Which Brand of Paleo Coconut Water/Juice Is Best? Vita Coco vs Zico vs Amy & Brians Naturals

A & B Coconut Juice

What do I mean by Paleo Coconut Water? Coconut water that has no added sugar. Coconut water/juice is already pure sugar so why add more?! It makes no sense.

To this date I have had the “luxury” to enjoy 3 different paleo brands of coconut water.

During the summer of 2010 I first took a sip of Vita Coco Coconut Water and fell in love immediately. I knew I just discovered a drink I would love for the rest of my life.

About a month ago I discovered I was aloud to drink the Coconut Water we have at work as much as I please – the Zico brand.

Two weeks ago Amy & Brians Naturals sent me their coconut water so I could write an honest review on it. I am sure they are glad they did!

I am going to review each one individually in the order of my discovery and finish by telling you the winner. Enjoy!

Vita Coco Coconut Water

This brand is pure coconut water. I love it. My favorite is the 100% Pure Coconut Water but I have also enjoyed the Peach & Mango as well as the Pineapple flavors. All 3 were great but the one without the added flavor was my favorite.

Cost: $1.81 per 100 calories on Amazon

Zico Coconut Water

I strongly recommend you AVOID the Zico brand. Why? It’s from concentrate. It is watered down. If you want to water down your coconut water then just add regular water to it! This is what  I don’t get about “lite” coconut milk. If you want lite coconut milk then buy the full fat kind and add water – you will save LOTS of money. I always enjoy full fat but I am just sayin…

This is currently the brand I drink more than the others. Why? I get it for free at work. It’s by no means terrible but is simply not the same as pure coconut water which the other 2 brands bring. And you will find out soon that it is much more expensive than the brand I discuss below. Avoid if you are able to buy one of the other 2 brands!

Cost: $2.95 per 100 calories on Amazon

Amy & Brians Naturals Coconut Water

The winner hands down.

I tried the one with pulp, without pulp and with lime. I loved them all but especially loved the one with pulp. Coconut “juice” with pulp? Sweet!! It adds a “soothing” coconut flavor. It allows you to imagine you are actually drinking from a young coconut! I had no idea this brand existed until the company tweeted me and asked if I would write an honest review. I have NO affiliation with this company as of today. If you click on the link within this text and you buy, then I get a commission of about $1 to $2 from Amazon.

This is also the cheapest of all the brands. How about that? The best brand will hurt your wallet the least. I am all about saving money as you know from my primeal posts.

Cost: $1.26 per 100 calories on Amazon

Out of these 3 brands it’s an EASY decision. You will save a lot of money as well as enjoy the taste a hell of a lot more if you buy Amy & Brians Naturals. Vita Coco is very ideal but it does not have any pulp or lime flavor! You have to put the lime in the coconut!

Coconut Water is a Luxury

To me Coconut Water is a luxury. It is very costly when you determine the cost correctly. I have enjoyed an entire paleo meal for $1.94. If you buy A & B’s brand you will only get 154 calories at a cost of $1.94 from coconut water. When I have more money down the road I will buy coconut water a little more frequently. But, if you are on a budget then be careful! Buy a bunch of avocados instead or even a 12 pack of shredded coconut (only 9 cents per 100 calories!).

Coconut water is the best source of electrolytes and is pure sugar – pure natural sugar. If you can afford it then I don’t see why 70 calories worth of the water a day would hurt. Just don’t stress over not being able to afford it.

As you can tell I love Coconut Water. Amy & Brians is by far my favorite due to the pulp factor. Which brands have you tried? What is YOUR favorite? Why?

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