What is Primal Toad all about?

I started this blog back on April 23, 2010 to publish thoughts on living Paleo. I did that for about 4 Β years before questioning the Paleo philosophy. I still believe in a lot of tenants in Paleo and believe they are 100% necessary for humans to survive, but I’m no longer even close to as strict as I once was.

Why the name Primal Toad?

I rolled with Primal because I fell in love with Mark Sisson’s philosophy behind his book The Primal Blueprint. To this day I agree with 90% or so of it. I much prefer his book The Primal Connection and feel it’s vitally important. I’ll always remember how important a simple hug is and how much we are missing the human touch in today’s society.

I rolled with Toad because my name is Todd Dosenberry. My 3 older siblings called me Toad growing up and I despised it. The nickname fell off this planet until I decided to bring it back in April 2010.

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Who am I?

  • I flew out of the US on July 3, 2015
  • I’ve been living in SE Asia since then
  • I’m currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • I eat Paleo but I don’t
  • I have a firm belief that free will is an illusion
  • I’ve been an Internet Entrepreneur since 2006
  • For 1.5 years I sold Nintendo Wii’s on eBay
  • Then I sold American Eagle Outfitters clothing on eBay

I’m on social media:

Do you love smoothies?

Click here to discover my 12 favorite smoothie recipes.

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  1. I love your idea for a restaurant!
    I’ve have a similar vision – for a retreat with spa and sauna and good food, and massage and lots of optional activities like horse riding, mountain-biking, walking, hiking, dancing, yoga, pilates, feldenkrais etc. here in the incredibly beautiful countryside where I live.
    Good luck with everything…

    • Thanks!

      Where do you live – state or country? Your vision sounds very awesome – go for it! I may invest in a primal vacation spot down the road – in 3-5 years or so. I would not mind investing in your vision!

      Feel free to e-mail me at primaltoad1@gmail.com.

      Keep dreaming BIG!

    • Yup. I’d be an investor. I didn’t see where you (primaltoad) have a restaurant idea, which would be very good, but the country side retreat is enhanced paleo. I hope I hear back because this is exactly what I want to do.
      : )

      • I deleted that restaurant idea part on this page. I need to update this. I still want to start a restuarant. But only start. I have MANY ideas and just wish to start them and then let someone else that I know take over.

        • Dear Toad, i am right now in the process of establishing a paleo restaurant in nyc, need investor asap if interested please call me i have a succesfull argentine steak house in nyc for the last fourteen years and now ready to start this venture, i serve only grass fed beef in my restaurant and have started a paleo dite in the last two weeks, have the spot all line up need the cash and of course all your experience as well.


          chef carlos 917 804 2850

          • Hey Carlos,

            If I had the cash I would love to help. Unfortunately I am in credit card debt and thus can not invest in any other primal businesses. Maybe next year! Good luck with your venture! Update me on the progress. If you are really creating a paleo restaurant in NYC then I would love to help you get the word out. Just shoot me an email!

  2. Your plate with the salmon, etc… well that looks like my plate pretty much nightly (except no potato) TIMES 5! ha ha! Seriously!
    But from what I am reading you sound so happy with your new lifestyle and I couldn’t be more happy for you! Also… happy birthday! πŸ™‚

    • Haha, yea I kind of eat a lot I guess πŸ™‚ But, veggies are low cal and salmon is in a way as well. That meal was around 600 calories I believe. I think I dipped the veggies in olive oil.

      Thanks for the happy birthday wishes!

  3. Haha, yea I kind of eat a lot I guess But, veggies are low cal and salmon is in a way as well. That meal was around 600 calories I believe. I think I dipped the veggies in olive oil.

  4. Your bio is full of energy and boundless enthusiasm. Can’t wait to see what you do with that restaurant. Love your names–both versions. I’ve been running into this whole grain thing at least once a week for a couple of months now. Looks like I’m going to have to read the Primal Blueprint. Do you know about the Weston A. Price Foundation (www.westonaprice.org)? They discuss grains as well, and why we have difficulty digesting them. You have to dig for the articles, as their site, while enormously informative, isn’t terribly intuitive.

    • Thanks! I haven’t updated it in a while… I plan on doing a lot more with my about me page soon. I will also be starting a biography soon – maybe not till 2011 but I will be working on a detailed one soon. My life has changed dramatically over the past few years, especially the past year and then the last few months. It has been an unbelievable 22 years and I am grateful for everything that has happened in my life to this point.

      I have heard of the weston price foundation but have never really read much from there. I have been wanting for but just haven’t made time for it. I will have to do that this weekend. Thanks for reminding me of it!

  5. It was nice to read this. Learning a bit more about other primal lovers is great.
    I hope you will achieve the goals you listed.


    • Hi JP,

      Yes it is awesome learning more about other primal enthusiasts. Thanks for the encouragement. I do need to update my about me page soon though!

  6. Hey Toad (I almost called you Todd there..but I didn’t).

    I remember I found your acne skin care blog from Frans blog (I saw you a few times in the comments there)..and then yesterday at my blog carnival (wholesome whole foods) anyway it’s cool you have a primal blog now!

    I’m thinking of going on a little paleo diet for a week or two just to try it out. But the thing is I’m not that keen on meat..though I guess it’s not like you’re eating meat for every meal right?

    Anyway cool bio and i’m looking forward to the updates.


    • Haha… I prefer Toad (oddly) but my real name, Todd, is ok too! πŸ˜‰

      I do remember a Michelle from Fran’s blog. With acne, I just was not really connecting with it all. I loved the health part and I loved trying to help people. But, it never took off within the 4 months that I was really into it. I am 2.5 months into this blog and it has been everything I have imagined and more.

      I stopped visiting Frans blog but I am back on again. I added her blog to my Google Reader and will be checking back every so often. I really like her as a person and hope to meet her someday when I visit Australia. Both of my mentors, Yaro and Gideon live in Brisbane as well so it would be awesome to meet all of them.

      It looks like you live in Melbourne… is that close to Brisbane?!

      Some eat meat for just about every meal and some don’t. It depends on what YOU want to do. Just figure out about how much protein you want to consume and then go from there. If you are not that keen on meat then just add a little bit in your diet first. Start with eggs and fish if you like fish. Then just work your way up. I can almost guarantee you will feel much better with a paleo/primal diet. We do need that protein to build strong organs. But, if you don’t wish to lift at all and not work out at all then you don’t need as much protein.

      Thanks again for commenting on my blog! I will be visiting your site often as well.

      -Todd πŸ˜‰

  7. That could have very well have been me.
    The paleo diet does seem to be broader in terms of things to talk about compared to acne (well to me it does anyway).

    As for the question of Melbourne being close to Brisbane..well they’re not really close…like a state apart lol..http://www.atn.com.au/maps/melbne.html have a look at that map (on the red line Melbourne is towards the bottom of that line and Brisbane is at the top of it.

    Yeah I might try the diet and see what happens! You know I remember I was looking at marks daily apple the other day and I saw in one post how primal/paleo people don’t really eat legumes that often..I found that quite odd, I thought it would have been the contrary..but I guess not!


    • Yes, you are right… the paleo/primal lifestyle is broader in terms of things to talk about. With acne I felt like I had to talk specifically about acne every post. I must be honest… I HATED it. With my primal blog… I blog about my life. When I first got into blogging back in December I thought it would be really cool to someday just blog about my life. I truly feel like the most blessed person the planet because I am doing just that and the feedback has been unbelievable. It has been everything I expected and so much more.

      I am just here to help people. I enjoy helping others and I believe EVERYONE enjoys helping others… we just don’t do enough of it. There is NOTHING in the world like inspiring another human being. Or connecting with something in nature, or your dog, etc.

      I will check out the map. I am planning a world tour for 2011 and I will for sure be in Australia no doubt. I have been wanting to visit there for 6 plus years. I remember talking about it with my manager at the coffee/bagel shop I worked at for 3 years back in my late teen years.

      Do try the diet and be sure to implement the whole lifestyle too. It is a lot more than just diet. Move like we used to move and don’t be skipping out on sunlight, sleep, play, etc. Feel free to e-mail me Michelle, PrimalToad1 (at) Gmail (dot) com. Like I said, I want to help others and will only give advice when wanted.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Hey Toad,
    Dan from Darwin’s Table pointed me towards your site. I’m relatively new to the world of Paleo – I’m on week 5, but so far, I’m very pleased with my results! I’m still trying to learn everything I can and I’m so glad I found your site!

    • Hey Gabrielle,

      Dan is an awesome guy!

      I am glad to hear you are pleased with your results 5 weeks in. It truly only gets better as long as you stay on track. Good luck with your journey! Have a passion for the lifestyle, have patience and stay persistent – simply never give up!

    • I added you to the primal/paleo blog list and twitter list. Do you have a facebook profile page that you would like me to add to that list?

  9. Hi Toad,

    Keep up the good work. It’s great hearing about your progress. I too used to have… well not bad acne but certainly it was really annoying and just enough that it was always there. Having given up the grains I’m now acne free and loving it (comes with a lot of side benefits, as I’m sure you’re aware).


  10. Heya,

    I’m *new* to the primal lifestyle and stumbled upon this piece of cyber-space in my pursuit of information. You have a great blog! I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your thoughts, advice, and general musings on living like our ancestors your posts have been quite refreshing and from a stand-point I can relate to.


  11. Hey Toad,

    What’s your opinion on eating insects for the Paleo diet? Have you ever done it? I know several people who do and I’ve tried it too. They’re really healthy and once you get past the “ew” factor, they taste really good (a lot like peanuts or cashews.)

    • My opinion is eww for now…

      But, you are right in that humans have been eating insects for tens of thousands of years and still do today. I hope to engage in a lot of primal activities this year and for the rest of my life. One of them is backpacking. This is when I may try a worm or some other insect…

      If you like them then go for it! How do you go about doing it? Do you cook them? Clean then? When and where do you eat them?

      • Haha, if you close your eyes it’s not so bad. I had to do a little “don’t wuss out now, just eat it” chant before putting it in my mouth though.

        I visited Thailand a while ago and they sell pretty much any insect you can imagine in the markets there just like how delis and groceries sell produce out front. You can get them online though too. There’s even flavored ones, where they sprinkle some ground bacon or cinnamon on it.

        I ate them raw (crickets, dobsonflies, mealworms and scorpions) and no there’s no need to clean them if they’ve been bred specifically for consumption. Most people I’ve seen in Thailand just sprinkle them onto any dish as a condiment in the same way that someone might add some nuts or seeds to a meal. You can definitely cook them though and even fry them.apparently. I opted for the “raw” ones.

        I plan to purchase some in the near future so I’ll definitely get back to you on that. πŸ˜€

        • Yea, let me know how that goes. Sounds interesting and something I may do in the future. But, for now, I am fine with my grass fed beef!

    • IMHO Insects are the way forward as far as feeding the ever growing population, especially if we’re ever going to move away from the mass produced grain food products that are currently being relied on to feed the large majority of the worlds population.

      Do I salivate at the thought of a plate of toasted meal worms and a grilled cricket shish kebab?… not really, but I’m planning on giving it a go πŸ˜€

  12. I like your site very much as it is very informative and very helpful. I am also starting to go paleo to see if it will completely get rid of my acne and I am hoping for the best. I was wondering how your results were, and how long did they take,

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Jesus,

      When I first started to eat paleo my acne was clearing up great. It has never been 100% clear but was 99% for a while until I started to binge eat. I finished a 30 day paleo experiment a week ago and my skin looks as clear as ever. Keep in mind its more about just the food you eat. This is the biggest part but exercise helps a lot along with getting sunlight, managing stress (this is HUGE), getting adequate sleep, etc. all play a role in how your skin looks.

      I wish you all the best! Let me know if you have any questions at all.

  13. hey Toad,
    I am just getting into the primal life, and love it.. one of the only diets or lifestyles out there that makes sense to me. im the same age as you, was a competitive swimmer for 8 years but wasnt taking good care of myself the past year or so. just wanted to say keep it up sites like this with quality info inspire me in multiple ways!

  14. Hey Toad –
    Nice blog, have been reading a bit lately here. Found you from the MDA blog.

    Came to this page to find out more about your story, but it’s empty? Odd, from comments above, seems like it may have been lost or something?



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