19 Reasons to Never Fear Eating 30 Bananas (A Day?)

Sliced banana

… Over a 2 to 4 week period!

I’m not suggesting you eat 30 bananas a day like that Durian Rider dude is famous for. I’m not that crazy. Our bodies require animal foods more than anything else. I suggest a mix of plants and animals, but am well aware that the consumption of animal products are essential for optimal health. Plants, on the other hand, are not.

Plants. Eat them. Not too much.

I’ll add… don’t fear plants. Just focus on animal foods first.

More specifically, don’t fear banans. Why? Read on.

  1. Inexpensive (19 cents each at Trader Joe’s!).
  2. Whole food with lots of nutrition.
  3. Low in fructose (lower than blueberries on a calorie per calorie basis!).
  4. Mostly made of glucose (seems conclusive that our bodies prefer this over fructose).
  5. Second best ingredient for smoothies (frozen are best!).
  6. Outrageously delicious.
  7. Satisfies hunger quickly thus challenging to overeat.
  8. Thick skin so organic is not necessary (makes them cheaper).
  9. If you happen to travel or live in Hawaii – Apple bananas are the shit.
  10. Durianrider believes that we should all eat 30 bananas a day.
  11. Portable, nutritious snack.
  12. They give you quick energy that will NOT turn into fat unless you sit on your ass and do nothing.
  13. Dozens grow on a single tree – does not take up much space.
  14. Very dense in calories – less space for more food.
  15. No preparation needed. Just peel and eat!
  16. Easily digestible.
  17. Excellent source of potassium.
  18. Decent source of magnesium (most are deficient in this one).
  19. It’s better than bacon?

Don’t fear the banana. Eat it. If you are doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox or are allergic to them then watch your intake. Otherwise, don’t worry. Just don’t ever eat 30 bananas in a single day. Maybe once…;)

Do you eat bananas? Why or why not? Are you afraid to eat them because of their carb content?

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  1. PKJ says

    Nice post, but organic does matter. Chemicals seep into the soil that is used to grow them. So even if you peel it, it doesn’t prevent you from ingesting small amounts of those chemicals. And remember that just because you don’t eat it doesn’t mean that the land around those farms don’t suffer from the runoff into ground water, which impacts local populations.

    • says

      Organic can definitely make a difference. I am not arguing that. But if someone does not eat 100% organic foods which is just about everyone in the entire world, then bananas are definitely one of those foods that don’t need to be organic. Grenens first then thin skinned produce, potatoes, etc.

  2. says

    PKJ- organic is better I must say- but for those of us on a budget who seriously want to stick to a primal lifestyle- well sometimes we go with what we can get- is this bad? I do not think so- while the idea of a small amount of chemicals getting into your system sounds nasty I can’t help but point out that most city dwellers inhale crap worse than eating an non organic banana ( in my opinion that is- coming from a small town- this country girl immediately noticed the smog hanging over the big city) honestly we are not free from inhaling, or eating things that may be harmful- even organic can have its moments- those organic veggies/ fruits are still susceptible to things like e coli just the same as our non organic crops… I agree that organic is always a better, healthier choice for both human and the environment- but we should also remember that just because its organic doesn’t mean it is not without some risk- food borne illness can strike whenever.. Also so far even when I don’t get the chance to buy organic I am still feeling amazing about my food choices… I think that is all that matters…

    Toad I love your posts!!! I enjoy every minute of the time I spend reading them… I do not fear whole foods- I agree that bananas aren’t something a lot of people should be gorging on- but for me I can safely have two bananas within a day… I suppose it depends on the person- I have constant fatigue so a bit more carbs from things like bananas and sweet potatoes do right by me… it keeps my energy flow balanced so to speak… before switching to primal I would lose the energy and fight all day to do the simplest of things like housework.

    anyway about to go into ramblings- but seriously one thing I have learned while on my primal journey is to eat what works for you.. listen to your body! lol! I did a food mood journal for a few months before going primal and I made notes of how everything effected me bananas just happened to be my go to snack in the early morn- it kept me from eating more as well- I love how filling one banana can be-

    • PKJ says

      I live on a pretty strict budget, too, but there are just some things I won’t put into my body, and chemical fertilizers and pesticides/herbicides are one of them. That’s worth an extra buck to me.
      Eat at your own risk.

    • says

      Well said Lexxy! I never said organic was not superior. But, like you said, eating 100% organic is not feasible for most of us. In this case, bananas are a food to enjoy non organically.

      Thanks for your kind words! I ate 5 bananas the day I wrote this post but I usually eat 1-2. Sometimes I go a few days without eating any!

  3. Primal Person says

    Every thing I click on seems like an ad! You seem more interested in pushing your book and making $$.
    Fair enough in a way, everyone has to make a living, but when you continually add links to click and buy or add it all your pages, it just seems pushy.
    Youve got some good info, but nothing super special that hasnt been said before and put for free on the net.
    I wont be back.

    • says

      I do need to make a living Primal Person. Just like everyone else. Sometimes I agree that I push too much but most of the time I am not doing enough to make more money. If I did not make any money from this site then I’d be spending a lot less time on it.

  4. Lindy says

    I once worked at UGA’s Food Science dept, and I remember one professor saying, “At least wash your hands after touching conventional bananas.” He said he was horrified how much they spray the bundles. I’d make sure not to touch the peel and then touch the banana.

    I also love plantains, but it’s hard to find them organic. :(

    • says

      Good to know I guess. I just don’t want to stress over something that probably does not matter that much.

  5. says

    I don’t think bananas agree with me, and I’m not even some carbo phobe. I notice that if I just have a berry/avocado/yogurt smoothie or something, it’s all good, but if I try to sneak a banana in there, I get all sleepy and energy drained. Same with if I try to have that recipe I really like with the bananas and the kale in the scrambled eggs. It’s frustrating!! I want bananas!! – I’d agree their biggest advantage is their cheap price and their excellent smoothie characteristics.

    • says

      Interesting and that is very unfortunate. I guess some people just don’t do well with certain foods. This shows that we need to find out own diets!

    • Timothy W says

      Same here… I’ve noticed since going primal that my body just doesn’t agree with bananas. I love how they taste and have always eaten them, but since listening to my body more, I just feel tired and slightly nauseous when eating one.

  6. Ingrid says

    I like a banana, avocado and apple for breakfast; something about this combo works really well for me and I’m sensitive to sugar. Wai diet is an interesting off-shoot of paleo that I’m experimenting with right now. So far so good:)

  7. Chris says

    I would have to disagree with you when stating that buying organic bananas is inconsequential. Being primal is about having compassion for not only yourself, but also for other people and the environment. I recommend picking up a copy of the documentary Bananas! – it will give you an oppressive account of the importance of choosing organic when shopping for bananas.


    • says

      I guess I will have to do some more reading on the subject. Do the chemicals penetrate through the thick skin and into the banana though?

  8. A.Stev says

    Bleh, I just don’t like bananas.
    They taste gross and the texture makes me gag. It’s like eating a sickly tasting mush. Eww…

  9. says

    I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. I read a tweet from you about eating bananas yesterday and went and ate two back to back that evening. I haven’t eaten bananas in months and guess what, I got a horrible allergic reaction from eating them. I *love* being able to isolate which foods I need to stay away from. I *love* getting these very clear indications when something isn’t working for you so perverse as it might seem, I’m feeling very empowered right now. There is nothing worse that feeling crummy and not being sure why. Even though my comment isn’t really in the sentiment of your post, thank you. I love bananas and think they are jam-packed full of goodness for most people.

    • says

      Lol. That’s too bad but hey, now you know not to eat bananas! Not as bad as not being able to tolerate seafood!

  10. Christine says

    Origin of the banana matters to not only the person eating the banana, but to the workers– conventional bananas are sprayed with chemicals that cause sterility and other physical deformities, chemicals that have been outlawed in the U.S. since the 70s… but are still used regularly in Central America. Child labor is known part of banana farming- children as young as 8 have been found working long hours in banana plantations. Organic fair-trade are the only bananas I’ll eat- it’s not just for my sake, but for the sake of the people who grow, harvest, clean, and package them for me.

    • says

      You do make some excellent points that I never really thought of before. I may have to consider buying organic bananas now or just eat them less frequently. You say they are sprayed with horrible chemicals but do these penetrate through the thick skin?

      • says

        No offense Todd, but given the info she just gave you, why do you even care if the horrible chemicals seep through the skin of the bananas? Is it not enough for you to know that other people, including little kids, are being directly exposed to these pesticides as they work on the banana farms? Sheesh.

  11. says

    I really like bananas, but I have worried about them since making the switch to paleo – I have PCOS and have about 50 more pounds to lose, so I have worried they will hinder the weight loss. I LOVE them as a dessert occasionally – sliced and cooked up in some butter with some shredded coconut thrown over it all. AH-mazing. Warm bananas are just incredible to me. Also: #9… I snorted. :) And now I need to find these bananas! lol

    • says

      Depending on how many carbs you are consuming, you may do better with more carbs. A lot of people go too low which hinders the weight loss. Just food for thought. If you are doing well with what you are doing then keep going! But, if you stall then make changes.

  12. Katie says

    Hey Todd,

    I just had half of a frozen banana and three strips of bacon for dessert. I recommend you try this. :-)


  13. says

    I’m not a fan of fruit — I really enjoy vegetables for their taste much more! But I am going to experiment with a higher fruit paleo or primal type of diet. I don’t think my body is so happy with all the fat & protein, and since I’m not much of a fruit person, I’m happy to have found such awesome smoothie recipes. I tried one today with a simple frozen & room temperature banana, with strawberry slices and a handful of spinach leaves.

    I don’t think the blender I have will work so well for such things — I kept having to stop and smush everything down, so it would actually blend — so I might need to look for something better.