17 Twitter Gems from the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 (#AHS12)


I have more gems from the Ancestral Healthy Symposium for you! If you missed the first post in this long series then click here. I have more than 300 gems to share with you.

The #’s are in blue since they are links to the actual tweet. In order to make it more readable, I decided to tweak the tweets just a bit. Soon, I’ll publish a PDF file of all the tweets which will be free to anyone who has joined the Toadally Primal Tribe via email.

If you click on the tweet this link at the end of each tweet, you’ll be able to share your favorite gems in tweetable form. Let’s spread true wellness, ok? Are you following me on Twitter yet? You can do so here.

The tweets

1. We’re setting our brains up to be more stupid and smaller. And we’re speeding that up with our kids because of our poor diet. (Tweet this)

2. We do 5 percent of the chewing that paleo humans did. (Tweet this)

3. Environmental factors are most important driver of Multiple Sclerosis. (Tweet this)

4. Superior doctors prevent disease. Mediocre doctors treat impending disease. Inferior doctors treat actual disease. (Tweet this)

5. If you get rid of cholesterol you get rid of life. (Tweet this)

6. Government needs to just get out we don’t need more government intervention we need less. (Tweet this)

7. Eating real food will ensure a diet low in sugar and high in fiber (the opposite of @melissamcewen and @primaltoad). (Tweet this)

8. The problem is you can’t expect government to do the right thing. (Tweet this)

9. More than 40% of daily caloric intake for kids is sugar. (Tweet this)

10. Why can’t farm bill subsidize real food instead of food ingredients? (Tweet this)

11. Why is the USDA in charge anyway? It’s like the fox in charge of the hen house. (Tweet this)

12. 80% of packaged food on shelves is laced with added sugar. We’ve had our entire food supply adulterated by food industry. (Tweet this)

13. Use what you know to help fight this fight. (Tweet this)

14. To lower iron, give blood. Drink coffee or tea. Avoid Vitamin C. Eat less red meat. Eat organ meats instead. (Tweet this)

15. Marinating meat in olive oil/lemon juice/garlic/red wine may reduce risk from HCA (from high heat cooking) by 90%. (Tweet this)

16. Avoid smoking meat or cooking meat in high temps. Stew and steam. Cut off charred bits. (Tweet this)

17. Iron overload can lead to higher levels of oxidized LDL, higher triglycerides & lower HDL; giving blood will reverse these. (Tweet this)

What tweets stand out to you the most? Did you favorite any tweets that you would like to share with the world? Leave a comment below with the tweet and link if you wish.

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