Winner of the Squatty Potty Giveaway Is… Is It Worth It To Buy?


Teresa! The first commenter on the giveaway post. chose #1 out of a possible 80. Congrats! I have just emailed Teresa so a Squatty Potty can be sent her way immediately.

Should you buy a Squatty Potty yourself?

It depends.

How long does it take you to eliminate? If you have time to read then I can assure you that you are on the pot for too long. Is your poop smooth? Does it pass easily or do you struggle? How often do you go? Daily or only a couple times a week? Are you bloated often?

Watch dogs poop. Chauncey, the world’s most awesome one-eyed Boston Terrier, poops easily. He never struggles. Once he marks his spot he eliminates in less than 30 seconds every single time. He goes 1-3 times daily. Oh, and he never has to wipe.

Why are humans the only animal on the planet that have to wipe their ass after pooping?

I’m not suggesting that you should eliminate in 30 seconds or less. But, why not finish in less than 2 minutes? Why not eliminate bloating? Why not go once per day? Why not pass on wiping or wipe just a few times?

Sure, we are unique. We are the only animals on this planet that cook our food. Some think cooking is what made us human.

With the Squatty Potty, you can safely poop in your toilet and squat. You can use any object you wish of course. Just remember that the Sqautty Potty fits snuggly underneath your toilet. It looks nice. Company will appreciate it over a random object that you put your feet on. They will be more apt to try it out themselves.

You need to eat real food. You don’t need to eat real food 100% of the time. You should, however, start squatting when you poop.

Use a random object at home or use the Squatty Potty. The choice is yours my friend.

Squatty Potty Giveaway


Update: This giveaway is now over. Who is the winner? Find out here.

The modern toilet is kicking your ass.

The Squatty Potty will save you. And, guess what? I am giving one away.

Have you ever seen a dog poop? My Boston Terrier will sniff around the yard to find the perfect spot and then squat. While pooping, he taps his feet to the ground a few times. After about 10 to 15 seconds he is done.

How long do you find yourself sitting on the toilet?

I bet it’s longer than 10 to 15 seconds. I’m not saying it’s supposed to take us that quick. However, I think that we should be done in less than a minute. If we truly squatted like we have been for tens of thousands of years up until very recently, then all it would take is a minute.

Sean Croxton is very enthusiastic about poop. I’m on my way. Why? It’s important folks. It’s a key indicator to your overall health.

Watch his Poopin 2.0 video. It get’s interesting at 1:33…

You need to start squatting.

No one expects you to squat in your own yard, let alone someone else’s yard. So, what is the solution? You can find something simple to raise your feet on. Or, if you so choose, you can get more stylish and order the Squatty Potty. It will fit snuggly with your toilet so it looks nice.

Do you want to win one? To enter, leave a comment below telling me why you want the Squatty Potty. On Sunday, May 20, I will choose one lucky winner at random. The winner will be announced later that day.

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