2013 New Years Resolution #2: Meet My 33 Favorite Bloggers

One of my 13 New Years Resolutions for 2013 is to meet my favorite bloggers. At the time of this writing I have 29 favorite bloggers while I hope to add 4 more to the list for an “even” 2013 since 20+13=33.

I’m silly like that.

From this list, I’ve already met Mark, Joshua, Ryan, Colin, Jessie and Diane. Since travel is the theme for myself in 2013, and the fact that I will be speaking at PaleoFX in 2013, as well as on the Low Carb Cruise since the last night happens to be my 25th birthday (May 11), meeting everyone on this list may be my least difficult resolution.

1. Mark Sisson @ MarksDailyApple.com – Mark and his blog was the catalyst for my everlasting quest for fundamental wellness.

2. Steve Kamb @ NerdFitness.com – Steve travels around the world, has built one of the most lively communities on the net, lives minimally, loves being an entrepreneur, created his own clothing line, is a public speaker, advocates eating real food and more.

3. Tracy McCullough @ TheLoveVitamin.com – Tracy truly loves blogging for her readers and is an avid traveler who enjoys the simple life.

4. Matt Madeiro @ MattMadeiro.com – Matt and his first blog, ThreeNewLeaves.com, was the catalyst for my journey into minimalism that started about 1.5 years ago. He raised more than $33,000 in about 2 months for his 25th birthday which was enough to buy a bus for kids in Kopila Valley.

5. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nichodermus @ TheMinimalists.com – These guys and their blog influenced me to take minimalism to a whole new level which is now allowing me to travel around the world in 2013 and beyond.

6. Colin Wright @ ExileLifestyle.com – Colin moves to a new country every 4 months which was a huge inspiration behind my 2013 resolutions to sleep in all 50 states of America and visit 13 countries outside the US.

7. Jessie Spielvogel @ JessieSpielvogel.com – Jessie is a social media gal whom is one of the most enthusiastic individuals I’ve ever met.

8. Chris Kresser @ ChrisKresser.com – I’ve always been a fan of Chris’ and his blog but when I found out that he once owned the same exact workstation that I am using at this moment and now has a FitBit Ultra which I deeply love, I was flabbergasted. I dig all that he does to help improve the health of society.

9. Stephen Guyenet @ WholeHealthSource.Blogspot.com – When it comes to nutrition and obesity, Stephen is one of the few that I can nearly trust 100% as he seems to be very unbiased.

10. Jeff Goins @ GoinsWriter.com – A great writer who has influenced thousands of folks to claim that they are indeed writers including myself. He seems to be the most kind individual on this planet who believes that taking a year to travel in uncommon ground is as rewarding as anything else in this world.

11. Julien Smith @ InOverYourHead.net – Do you want to learn how to be fucking awesome? Read this.

12. Denise Minger @ RawFoodSOS.com – Denise is a former vegan who has the unique ability to point out all the flaws of famous studies such as The China Study, (here, here and here) making it completely meaningless.

13. Robb Wolf @ RobbWolf.com – Is there anyone in the world who is more passionate about helping folks than Robb Wolf?? I have yet to find him or her. One of the authors on the website is Amy Kubal who is the most hilarious writer I’ve ever come across as well as a fantastic dancer from what I hear.

14. Diane Sanfilippo @ BalancedBites.com – Diane is the author of Practical Paleo which is literally taking the world by storm. She loves helping folks take control of their life and she does a fantastic job doing it.

15. Liz Wolfe @ CaveGirlEats.com – Is it possible to be more enthusiastic than Liz? From reading her blog now and then to listening to all of the Balanced Bites podcasts, I doubt it.

16. Joel Runyon @ JoelRunyon.com – Joel does the impossible and inspires others, like myself, to do the same. You have one chance at life so why make any excuses no matter how legit they are?

17. Chris Guillebeau @ ChrisGuillebeau.com – Chris has been traveling around the world to every country for the past decade. At the time of this writing he has 2 countries left to visit including Norway which is where the “End of the World” party will be hosted. I’ll be there. Will you?

18. Leo Babauta @ ZenHabits.net – Leo is the master at influencing others to live life with a purpose and without the superflous stuff that pins folks down from chasing experiences.

19. Brian Carr @ PaleoLifestyleMagazine.com – Brian publishes the Paleo Lifestyle Magazine (which is now free) while working a full-time job. The fact that he interviewed Grant Hill, my childhood idol and former basketball superstar, and me for the same issue is, well, there are no words.

20. Peggy Emch @ ThePrimalParent.com – Peggy is not afraid to state anything on her blog which means you will only ever read what she truly believes on her blog. She has a young daughter and recently gave birth to another daughter in her own home.

21. Matt Stone @ 180DegreeHealth.com – Some folks like to think of Matt Stone as the Paleo hater while I like to think of him as a vibrant living being who deeply cares about improving the health of other human beings in any way possible. He may recommend junk food for many folks but he loves real food and is not afraid to change his opinion based on his latest research.

22. Joshua Becker @ BecomingMinimalist.com – I am new to Joshua’s blog but after reading a few of his posts over the past week I’ve decided that I am now a regular reader. I am really excited to help him and others take minimalism mainstream.

23. Tammy Strobel @ RowdyKittens.com – Tammy lives in a tiny home of around 128 square feet. No, that is not a typo and this very fact along with her enthusiasm for life, has me very curious about her new book, You Can Buy Happiness (and it’s Cheap) which is one of the 52 books I’ll be reading in 2013.

24. Emily Benfit @ ButterBeliever.com – Emily is another gal who is not afraid to write exactly what she believes. Just read her blog post about Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Breast Cancer.

25. David Asprey @ BulletproofExec.com – David is the creator of bulletproof style coffee which thousands have fallen in love with. He’s all about taking actions that bulletproof your health, and he is an experimenter similar to Tim Ferriss.

26. Tim Ferriss @ FourHourWorkweek.com/Blog – Tim Ferriss is a jack of all trades, which is a sure way to have a passion for life. He’s a meta-learner who teaches his methods in his new book The 4-Hour Chef.

27. Sean Ogle @ SeanOgle.com – I first discovered Sean in 2010 and have been reading his blog off and on since. After just finishing reading his previous 3 published blog posts and receiving his newsletter in my inbox for the past month, I’m potentially more excited to meet Sean more than anyone else on this list.

28. Danny Roddy @ DannyRoddy.com – Danny used to be Chris Kresser’s podcast partner in crime in what is now called The Revolution Health Radio Show. He’s a huge fan of Ray Peat’s work and even if you may disagree with most of what he has to say, you can definitely learn a lot from the dude who is not afraid to try what he thinks is best for him (meat and water diet anyone?).

29. Stephanie Ruper @ PaleoForWomen.com – While I don’t read Stephanie’s blog as much as I would if I were a woman, the information that she publishes is invaluable for, well, women and men who care about the women that they love. Stephanie is an expert at how to encourage folks to love themselves first which leads to a more joyful and vibrant life.

Where is 30-33?

It’s true that 20 + 13 = 33. Am I right? I like to think so. The 29 bloggers that I briefly discuss inside this blog post are those that I most definitely want to meet and dissect the brain within thereof in 2013. There are a few others who have a blog but whom don’t really blog. I’ll seek to explain this in a post in 2013. This includes Dean Dwyer and Abel James Bascom; both are phenomenal podcasters whom I’ll be meeting in 2013 in Austin.

I want to discover 4 more bloggers in 2013 that I really connect with. Whenever I do find a new one I will add it to this list at the bottom. For now they include the following:

What bloggers do you connect with? Share in the comments below. Perhaps it will be one of the four that I discover in 2013.

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  1. bloggerdude says

    Why not meet Richard at Free The Animal, Melissa at Hunt, Gather, Love, Jimmy at Livin la Vida Low Carb and Eveln at Carbsane? That will get you to 33!

    • says

      Meeting them are a given. I wanted to focus on folks that blog consistently who I’ve been following or whom I want to follow more in 2013. I stopped reading Richard’s blog due to it expressing too much negativity although I respect all that he does. Melissa does not blog enough but I do wish to meet her and I definitely will since she now lives in Chicago. And I probably will add Jimmy to the list. I’ve never heard of Eveln so I’ll check his blog out!

  2. Tracy @ The Love Vitamin.com says

    Aww, I feel so honoured to be #3. Now I will just have to off Mark Sisson and Steve Kamb and claw my way to the top! mauaha PS – I love your new years goals! You dream big Toady!

    • says

      Haha your so funny Tracy. They are in no particular order :P

      If I were to read only one blog it would be TheMinimalists.com.

      Haha yes I do but there is a method to the madness. I have one full year to complete all 13 resolutions and I honestly believe I can do them all without adding stress. Two of them, sleeping an average of 8.25 hours per night and meditating daily and walking 11 miles daily on average are HUGE stress relievers! For me at least!

  3. says

    Yes, I know about him. :)

    The reason why I don’t have any bloggers that mostly post recipes is because I rarely follow recipes. So I have not taken action on what he has published BUT I love what he has to say when he does speak his mind. And his recipes and photogpraphy rock. Right now I am going to add a list of other bloggers that I love and will fill in the last 4 at some point. I’ll be meeting George at PaleoFX along with Bill and Hayley too.

  4. says

    Yes I know of him and he may be added to my list. I’ll be reading his new book soon. I may just keep track of all the bloggers I meet since it’s so damn hard to choose my favorites – I love them all!

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    A: http://five.sentenc.es