21 Contradicting Fat Loss Tips

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Fat loss can be complicated for some. This is because of many reasons, one being that some folks will swear by a few tips they lay out. However, some common tips that you learn will hinder fat loss for some while accelerating it for others.

The following is a list of 21 tips that contradict each other. The first 2 say “eat more” and then “eat less.” Which one will work for you? It depends. You need to experiment and find out what is best for you.

  1. Eat more
  2. Eat less
  3. More specifically, eat more carbs
  4. Eat less carbs
  5. Eat an early meal every day
  6. Fast till noon every day
  7. Count calories
  8. Never consider counting calories
  9. Dedicate one cheat day per week
  10. Eat nearly 100% strict Paleo day in and day out
  11. Cheat a few times throughout the week when the time is right
  12. Eat 2 large meals per day
  13. Eat 3 meals and snack 1-2 times per day as needed
  14. Limit fruit consumption
  15. Eat as much fruit as you please
  16. Don’t eat any nuts
  17. Eat nuts as a snack as necessary
  18. Eat when you are hungry as much as possible
  19. Allow for hunger intermittently
  20. Quit coffee
  21. Enjoy 1 cup of coffee per day

Experiment. Realize that becoming healthy and losing that extra fat is a long journey. Don’t go for the quick fix.

Do you have any contradicting tips to add to the list? Share in the comment section below.

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    • says

      The basic rule of placing emphasis on meat and veggies can’t go wrong with anyone. All it takes is experimentation from there. It’s really not that hard. Society just makes it hard for us.

  1. Julie says

    UGH! I hate all of the conflicting info out there! It seriously has gotten me NOWHERE. Then pile that on with the conflicting info for PCOS and you have Jules ready to scream and throw the computer in the trash! I need to stick with what I know and just do it!

    • says

      Lol. I can be confusing for those that are dealing with a true disease. I’ve always been generally healthy so I have no idea what it’s like to suffer with something serious. I do still have IBS. BUT, I just got my squatty potty in the mail today…. :)

  2. Shadia says

    There’s a whole list of exercise tips too that contradict each other…work out in the morning before breakfast vs work out at night/evening, do intense activity for short periods vs low level “fat burning” cardio, do several sets and reps vs one set of heavy lifting etc etc etc. The best thing about these contradictions is that it seems its varied eating and activity that really aid fat loss. When you stick to one thing the body adapts; mix it up and its forced to use those extra energy stores.

    • says

      “do intense activity for short periods vs low level “fat burning” cardio” – BOTH actually work and I think should be done. Intense as in sprint as fast as you can with some breaks – tabata style if you want. Low level is just moving in my mind. Walk, take a hike, bike slowly, jog or run if you want. Go play.

      Fitness can be simple. It’s obvious that we need to work our muscles and overdoing it will lead to injury.

  3. Derek says

    // HIIT is the best cardio for burning fat // Low intensity, steady state cardio is the best for burning fat //

    Nice list.

    There are countless contradictions out there, and the truth us, many of them are correct in their own right. The key is finding what works best for you (in terms of results and, most importantly, enjoyment) so that you can be consistent.

    Consistency is key… or maybe body/mind confusion is key… ;-)

    • says

      I think both of those are great for burning fat. It really depends on what the person wants to do. If one thinks HIIT is the best but they really don’t want to take part in this activity and are thus stressing out, then it probably won’t help them. If one thinks they have to walk for an hour each day and that stresses them out then that won’t help them either.

      You hit it right on!

  4. says

    Thanks for this post! What is especially awesome about your post is the last paragraph. If people would learn to Experiment and realize it is a journey there were be a lot more happy healthy weight transformed individuals in our world! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Wendy Bottrell

  5. says

    One more contradicting comment i am thinking is “Do not use supplements for fat loss” and “Use supplements for fat loss”. People tend to form an opinion about something and defend it strongly in any occasion. I believe that nothing is absolute therefore any contradicting comment such as the ones you very accurately described, only points out our “individual” truth accorrding to a set of beliefs each one of us has!
    Incorporate any technique suits you best and “tortoise” it!!

    • says

      Well, it sucks that people believe taking a pill can cure anything but I wished no one thought any pill could do anything….