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15 Paleo Smoothie Ingredients: The World’s Best

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Do you enjoy smoothies? Are you unsure what foods to add to make sure the smoothie is healthy and tastes good? Maybe you follow a paleo diet or primal eating protocol and are thus clueless as to where to start.

I’m your guy. I am the creator of Toadally Primal Smoothies and am here to help you. This list includes what I believe to be the best smoothie ingredients. I include way more foods beyond this list but these are, by far, my top 15.

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1. Avocado

My favorite smoothie ingredient that the world does not know about. It’s one of my smoothie “secrets” that I am not revealing to you! Avocados are full of nutrition. Gives smoothies a smooth and creamy texture. Full of fiber without a single gram of sugar.

Smoothie recipe to try: Almond Avocado

2. Banana

Bananas Add smoothness and sweetness. One of the world’s cheapest foods. Adds more nutrition then you probably think. Simple and easy. Peel a few bananas, cut them in half and place in zip lock bags. Throw into the freezer for awesome smoothies later.

Smoothie recipe to try: Watermelon Strawberry Banana

3. Egg Yolk

Eggs are full of nutrition. Affordable. Adds a smoothy and creamy texture. Lowers risk of heart disease. I have been adding whole raw eggs to my smoothies but am considering going with just the yolk from here on out. Most of the vitamins and minerals are inside the yolk. The choice is yours!

Smoothie recipe to try: Cinnamon Banana Coconut Breakfast

4. Spinach

Spinach is the most mild tasting green. Most popular green to use for smoothies. One of the most nutrient dense foods on planet Earth.

Smoothie recipe to try: Super Nutritional Powerhouse

5. Macadamias

Macadamias are loaded with heart healthy monounsaturated fat. The nut with the lowest omega 6 fatty acid content which is a huge plus.

Smoothie recipe to try: Creamy Coconut Macadamia Coffee

6. Berries

There are a variety of berries in the world. Throw in your favorites! Great frozen in smoothies. I prefer blueberries due to taste and affordability in Michigan. Try the .

Smoothie recipe to try: Bluestachio Almond

7. Kombucha

Kombucha is fermented food which supports great gut health. Expensive when bought in stores but comes very inexpensive when you make it yourself. It’s not hard. Learn how to make kombucha for pennies on the dollar here.

Smoothie recipe to try: Kombucha Coffee

8. Lime or Lemon

Both are perfect for low carb smoothies. Low carb smoothies are difficult to make but freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice makes the task not so challenging. Adds flavor in a pinch.

Smoothie recipe to try: Cucumber Lime

9. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the 2nd most (if I remember correctly) antioxidant rich spice in the world. Adds amazing flavor to almost all smoothies. Common spice in households.

Smoothie recipe to try: Pumpkin Banana Bread

10. Coconut Juice/Water

This lovely liquid may be expensive but worth the treat when one can afford it. Full of electrolytes like potassium and magnesium.

Smoothie recipe to try: Chocolate Cream

11. Cacao Powder

If you love chocolate then having this around is a must. One to two teaspoon goes a long ways in most smoothies. I never add more than one tablespoon.

Smoothie recipe to try: Peppermint Mocha

12. Cacao Nibs

The nibs are little niblets and are quite tasty by themselves. They add an awesome chocolate flavor and gives smoothies a nice crunch which sometimes I enjoy. Add a few of these after blending a chocolate based smoothie.

Discover my 15 favorite smoothie recipes

13. Coconut Meat Products

This includes coconut milk, coconut cream, shredded coconut, coconut butter, coconut oil and more of the same. Coconut is full of heart health saturated fat, gives you energy and boosts your metabolism. Have a few coconut products around at all times!

Smoothie recipe to try: Coconut Egg Nog

14. Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder

I prefer whole food but I love smoothies. Sometimes I want a smoothie with a decent amount of protein. The best way I know of making this happen is to include a whey protein powder. If you can afford it then purchase a grass-fed brand such as this one.

Smoothie recipe to try: Chocolate Cinnamon Malt

15. Almond Milk

Homemade almond milk would be preferable but I don’t stress about buying the Almond Breeze Original, Unflavored Almond Milk from a grocer or on Amazon to save money. It’s not terrible by any means and adds awesome almond flavor to smoothies without too much omega 6 fatty acid content.

Discover my 12 favorite smoothie recipes


  1. I make my son coconut milk smoothies for breakfast, with frozen mango chunks from Trader Joe’s, a little coconut oil (I love how it gets crunchy when it’s cold), banana, sometimes avocado and/or spinach, strawberries or blueberries, and some sort of added nutrient: bee pollen, or ground apricot kernel, etc. A smoothie and a hard-boiled egg for breakfast, and we’re out the door.

    • That sounds awesome! I don’t think I could fit all of that food into my hamilton beach personal blender, lol.

  2. i love smoothies! i have been playing around with the ingredients for a while but here is my latest smoothie concoction and hardcore obsession:

    1 medium/large frozen banana
    4 spoons of soaked chia seeds
    2 T of flaxseed oil
    1-2 pinches of sea salt
    1/2 tsp of cinnamon
    1/2 tsp of tumeric (yes, really it’s good!)
    1 scoop of super greens powder supplement
    4 large T of shredded coconut flakes
    4 T of protein powder – I use pure egg white
    4-7 oz of chilled coconut water
    dash of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar

    combine all of these ingredients in your blender. i have a magic bullet and all of this fills it up completely! blend it for a few minutes, literally until it becomes smooth and creamy. enjoy!

    i love the combination of all these flavors – you end up with this banana/coconut/nutty/spicy flavor explosion and it really is delicious. it has so many awesome nutritional benefits, but i’m all about the taste.

    • That’s a lot of food! I’ll have to try tumeric! I tried paprika once and added so much other stuff that I did not really taste the paprika. You are inspiring me to be more creative!

      • yes, tumeric rocks! if you combine it with cinnamon it really works well together and makes a nutty, creamy flavor. i hope you try it, and i need to try avocado!

  3. I use rice protein powder (I know it’s not Paleo) which is the one that doesn’t give me any weird reactions. Herbs and spices are a must as well. My favorites for smoothies are cinnamon, ginger, basil, and mint.

    • I’ve never thrown basil into my smoothies but now I must give it a try! What do you add basil too? What other ingredients?

  4. Great idea about avocado! Now I know what to do with them if I don’t think they’ll be used before going bad. My favorite ingredient for smoothies is usually some homemade raw grassfed kefir. One odd thing I have considered making a smoothie with is some raw pastured beef liver. I don’t mind the taste that much, and if I could pull it off, talk about a nutrient powerhouse!

    • If you have a powerful blender. I use the hamilton beach personal blender which does not blend kale too well. If I add smooth foods like avocado then it blends it decently well.

    • I have a Blendtec, so I find it’s easy to incorporate frozen broccoli, Brussel sprouts, spinach, kale, and other vegetables without changing he taste too much. I’d never be able to eat a many vegetables as I drink!

  5. How about dates? They give a great caramel flavor with frozen bananas, hemp seeds, almonds and Vietnames cinnamon. Unbelievable!!!

      • Vietnamese cinnamon has the highest essential oil content and therefore packs the greatest flavor punch (and is the most expensive).

    • Problem with dates (and bananas) is that they’re so high in sugar. Stick with berries.

        • Tell that to a diabetic, some one with metabolic syndrome, or anyone trying to minimize carbohydrates.

          A banana or 1/4 cup of dates have 24 grams of carbs vs 9 for a half cup of berries. You might argue that there’s enough nutrition in a banana to compensate if consumed in moderation, but its a lot of sugar for not much else in dates.

          • I don’t tell it to diabetics. But in and of itself, sugar is not the problem. You must be a diabetic, no? I’m sorry if you felt what I said was meant for everyone. It never is. I enjoy telling folks that NOTHING in this world is black or white. Literally. Believing otherwise is an illusion IMHO.

          • I’m not a diabetic. I’m an anti-sugar bigot and know I’m healthier for it. I think I do suffer from metabolic syndrome and have found that weight management is very related to carbs for me. Since their are some carbs in nutritious foods I want to consume, like berries, carrots, or kefir, I avoid foods that are little more than concentrated sugar, natural or not. The glycemic index of dates is astronomical.

          • Ok. You should checkout Matt Stone’s work at Also, Ray Peat and Danny Roddy. These are VERY smart dudes who realize how beneficial sugar can be. Many do much better limiting it but for folks like me who have a low body temperature, sugar can be EXTREMELY beneficial. Starch and fruit, etc.

  6. I enjoy a green smoothie on most mornings; coconut milk, spinach or full leaf romaine, a frozen banana and a cored apple. Just a hint sweetness and super yum. I usually have this with a couple of slices of bacon. Good for those hurried mornings.

  7. I leave out the banana, replace the almond milk with raw grass fed kefir, and add a few more vegetables, nuts, and seeds, but this pretty well describes what I’ve had for breakfast or lunch every day for years.

    I’ve sent this link to a number of paleo or ready to become paleo friends to show them that I’m not the only person on earth that consumes such a mixture!

      • I do. Both raw grass fed milk and organic coconut. In my smoothies, I also mix those about 50/50 with Lifeway organic whole milk and Sobe coconut commercial kefirs to reduce the number of times I need to make kefir. Lifeway is grass fed & VAT pasteurized so its only a little less favorable than home made raw. Sobe puts some stabilizers in their product, but they’re not too objectionable.

        • Sobe coocnut kefirs… I am going to have to get some of that! And it’s interesting that you bring up VAT Pasteurized. I found some at Whole Foods and bought it once. I was not sure about it but it seemed very reasonable. So I am glad to here positive feedback about it. In fact, I think it may be Lifeway. So cool.

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