Steve Kamb Exercised Around the World – What Should Primal Toad Do?


I’m a huge fan of Steve Kamb and what he is doing over at He is a huge inspiration to me and is one of my 23 blogging heroes.

My all-time favorite YouTube video is of Steve Kamb exercising around the world. You can watch the video below.

I am in Austin, Texas as I type this. Today is day 8. I’ve never been more alive. More confident. I’m lucky that all I need is my computer to work but I have been working my ass off for the past 3 years. I’ve also made numerous sacrifices and had to put up with my parents telling me to get a job and go back to school.

It’s all been worth it folks.

Please watch that video above. Then tell me what I should do. I don’t just say that I am on an epic Primal adventure for the hell of it. I truly want to make this epic. I want to put myself out there and change the world. But, I need your help. I need to read what you think I should do.

I want to create an epic video like Steve’s. The only thing is that I want to create something more epic than him. Way more epic.

I’m a huge fan of flash mobs. What if I organized a flash mob in every city I visit around the world and then every year create a video with clips from each flash mob and than an even bigger one every 5 years?

I’ll be working on a lot of awesome projects over the next decade or so as I travel around the world. I’m all about building community.

So, please tell me what type of video I can create. What ideas come to your mind when you watch Steve’s video as he exercises around the world? Just leave a comment below!

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