19 Reasons to Never Fear Eating 30 Bananas (A Day?)

Sliced banana

… Over a 2 to 4 week period!

I’m not suggesting you eat 30 bananas a day like that Durian Rider dude is famous for. I’m not that crazy. Our bodies require animal foods more than anything else. I suggest a mix of plants and animals, but am well aware that the consumption of animal products are essential for optimal health. Plants, on the other hand, are not.

Plants. Eat them. Not too much.

I’ll add… don’t fear plants. Just focus on animal foods first.

More specifically, don’t fear banans. Why? Read on.

  1. Inexpensive (19 cents each at Trader Joe’s!).
  2. Whole food with lots of nutrition.
  3. Low in fructose (lower than blueberries on a calorie per calorie basis!).
  4. Mostly made of glucose (seems conclusive that our bodies prefer this over fructose).
  5. Second best ingredient for smoothies (frozen are best!).
  6. Outrageously delicious.
  7. Satisfies hunger quickly thus challenging to overeat.
  8. Thick skin so organic is not necessary (makes them cheaper).
  9. If you happen to travel or live in Hawaii – Apple bananas are the shit.
  10. Durianrider believes that we should all eat 30 bananas a day.
  11. Portable, nutritious snack.
  12. They give you quick energy that will NOT turn into fat unless you sit on your ass and do nothing.
  13. Dozens grow on a single tree – does not take up much space.
  14. Very dense in calories – less space for more food.
  15. No preparation needed. Just peel and eat!
  16. Easily digestible.
  17. Excellent source of potassium.
  18. Decent source of magnesium (most are deficient in this one).
  19. It’s better than bacon?

Don’t fear the banana. Eat it. If you are doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox or are allergic to them then watch your intake. Otherwise, don’t worry. Just don’t ever eat 30 bananas in a single day. Maybe once…;)

Do you eat bananas? Why or why not? Are you afraid to eat them because of their carb content?