Toad’s Alarming & Healing 36 Hour Experience With Hives


Do you suffer from hives?

I know exactly what you are going through.

Up until August 5, 2012 I went 8,835 days without hives (my entire life). Since August 5 I have seen hives come and go.

My first experience was beyond horrific as you can witness from the photo above. I know the feeling; the constant itch that literally feels like millions of mosquito bites.

Sunday evening: what the hell is that?!

I felt an unusual itch on my back on Sunday evening. I turned around while standing in front of my bathroom mirror to take a look. What a scary site! I had huge lumps on my back and was not sure what it was. For some reason “hives” came to mind even though I wasn’t exactly sure what hives were. At that point, I remembered that same day my hands and feet were unusually itchy, yet I never thought much about it (this is very key).

I decided to do some research that evening. I had LOTS of questions:

  • What are hives?
  • Is that what I have? Hives?
  • What causes hives?
  • How do I force the hives to go away?
  • How do I prevent hives from coming back?
  • Are hives an allergic reaction?
  • Did the hives come out of nowhere or was it a result of something I did?
  • Should I go to the emergency room?
  • Can I die from this?

That evening was not terrible. The hives had just really begun. It turns out that the itching on my hands and feet during the day was hives too. My back just began to itch that evening so I decided to rub on some Made On Lotion Bee Silk. This stuff is made out of 3 ingredients in the following order: beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter.


Monday morning: I’m so flipping itchy!!

It turns out that rubbing the Bee Silk lotion on my back only made my condition worse. I woke up Monday morning with massive lumps on my back. Not just my back though. I had lumps spreading all over my upper body. Why? What did I do? I rubbed Bee Silk all over my upper body.

Important note for hive sufferers: When you apply pressure to hives this spreads them. If you want, you are able to literally write your name on your arm if you have an extensive amount of histamine in your body (we will get back to histamine later). So, if you don’t want to manually spread your hives, then you absolutely must do your best to ignore them.

So at this point my entire upper body is covered in hives. I decide to take it easy and do hours of more research about hives. I listen to podcasts while walking around in our backyard with the sun shining down on me.

Why did I think the sun may help my hives? Because sitting in the intense sun for a couple hours that weekend completely healed my bee sting. I learned this did nothing for my hives. The sun did not improve my hives but instead kept me sane. When you are itching like crazy don’t stay indoors.

I discovered a foolproof treatment: Apple cider vinegar

The day went on and in the early afternoon I decided to fill 2 giant zip loc bags with ice. I laid on my stomach and placed the bags of ice on my back. This trick seemed to begin the decline of my hives.

Seemed is a keyword because it was hard to tell. The itching was definitely not as present but came back a short while after I removed the ice.

While researching home remedies for hives, the most common was a cool oatmeal bath. I mentioned this to my father who immediately tossed the idea into the trash because he did not want the drain clogged. Fair enough.

My amazing father then mentioned vinegar. I immediately thought: Apple cider vinegar!

Apple cider vinegar is what did it. I’m 100% certain that apple cider vinegar removed hives from my skin. I’m more certain about this fact than any other fact I’ve ever discovered. You’ll learn exactly why in a blog post next week.

For now, add some apple cider vinegar (ACV) to a paper towel and rub that over your hives. Feel the small itch/burn for a few moments. Look at your hives 20 minutes later. Do you see an improvement? Most likely you will. Wait a full hour before determining if ACV works for you. For me, my hives completely vanish every single time. It has yet to fail in the past 3 weeks.

Scroll up and look at my picture again. Apple cider vinegar removed all those hives from my body. Seriously!

I took no medication. I’m kind of against almost all medications. The only exceptions are if death is a possibility. You’ll learn a lot more about my thoughts on medication soon.

Join the discussion below and ask me for help

I want to know your experience with hives. If you are suffering from hives right now then say so. I know exactly what you are going through and I want to help you. I have no idea if apple cider vinegar will work on everyone but if it literally works 100% of the time on me then why not? It’s a strong possibility that is worth finding out.

I won’t tell you to get off any medication that you may be taking, but I am not afraid to recommend that you rub some apple cider vinegar on your hives. Take baby steps. If you have hives on your arms then start there and see what happens. You’ll find out within an hour if it works for you or not.

Also understand that in order to prevent hives from forming you need to remove histamine from your system. I’ll discuss this in another post. If you want help then feel free to email me. I want your suffering to end. You may want to check out this page with a list of histamine rich foods/substances right now.

What caused my hives? I’m not 100% certain but I have a grand idea. You’ll learn more about this in a post in September. Stay tuned!

Do you know someone that is suffering with hives? Do you think my personal experience and foolproof (for me) treatment can help them out? Please tell them about this post. Use the buttons below to share it on facebook, tweet it, pin it on pinterest and plus one it on google plus. Email it too.

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Calorie Counter to Anorexia & Depression to Vibrant Health with Real Food

Max 1

Hello! The following is a short and sweet body transformation story by Max Gazarra. If you are a calorie counter then it’s a must read. Do you have a story to share? Shoot me an email!


Hi everybody, I sent Todd a message the other day and he asked me to write my story for his blog. I figured why not?

Before I start I’ll mention that I am a 21 year old male, and a distance runner for my college. I know that distance running is not exactly primal, but I have been doing it for the past 6 years. While the fire is no longer as strong as it once was, I still plan to train hard for my teammates in my last season as a collegiate athlete.

I sent my message to Todd to tell him how I first became primal, and how I found Mark’s Daily Apple at a similar time he did. Before I found this wonderful way of living in June of 2010, I was a freshman runner who wanted to improve as much as possible. I began by reading the conventional wisdom online, about cutting out the foods that are “bad” for you and eating healthier.

It is scary how this misinformation can damage someone who is very serious about their health.

I began in the Fall by cutting out all snacks and sweets, which was fine. It wasn’t enough for me though, I wanted to take my running to the next level. So I kept on reading, and started cutting out almost all fat and most meat.

I would jump on the scale, and see the weight I lost. I thought losing weight would translate into faster times, but boy was I wrong.

A lunch consisted of 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 2 slices of turkey, and excessive tomatoes/peppers/cucumbers. I was stuffing myself with vegetables and not eating substance.

Calorie counter to becoming anorexic

As the winter progressed, I basically became anorexic. I would look at the scale each day, and if I was not happy with what I saw I would eat less that day. Although I was running up to 75 miles per week regularly, I was only consuming just around 2000 calories or less per day (I know, I was counting).

Although this time period only lasted for about 4 to 5 months, it was easily the worst time of my life. I was always tired, hungry, exhausted (I did not want to get out of my chair while sitting ever), cold, and depressed. I would do things that never happened before (I won’t go into detail, but for example I wet my bed 3 times… the only 3 times in my life I wet the bed). I went from 135 pounds in November to 115 in April. I am 5’5. I don’t recommend running 11 miles a day and not eating!

Anyway, after eating a lot again in April I finally ran some good race times (my times suffered prior to then), but that is besides the point. As I was recovering from this mini-episode, I stumbled upon Mark’s blog and was intrigued by what I read.

Discovery of the saturated fat myth

About 5 months after going Primal.

After a month or so of convincing, and after watching Tom Naughton’s “Fat Head”, I was sure that saturated fat was not bad for me and I went fully primal. My life has improved since then in all ways.

Right now, two years later, I am back to my old self, happy and healthy. I still think about food more than most people I know, but I love the science and power behind eating the right foods.

I believe the healthiest diet consists of vegetables, all meat/fish/eggs, coconut products, and root vegetables and tubers (sweet potatoes in particular!). I believe great additions include fruit, nuts, white rice and dark chocolate. For desserts, I feel chocolate and ice cream are fine due to the lack of grains and oils.

I also believe living stress free and enjoying life as much as possible.

Taken 2 days ago

Toad speaking: Do you have a body or life transformation that you wish to share with the world? Shoot me an email. I’d love to hear about it whether or not you want it published on this blog!

Do you believe saturated fat is heart healthy? Click here to sport it on a t-shirt! The $15 sale ends July 31st!

Ditch Grains for Perfect Sleep & Significant Muscle Gain

Tyler Peters

Hello everyone! Today is Sunday. A day of inspiration. A day to relax and be grateful for all that you have. Read this success story and then contact me if you have one to submit yourself. All comments, questions and concerns are greatly appreciated and can be left below. Grok on!


My name is Tyler Peeters and I’m 23 years old. Much like the one and only Primal Toad, I received my nickname (Lunchbox) at a young age. I was a short, fat kid. As time passed I grew to be a tall fat kid. At one point I was 6’1” and about 265 lbs. I put myself on a pretty rigorous workout program that dropped me down to a skinny 175 lbs in about a year.

Despite my massive weight loss and my new fitness regime, I didn’t have the energy that I had when I was younger (and less “in shape”). I started going low carb while performing the p90x workout program and found it surprisingly easy and energizing to not eat grains. Conventional wisdom always dictated that grains are where we get our energy from.

It was 8 months, 13 days ago that I decided to go Primal.

A friend of mine introduced me to Mark Sisson’s blog, Marks Daily Apple. I found the concept of living primal to be very interesting and bought his book, The Primal Blueprint. Since the day I bought the book, the main thing that I have noticed about my new diet is my energy levels.

I sleep a full night now, often without waking up at all. Going from waking up 6 or 7 times per night to sleeping through a full night not only improves my energy levels throughout the day but improves my mood, my daily routine is more regular (now that I’m not hitting the snooze button 3 or 4 times), and my health in general.

When I wake up in the morning, I no longer require a sugar-laden Nitrous Oxide supplement in order to function at the gym. I just scarf down a banana and I’m on my way. Going primal is truly the best decision I’ve ever made.

How do grains mess with our sleeping patterns?

I’m not sure the exact mechanism by which this works but I do have a degree in Chemistry and Biology and have a rough idea of how eating grains ruins our sleep. I suspect that it has something to do with the way grains affect your blood glucose levels.

When a grain is introduced, your blood glucose spikes and remains elevated for a long period of time as the different sugars are broken down by your insulin. This causes your body to keep releasing energy for hours after you eat grains (that’s why your mom always told you to eat spaghetti before sports). This means that if you eat a lot of grains throughout the day, when you go to sleep, your body is still breaking your blood sugars down and this keeps you from entering a very deep sleep. Eliminating the grains and processed sugars eliminates your blood sugar spikes, leading to an amazing sleep.

That’s my (not so) short story about how going primal has changed my life. By the way, for those of you who care, I’m now sitting at a muscular 215 lbs.

Thanks to Toad for providing me with the opportunity to share my story.

Grok on!