …………… P.S im scared to go to the doctor because i dont want anything going up my ass

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