Wellness Bundle Sale: 21 eBooks for $21 + $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Wellness Bundle

Note: This sale is now over! Half of my profits from this bundle sale will be donated to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund as explained below. The total donation amount is $437. When I have been paid I will immediately donate half and will announce this in a blog post to hopefully inspire you to give back in ways that you believe in.


Did you miss the Toadally Primal Wellness Bundle that was on sale from January 7 to January 15? The bundle consisted of 33 ebooks with a value of $479 yet sold for an affordable $39.

Due to the smashing success (I was blown to Mars!), other bloggers are now organizing their own ebook bundles. Will I be doing another one? You’ll have to wait and see my friend. Let’s just say that “if” I do, it won’t be until Fall hits.

You don’t have to wait until fall though. Katie from WellnessMama.com has decided to be the first blogger to create her own bundle since mine back in mid January. My ebook – Toadally Primal Smoothies – is included in this bundle.

The Highlights

The following are some of the highlights of this ebook bundle that stand out to me:

  • 21 ebooks in all
  • Tiny price of $21
  • 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Food for the Poor
  • 5 of the ebooks maintain a focus on parenting and family (I’ll be an uncle x2! in July)

You can learn all about the bundle here.

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

You do NOT have to buy the bundle to enter the following giveaway. But, I suspect that dozens of you will be jumping in as it is a killer deal. If ebooks are worth $10 to you on average and you find at least 3 of the ebooks useful to you or someone you know (you may gift any ebook – treat is as a physical book) then this is a hell of a deal!

So I decided that I am going to give back. All you have to do is follow the instructions via the rafflecopter widget below. It’s quite simple. There is one small thing you must do to be eligible to enter. There are a variety of ways to earn multiple entries too.

Yes, I am giving away one $100 Amazon Gift Card. :) Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

50% of my profits will be donated

It’s obvious that I’ll be receiving money for each sale I earn, right? My commission rate is 70% which comes out to $14.70 per sale. And so for every single sale I earn, $7.35 will be donated to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Total donation amount from this sale is now final at $437. When I make the donation I will announce this in a blog post.

Why the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund?

I believe in small, family operated farms. I believe in real, nourishing food.

I nearly cried when I read the story where the health department forced Quail Hollow Farm to throw away nearly all of the food that was prepared for a farm to table Dinner in late 2011. And then just recently, Kristen from Food Renegade published a story where a Raw Milk Dairy was forced to dump 700 gallons of milk. If you read the story and look at the picture you will notice that the cows themselves were ferocious!

What is the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund all about?

The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) was launched Independence Day, July 4, 2007. The FTCLDF is a non-profit organization recognized under the Internal Revenue Code as a Section 501(c)(4) organization.

A (c)(4) organization is classified as a “social welfare” organization.

The FTCLDF protects the rights of the nation’s family farms, artisan food producers, consumers and affiliate communities to engage in direct commerce free of harassment by federal, state and local government interference; it protects the rights of farmers and artisanal producers to make their products available and the rights of consumers to access the foods of their choice from the source of their choice.  Read more about our mission.

FTCLDF is a true grassroots organization and receives no government funding and little or no corporate funding. Our main sources of revenue are membership fees, individual donations and grants for public interest litigation from our sister organization, the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation a 501 (c )(3). Give us a call if you have questions about our funding.

It’s connected with the Weston A Price Foundation whom I also love. Don’t you? I just finished my second class towards the Wise Traditions Nutrition Certificate which I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to learn about real food nutrition in a structured – but go at your own pace style!

I also want to begin giving back to those who are less fortunate. Thankfully, Katie is donating 10% of all proceeds to Food for the Poor. So, if you buy the bundle through one of the links in this blog post (including this one!) then the world wins. And that is what makes me smile :)

That’s all folks! If you have any questions about the ebook bundle or the giveaway or anything else then do not hesitate to email me – Todd @ Primal Toad . com (no spaces). You may ask by leaving a comment below but understand that the comments will be flying in since that is the requirement for the giveaway so I may miss your question.

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  1. says

    I’d buy the tools I need to start making my own kombucha. And probably another cast iron skillet or something else on my wish list, which is pretty massive.

  2. deja73 says

    I would order grass fed beef. I love grass fed beef but can not always afford it. I realize when we can eat it, we are fuller quicker, eat less of it all the while not feeling heavy. Yep with the cost and S&H to Hawaii, that would spend it up quickly, but it would last for a while. :)

  3. Kristina says

    I would most likely buy supplements (I have chronic Lyme and am on a lot right now) or a mandoline. I have wanted the latter for a while now but it’s just not in the budget.

  4. Matt says

    I have a stack of books in my wishlist including: “rich food, poor food”; “why zebras don’t get ulcers”; “the great cholesterol myth”; “the perfect health diet”, etc..Thanks for consideration. – Matt.

  5. says

    I have an extensive wish list. At least $52.79 of the card would be going towards three books I’m really looking forward to: Modern Cave Girl by Liz Wolfe, Gather by Bill Staley, and The Paleo Slow Cooker.

  6. tiptoeskst says

    We’re moving to Germany soon and I’ll need to buy all new kitchen appliances, so that gift card would be mighty handy to have!!!

  7. Rebecca says

    i really want to get a dehydrator, so i might put the $100 towards that…or maybe pre-order paleOMG’s book, the paleo coach book, finally buy primal connection, all the books i want!!

  8. Cat j says

    I would love to but some specialty grocery items and possibly a dehydrator. My mother has been asking for hers back. :)

  9. Sherie says

    Great giveaway! If I won I’d get myself some supplements I’ve been eyeing on Amazon as well as a new blender! :)

  10. Sarah says

    I want to invest in all natural products and I feel that Amazon has a great selection, complete with helpful reviews! I would use the Amazon gift card for that, as well as for a Yonanas frozen fruit treat maker! :)

  11. JessicaD says

    I would buy books! Health related and a couple paleo cookbooks that are on my wish list. I would have to give it some thought, Thanks for this opportunity

  12. Jacqueline says

    Hmm…tough decision! I would probably buy some kitchen/grocery items and probably a few books for summer reading.

  13. April says

    Thank you so much! I would buy some of the many cookbooks I have lined up, and probably a nuwave oven or something similar to replace my microwave! Thanks!

  14. Candra says

    I would purchase 2 each of several of the paleo cookbooks that are on my wish list and are not included in this bundle. One for me and one for my awesome, strong mother who is 2 months into eating almost Paleo and is already reducing her blood pressure meds and hopefully will be off cholesterol meds soon. She has type 2 diabetes and I am hopeful over time that she can reduce or eliminate her meds for that as well. She is getting her life back thanks to Paleo and she is an inspiration for challenging her entire knowledge on healthy eating and starting anew at 63 yrs old!

  15. Jen Drabik Bermudez says

    Honestly, I would probably buy more supplementals for my classroom. I am a junior high teacher. To keep my kiddies engaged in learning, I am always going beyond our school books and that tends to add up, quite quickly. I love