If You Could Only Live On 3 Foods, What Would They Be?

Cow with rainbow

If you absolutely had to, would you be able to pick 3 foods to live on? Imagine yourself on a stranded island. Life is everywhere but you are the only human being. You can hunt, catch or gather anything you want.

However, the 4th food you eat becomes poisonous and you die. You can choose any 3 foods you want on that island. They all exist.

You can hunt cow, deer, goat, lamb, caribou, pig, boar, chicken, turkey, bear, toads (that does not include me!) and more. You can catch any fish or seafood item you want. There’s crab, lobster, salmon, tuna, catfish, squid, octopus, scallops and more. Or why not gather some wild berries (pick only one!), bananas, avocados, coconuts, macadamias, spinach, kale, chard, radishes, basil, oregano and more.

It’s your choice. Assume you can hunt, catch or gather any food with success. If you decide to eat a fourth food then you will die. It’s a challenge but its do-able. You can live on cow alone and thrive for a while. You would just have to eat the liver, brains, kidneys and more…

Primal Toad’s 3 Survival Foods

  1. Cow
  2. Coconut
  3. Scallops

Like I said above, I could live on the cow alone. But, why not throw in one of my two favorite plant foods? I get the whole coconut. The awesome coconut water/juice for electrolytes and the hearty meat for its saturated fat and cleansing properties. I love being by water (I’m living in Hawaii for 5 weeks right now!!) and would most definitely see what’s going on in the ocean. Knowing I would have success, I would catch some scallops.

I never said you could not have as many tools as you want! No oven or stove is allowed. But you know how to make a fire. You know how to make butter if you want. I’d make some lovely butter and coconut oil to throw on the scallops and meat once in a while.

I just had a thought… why not try to live on these 3 foods for a week and see what happens?!

Now it’s your turn. Tell the world what 3 survival foods you would choose. Simply leave a comment below. Have fun with this! Spread this fun challenge around to your friends on Facebook and Twitter. They will thank you for it!

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  1. Vicki says

    I think I would have to agree with you. A whole cow gives many options. Scallops are super nutritious. Coconut doesn’t even need explaination.

  2. says

    I’m assuming whole foods? darn, I would say soup. Um…my foods.
    1. Cow (you can milk it too….) or crab???
    2. Bananas
    3. Squash

    I like your reasons for coconut…

  3. says

    I would have to say chicken (for the meat/organs/eggs), avocado, and coconut. I have these on a regular, daily basis in one form or another anyway; so I could/would definitely be able to survive on these for a while.

  4. dani says

    I also opt for small animal meat, chicken, rabbit, … in general I like more (because it is more tender) and would also be easier to catch, the second serious plant food, particularly leafy vegetables, and the third the famous coconut or some kind of raw fish.

  5. says

    hmmm. i guess i would want chicken, rotisserie style every day…basted, seasoned, encrusted with coconut flakes / milk / oil / butter, and then for crunchy sweetness give me apples….YUM!

  6. Dawn says

    I would agree with your first two in that I’d want Cow and Coconut. But my third would have to be lettuce, probably red leaf if pressed for a type. It would provide a good base for my dishes.

  7. says

    Ummm I think I’d have to go with scallops, grass-fed butter, avocado. Three of my favorite. Why do you get to live in Hawaii for 5 weeks?! I’m so jealous!!

    • says

      Grass-fed butter?! Why not just the whole cow?! Assume you can make butter with the tools on the island.

      Why do I get to live in hawaii for 5 weeks? Because I am taking a HUGE risk! I don’t exactly have the cash to be here!

  8. Perry says


    1.) Avocado
    2.) Spirulina
    3.) Chlorella

    Avocados are tasty (I could eat my weight in them) and give good fat. The two algae would let me live damn near forever.



  9. danielle says

    Great question!
    1. coconut (duh… :-)
    2. salmon
    3. banana
    The coconut can produce everything you need practically: juice, butter, oil, meat, and it has a flavor and texture that can go sweet or savory.
    The salmon is my favorite fish, and I chose fish since being stuck on a island might be hard on the digestion/bowels so I’m going something that not just tastes good to me, but I know I can easily digest it. Best part is the skin – salmon skin cracklin’s anyone??? yeah!
    Bananas are awesome. I would carry them around everywhere and eat them plain, with the coconut, with the salmon, or both.

    • says

      I almost picked bananas because I love them too. But, the the food on the island is free so I did not care about price. When price matters I am all over the bananas.

      • Charli says

        Thanks to the cyclone in Queensland bananas shot up to $16 a kilo in Australia.
        The price has started to come back down now thank god, i’ve missed them!

    • says

      Oranges? Really? I enjoy those little clementines but thats always because my mother always has a bunch when they are available at Costco.


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