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How Much Coconut Is Too Much?


This is a difficult question and the answer is going to be different for everyone. It depends on what coconut products you are eating as there are several different kinds. It also depends on how much other fat you are eating during the day. And, remember that you can have too much of anything. Although it would be a challenge, you can die from drinking too much water.

I personally enjoy a lot of coconut oil, shredded coconut and coconut water (awesome carbs). I buy all 3 from Amazon for very reasonable prices. I used to consume a lot of coconut milk but stopped since I was buying it from a health food store that was 10 miles away. I went there to buy coconut milk and that  was it. It simply was not worth it since I just eat more coconut oil and shredded coconut as well.

A pure coconut is also awesome I might add…

I occasionally use coconut flour when I wish to enjoy a baked good or coconut pancakes. It has been a while since I have used coconut flour but I am sure I will be craving it soon for a delicious baked treat – maybe coconut flour bread?

Many primal/paleo enthusiasts are huge coconut fans. I am one of them. While I only eat a few of the several types of coconut, I still eat it everyday. I have been cooking with butter recently but nothing is better than cooking with coconut oil. I can also eat the stuff off a spoon. I add shredded coconut to anything when I have a coconut craving or just want some healthy fat.

So, how much coconut is too much?

Like I said in the beginning, it depends on many factors. I asked the MDA Forum a while ago how much coconut one enjoys in a day. Several people answered in the 300-500 calorie range. I get about 100-300 calories a day from coconut myself which includes cooking veggies, eggs, etc. in coconut oil. If you feel great after eating this much coconut then awesome!

I don’t want to put a limit on how much coconut you consume, but if more than 25% of  your calories are from coconut then I would guess that you might want to eat a little less and instead add other healthy fats to your diet. Grass fed beef, fish, seafood, pastured pork and chicken and other wild animals are obviously awesome choices. Macadamia nuts are great since they are low in omega 6 fatty acids while just about everyone knows the great benefits of olive oil. Just don’t cook with olive oil – it’s best to cook with saturated fats such as coconut oil and animal fats including butter!

Coconut is without question a superfood. Most types are rich in saturated fat and contain a fair amount of micronutrients as well. Saturated fat does NOT lead to heart disease and is in fact an essential nutrient for all cells and gives us energy. How about that?! Just don’t go completely overboard.

Coconut water is pure carbs so be careful with this stuff if you are limiting your carbs for weight loss purposes.

How much coconut do you consume in a day? What are your favorite types?

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  1. I was just thinking about this same topic recently. I was like, “Coconut flour, shredded coconut, coconut oil, homemade coconut milk–I’m a coconut fiend!” I’m not sure how many calories I consume a day from coconut, but I do enjoy it, and it makes me feel great.

    • Yea when you eat a variety of coconut products the cals can really add up! But, if you feel great then why limit the amount?

    • I am with ya, I am a coconut junkie…my latest concoction is like a fudge. It is coconut cream concentrate melted down, then i add some stevia, vanilla bean, and peacans. Pour onto a cookie sheet, sprinkle with shredded coconut and let it harden again. I actually have to store this in little batches and freeze most of it because I eat so much of it.

      • I must try that one!!
        mine is coconut ” pudding.
        Full fat Greek yogurt about 1/2 cup..a good 3-4 tbsp coconut milk,
        1 tbsp (more or less) of hemp seed, ground flax, shredded unsweetened coconut, 3-4 drops stevia, dash of organic vanilla. yumyum.
        makes about 1.5 cups depending on fibers.

        I change it up with/without flax/hemp.
        this is breakfast and i can barely get it finished today.
        My appetite has really decreased since adding coconut oil/milk/shredded.

      • I get out my Vitamix…2cups coconut milk, 1 teaspoon coconut from can, 2 reconstituted dates, 1 inch fresh ginger, 1 teaspoon powdered non sweetened chocolate powder, a couple of shakes of cinnamon. Maybe some Maca or chia seeds. Microwave it.

  2. Mary Enig (of the Weston A. Price Foundation) recommends at least 3 tablespoons of coconut oil per day! Personally, I don’t think there’s really such thing as too much coconut, although I avoid coconut flour because it just seems like a frankenfood, as long as you’re not neglecting other nutritious foods (veggies, meat, eggs) because you’re gorging on coconut!

    • Yea I have heard that recommendation a lot. It truly is a extraordinary food. I also like to avoid coconut flour – even though its not wheat I am just not big on any flours. I have NEVER tried almond flour…

      • be careful with almond flour, it is pretty high in omega 6, so it is not something to be consumed without discretion

      • coconut flour (as well as almond/pecan/etc) is no more than finely ground xx or yy
        “flour” is a consistency/texture. nothing more.
        like “liquid”

  3. I make mayo from coconut oil. You have to be a coconut oil lover to enjoy it =). I’m not a coconut flour fan. You can make coconut milk from coconut flakes. Just add water, blend, and strain (if desired).

    • wow, very cool. I just snatched that recipe from your blog. I’ll be trying that soon.

    • You say you have made coconut milk from coconut “flakes.” Have you ever tried making it from “shredded” coconut?

  4. Coconut truly is wonderful! My favourite coconut recipes are coconut shrimp or a red curry dish with coconut milk. I haven’t adapted these yet to be primal-friendly, but they’re on their way!

    • Coconut shrimp… that sounds AWESOME. I enjoyed shrimp for the first time just a couple of weeks ago (I used to have fish/seafood phobia for 21 years) and loved it. I can not wait to get my hands on more wild caught shrimp. And since I love coconut…. WOW – what a combination!

      • Ahhh Shrimp… One of my very favorite animals to eat 😉 I’m so glad you finally tried them. You must try coconut shrimp! It is amazing! I love them dipped in an orange or mandarin marmalade sauce.

  5. I’m only a short time into going Paleo so still experimenting. My coconut consumption has gone up somewhat though! I’m going to pass on that bread link to the chef in the house as well. Thanks for that 🙂

    • Yea it seems as if most people who go on the primal/paleo diet path usually up there coconut consumption – definitely a great thing though!

      Let me know how the bread turns out. I have yet to try it but may do so very soon… this weekend?

  6. I have coconut cream in my coffee, coconut water every other day or so (depending on my wods- if I’m cramping up a lot, I drink coconut water), and I use coconut oil, periodically to cook. I don’t like coconut flour very much, or shredded coconut.

  7. Coconut has natual laxative properties :-/
    I won’t have more than about half a can of Coconut milk a day and not every day for that reason.

    BTW Toad you can get Coconut Milk from Kroger, Walmart and a number of large chains in the Asian Cooking section, a lot of times they’ll have an organic one either there or in the organic section.

    • Do they have Kroger up North? I had never heard of it until I got to TX. In CO, its King Soopers.

        • I know. Mind Blowing 🙂 It used to be the bees knees, but in the last few years it has become very ghetto fabulous. They also have Safeway instead of Tom Thumb.

    • What brand do they have at wal-mart? I never shop at wal-mart nor Kroker… I shop at Meijer (the famous midwest supermarket) but they only carry Thai Kitchen brand which I avoid due to BPA. The nature forest brand that I purchased at harvest health is BPA free.

      And, shredded coconut is a dime per serving (110 cals) where as coconut milk is about 35 cents per serving (100 cals). Maybe I will just starting buying Thai Kitchen coconut milk once in a while… I do miss them smoothies with cooconut milk.

      Or I should just learn how to make my own coconut milk from shredded coconut or coconut flakes.

      • Thai Kitchen is a national brand of products that features a vegan line-up… I find that at most stores where I’m from (NV). It’s a first press, unsweetened coconut milk. I drink about half a can a day if I can.

      • Toad…if you look by the soymilk section of Meijer, there are those resealable cartons of unsweet organic coconut milk for 2.99…they last a long time, and my kids like it over their blueberries 🙂

        • Do you know how many ounces are in one carton? The cans have about 14.5 oz if I remember correctly and cost $2.39

    • Be careful as organic is not nec the best.
      the organic brand here actually has BHA and BHT and “guar gum. .Asian Family brand..JUST coconut milk and citric acid. no liner.

    • That is the exact brand I used to buy at Harvest Health Foods. But its 10 miles away and I buy nothing else there except for macadamia nut butter. Its just not worth it traveling that far when shredded coconut is so cheap on Amazon! (10 cents per serving of 110 cals).

  8. coconut butter…. i overeat it everyday… damn haha. i also love the coconut fried shrimp and coconut milk. not a fan of the taste he oil brings to food though

    i agree ith the frank-coconut flour…bets to just stay away

    • I forgot about coconut butter and have yet to try it. The different forms of coconut are endless…

  9. I really enjoy all things coconut! It’s one of the reasons I love primal eating 🙂 Bacon, Butter AND Coconut! It couldn’t be any better! Oil, flakes, milk, cream… I love it all, however I keep trying to use coconut flour here and there but find that I’m not loving the gritty texture it adds somethings… like in pancakes or dredging meat to sear. I am using Bob’s Red Mill brand. Is there a better version out there? maybe more finely ground? Has anyone compared other brands to BRM? Thanks everyone, and thanks Toad for the great blog!

    • I use Bob Red Mills brand as well so I am not sure if there are better brands although I bet there are. I am just not a big baker so I haven’t made the effort to find one.

  10. I use EVCO ON me more than IN me! Makes a great facial moistrizer for my sensitive skin.

    If I do eat it, I put about a tablespoon in my brewed chai tea with a little stevia and cream. That is a treat! I can literally feel it revving up the metabolism furnace when I have it!
    I dont use any other coconut products besides the carton pack of unsweet organic coconut milk on occasion.

  11. I use coconut milk for smoothies or added to curry. Coconut flour for cupcakes and pancakes. Coconut oil for cooking. I often eat a tbsp off a spoon to up my fat intake. I sometimes add a very small amount to my hair and skin.

    • I have never made a curry before but hope to try it soon. I just received 12 cans of coconut milk in the mail and thus need to start making some awesome smoothies!

  12. Not sure if you have found a cheaper, better source of coconut milk since you posted this but my local wall mart has a good deal @ 1.25 a 14 oz can. They have different varieties but the Aroy-D brand seems to have the better ingredients (or lack of others).

    • Do they have native forest? That is best since its organic and is bpa free. And its as cheap as thai which is not bpa free.

      • No native forest @ wal mart.
        I know the Aroy-D is not organic or it would definitely capitalize on that label.
        Its a product of Thailand so I know their standsrds mifght not be the same as the U.S.’s but this is the Ingredients list:
        Coconut extract 60%, Water.

        No other ingredients listed but prob not organic & tought to say what manufacturing processes they are meeting or using but this website seems to give it a good review: .
        The site lists potassium metabisulfite as another ingeredient but its not on the can I have.
        It seems eventual that wal mart will expand the organic list of products they have.

  13. fresh and easy has many different kinds of coconut milk. They are organic and are very good. They also have bobs shredded coconut which is very good.

  14. I think when coconut is too much, it’s my coconut-coconut cake. It seriously is almost made out of coconut(Only if they can make coconut salt one day!) It is pretty expensive so I make it for certain occasions, possibly my wedding. Though when you bite into it, it’s like eating a fresh coconut! Here’s the few ingredients: coconut flour, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut butter, coconut sugar, coconut extract, coconut extract, coconut oil…Oh, you get the point already?

  15. I recently had an email on how good coconut butter was, it is having fantastic results for Alziemas, Dementia and even HIV, herpies virus, memory, even weight loss etc etc I tasted it wow!!! but remember only buy the unrefined organic coconut butter. I eat it off the spoon or will dinner, cereal, deserts anything now on my second jar I love it

  16. I eat far too much. I am sugar free, so I make coconut bites. I turn coconut dessicated into butter, add nuts and seeds and fridge into disk shapes, trouble is I can eat 3-4 of these disks a day for breakfast and snacks and the whole batch in 3-4 days, its a awful lot of coconut! I estimated roughly each batch can use 200-400g of coconut!

    • How do you feel after eating this much coconut? If you feel great then why eat less if you love coconut? It’s likely you won’t eat coconut like this daily for the rest of your life. When you don’t set limits, your body will let you know when it’s had enough of a certain food. Just listen for the signs.

      • I feel fine and crave more 😉 I am gaining weight though….. Trying to cut them down…

        • You have begun gaining weight ever since eating this much coconut? Try being more conscious of feeling full and then stopping when full. And consider walking more. No one can walk too much 🙂

  17. I just love coconut milk with pineapple and chia seeds.i make it in 2 a smoothie. I have it 3 times a day. Is that bad? Will i gain weight? I really hope not cuz in trying 2 loose weight

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