If You Could Only Live On 7 Foods, What Would They Be?

The question continues to get tougher and tougher. In May last year I asked you to tell me your 10 survival foods. Three months ago I asked you to tell me your 9 survival foods. Today your challenge is to come up with 8. You may look at your list from February (if you left a comment) and delete 1 food. Or, feel free to come up with an entirely new list.

It started with 10 foods. Now it’s down to 7 and will eventually be 1. Feel free to view the previous posts in this awesome series. Or simply leave a comment below with your top 7 survival foods.

You do this how you want to. Feel free to list “beef” as one of your foods or list porterhouse steak as one and chuck roast as another food. It’s up to you.

2 Rules

  1. Have fun
  2. Share with others

Ok. Enough with the fun. No. Wait… I need to come up with my list! Check out the previous 2 posts (here and here) to see what I came up with. I have desires to start from scratch. I guess my taste buds change over time.

My 7 Primal Survival Foods

  1. King Crab
  2. Chicken Eggs
  3. Avocado
  4. Onion
  5. Beef Steak
  6. Coconut
  7. Broccoli

How did I come up with my list?

My list is in order of preference for today. When creating my list I think of all the factors. I ask myself if I think I could actually live on these foods for a long time. I enjoyed king crab for the first time in my life about 2 weeks ago and was immediately hooked. It is now by far my best choice. Eggs are incredibly nutrient dense and add fat. Avocados are nutrient dense and add fat as well as fiber. Onions are a cleanser and give me starch.

Check back in about one month if you wish to submit your top 6 survival foods. This is getting damn hard but is a lot of fun so pass it on!

Now it’s your turn. If you could only live on 7 foods, what would they be?


    • says

      Interesting. I’ll keep it at #1.

      Did you know that sodium is an essential nutrient? The ONLY reason why experts say to limit your sodium content is because its in every damn processed food imaginable. In HIGH amounts. If you add zero salt to your foods then I believe you have no worry about your sodium content. Its just best to get your blood pressure checked every so often.

      WIth those 7 foods I would not be intaking excessive amounts of sodium. That is the point here too. There is hardly any sodium in the remaining 6 foods so the sodium content in the king crab is needed. Sodium, along with potassium, is an electrolyte.

  1. says

    1. eggs
    2. olives
    3. avocados
    4. coconut
    5. turkey
    6. zucchini
    7. strawberries
    I think I could live off those foods for awhile but some non-primal dairy products would certainly make things more interesting

  2. Melody says


    I took my 8 and removed chocolate. I would miss it, but could survive without it…it wouldn’t be as happy of a life, though…

    • says

      You reminded me of something… I need to make that trip to Byron Center meats to buy some bison! I may just do that this weekend! :)

  3. Jenny says

    1) Potatoes
    2) Coconuts (Oil, milk, water)
    3) Unrefined Salt
    4) Eggs
    5) Fully ripe Oranges
    6) Fresh, whole milk (Cream, Cheese etc)
    7) Coffee

      • Jenny says

        Yup, real SALT! It’s vital to good health. NaCl and trace minerals. Cl for making stomach acid (HCL) and Na for nutrient transport through the intestinal wall.

        • says

          Salt is vital to health and guess what? There are now canned goods that tell us a diet low in sodium might lower heart disease. It’s seriously getting out of hand. If most people limit their sodium intake now then it will probably be beneficial. But for someone who is healthy, does not eat many processed foods…. not enough salt will KILL YOU. The government are complete idiots.

  4. says

    My first crack at this, in descending order of importance:

    Bison or beef (I’m not picky as long as it’s grass fed)
    Kefir (wow, I’m the only one who chose kefir? You all are missing out!)

    That seems to cover all the nutritional bases. It wouldn’t be optimal, but I could survive on those indefinitely (although I would miss whey protein, and especially macadamias drowned in Himalayan pink salt.)

  5. says

    7 survival food that i can think of at the top of my head would be egg, cheese, bread, chicken, fish, potatoes, cilantro.. :) But there are many more food i cannot stay without . Thanks for sharing this post with hearth and soul hop

  6. laura says

    Pastured pork
    Chicken eggs
    Raw milk
    Japanese sweet potatoes
    Wild Shrimp
    I think I could cook just about everything I want to eat with these ingredients in some combination. The only thing is no seasoning! Hope I could get used to it.

  7. Wenchypoo says

    For years, I’ve been using my “Magic 8″ list to winnow down the available produce to select purchases, but never took Paleo eating into account. My “Magic 8″ list includes berries (black-, blue-, and straw-), plums, navel oranges, red bell peppers, and broccoli.

    These foods (at the time) happened to be the common denominators of the TAC, ORAC, and Ape Diet lists. Now the TAC and ORAC lists include new foods and spices as well, making the invention of a list almost moot.

    Now you’ve given me food for thought (pun intended) to rethink these, and include ALL foods in a “magic” list, and not just produce. Still, I had to come up with a nutrient-dense way to get more bang for my grocery buck.

    No, I’m not vegetarian or anything–I ate and still eat meat, as well as leafy greens and yellow squash, but these weren’t difficult to select from at the grocery store. The question of which produce to buy was the one of the day…back in the day.

    Now it’s a new day thanks to you. I’m going to be getting even more nutritional bang for my grocery buck, and plan to share this article with my readers, so they may do the same.

    Cavewomen weren’t coupon queens—they didn’t have to be! :)

  8. Kevin says


    I wanted to get almonds on there, but thought the butter would go better with the broccoli.

  9. Kim says

    Just discovered your blog! I started a primal-esque diet last week and feel fabulous! Thanks for all the info you share here. I’m going to add my list:
    1.Butter (I’m still doing dairy. Mostly raw milk and yogurt.)
    2.Alaskan Salmon
    3.Swiss Chard
    4.Pastured eggs
    6.Steak (I was a vegetarian for fifteen years and now I can’t get enough of it!)
    7. Strawberries
    8. Avocado


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