31 Twitter Gems from the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 (#AHS12)

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Did you miss the Ancestral Health Symposium this year in August? I did. However, I did favorite more than 500 tweets with #AHS12. They are all organized into a google spreadsheet. Below is a small snapshot of the hundreds of gems that were tweeted and I wish to share these with you.

The #’s are in blue since they are links to the actual tweet. In order to make it more readable, I decided to tweak the tweets just a bit. Soon, I’ll publish a PDF file of all the tweets which will be free to anyone who has joined the Toadally Primal Tribe via email.

If you click on the tweet this link at the end of each tweet, you’ll be able to share your favorite gems in tweetable form. Let’s spread true wellness, ok? Are you following me on Twitter yet? You can do so here.

The tweets

1. Running marathons is more dangerous than being sedentary. (Tweet this)

2. Dr. Terry Wahls continues to improve her Multiple Sclerosis by eating a Paleo Diet. (Tweet this)

3. Dr. Terry Wahls travel food: sprouted nuts, liver jerky, and powdered algae. (Tweet this)

4. We are not our genes; we are the music our genes play. Like a piano, you can play music of diabetes. (Tweet this)

5. The current United States annual consumption of High Fructose Corn Syrup is 63 pounds per person. (Tweet this)

6. I suspect the Wahl’s #Paleo protocol will work for most MS patients. If not, get heavy metals testing conducted. (Tweet this)

7. Avoid feeling helpless about cancer, diabetes, etc. via therapeutic eating (not dieting) & community-building. (Tweet this)

8. Denise Minger doesn’t like bacon; Boos all around; Nightshades flying. (Tweet this)

9. Denise Minger: I’m mostly a raw foodist. I mostly eat raw eggs and sushi. If you eat high-quality stuff, you can prepare safe raw meat. (Tweet this)

10. Grain-fed vs. grass-fed liver probably doesn’t have much of a micronutrient difference between the two. (Tweet this)

11. The first 20 minutes of exercise is when you get most benefits. (Tweet this)

12. Eat nose-to-tail. Limit high-heat cooking. If iron-overloaded, donate blood & avoid orange juice. Bunnies are scary. (Tweet this)

13. Heterocyclic amines are found in cooked plant foods, especially grains. (Tweet this)

14. Mitochondria and inflammation issues cause depression, bi polar, anxiety and Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). (Tweet this)

15. Eat greens, sulfur (cabbage), colorful fruits and vegetables, wild fish, raw grass fed meats, organ meats, iodine, & antioxidants. (Tweet this)

16. There are incredible real life stories of people who have been on the Wahls protocol (Paleo guided) for various brain illnesses. (Tweet this)

17. Meals regulate your genes. What you eat for breakfast changes activity of 8,000 genes that same day. (Tweet this)

18. One billion of the world’s inhabitants are deficient in iodine. We need iodine for brain health. (Tweet this)

19. Dr. Terry Wahls: In my world colored means colored all the way through. (Tweet this)

20. Dr. Terry Wahls recommends grassfed meat as close to raw as possible to preserve nutrient integrity. (Tweet this)

21. Kids are consuming more than 40% of daily calories in sugar. (Tweet this)

22. Daily greens reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. (Tweet this)

23. Start with greens and berries as the foundation of your #Paleo diet. Vitamin K2 and K7 are incredible ingredients in them. (Tweet this)

24. Diabetes is not a glucose problem it is a communication problem, as are all diseases. (Tweet this)

25. Beets, greens and berries protect blood vessels. (Tweet this)

26. Dr. Terry Wahls blended functional medicine and paleo to create her protocol diet. (Tweet this)

27. When Dr. Terry Wahls adds supplements to Paleo diet, decline slows for her Multiple Sclerosis. (Tweet this)

28. Leptin levels double within 12 hrs of a high-carb meal. (Tweet this)

29. Eat hard foods like jerky, gnaw on bones, etc for full jaw & face development. (Tweet this)

30. Nutrient-sensing hormones developed when glucose was king to coordinate nutrient availability with reproductive cycle. (Tweet this)

31. Americans are starving! Click here for photo. (Tweet this)

What tweets stand out to you the most? Did you favorite any tweets that you would like to share with the world? Leave a comment below with the tweet and link if you wish.

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